The Internal Pressures Many Are Facing

A Message to Lightworkers 

Collective of Guides.

Through Caroline Oceana Ryan.

February 22nd, 2020


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Today we again answer a question from a reader, who writes:
“I am frankly a little concerned and frustrated about the growing group who call themselves “Lightworkers” or “Light Warriors” (it sounds so nice to the egoic mind—add that feather to the hat of accomplishments).
I hope this doesn’t sound like an attack or putdown. However, so many label themselves with this new label, and still go around acting pretty much in the “normal” 3D behavior.
Which is, sometimes, to tell lies and manipulate in everyday affairs, in service to themselves.
Thinking perhaps that if nobody sees or knows, it somehow doesn’t hurt. But it does—it hurts the one doing it most.
This isn’t going to fly in the higher dimensions.
It isn’t just doing a good deed here and there or posting to aid the koalas in Australia.
It’s examining every action, every moment, everyday, and asking, “Who am I serving?” 
It’s also more than just outer focus. It must start with very deep inner work; noble work.
It is raising one’s own vibration, and that is not all peaches and cream.
Facing one’s ego, truly, is the whole work; knowing and conducting oneself, consistent with the knowledge that we are not our labels which we have become so comfortable with, is the hardest thing to do.
Yet absolutely critical to entering the new higher earth. But once we do … Wow, what a world to live in!
I would love to hear what the Collective have to comment on this.”
The Collective: You correct, dear one, that many have taken on the label of Lightworker, Light Bearer, Light Warrior, and similar terms, who have only a minimal interest in an in-depth spiritual journey.
Or they are satisfied to let that journey “happen” to them rather than taking actual steps to live and enact that journey of healing, discovery, and awakening.
Many will look for identifications as they go through life, whether social, professional, familial, cultural, spiritual, or otherwise.
Photo by Meta Cerar
This is common amongst human beings, who for so long have been taught that those associations and labels are sufficient as a Life—to fulfill certain roles is all that is needed to “get somewhere” in one area of life or another.
Yet as you say, this is not the same as a journey in which there is self-reflection, inner realization of areas that have not been faced inwardly, and are crying out for healing and awakening.
And yet—it is vital to let each be responsible for their own path of growth.
You free others to find their way when you grant that their “schedule,” their rate of growth may well be different from your own.
And you free yourself when realizing that the words and actions of others need not disappoint, need not be a stumbling block that ruins anyone’s day, or lets them down.
Be aware that there is no need to even notice, except quickly and in passing, where others are on their path.
It is so that many have only identified with the Lightwork phenomenon in instinctive ways—they hardly know why they have lined up with certain ideas and insights, yet for some reason, those ideas and energies resonate with them at a deep level.
And often, there are pockets of resistance, of the ego-mind, as you say, as it objects to these new ideas, or tries to fashion them into a kind of new religion or social group, so as to use the ideas in older, more familiar ways.
As that happens, the ego-mind then often considers that “This new belief system I have is superior to all others.”
From there, the religion paradigm is enacted, not only within the left-brain mind, but within the person’s personality and etheric energies.
Photo by Meta Cerar
Then it becomes a matter of “being right” in each discussion on what is occurring in the world, stressing one’s preferred outlook as the one true outlook, while living still from within the ego and the personality, as people have been taught to do for millennia.
What is different about this time you live in now, is that millions are coming to realize that the ego-mind, personality, and cultural and familial training are not the be-all and end-all they have pretended to be for so long.
They are realizing that the old forms of narrow thought and orientation lead to increasing fragmentation of mind and spirit, and increasing separatism amongst people and nations.
Yet the time for separatism is well over now, as you hint at in your comments, dear one.
Most understand this now, in one way or another, as they realize quietly that duality has had its day.
And yet—what to do with those who claim to be on or to represent a higher path, yet offer the words and actions of one who has simply chosen another color to wear, while the person wearing those colors has changed very little?
We would say, do nothing.
Understand that all are on a path that will awaken them either very quickly, very slowly, or at some middle pace between the two.
That pace is not for any one person to ponder or stress over.
To some, the pace of any person’s path of growth might appear a bit slow for their preference.
Yet those more fully evolved are more relaxed in their outlook, and do not judge anyone for where they are at present.
Cloud Ship Over Highway Near Mt Shasta
As you yourself delve ever more deeply into trusting that All Is Well, that Love is the center of all forms of healing, expansion, and awakening, and broadcast those beautiful vibrations with your presence—
As you live in ways that show your special grace, calm, and inner Peace—
There will not be a person who meets you who does not feel the effects of that powerful and empowering vibration.
To do so will require healing those parts of your inner life that still resonate with pain, abandonment, and letdown—something that many millions are dealing with now.
And yet, even once you get there, not everyone you meet will celebrate your wholeness, your powerful inner Light.
They have been trained to shun the Light, particularly if it calls them to something higher than the ego-mind.
Yet as they realize that you are not judging them—an unusual moment amongst human beings!—they will note the Presence of your Divinity, and somehow, in some quiet and beautiful way, it will change them.
That is all, dear one.
Hold up your Light, and let it be all right that some others have not yet located theirs.
Your presence will remind them of that which the world at large has encouraged them to forget, lifetime after lifetime, century after century.
Particularly now that it is their time to Awaken!
To throw off the shackles of the past and the ego, to release the old paradigms, to love the stuck and unhealed places, to finally see the unwelcome interferences in consciousness and energy.
The time is Now (the only Time there ever is)!
And yes, they will See you, as do all of us See all of you, dear ones, and your phenomenal, Earth-shifting Light, come forward on this timeline to assist in the Ascension of your planet.

You have set foot upon the path—no need to glance behind you. You are free.
Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.

Caroline Oceana Ryan
Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2020.

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