The Many Perks of Selfless Service. 

By Uteah.

Message received by Anyas. 

Oregon, USA, April 12, 2019.

Posted 2019/06/06

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“Whoever would be great among you, let him first become your servant. He who would be first in the kingdom, let him become your minister.” [UB Paper 171] 
Teacher Uteah: “Jesus consistently refused to meddle with politics. "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." How ironic it is that politics played such a tragic role in His life, ending it with a political execution. The Kingdom He proclaimed was spiritual, and He had a tough time debunking the Jewish beliefs that the long-awaited Savior had to be a political figure. 
“At that time, the Roman imperial authorities dominated most of the Mediterranean world and even beyond. They demanded total allegiance from their subjects and dealt harshly with those who were not subservient. To them, the greatest among them was the Emperor that they revered as a God, and the lowliest were the indentured servants. 
“From that perspective, Jesus' teachings were revolutionary. Sadly, they were misinterpreted by His detractors as instigating a social role reversal. They failed to understand that Jesus was illustrating what He meant when He went down on His knees to wash the feet of His disciples who were lobbying for seats of honor. 
“By humbling Himself, Jesus demonstrated the diametrically opposite philosophy of the spiritual Kingdom — the Kingdom of the Heart, where the Ruler is no respecter of persons. He loves all equally, never abiding by the social pecking order. 
“Rather than lording yourself over others, look at them from a parental perspective. Parents are divinely appointed as the spiritual leaders of their family unit while being at its service 24/7. The perks of such a selfless service are manifold.”

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