The high polarity aims to heal and bring understanding.

Message from SaLuSa, from Sirius.

Channeled by Adriano Pereira

April 21, 2019

Translated from Portuguese.



Many of yours disagree with the different visions disseminated through different channels around the world. However, although different in form, all these visions portray the moment of the energies that surround the humanity, and due the high polarity in the societies, often the transmissions is contested by those who have chosen a side of the polarity. This situation is normal and will continue as long as this high division of opinions persists.
The high polarity aims to heal and bring understanding to those who have now chosen the division, opting for one side, hating those who eventually chose another side.
Polarity causes feelings of anger and hatred to emerge in the societies that are being accumulated as long of thousands years ago, in the thousands of lives lived in their experiences under the Earth.
The dark ones have only one side, the side of their interests. They do not consider humans as sovereign beings they regard humanity as inferior beings, and as such manipulate the minds and hearts of all through the division and fear.
The dark ones are not from Planet Earth, they came here thousands of years ago, and since then, they control the planet, controlling and leading mankind according to the interests of maintaining their control.
That’s why the Earth is isolated from the rest of the beings that inhabit other planets, other solar systems and galaxies.
The dark ones keep humanity in total ignorance of who they are, where they came from, and where they go.
In now days, the dark ones manipulate their loyal servants, those who are in a position of power and control, making them to increase the pressure over the humanity, by increasing the violence that they themselves encourage, finance and exploit. To justify combating such violence, they promote the increase of the violence by the officers from the police, army and those in key positions in justice and public affairs.
Truly there is a ballet being staged on several stages, by those called bandits, by the police, by public servants, by the press, all creating a scenario of war against the evil, which scares humanity and causes then to tolerate violence done by those who should curb this violence.
In practice, today, there is the evil combating evil, which brings humanity to nowhere. This happen to the fact that when humanity reads, listens and watches the news portraying this situation, this supposed fight against violence, the vibrations of each human being are reduced to low levels, keeping them trapped and chained the low vibrations that prevent them to be ready and open to receive all the blessings that exist for all.
And this cycle repeats itself weekly, uninterruptedly, and is designed by the dark ones to perpetuate the humanity for a long time, until humanity be tires of it, and reacts in some way, and when that happens, the dark ones will surely put another kind of manipulation into action, to continue to keep the humanity submissive and controlled.
As many on Earth have already attained a high level of vibration, they have been trying to detach themselves from the news by reading, listening, and watching those channels only as a single informative source, knowing that 99% of what is said is false and/or distorted.
There are many peoples working in secrecy to bring to the knowledge of the humanity facts and truths still hidden from all. That is why every week the dark ones are surrounded by new news and new denunciations that show that they are not the leaders nor the "good men" as they call themselves, but rather that, they are mere thieves and slickers manipulating everything around.
The energies are rising rapidly on the planet, and as the vibrations of Mother Earth increase, so do the vibrations of humanity, so step by step, people are seeing that division and polarity serve only a few peoples, and that, somehow, everyone is being harmed and often stolen.
Many expect to hear about the plans and actions of the Light forces against the plans and actions of the dark ones. But since there is an open battle going on between the Light and the darkness, it is prudent, for the safety of all, that the details, plans, and actions staying temporarily behind the scenes, though, as you know, there are many souls working relentlessly to bring the Light on the reality of life on Planet Earth.
The most important work at this time that humanity must - and should - contribute to the transformation of Planet Earth is to move away from external negativity, and focus on seeking, finding and propagating its Inner Light.
You all are very powerful, individually and collectively, and the dark ones have absolute fear that the Light of humanity can shine. Therefore, turn within yourself, and radiate this healing, transforming, creative Light that dwells in each of you. You, the humanity, can transform the world, without requiring anyone to intercede for you. You are more than enough.
I’m SaLuSa, from Sírius.

Adriano Pereira.

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