The Plan for Nova Earth.

Mother Gaia. 

Through Linda Dilon.

April 22, 2020.



Happy Earth Day My Friends!
Linda Dillon: There could not be a more pertinent message than this one from Gaia herself, Archangel GQi’anna, the quintessential agent of change, to truly comprehend what is transpiring during this time of change catalyzed by the COVID-19.

Gaia came to me yesterday and asked that I share her wonderful inspiring message on what Nova Earth will look and feel like. She talked about the shifts within the human condition that are necessary to bring this rebirth forward – humans re-claiming their divine qualities, awe, innocence, wonder, gentleness, and step into their creator selves as stewards and co-creators of Earth.
Gaia came to me in in all the splendor of her sacred silence. The sacred silence that we often don’t listen closely enough to hear – the long rolling waves in the middle of a majestic ocean, the silence of the forest before the birds awaken, the silence of an autumn leaf turning from gold to red to russet, the silence of the cave deep within her womb. She came to me in this way and I listened.

I am Gaia; known long ago as Archangel GQi’anna, archangel of love, change and metamorphosis. I come to speak to your heart and the heart of humanity this day to share with you my plan and the plan for Nova Earth. The key to this understanding is also the key to understanding the essence of who I am – constant change and metamorphosis.
I and all kingdoms who walk upon me and live within my soil, waters, rocks and core are always in the process of change and transition. It is simply that the nature of this change, this shift to Nova Earth, is so profound and noticeable that you are in any way aware of something unusual transpiring. But be clear my children that change and transformation have always been part of my expression of love for the Divine Mother.
All things associated with my being are cyclical, progressing and moving back to the One. Because you are familiar with these rhythms you do not consider these changes as significant; the shift from winter to spring to summer to fall; the shift from stream to river to ocean; the shift from fetus to child to adolescent to adult to ancient one. You notice these changes but you haven’t paid adequate attention.
It has always been part of my plan within the Mother’s plan that I would ascend and return home at some point. Because I am in a different framework of time than humanity, you do not think of this. You have not taken into account the changes that I make with assistance of the Company of Heaven to continue on my soul journey. It matters not, and it is not something that I have been particularly concerned about drawing your attention to because as your mother I have tended to you and understood that you have been focused on your own evolution and dramas.
You did not even pay due heed when I shifted out of the old 3rd dimension into the 5th through 7th. You were so engaged in examining your own experiences that you did not notice that I allowed your collective decision to proceed in a manner that was outside the original plan.
I allowed you to remain upon my surface and have continued to nurture you. But Nova Earth is being birthed dear hearts and this requires your participation, your love and the destruction of aberrant human behaviors that are no longer in alignment with me. For this reason I beckoned you forth as The New You.
The New You is a human/hybrid who chooses to live consciously, and by that I mean in the fullness of their divinity and being. A person who is not only wiling but prepared to participate in laying down the new patterns of heart consciousness, behaviors, actions and co-creation that are in harmony with my ascension.
The New You is the individual who is consciously co-operative and realizes the necessity of living in harmony with All. The kingdoms, your star brothers and sisters, the inner and outer planets, the company of heaven are all in agreement and alignment with this shift. And now it is time, in your reference of time, for humanity to step forward in cooperation.
How does this occur? It unfolds by you stepping forward and not only embracing but fully embodying the New You. Now let me explain my plan and then you will more clearly understand how it is that the New You patterning is required for our continued co-habitation as a happy family.
Nova Earth, Nova Gaia, no longer is a place of pollution, desecration, poverty, war, hunger, lack, limitation, death, disease, humiliation, shame, inequality or pain in any form. These qualities of old Earth do not exist in the 5th, 6th or 7th dimensions and hence they cannot continue upon my planet.
Think of it as a situation where there is no oxygen to support those life forms. And make no mistake all of those false grids and beliefs, vasanas within and without, are life forms. They have assumed a power and rigor of their own and it cannot and will not continue on Nova Earth. This is not said in any way child that is threatening. This is not an eviction notice but simply a statement of fact on how I intend to proceed.
Too often you have thought of these false grids and conditions as qualities that you as humans either have participated in or been required to endure. That is myopic thinking, it is the thinking of the ego self and it is selfish and short-sighted. All of the false grids developed by humanity have been imposed upon not only my sacred self but the kingdoms as well. All have suffered from the false grids and beliefs that the human collective came to value as truth and a reflection of reality. Now what I say to you is we are leaving those ways of being behind – all of us, and we, your Divine Mother, the kingdoms, the star beings, the company of heaven, have all invited you to join us in this voyage. And you have accepted.
So where do we voyage to? What is this process of change? What does Nova Earth look, smell and feel like? What is it that we are creating and are inviting you, as the New You, to participate in?
I have begun this day by speaking to you of my essence of change, love and metamorphosis. We have left the cocoon of the old 3rd dimension behind and are emerging, as are each of you, into the higher realms. I, Gaia, am returning to original intent. This means allowing my original soul design to be restored and to blossom more brilliantly than ever before. My rivers, oceans, lakes, my life blood is cleansed. My soil, trees, flowers, fields, plants and are restored with the vibrations of light and love. All of this reflects as rich nutrients, purified soil, vibrant and abundant life force and forms.
The kingdoms are free and jubilant – not only what you conceive of as the animal kingdoms but the elementals, the fairies, the leprechauns, sprites, devas – all are visible and working their alchemy to restore the beauty and splendor of their homes as well. The mountain ranges sparkle and soar towards the pristine sky. And most of all my air, your air, your atmosphere is not only purified but rarefied. Think of the air as filled with rainbows, angels, Healers of Tralana and Halion Engineers – because it is.
Cities will be welcomed and co-created as meeting and gathering places for the human collective, but never again their exclusive purview. Cities of Light have been emerging all over the planet with support from myself, the higher realms, your star brothers and sisters, and the company of heaven. Each city is a cultural center for different purposes, each magnificent and self-sufficient in their own right. But let me be clear these Cities of Light are constructed in co-creation with the New You, the nova beings who choose to work in harmony and Linda Dillon love with all. The New You is not simply a heart conscious awakened individual but a vibrant full partner in these creations. And that is why the re-patterning of the collective is necessary.
I reach out to each of you, my beloved sons and daughter of my heart. I beckon you to step forward and claim your original design and in that reclamation to set down a new grid for humanity. You are the pattern-makers for humanity and as per your request to come forth within this grander plan we await you. But please hurry – do not be hasty, needy or fearful. Be timely, thoughtful, considerate; but also diligent, purposeful and fully present.
Channeled by Linda Dillon

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