The Elohim.

Through Galaxygirl,

November 4th, 2019

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. Be at peace children. I and the Company of Heaven have been watching, guiding, nurturing you through this process of metamorphosis. I am coming through to energetically assist you in this Now of intense upgrade, for the vibration of allowance. Now in your world allowance tends to deal with money. This is not what I am referring to. This is the process of allowing on a deep soul level another to assist you. We see that the collective consciousness of humanity struggles with this process of allowing, for your fingers have been trained, programmed, to grasp tightly, so that you fight against this allowance. Open hands, open hearts are what is required for true allowing of the energies of the goddess, of love, of all good things, to flow through you. Energies flow, are in constant flux. You are in the process of receiving daily upgrades, almost moment to moment as the codes of heaven stream into this field of conscious awareness. Open up. Allow in these codes of light to soothe, to permeate, to clear. Try to open up your crown and receive these energies that are just waiting for you to do so. Ah. There. Do you feel any tingling on your crown? Ringing in your ears? Those are good signs. Feel my love for you as we dance the dance of the ages together. You are so tremendously supported, my beloved children of the light, of the way. I am your Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things.

We are the Pegasus Collective. We surround you with white wings of light, forming a circle around you, and around this planetary sphere of most beloved Gaia. We are ageless, as are you reading these words. We are expressions of Source of imagination and purity of form. We have come from far and wide to bear witness to this extraordinary changeover of the ages, for this switch, this event is truly at hand, for the energies are in support of this.

We are the Pegasus Collective. We wish to co-create an experience of joy and bliss with you, weary warriors of the way. Ground to your planetary mother, Gaia. Send a silver stream of pure sparkling light deep into her heart and tie a knot. Now we bend low so that you may climb on our backs. This is how some of the baby angels ride with us as they are learning the ropes of flight. There is much joy in this, in our offering this experience to you, a sacred moment for us. For only the angelic may participate. You are becoming this more fully in your current form. This is what crystalline enhancements create. They create more light. More light is within you now, friends, as the old is falling away.

We are the Pegasus Collective of Nine. We are many more than nine, but nine of us are channeling through this one in this moment. We are bringing in angelic codes of purity, of joy, of fun. We see it is time for more fun. And now, human of the light, you are sitting upon our backs. We are quite large, are we not? You were expecting an earthly horse with wings (whinnying laughter). No. We are far greater. (I see they can expand and contract their forms at will. I see a human sized horse, and yet suddenly I am microscopic against them on their back). You too have massive energy within you that you will learn to form, to create with more fully. Be  sure of this. For you are already doing it. Are you ready to practice flight? Hold onto our mane. (I am seeing a tuft of white mane become rainbow hued where I am to hold on. Wings beating hard and fast. The ground fades from view. We are over snow capped peaks). You see correctly. (I am seeing spectacular snow capped mountains with deep green pine trees and frozen ice blue lakes. We are landing beside a frozen waterfall. We dismount.) Come walk with us, human friend of the light. (We are walking towards the frozen waterfall. I am not cold. As I look down at our feet I see wild flowers spring up from under the snow where their hooves are touching. We approach the waterfall. Suddenly it is frozen no longer. The roaring water is very loud, we cannot speak over it. The Pegasus beside me bows to the water. The water parts. We walk through the waterfall without getting drenched, only pleasant warm mist envelopes me. We are suddenly in a hidden world. Sparkles are everywhere. The fairies are laughing. There is much joy. I am in a green field of blissful beauty. The Pegasus beings surround.)

We are the Pegasus Collective of Nine. We brought you here for you to see more clearly. For as the layers of your world fall away more and more of Nova Gaia will be revealed to you. You are currently in the midst of creating joy in your word. Every prayer is like watching wildflowers bloom up from the snow. You are melting the old to make way for the new and the new is beautiful. The thawing of the human heart has been a long process. Many wish to remain in their frozen asleep state, frigid to change, hesitant for the new. Now is the time to embrace the new, the change from frozen to flowing waters. Allow the crystal clear waters of the great mother to soothe you. She has brought us forth. She does this when an angel upgrade is needed, and you are our new charge. We are here to assist the evolving humans from what they were into what they are becoming. We touch our muzzle to your third eye. Feel our warm breath. Diamond codes lie within. We ignite you. Be unfrozen, human friend of the light. Do not be afraid for the clear waters of change to rush through. See what lies beneath the frozen human experience. Paradise is just a step away.

We are the Pegasus Collective of Nine. Please enjoy this magic meadow, this place of healing, as long as you need to. We are charged with assisting humanity in her evolution from what is to what is to come. In this sacred space of the now we welcome you. We welcome you home. For home is this connection, is this closeness, is this light that you feel encoded within these words. Home is within, for all is energy, and all is connected – a difficult lesson, but true nonetheless. You are surrounded by light, by love, by family.

We are the Pegasus Collective of Nine. When you are ready for this meditation time to be complete, alert us. We will escort you home. But know that you are forever changed. One cannot meet the Mother of All Things and be anything but blessed. We breathe on you again. It is our delight to serve the Mother. It is our delight and joy to serve in this way. We enjoy working with young angels, and angels of all shapes and sizes. You are trying out your wings, yes? It is safe to do so. Do so here, in this space and then bring this vibration of home back with you. Thus you will be a part of energetically bridging the realms. We see that you already are. We are the Pegasus Collective of Nine. Peace.


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