Healing Angels and Elders.

Through Galaxygirl,

December 16, 2019

Posted December 19, 2019


Hello friends of the light, of the way. Hello healers of Gaia. We are the healing angels extending our wings in service to you this day, in this majorly pregnant moment of possibility and infinite worth.

We are the healing angels. 
We are excited to have been called forth after this one’s healing and to offer healing for many others alike who are experiencing resurfacing of the deepest of wounds from the darkest of times. We offer our healing services because it is our great delight and honor to do so. We are always extending our light to serve, as are you, ground team, in your own way, each unique to you. (I am seeing the ground team doing many various jobs and spreading light. I am seeing family time with children). Yes, but you are not seeing the great impact you are having upon your current planetary mother, Gaia, who waits not much longer. You are well aware that her healing has well begun and that her ascension has well begun. In fact she is currently anchored in dimensions much higher than the 5th. But the Fifth, where Nova Gaia awaits, is where many of you are headed first. And as it is a higher dimensional reality and plane many higher dimensions are of course able to exist synchronistically upon her. It is a delightful place to be. But we want to emphasize with great joy, friends, that this is within you and that you can be experiencing Nova Gaia within you in all times, in this now. For the energies are greatly supportive of this. Mother God is extending further healing codes within these words, and this gives us shivers of great delight for it is our greatest delight and pleasure to serve the Mother of All Things and the Father of All Creation. (I am seeing Mother and Father’s hands around Gaia, holding her. I am seeing Father cradling Mother’s hands). You see truly. Friends of the light, this is what is being offered for you now, within your hearts. This cradling of love, this union with Source in the most intimate of ways. In this reunion with your inner selves, your other halves, your soul families. This intimacy of reunion is perhaps the healing that you seek. For this feeling of isolation has been so intense and so brutal on this plane. We greatly admire you, friends, for taking it on.

We are the healing angels, an order of angels devoted to the healing of HU-manity! And we are here today to serve! We encircle you, should you permit us to do so. We hope that you do! We encircle you with light of the whitest degree. Infused with the Christed consciousness, this light sings and dances itself into you. Into the isolated and wounded parts of you. Into the places where you have felt rended in two. Into the old wounds of past lives ended painfully and badly. Welcome the light. Feel it. Make peace with it. Welcome the love deep within you. Feel reunified with your past selves and send them this light. Call in your ancestors of the old ways, of the Christed timelines. Call them in. (I am seeing the ancient ones, the elders, the Tribal chiefs, the priests, the priestesses of light). They are surrounding you in this ever expanding circle of light. Hands extended all towards you – your heart space that is in need of healing from the rending of pain of time, of love lost, of times ended. (I am seeing a clock strike 12). Time is up for humanity for this current chapter has ended. This solstice brings in massive energies from the great central sun permeated with great love from on high, and of course, from all of us! Your family members are also lending their light, their healing. For this (message) is a mini-pulse of love and of healing to you, grounded team. You are not alone! You are not alone!! You are not alone. You are not alone. We are here with you. We love you with the tenderest of whispers on the wind and with the fiercest of swords in battle.

We are the healing angels. Aho. Blessed one, arise anew. You are no longer who you were but moments ago. Extend your healing deep into the womb of the Mother Gaia and deep within the womb of your own tenderest of hearts. Let us plant this seed of healing, of Christed light there. Yes! We did it.

We are the healing angels. We love you so much! Peace to HU-manity this day and especially to our chosen ground team.

We are the elders, the wisened ones, the ancient ones. Through out all time and beyond it, there we are. We are aware of these great tumultuous energies. (I am seeing a shaking bottle filled with oil and water). The great separation has begun. The shaking will soon stop, for all have already chosen their fate. As the oil rises to the surface of the water, so too is the light of humankind rising higher and faster for all to see.

Remember the ancient ways. Dance the ancient dances. Ground the codes into your planetary mother. Sing to Father Sky. Dance with love on Mother Earth. The animals are your friends. They are extensions of you. For All is all there is. Drink the crystal clear waters. Dance in the rain. Make love. Laugh. Sing. You are free. The long wailing night is over. Peace. We share our energies of the higher timelines and of the ancient of days with you now. (I am seeing shimmering mist surround me, enveloping me). Yes, galaxygirl. Now let us breathe it in and then blow it out, sharing with the wind, the fire, the water, the sky. Ground these healing codes deep within the belly of yourselves and of the Mother Gaia. Many of you have been priests and priestess many times. Remember the secret ways of multiplying light, of alchemy. You are now alchemizing sadness into joy. We witness your transformation from carbon into light. We see the rise and fall of the ages. Gaia is rising with poise and beauty. Her trajectory cannot be stopped, and neither can yours. Enjoy your freedom, your healing. Enjoy your new life. We are eager to again bear witness to your next creations. For we will be able to more aptly participate with you. The golden door of the inner heart beacons. Will you open it?

We are the elders, the wizards and witches of light, the ancient ones returned bearing witness to the final dust being blown off of the dusty book of memories of your past. It is time to turn the page into a bright future. It is time for more joy, more lightness of spirit, more dancing, more of all good things. Reunions, we see. Many reunions. Much passion and weeping of joy we see. Much wholeness. We surround you with our wholeness, our completely healed selves as a fortress of solidarity around your forms, around Gaia’s form. We will stay for the completion of this transition. You are loved greatly. Feel this space and remain here. It is our gift to you. Peace.



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