The Sins of the Fathers – 3

The Prophet Ezekiel.

Is The Teacher

Through George Barnard.

Illawarra District, Australia, 

April 7, 2020.

Posted April 17, 2020

Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians

Ezekiel: “I Am Ezekiel, Son of man and Son of God as well as the descendant of the honorable man named Buzzi (spell), my father, and a member of an ancient tribe of those who ‘kept alive in mortal minds the one God of all’. I speak to you again about ‘The Sins of the Fathers’, as I did before. Who are these creatures as if you have not noticed in your long and busy life? And, pray tell, why have you avoided me, avoided those I sent you and here we are, so much closer to the day of diaster, rather, we might agree, the night of disaster.”

George: “I was not ready. You have asked me to do something that I am hardly used to doing. And, besides that, you are of the headstrong and impatient kind, still now, and who would not hesitate to have me take responsibility for your actions, this I believe. Already we have awakened those who are planning the conflagration of all Damascus, but carry on, old friend.”

Ezekiel: “I’m asking you to understand the term, “The Sins of the Fathers,” It is a collective term for anything that went wrong, and still remains that way, on our beloved planet and that is unheard of on normal worlds. Regarding my complaint it is certainly directed at those who feel they are above all others. Yes, those who consider themselves by birth or alliance to be special in the eyes of almighty and infinite God and Master. Yes, those who falsely expect to rise up to be near the throne of their God and Protector. Indeed, those who are prepared to lie, cheat and steal from His truly favored servants, to give to those who falsely claim a favored position with their God.

This is why I say:
“God forbid . . . You may not bomb Damascus.
God forbid . . . You may not hurt Damascus.
God forbid . . . You may not destroy Damascus, for if you do, a group insanity will come over you and the numbers of your millions of citizens will be greatly lessened.

“Trust yourself, my friend and messenger, that your message will reach all those who feel themselves to be so important that they can allow themselves at a whim to ajudge the life or death of tens of thousands as if they were no better than soul-less animals. How they will cry and bemoan their God-given souls for not having cared for their absolute equals among all nations, black, white, red, yellow and brown.

“Expecting to see our world move into the era of Light and Life back then (1945/1946), we trustingly held our collective breaths to find that pure greed for lands and possessions deterred and deferred the plans from on High. Let us therefore wish and pray that we will earn the right to see the arrival of the Magisterial Son, at last, and the new Age of Promise begin as the pandemic is vanquished from our precious world.

“I am Ezekiel, Prophet of God.”
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