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Oregon, USA, October 7, 2019

Posted 2019/12/18

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Microchip: a tiny wafer of semiconducting material used to make an integrated circuit.
Thought Adjuster: “After his death, Jesus’ groundbreaking gesture was to bestow His Spirit of Truth on all humanity. To this day, many have failed to put to its intended use this most loving, practical gift. The glorified Son of Man shared of Himself in the hearts and minds of men! His Spirit of Truth lives within you!
“Christ has lifted the limitations of His Jesus personality to partake of YOUR personality and unique life experience. Can you fathom what a personal blessing you have received? The spiritual guidance you need is right within you in the form of a fully operational Divine Microchip, programmed with the conjoined spiritual influences of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Far from being left on your own to face life in a challenging world, you are guided from within by Life Coaches of pure divine lineage.
“To the disciples of Jesus, the contrast between their ‘before’ and ‘after Pentecost’ frames of mind and heart was striking. Their faltering spiritual sails were instantly filled with faith, hope, courage, and determination. The same spiritual Trade winds from On High are on standby, waiting for you to give them the green light in order to propel you to higher realms of enlightenment.
“There is nothing to fear, but so much to gain. Pentecost was the D-Day for the landing in human hearts and minds of the Allied Heavenly Forces. Have you celebrated them as the Liberators of your captive soul? If so, how did it impact your ‘before’ and ‘after’ experience? Which fruits of the Spirit have you grown under their benevolent watch care?”ruth.”

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