The Council of Light

Rebecca Couch.

April 23, 2020.

The Council of Light.



"Over twenty years ago, during a time when I was faced with making a major decision in my life, I realized that I could no longer ask outside myself for guidance. The multitude of books, workshops and psychics had taught me much, but it was time to get out of my head and into my heart. At first, I wasn't even sure what questions I wanted answered! So I began by constructing the real questions that were burning inside of me and then waited for the answers in meditation. Except those answers were easier to manipulate, since I was so well trained in churning things over with my busy mind!
Then I sat down at the computer and formulated questions and prayed for the answers to come and I started getting a word or a phrase or a story would begin playing out in my mind. It was like a ticker tape, and as I got out of the way and just typed, without thinking (imagine the relief!), the communication flowed. I always thought of it like seeking wise counsel from my own personal group of sacred elders. I saw that they were in a light-filled room around a crystal table like the disciples at Leonardo's Last Supper!
The room was so filled with love I bathed in their presence and wise words ad would complete in a glow of love myself. The words came out like stream-of-consciousness writing I knew what it said in the moment, but didn't comprehend the entirety until I read it later. The computer was a perfect vehicle for separating my busy little mind from their big wise advice! I may have procrastinated and been totally stressed out before I would sit down to consult them, but afterwards, I always felt a glow of peace. You'd think I'd remember that the next time before my mind was spun with trying to figure it out for myself! Thank goodness for divine patience.
I wrote like this for myself for years until a friend was going through difficult times and asked if I could receive a message for her, and so I did. Then I realized that this was universal wisdom and it was time to share it with others. In 2002, combining my love of art and the desire to help others, I set the intention to receive individual Soul Portraits where the message included symbolic imagery that I then painted. Always the written and painted portrait exemplifies greater aspects of the person seeking greater expression in their lives.
Often for our meditation evenings at HeartLight, I requested a message for the group, and this has evolved into the new and full moon messages now posted on our website.
A couple of years ago, I sat down to write and was shocked to find the council chambers dark and empty and when I asked where they were they responded, within you. I was reminded yet again that true wisdom is not outside ourselves, it comes from within! Now the messages are lovingly signed The Council of Light that is Within.
And so it is for each of us to get out of our own way and listen to the still small voice within to realize it is actually the big voice that we all share and have been seeking all along. May their words bless and instill peace for you too."
The Council of Light
Rebecca Couch


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