Angelic Collective Protective Military Division and Ascended Dragons.

Channeled by Galaxygirl.

January 26, 2020.


Greetings friends of the light, of the way. 
We are the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division here to bring light and warmth to you in this moment of uncertainty upon your planet, Gaia, who is ascending quite rapidly. 
You are feeling and seeing the shake-off of the old dimensional matrix that is cracking, breaking, shattering all around you. You are to hold the light. You are to hold the love. You are to hold the peace. And so, we are here to fortify you in your efforts for this mighty task, as you hold the light of the world in your ever brightly-beaming hearts. 
We see you from the ethers, from space. Your light is shining so vast, so far. You cause us to weep tears of joy for you have done it, ground team! You have done it and we are here to support, to guide, to uplift, to bear witness to this tremendous success. The darkness is sputtering, trying to create chaos and havoc. 
Be safe, be wise, be shrewd in your surroundings. Invite us, your angels, invite the ascended dragons with whom we work most closely. Invite your protective squad to protect you and yours in all moments. Invite us to act freely for the utmost good on your behalf and we shall do it. We surround you in a protective bubble of the purest, whitest light, that is impenetrable to the darkness. 
Nothing can pierce this light. It is a tremendous shield of goodness, of truth, of love surrounding you and yours should you allow. Allow. Allow our protection. We enshroud you with light of the highest caliber, strength like graphene, true and strong as a mother’s love for her baby. We see you. We see you through the ancient eyes of time of one who sees clearly. You are strong enough for this and you are not alone.
We are the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division. We have your back, we have your front, we have your hearts, we are always here for you, most precious ground team of the ages. This one is crying – can you feel our love? Can you feel how very close you are? You are but a breath away of this new reality that you are creating and envisioning. Breathe it in and claim it as your own.
We are the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division. Peace, brothers and sisters of the light, of the way. Peace. Victory is yours. Victory to the light! Victory to the Mother and Father of all things! Victory to the Christ light that surrounds. Be ignited with his presence and be in his peace.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. 
We see through the eyes of no time. We see with the all-seeing golden eyes of Source light. We cannot be fooled and too, we see the keenness and insight of the human awakening ones is improving. True. Good. It is time for such changes, such upgrades of the new.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. I Elthor, am speaking. The masculine energies are in the process of being healed. Tremendous lights of the rainbow hue have been knitting together the wounded parts of the masculine warrior. Men, it is time for you to come home, to fully embrace your feminine side, which is your strength. For otherwise you are out of balance and it benefits no one. The elders are listening, we see. Good. It is time too for you to become balanced, leaning more with your hearts and less with your heads. For the time of the great rebalancing is here, dear ones. Dear little human. Can you feel our love? We breathe our dragon light upon your crown now, igniting your kundalini, igniting all of your chakras that spin and twist with orgasmic light, just as the galaxies move so too do your chakras move. All is moving, all is love in motion. It is time for the love in motion to return to Gaia! (Roaring)
I Alisheryia, am speaking. 
Dear Elthor, peace. (He is laughing). We are all on edge. We are burning blazing, blasting the viral strains of the dark. They are twisting in our dragon light. Join with us. Humanity cannot be culled. Humanity is chosen for the light. Humanity is the genetic jewel of this universe and beyond, as you know, for you hold within you the precise blending of the many into the one. You have been manipulated. This is ending now. We dragons of the ascended ones are here. We are forming a grid of protective light around your world. The souls that were contracted to leave are leaving. This, we will not stop. But we will protect and defend those whose contracts are to stay. And so we guard you, dear little humanskinds. We guard you with fierce, tremendous love. You are teaching our fledgings much about bravery. Many of you visit us in your dream states. We enjoy these times. You in fact are teaching us all a thing or two about light in the darkest of places. And so we partner with you. Invoke our protection, for you shall need it in the coming days and hours. The war is raging in the ethers. The snake whose head is removed can still bite. This is the hour that we see. This is the moment that we are in. This is why there is so much going on in your news as the chaos of the dying order writhes and twists as a dying snake. Send it light. It will dissolve faster. Send it love and melt your fear. Invoke the dragon flame of healing, of light, of the ascension order into your planet, into your hearts. Invoke light into the darkest of places. And it shall be done. For you are the ones creating this. I, Alisheryia, and I Elthor, and we the Ascended Dragon Collective and we the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division are here to offer our support, our strength. We will hold the light with you. You are not alone. I, Alisheryia breathe my feminine fire upon all now, igniting, clearing, enlivening, comforting. Peace.

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