The Mass Awakening in Israel 

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Israelis Beginning to Realize that the General Elections are a Hoax
From comments on social media and conversations with acquaintances, I believe that Israelis are gradually becoming aware that electing parties to represent them in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, once every four years, does not bring about desired change.
I think they’re beginning to realize that it actually has a negative effect on their lives.
If I’m right, then Israelis are starting to see that the elected officials (MKs or Members of the Knesset) and the government are in fact working against the people, including passing such laws as:
mandatory national IDs and biometric databases according to Haaretz,
mandatory vaccinations (right before the last elections on April 9, 2019),
the fluoridation of the water,
the fast 5G rollout,
transferring money to Hamas while they shoot missiles toward Israel (recently they even hit a city in the greater Tel Aviv area), and so on.
I believe that Israelis feel betrayed by the elected officials as no matter which way they vote, the real “government” isn’t elected at all. The real government is the Supreme Court, the controlled mainstream media, and other unelected elements.
The voter turnout in Israel is constantly declining, representing, I think, a protest against the system that doesn’t represent “we the people.” The voter turnout in recent elections was so low that in 2018, a law mandating compulsory voting for all eligible voters in Israel was suggested in the Knesset.
To illustrate this decline, here are some figures from ElectionGuide: in 1999, the voter turnout was 78.73% while in the last elections on April 22, 2019, the voter turnout decreased to 67.22%, which is a decline of 11.6% from 1999. In numbers, it’s 735K of the 6.3 million registered voters (as of April 11, 2019).
The Elected Officials are a PR Front
In my opinion, no matter who’s elected, the person is only a tool of the Cabal and pledged to keep their secrets. He or she serves merely to make us think that we have a choice in our governance.
This same deception applies not only to Israel but to other countries with so-called free elections as well.
The Manifestation of a Great Awakening in Israel
Before the elections, there were some notable indications that Israelis want to break free from the chains of this fake system of governance. However, the parties that were real grassroots or could make a real change in Israel were all blocked in their tracks.
Kol Ha’am (the Voice of the People) (2.3K followers on Facebook), a real grassroots party for direct democracy, founded in 2011 and consisting of volunteers from all over Israel ,was blocked by Likud activists falsely presenting themselves as Kol Ha’am to the Central Elections Committee.
In this linked video (in Hebrew), Guy Jana, one of the activists explains how this party was blocked from running in the last general elections by these Likud activists and those judges supervising the elections in the Central Elections Committee.
The aim of this party was to give power to the people to legislate laws, determine policies by carrying out referenda, promote active citizenship and public responsibility, and decentralize the economy to create abundance for all.
Zehut is another party that I mentioned in previous updates and videos, which stands for for freedom, minimizing the intervention of the state in the citizens’ lives, separation of church and state, the legalization of cannabis, and creation of a free economy.
It united Israelis from all sectors, including Jews, Arabs, left, right, young people, religious and secular Jews because of its unusual mix of ideas. According to a poll by Maagar Mohot published before the elections in the daily newspaper Israel Hayom, Zehut could have crossed the threshold with four seats (out of 120 seats).
Social Media Become the MSM
From sources on social media, the elections were rigged by those supervising it in the Central Elections Committee and allegedly, the results do not reflect the real wishes including those parties that didn’t pass the threshold like Zehut.
Today Israelis quickly react and expose the truth on social media about the things that are totally suppressed in the mainstream media and Google, such as the rigging of the last elections in Israel (on April 9, 2019) by those who are supposed to supervise and be responsible for the counting of votes.
I checked Google and there was nothing there about how compromised the elections were. There were posts on Facebook right after the elections exposing that observers who allegedly caught a “supervisor” red-handed when he deleted votes (soldiers’ votes) for the right and replaced them with votes for the Arab parties – that are hell bent on the destruction of Israel – were asked to leave the room.
This was mocked by hundreds of Israelis on social media. I don’t recall such uproar against the judicial system and the rigging of the elections here in previous years. This individual supposedly rigged the votes so much that the total numbers didn’t add up so he completely deleted an entire voters file.
In my view, the more the Deep State, whether in Israel or in other countries, is exposed, the more people awaken to the truth. The more they awaken, the less people trust the matrix of control system and wish to see leaders who are real servants of the people or an entirely new system which serves the people.
The Increasing Awakening in Israel as Reflected on Social Media
In 2013, when I started awakening to the dark agenda and the shift in consciousness worldwide, there was only one small Israeli group on Facebook discussing chemtrails.
But later on many groups discussing and sharing information on this topic began their work, with thousands of active participants today.
One of these groups is entitled “Geoengineering Israel.” The protest against this practice reached such heights that the founder of this group, Aharon Amir, was invited on the morning news program of Channel 10, one of the leading TV channels in Israel.
The anchor tried to ridicule and deride him, but Amir was eloquent and provided data and evidence of this practice and simply asked questions that hung in the air with no rebuttal—not even from the “scientist” on the panel.
This show potentially reached tens of thousands here, as the scientist claimed he didn’t know about this practice, but this scientist actually shared his knowledge on experiments done to control the weather on a small scale, which planted seeds of doubt in those watching the program, even if some refused to believe that there is such program.
Most people outside Israel don’t know what’s happening in Israeli social media. I’d like to mention a few groups that have major influence on Facebook, with thousands of followers including Ma’alim Et Hateder (Raising the Vibration, 12K followers). This is a lot of followers in a small country like Israel.
It discusses health, consciousness, education, radiation dangers, 5G protection, GMO dangers, etc. It includes interviews with researchers and experts from Israel and other countries.
Its recent series is called “Fake News,” whose intent to bypass the censorship in the MSM and also to troll the deep state and the establishment’s real fake news here in Israel.
Project Emet Aheret (Alternative Truth Project with almost 10K followers) is another highly influential site which helped awaken me when I found out about the Cabal’s dark agenda. This group shares suppressed information about vaccines, chemtrails, alternative lifestyles, fluoridation, and radiation.
Other sites with thousands of followers include Za’akat Hashkama (A Wake-up Cry) discussing the most sensitive issues here like the welfare kidnapping children from living parents, especially the poor. The Red Pill (4K followers on Facebook) and Conspil which provides a lot of information about the elite ruling the world and excellent commentary on related topics (and about who is ruling Israel) making this information accessible to Israelis.
(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)

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