The Lightworker Imperative.

by Owen K Waters

May 19, 2019

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The underlying purpose of life is to raise one's frequency of consciousness by learning through experience.

Sometimes, it takes an individual many incarnations of exploring avenues of self-centered action to discover that what goes around also comes around. Such people may live in a world where they believe in doing unto others before they get a chance to do it to you!

The resulting karma serves as an education into what it is like to be the victim as well as the self-serving aggressor. Both roles, played throughout the multiple varieties offered in life, serve as learning experiences and eventually we begin to see and understand the actual nature of reality and how it works.

All of us, at some point, having tried all the alternatives for finding happiness at the solar plexus level of consciousness, discover that there is an escape from the endless loop of self-imposed limitation.

By opening the heart center, we discover a new and expanded viewpoint of reality. Before, living in a world filled with competitors, we may have even considered noble feelings to be the domain of the weak. Now, we realize that the frequency of heart consciousness includes all that we have mastered before and, in addition, introduces an appreciation of the beauty of life.

By helping others, especially those suffering from self-imposed, solar plexus-inspired catastrophes, we finally discover the sense of joy that eluded us in all our previous pursuits of material happiness.

There are millions of lightworkers on the planet - souls who have evolved enough to live on realms that are more advanced than this one. Being an active spiritual seeker is a hallmark of the typical lightworker.

However, the rules of incarnation on earth require a sense of amnesia. We don't consciously remember those higher realms to which we had become accustomed in former lives. Instead, we are more likely to feel like aliens who don't fit into a world that runs mostly on greed and fear.

A big part of being an incarnate lightworker in these days of The Shift is to master life's challenges, to find inner peace and purpose in a world full of chaos and confusion. That way, we show the way to others who want to know what we have that makes us so able to cope with the vagaries of modern life.

There is an imperative to being a lightworker today, an urgent need that we fill the roles we planned before we ever entered this life. We are here to, not just raise our frequency of consciousness like everyone else, but to be a vanguard for the emerging New Reality, to be trendsetters pioneering the journey into a whole new way of seeing things.

To do this, we must pay attention to our spiritual practices. Whatever method we choose, we need to practice that path to upliftment daily. That way, we keep immersing ourselves in distinctly higher realms of consciousness and, as revealed by the research of David Hawkins, potentially affecting millions of people who desperately need upliftment in these trying times.

For more information on the Hawkins scale of consciousness and its vital importance to us as lightworkers in The Shift, see the Updated Edition of my book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness, available as a pdf download now.

Also of interest is my latest e-book, The Lightworker Mission: Reconnect With Your Primary Purpose, which is now available as an Amazon Kindle e-book as well as a regular pdf download.
Owen Waters

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