The dark growing more desperate and creative in their attempts at sabotage of Lightworkers

Archangel Collective.  

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

April 19, 2020.




Greetings beloveds. We are the Archangel Collective. 
We surround you with light of the highest order. We are servants of the Most High, of the light, of the love that permeates the All. We are light, we are love, we are one in singularity of purpose, to serve the light and to lend our strength and protection of love and of strength to those in need. 
Humanity has the attention of the universe and yes, even of the Omniverse in this critical juncture from lack of light, into love and light. We see humanity is at a crossroads of choice and yet the outcome has been chosen. We see the timelines are in flux as humanity is vacillating between which way to experience the outcome. 
We ask that you invite the Archangels of the most Angelic light and order into your spheres of influence, into your homes for protection, for light, for grid work. This one asked us to surround her prior to channeling our message, which is wise, for we see the dark growing more desperate and creative in their attempts at sabotage of Lightworkers’ purity of heart. 
We wish for all channelled messages to be unsullied and pure, true to the light. We send our healing rays to all channelers in this now per their permission, such that the quality and caliber of codex of these messages rises yet higher into the vortex of purity, of light, of crystalline activation codes, such that all channelers and readers of light are affected with a raising of frequency.
We are the Archangel Collective. 
We serve with joy, with wonder, with purpose. We are mighty. We have incarnated before and we fully understand the vast ins and outs of the lower dimensional realm, for we clear and cleanse it frequently to the highest degree. We are in service to the light, to the most high, to the Mother Father of all things. 
We surround you with bliss codes now, for you are weary. We surround you with healing rays from the crystal palace cities on high which are floating just above your sphere, eager to land. Some have landed in fact and are being made manifest fully into your reality but their manifestation is not quite yet. And so we bridge, we bring these codes to you. 
(I am seeing that every Archangel has a color ray. 
I am seeing these individual color rays of all hues surround the lightworkers in a vortex and grid. 
I am seeing simultaneously rainbow hues of healing sparkling light ascend from the healing cities that hover above like diamond cities! 
I am seen these rainbows ground deeply into Gaia, activating her crystal heart with healing, with love, with bliss. 
I have been feeling a lot of ascension symptoms, and have felt energetically compromised and 
I am feeling whole again, like an egg of light is nurturing me, around me. 
I am seeing this egg of Christed light and rainbow hue spin and spin, expanding, encompassing the entire earth. 
I am seeing rainbow light activated within the heart grids and vortex of each light and grid worker. 
I am seeing and understanding these are portals that are further activated and each worker now has a rainbow of their own heart extending deep into Gaia for her healing, and also to each other, so that the light workers are now more intricately connected with rainbow light, to help ease the load of transmutation, symptoms lifting, shared, transmuted simultaneously by these amazingly beautiful diamond cities that sparkle like the sun).
We are the Archangel Collective of light, of love. We are one. 
(I am seeing them blow trumpets and hearing these trumpets sound. I am experiencing shivers and tears). 
Dear ones, these trumpet sounds are putting further activation codes into the rainbow grid. As are these sounds of light alerting those not of the light of our very near and very strong presence. All is well, Lightworkers of the way. Rest in this knowing. Rest in this space. Rest in this space and be at peace. You are so tremendously loved that Mother Father assigned us fully to you. We are multidimensional, as are you. We are assisting in realms and ways that you cannot yet process but you will, and you will again be astounded by the depth of support, and creativity of protection that has been afforded to you.
We are the Archangel Collective. 
We surround you with light of the highest order, and love of the most fierce protection. 
Rest in this space of healing. 
Be at peace.







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