The Master Fraud of Fear.

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Message received by Anyas. 

Oregon, USA, March 13, 2018

Posted 2020/04/08

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“Unreasoned fear is a master intellectual fraud practiced upon the evolving mortal soul.” [UB 556:04]

Thought Adjuster: “Indeed, for the most part, fear is a fraud. When someone wants to ‘defraud’ someone else, there is always an underlying self-serving agenda. Otherwise, what would be the point? Fear or undue praise can be two of the secret ‘weapons’ used by the perpetrator, as they lead their prey to throw all reason through the window of their soul, so to speak.

“Not one of you is immune to unrealistic debilitating fears. If you are unable to face them rationally, they grab you by the throat and trigger panic attacks that are hard to bring under control — unless the voice of reason quickly ‘debunks’ their conspiracy, as you would defuse a landmine.

“Stroking someone’s ego is another way to manipulate that individual, as it puts him off guard. This is the reason why frequent reality checks need to be self-conducted whenever you suspect the intrusion into your life of a destabilizing factor.

“Whenever you are about to lose your footing, your body’s reflexes intervene to help you regain your equilibrium. As above, so below. Your emotional body also has ways to preserve its balance. Beware of the voices of fear! Many of them are just illusions-for-hire, meant to disrupt your inner peace. The best way to deal with them is to use your spirit of discernment. It implies that you live with awareness and that you are at all times able to stand back and objectively assess the situation at hand.

“Some fears are justified, as they are red flags pointing at worst-case scenarios. However, many unfounded fears trigger panic attacks, thus causing many casualties.

“Dear ones, you do live in a world that is riddled with fears. Yet, you can shield yourself from their toxicity and claim a ‘fear-free zone’ within yourself by calling to the rescue the Peace that passes all understanding. This will become your very own ‘war room’ so to speak, a place where you can consult with Spirit in order to wisely and effectively ward-off the ghosts of irrational and unfounded fears. As for the rest, you will learn ‘to do with’, acknowledging the fear factor but mitigating its impact on your life with the faith that you put in the Father — the faith in an ever-positive outcome.”

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