The Emergence of Lightworkers.

by Owen K Waters

May 5, 2019

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Long ago, you made a noble decision at a soul level when you volunteered to help as a lightworker on this earth. Since then, you and millions of other lightworkers have lived among the mass of humanity making a critical difference to the overall consciousness of life on earth.

Most lightworkers are not aware of the enormous difference they have made simply by being on the planet and affecting its mind belt with their higher thoughts and actions. With the efforts of you and the ascended masters, the balance of consciousness on this earth has been maintained above the level necessary for the survival of humanity.

Without lightworkers, the average frequency of consciousness on this planet would be below that level. Despite the overall negative karma produced by the mass of self-seeking people, humanity is being helped though a transition which is being made as smooth as possible.

The Cosmic Plan for the enlightenment of humanity seeks to keep humanity free to focus on higher transformation and not be distracted by any sudden need for basic survival. Even though the mindset of the majority of humanity demands the appearance of some severely negative circumstances, it is vital that major disasters be avoided so that humanity can be free to focus on higher transformation and not a basic struggle for survival. When people are struggling to find food and shelter, they are not in any position to focus upon higher needs and the actualization of their ultimate potential.

Humanity is here at this time in order to experience The Shift in consciousness to a new and higher level of existence. This is a time of the harvest of souls - a time when people have the chance to graduate from this classroom of earth experience and move up to the next level of evolution.

It is a time of the awakening of lightworkers to the true purpose and potential in their soul-based life plans. The Shift is leading to the peace and harmony envisioned by all people of good heart. The New Reality is unfolding. The new world is being built, piece by piece, by people of positive vision.

Lightworkers like you are finding ways to make the world a better place, both by spiritual attunement and by creating physical projects that help others to rise in consciousness in many different ways.

This is why you came here as a lightworker - to take action that will build a better world. All you need is a clear vision of what you can do to succeed in your mission.

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Owen Waters

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