The Nature of the Dreamstate. 

by Owen K Waters

January, 6, 2019

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Upon going to sleep at night, your two etheric bodies rise up together and hover a few feet above your physical body.
What? TWO etheric bodies?
Yes. No doubt, you are familiar with the concept of an astral or spirit body which leaves your physical body while it sleeps at night. But there is also another, more dense etheric body, one which is more closely aligned with the frequency of the physical body.
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The etheric body
This is the energy body that powers the physical body’s needs for universal life energy, which is also known as etheric energy, prana or chi. When science masters this primary form of energy, this will lead to technological innovations that will dwarf everything that electrical science and electronics have ever achieved.

The etheric body acts as a battery for life energy. Whenever the constant needs of your physical body deplete its energy reserves, you feel the need for sleep. During sleep, the etheric body floats in the air above the physical body, recharging itself from the etheric life energy which fills all space.
This is energy that the Sun deposits into the atmosphere during the daylight hours. When your etheric body’s recharge has been completed some hours later, you will no longer feel the need for more sleep. Conversely, whenever your etheric body reserve of etheric life energy is highly depleted, you feel a strong need for sleep so that recharging can take place.
Notice how Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs during cloud-covered winter seasons and produces lower mental, emotional, and physical energy in a person. This is because the daytime influx of etheric energy from our primary source of light the Sun collects mainly above the cloud barrier, providing less ambient energy at ground level. The shortfall can be made up by the use of bright, full-spectrum lighting in the daytime or evening. This is because light consists of, not just electric and magnetic energy, but also life-giving etheric energy.

Astral adventures
Once your etheric and spirit bodies have left their physical shell, your spirit body then rolls out of sync with your etheric body, leaving your etheric body parked above your physical body. With your awareness now focused in your spirit body, you can travel around in the 3D physical world or, more likely, be attracted up into the light of the spirit body’s natural home environment in the 4D spirit (or ‘astral’) realms.

Upon waking, if you feel a close connection to a beloved friend who has passed on into the 4D afterlife, that is a typical sign that you were in contact with them during the deeper out-of-body sleep states.
Recall of your travels in the deeper sleep states isn’t so easy, but what might be termed the dreamstate is much closer to physical consciousness and therefore easier to recall.
The dreamstate
The dreamstate occurs in the lighter levels of sleep, especially before waking in the morning, when your spirit body has returned from its travels and is parked back in sync with your etheric body.
The dreamstate is like an echo chamber in which the subconscious mind can play. In the dreamstate, all the stresses of the day work themselves out using forms of symbolism for the exercise. Hence, the sometimes wacky, illogical nature of recalled dreams. The subconscious mind is rather like the mind of a very young child. It throws up dramas with very little intellectual rationality, just to release stress and blow off steam.

The deeper levels of sleep, in which the spirit body is free to roam, are higher consciousness levels of operation. In these states, you are also in deeper contact with your soul mind and can see the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in your life.
You then plan for these upcoming events in order to stay aligned with the life objectives that you planned before you were born into this life. With each new physical incarnation, amnesia about your plans comes with the package just to make the adventure more interesting, but your soul stays in constant awareness of your purpose and your progress throughout your life.
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