The Operator of the Light Field. 

 Part 1.

Trinity Teacher Uteah (U-tee-ah).

Received by Chris Maurus.

Asheville, NC, USA, May 05, 2019

Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians


Teacher Uteah: Visions turn into realities when we think about how we want to experience life. When we use our co-creative imaginations to see how we might find a solution to a problem or experience a desire, we create a vision. The Universal Father — the Creator of all things — does this in all ways. He creates what he desires. Because we are His co-creative children, we also do these things, but in a limited and safe way because of our immaturity in perfection of thought and will. To live in a world that is settled in Light and Life requires us (the children of the Creator) to create a vision. The all pervading presence of the Creator is the medium that forms in light and becomes a reality when the field strength is great enough to solidify potentials. What this means is that the Father’s Will to create is inherent in each of us and we can use his all pervading omnipresence to form a vision and bring it forth from the unqualified absolute. When these visions are unified at a planetary level, the world changes. 

This is not just a concept of universe reality, but it is a universal law. Many of you have names for this all pervading omnipresence of the Creator—some call it the Divine Matrix, the Potential Field, the Light Field, and other such names. We shall use the term “The Light Field” in this message.

How do we work with this Light Field and begin using it to bring a new reality to our life and to our world? Because each of us has within us a Fragment of the Creator Father — the Thought Adjuster — the Indwelling Presence of the Father, this Father Fragment is the Operator of the Light Field. As such, we have a powerful co-creative ability to work with this Divine Operator and see a vision come into reality from the potentials existing in the Light Field. This understanding in and of itself should be something exciting to think about and to seed the forming of a vision for something truly wonderful. 

Urantia has reached a point in its evolution where it is now time to begin putting things in order and using our powerful minds and powerful relationships with the Operators of the Light Field to bring an end to the suffering of rebellion and see the reality of Light and Life take hold on this world. The Administrators of the universe want each of you to participate in bringing a unified vision of a world settled in Light and Life out of the potential and into reality. It is important that you all participate to energize the field strength to see it speedily come into reality. If you do not participate, you are allowing your neighbor to define what that reality looks like for you! 

How do we begin? We begin by understanding the process — how it works and how you use it. There have been many books written about the Law of Attraction and much of this knowledge is helpful, but it is missing a powerful component that you will now understand. Knowing that the Thought Adjuster is the Operator of the Light Field, you can have a relationship with this powerfully Divine Operator and work with the Adjuster to “open the light field for input.” This is a “conscious way” of initiating the work in the Light Field through a direct path — the partnership of you and the Father Fragment working together. 

As more and more people on Urantia understand how to do this, and do this with the intent to bring a better world into reality, Light and Life will emerge from the potential. It must be so because it is the will of the collective minds of the Creator’s children in agreement with those things that align with Father’s Will to bring all things to light and to perfection in time. 

In subsequent messages, we will discuss how to approach the Divine Operator and begin the process of working in the Light Field to see a collective vision form into a reality. You live in a universe that is alive and energized in every aspect of your reality — even unto the empty space around you — it teams with energy and potentials waiting for you to command into existence when you work with the Operator of the Light Field. 

Please think deeply about these things. 
I AM Uteah.


© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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