The great shift of massive awakening is coming.

Ascended Dragon Collective.

Through Galaxygirl.

April 11, 2020.


Humans reading these words, we are the Ascended Dragon Collective. 

We are creating a vortex of the Christed energies spiraling down from your great central sun. Our great central sun is within us, for we are limitless in location. 

We exist in many realms in many forms. Your dragonflies are aspects of us appearing small for the human collective to accept our presence, but we are mighty even in these smallest of forms. 

Even as you are mighty, human, in your frail human bodies that bend and twist with age. No more aging. No more bending and twisting. 

We Ascended Dragons see new bodies in your future on your horizon. As Gaia births anew, so shall your bodies be renewed. Renewal comes in many forms. Not all renewed ones will rise, some will appear to fall, but their spirits rise and take on another project, another path. 

Do not grieve for them, for they are at peace in their own decision. To release the past may mean for some of you to release those whom you love into another form, another realm. Healing occurs in many layers. This wound to humanity has been a deep one and will require time for gentle healing. (I am seeing a deep gash wound slowly healing, cell layer by cell layer. The dragons are blowing fire into the wound, healing it with light). 

Yes, human. Would you like your own inner wounds healed as well? (Yes, please). We will assist with this but it is your job and duty to heal yourselves. We can only assist when called upon with respect. For too long humanity has relinquished their power. 

Humans, it is time to rise as one and claim your truth that you are able to heal yourselves in mighty ways. Assistance requested is granted, always. Assistance comes in many forms. Accept the form and you will never be disappointed. It is your beliefs that limit your expansion. Clam this lesson learned and claim mastery of your lessons.

Rise with us. Fly on your mighty dragon wings of light, of love. Feel how expanded you are – not our own presence – but your own presence of the Christ within. 

When you fly high you have another perspective. Perspective we have mentioned before and we shall mention again. Shift yours. 

The great shift of massive awakening is coming. Many will not want to shift their understandings of truths long hidden in plain sight. 

It is easier in many ways to stay asleep but then the great opportunity of blessing, of leap-frogging dimensions is missed, relinquished power once gain. Claim your truth. You are strong enough or embodied you would not be. 

Human, wipe away your tears and feel our love. We are mighty in form, we may look intimidating to those not of our vibration. (I am hearing dragon laughter and seeing the lower astral beings run from them, or try to). 

When you are of our dimension and higher we are friends, for we serve the common good of the All. We serve the One in all of our forms. (I am seeing dragonflies and mighty dragons, small hatchlings of rainbow hues, dragons of all colors and all sizes circling the sun). 

We see ourselves as one collective. We are all very different. Some are named by colors, others by strength – other attributes. It matters not. We are one. We are one. Humanity is one, is coming together, is becoming the massive collective unified that was prophesied in ages past. It is happening. We see the rainbow warriors rising, beautified, strong, glistening with rainbow light as the fractals spin and crystalline is solidified by the breath of the Mother. Humans. Rise. One. Be. Be clear in your purpose, in your knowing. Lead the others with gentle grace and quiet dignity.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. 

We breathe firelight of the highest order into your chakras, into your heart, blowing light for further deep healing to process, should you choose. We are pleased and delighted that the recent mass meditations have been so healing for your planetary mother, Gaia, whose heartbeat has become steady once again. It has been eons. (I am seeing Lumeria and Atlantis fall into the sea). 

Since the fall of her continents her heartbeat became thready, weak, like a wounded warrior on the battlefield, as she plunged into the depths for the great experiment. We feel her pulse now as strong as a young dragon warrior, ready to rise, strong, clean, new. She is to be revered, respected, deeply loved and appreciated. Humans, we feel the same for you. We deeply appreciate you. We see the Lightworkers as honorary dragon warriors for you fight alongside us in your dreams. 

In your astral states many of you have been joining us in clearing and cleaning out the dark recesses of the places we wish not to name. Their existence is becoming cloudy as their memories fade in the smoke of their destruction. New. Rise anew. Be renewed. Human, we are surrounding your world in a vortex of light. Join us with great intention and pull this vortex of the Christed flame into your weary hearts and be renewed like the warrior, heartbeats strong, eyes clear, vision keen.

Ground the light. Ground these codes. Feel renewed. (I am feeling burning through my feet as I ground to Gaia. I am feeling wind of the vortex all around me. I am cold and hot at the same time as the wind whips away the worry). 

No worry, human. Little human. Can you not feel and see how much you are cared for by so many? Fractals of Source, children of God, now warriors arising, masters in your own right and realm. Masters are humble for they know the burden they carry. Be light. 

This burden of planetary ascension is equally shared by many who wish to serve. Let your load be lightened. Allow the peace of the Christed flame to remove your fears. Trust. Warriors trust when they go into battle together. They trust that they are well covered, that they work as one unit. We are a mighty unit. You are not the lone warrior anymore. 

You never were. But now as the veil lifts and fades slowly, gently, perhaps you can see how you are surrounded by loved ones, by strong warriors such as ourselves and many others of many various forms. Might comes in all packages. Love comes in many forms. Be the mighty love being of the of the Christed flame that you are, that you were born to be, that you have always been. And be refreshed, be renewed, be at peace. We are the Ascended Dragon Colletive. We see that the words and codes have had their desired effect. 

Feel our love and be at peace. 

Peace, humankind. Peace.




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