The Next 22 Years.

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation by:

Alexandar Kosmos and Brenda Garcia.

February 28, 2020.

Our human world is comprised of sentient Beings learning to integrate their Higher Selves’ Consciousness within matter while –at the same time - discovering how our Soul’s Purpose is evolving in order to incorporate the Universal Mindset! 
The world we left behind on March 27, 2017 signaled that a New Reality was emerging into our sphere of power. The 3D Mindset is barraged with what seems to be a constant state of chaos and confusion as the 3D systems and structures fall apart. What will be the catalyst to nudge the collective 3D Mindset of humanity into the place of our emerging Fifth Dimensional Community of Sun-Stars?
The technological advancements of the past decades and centuries co-created by humanity have given humanity the opportunity to improve mankind’s experience on earth and to realize our awesome potential. 
Through humanity’s evolutionary process, have we – along the way - improved the connection to our Soul’s Purpose – or not? Have we come to understand the Knowledge needed, beyond the Earth Plane, to begin to understand our Universe – or not? The 3D Mindset functions with and for our human experience within Mother Earth’s 3rd Dimension. 
Fully embracing the Isness of that experience – whatever it may be – with no emotional charge whatsoever will result in our transition into the Universe’s 5th Dimension. 
March 3, 2020 to February 4, 2042 will be a critical span of time for humanity. Will we expand our Spiritual Knowledge – or, continue the decline into density.
For the next 22 Years – beginning on March 3, 2020 – Mother Earth’s Seven Chakra System will expand to 15 Chakras. Humanity will get the same upgrade. Our Chakras serve us with our Higher Self as Energy Vortex Centers within our Souls. 
To imagine our Soul is to understand our Soul as a spheroid – much like our Solar System’s Sun emitting Light to all points within our Solar System and beyond! Our human bodies are not shaped like a spheroid, Mother Earth, or our Sun. Nevertheless, to see the Soul as the center of our Beingness, is to see the body as a Soul in physical manifestation! 
The expansion to 15 Chakra Centers within the body of Mother Earth, as well as each individual human being on Earth, will be highlighted on September 17, 2025. An Event to expand and increase the 5th Dimension’s Harmonic Vibrational Energy for our Universal Heart Chakras will occur.
Most of humanity does not actually use all Seven of their Soul’s Chakras now. 
Will the expansion to 15 Chakras make humanity more responsive to our Universe’s Energy? 
No. Most of humanity will continue to use their 3 Primary Chakras (Root, Throat, Sacral) as they have. They will choose not to access the new energies.
Will humanity prosper within an increased 5th Dimensional Harmonic Frequency? 
Yes and no. Mother Earth - as well as the Universe’s increased 5th Dimensional Vibratory Frequency - will require humans to increase their own Vibration through the utilization of our own Energy Vortex Centers – all 15 Chakras!
The original Seven Chakra System will remain completely intact. In sequence, these are the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. 
The beginning of humanity’s transformation to the 15 Chakras will actually begin on December 9, 2028 - exactly when Mother Earth expands her own Chakra System with the initiation of her 8th Chakra - a secondary Heart Chakra! 
The 9th and 13th Chakras will serve as a Universal Soul Identity to further expand how we decree what we will co-Create with the Universe’s 5th Dimensional Vibration. 
The 10th and 14th Chakras will enable our powers to co-Create with Mother Earth’s 5th Dimension. 
The 11th and 15th Chakras will be used to enable our Universal Pathways and Purpose for Mother Earth’s 5th Dimension. 
And, finally the 12th Chakra will serve our manifesting Universal Heart!
The next 22 Years will see humanity either expanding and unifying through the use of our newly re-membered Spiritual Knowledge, or continue the decline into density.
Unity for humanity is the comprehensive solution. Unity will result in total and complete change in humanity’s Collective Destiny within the Universal Community! 
What could be better than a Unified Humanity actually fulfilling our Soul’s Purpose through Service to Others? Humanity knows enough about what occurs when the collective supports service to self in its human endeavors? 
The new beginning of humanity’s next Collective Expansion is emerging through Mother Earth’s New 15 Chakras structure. Humanity’s opportunity to expand to 15 Chakras is also emerging. Free Will choice of each individual Soul to become One with Mother Earth’s 5th Dimensional Vibratory Frequency!
Peace and blessings in Unity, Gratitude and Love. 
Alexandar Kosmos and Brenda Garcia

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