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APRIL 2020

Issue #254

‘Tools of Light’


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In this Issue
***from Your hostess of Light
*** Where did I put those Ruby slippers?
***Moving from Position of Sparrow to that of Condor
***The intersection of possibilities
***ONE HEART Prayer Stones
***Cosmic Classified
From Your Hostess of Light
I spend a lot of time inside myself chmanneling and holding this Light demands it luckily I enjoy the magic of me, the silly humanness of me, and truly love The Light Within Me. It took a long time to really know me but now we're real good friends. I need a lot of time alone to download the universe, to listen to The Whispers of the crystals and to hear the songs of the Corinthian chimes as the winds speak.
But the hush I hear now is so loud it reverberates past the Milky Way galaxy. It beckons forth all that does not even know it is Holy and needed as sanctuary, as the Silence of Earth pulses in waves, particles and lines of light to all life everywhere in the Cosmos. The sensory of those that do not live on earth awaken as the very hairs on their Stellar Souls reverberate throughout their star system. Heads are turned and whispers are heard throughout the universes. Time it's very self-stops and pauses and listens to the undertone that comes from earth.
Those that observe from a different place and time in space see how the beautiful pulsing planet of Earth has quieted, has shifted, it leans like one who is wounded, up against the tree of Life Receiving healing from nature. A small limp is detected within the planets stride, a wobble. It was not too long ago that our scientists looked at Beetlejuice/ Betelgeuse and thought it was going to become a supernova but that event seems to have been cancelled. Now our brothers and sisters on the other side of the universe look toward us as we noticeably refract and reflect completely different vibrations of light. They have received a sound to that pulse that comes from Earth to them it sounds like the voice of a whale calling for its lost calf, to us it also sounds like a wail, a planetary Wail of Tears.
Every shape of tear from every Walk of Life splashes on earth. People, like animals that are caged up too long, begin to change personality’s dispositions and habits. A primal aspect is activated that one normally keeps groomed in everyday Society. That sequence of feral DNA and RNA is what separates man from animal. What would you do to protect family, land and freedom? Like a true Celtic Clansman you would call a gathering? Who and what do you swear an oath to? Such questions will arise in the near future demanding an answer and demanding action. But for now the Hush reverberates within and without, pressing buttons and ringing bells. The universe is in a quandary as to what type of Help to send due to the fact they can see all conflicting truths that tie the ribbon around the old oak tree on earth.
(On May 16, 2020 Jupiter and Venus and the crescent moon make a smiley face in the sky, some good news from the Heavens)
Where did I put those Ruby slippers? 
Hey Yall after weeks indoors it’s time to take off the house slippers and put on the ruby slippers of belief and get ourselves to a place of personal and planetary healing on all levels. So many layers of hidden muck comes to the surface unexpectedly as chess players are swapped out for the domino effect. Put on your best stay at home clothes and don those ruby slippers. Click them like you mean it and your very life depends on it. While Wearing these ruby slippers You cannot worry and believe in the same breathe, at the same moment, in the same Heartbeat. The energy of flying through the air with the greatest of ease represents what we are being asked to do amidst the friendly fire and booby traps. We are asked to LET GO of what we once believed, to make space for a new reality, not of our mindful choice. Like one that travels thru time taking the wrong turn we come face to face with that which does not belong in this place and time. Realms and dimensions shift and change like a hall of mirrors. The belief factor has to be 100% or nothing at all. Knowing a truth is a body awareness, untruths tend to irritate the body on many levels, itching scratching, stomach aches, muscle spasms, headaches.
You are asked to hold your peace in the mist of the battle, to anchor with the divine certainty that you will arise unscathed. Believing so deeply and so strongly is not for the weak of heart, weak of light, or weak of purpose. Stand strong in what lives in your heart. In the mist of all Hell breaking loose become a living light and blessing. Use your light and your heart as you would any other survival tool. Bless all that cross your path, become healing and holy, in your life, in your appearance and in your intention.
In this time of cloistering look for ways to be a blessing. You can never out give God. Whatever you give, in blessing, in belief, in peace to yourself or another will be given back to you in denominations of completion that outweigh any expectations you have. Let the desire of your heart lead you into a place that will help you bypass all that comes to circumvent and circumcise your soul.
Moving from Position of Sparrow to that of Condor
I am She that heralds from the stars. The threads of my gown of light are but an interwoven constellation. I am She that you wish upon in the night sky as you look up and see my heart light pulsing toward yours. I am Star Woman and I live within you as you live within me.
When you were a child, you would sit at your bedside and ponder all that was in the sky above. You would look for the signs. You would look for the magic. You would look for the hope that you so needed in your life. You sought someone who loved you more than you even loved yourself. When you were a child, you wished upon me and I did my best to make all your wishes come true. I came to you and brushed the tears from your eyes as you, little one cried yourself to sleep -- tears of confusion over your family, over your school, over your day. I stood there and looked at you and loved you with all of my heart. I was Star Woman then as I am Star Woman now.
Within me live black holes and white holes, super novas and pulsars. Within me are universes that implode and explode upon themselves. You are not miniscule in heart, in love, in light, or in deed. You are a great galaxy that chose to remember itself through human form. You dear ones hold the very fabric of time within your being. You look to your world for the answers that only can be seen in the nuances of your being. You look for the skywriting; you look for the words on the billboards that no longer stand up right. You look for the trees and the wind that a waif through them to give you the messages you seek. But you no longer hear it for the song is different, the pulse is different, and the scent of fear permeates the land. It feels as if you have been lifted away from what you once knew into a place that is foreign and strange. Your heart beats harder and faster with anticipation when you find a missing part of the puzzle that gives you a place of remembrance. You feel like a great cosmic vacuum has sucked away all the miracles, like a great void has come and taken them hostage. 
What you seek is not found on earth dear ones. You must lift your head above the clouds that diffuse and confuse you and listen, silently. Your consciousness is vast and wide, high and great. Your love fills oceans, but still it is not enough to shift the outcome for many souls. As you breathe into a place of lighter light and deeper love, you emerge from a place that brings pearls of wisdom created from the barnacled oysters of current life.
It is time for you to move from your position of sparrow into your position of condor, flying above the circumstances of earth, above the delusions, into a place where love safely dwells. You do yourself an injustice trying to change what is. You have come to the end of an alleyway of a future that was created by a mass realization. Your place is still here, but where you find your peace at this time does not exist on the place. I ask you to fly high into places that your heart remembers and knows to find that peace.
Stay sharp at the summit of your spiritual awareness. Do not jump from a cliff as a worried lighthouse trying to save a sinking ship. You must shine for others and teach them to sup upon a higher belief system. Many have lost their faith, family and lives,; they have lost their way in this aberration of confusion. Some have lost their homes, and the landscapes of their future look bleak forcing them to Build a future from a blueprint that will hold up in these shifting sands of time. Proclaim The Hope that you hold for earth and yourself from the rooftops of your life, I am Star Woman I leave
The intersection of possibilities 
We are Pleiadian of Light we are Pleiadian of Origin. We come to speak to you about the current intersection of possibilities. You as a planet and a people stand at an intersection of possibilities. Each thought that you weave into the next moment, each understanding that you interlace into the next day creates an outcome that changes continually, by your doings and your un-doings. It can shift into another energy destination created by your fears, by your limitations, and by your marred perception of your abilities to make a difference.
Each one of you believes visibly for others usually before self. When you look at another, you believe that they can succeed. You believe they have the ability to heal. You believe they can grow younger or older, thinner or bigger, richer or poorer. You believe outwardly for them. This belief you hold for each other influences the outcome of creation and destination of thought. As a planet, what you believe about your world, your state, your government, and your people has a mass awareness. You each stand at this juncture of possibilities. Each day you entertain a new thought about a new direction in your life, something new that you would like to try on and see if it fits yourself. You open options and opportunities that were not available until you took an action on that thought. Each action that you take and each thought that precedes that action then ushers you into a connection point of probabilities and outcome that were not available before.
To procreate the future, to re-create in the future you must act upon the thoughts that come to you. Take an action any action. Just by taking a few baby steps forward into any of these thoughts, you change who you are. You have within you, every capacity that is held by every person on earth. You all have the ability to be great cooks, great lovers, great financial advisors, great spiritual advisors, great healers, great doctors, great artists, and great lawyers. Anything that anyone on this planet can do, you too have that innate cell instruction to do the same. You may not have the drive to do it, but you have the ability to pro-create from that cell, from that thought, from that Creational vortex. And thus, you each stand at this interesting highly visible intersection of probabilities.
As a world, you can create a world of peace if enough of you believe. You can create another war if enough of you believe. You can stop a war short in its tracks. It starts as a single thought in a single unit of the mind. And then two gather and communicate then three and then a small group, then a large group and then a world. It is the same with all inventions and inventive beliefs. Everything begins as a single thought in someone’s head. You have the ability as a single person, as a group, to change every outcome, to change the probabilities, to change the prophecies. Great events can be sculpted in 13 to 16 second intervals of thought. It is by your beliefs that you create. We are the Pleiadian Council of One and we welcome you to this building block of knowledge.



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