The sky people are returning.

The Ancestors.

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

March 12, 2020.




Greetings light holders. We ancestors step forward. 
We see from a vantage point different than your own. We see the interweaving patterns of love, of creation from Father Sky’s hands to Mother Earth’s womb. Such balance is returning to your world. Humankind must feel the aliveness of the earth under bare feet once again, must realize all is sacred. Mother Earth is to be loved and protected once again as the native peoples of her form taught and practiced.
The sky people are returning. 
We see them with uncloaked vision. The sky people offer wisdom, hope, new beginnings, new medicine. We have been in understandings of their ways. When we were embodied they would visit, they would teach. We would learn of the sacredness of the starlight reflections on the rippling water, of the energies that were infused within the Mother. We would feel how she would share her energy, her prana with us, in the food we would grow and harvest. She would nourish us with her plants, her animal life is sacred to us, we could drink from her waters without illness or disease. Disease came to our land when the white men came. We have forgiven them this. But now is the time of the rebalancing and this history is not to be repeated. New days dawn. Father Sky has brighter colors of blue, of the throat chakra of the higher dimensional vibrations. Mother will be green again, the heart chakra blessed for all who see and feel her energies of deep love for humanity.
We native peoples are Lemurian seeds, many of us. Many of you were us. Many of you feel this ancient wisdom, this stirring deep within your cellular memories. You remember dancing naked with joy in the drum circles. You remember your warrior ceremonies to protect those you love, your mother, your child’s mother, your planetary mother. All life is sacred. The divine feminine is returning in her full form. She is beautiful. She will be free once mankind ceases her destruction, so that she can grow and heal.
We are the ancestors of your past, of your native lands when they were lush and full of life. They shall be again. We see the sky people returning rapidly in their sky canoes. We know them. They are our friends. We are here to tell you to welcome them. The oppressors that bred fear within the hearts of men are being removed. We see this as happening now. The sky people mean no harm, they offer healing for the mother and for humanity. The change is here. We dance the native dance. We sing the native song. We celebrate the victory. The prophecy complete.
We are the ancient ones, the ancestors of your past memories. We see you as our own, for our lineage lives on within the cellular memories of the Nova Gaians reborn. (I am seeing waterfalls and hearing the loud roaring of water. Lush greenery surrounds, many animals are nearby watching). Yes, young one. The Earth is pristine in her beauty. The animal kingdoms, expectant. So too should those of you who resonate be expectant of all good things. These bows and arrows of fear melt into smoke and mist to the awakened ones who command it to be so. The point of the spear of truth is sharper than any fear of the mind. Master your mind and master your fear. The enemy we see evaporating into the mist of long forgotten dreams to be replaced with better memories.
Young ones, old ones, wise ones. We see you in your struggles. We hear the mother’s cries as she gives birth to the new. You are her children. You are the rainbow warriors of the way, from the stars, to be soon joined by the star people of your other lineage. You have many pasts, you have many futures, but there is only now. Feel the warm earth of the Mother beneath your feet. See the woven tapestry of creation. See the warrior within you as balanced and compassionate, whose goal is to serve and protect family and home. We shall see peace on earth again.
We surround you, young one, in a circle of light. We place our woven blankets of heritage over your shoulders, for such is the story of life. Knots, threads, dead ends, new patterns emerge, beads of many colors representing the mineral kingdoms – the jewelry of the mother, all interwoven in the massive story of earth. We place a feather headdress upon your head, crowning your crown chakra so that you may hear the star people and your own inner whispers more clearly. We smudge you with holy smoke. We paint your face with the clay of the earth. The sacred clay shall give you strength in the coming days. You are one of us. Peaceful warrior, be at peace, be truly at peace. Remember your calling. Protect the mother and all things shall fall into line. Honor your brother, your sister. Respect your elders and care for the less fortunate. Share your plenty of harvest. Form your village. Feel your calling. It is time for new moccasins. A new path has arrived. You are ready. We are the ancestors. We honor you this day.







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