By AarayA from Sirius

The Sirian Messenger.

Through Dinnho Beduzupo.

Translation from Portuguese: May 16, 2020.




Beloved Souls, Greetings!

For the appointment of the day we will share with you, who lovingly fortify our words with the energy of your attention, the meaning of some codes that we lovingly present to the channel, in the face of certain very practical and common situations among the other dear terrans. A light way to draw your attention to what they are doing on their evolutionary route, through simple commands. [smile]

First of all, it is pertinent to point out here that, contrary to what many of you think, the magnetic support of all Seekers is personalized, from being to being. That is, what happens to one has no obligation to repeat itself with the same configuration for another - it would not work, due to the consciential / spiritual variation of each one of you. That said, let's go on then.

Who among you has found yourself wanting to solve several obstacles at the same time? Many, isn't it? We check your energies also on those occasions (they change color). [smile] It is obvious that the channel, in its condition as a Gaian man, also goes through experiences of this order. But, since it is something he has to manage, after all this is part of his purifying process on Gaia (like everyone else), we follow how he reacts, how he gets around the dilemmas themselves.

Roughly speaking, it achieves satisfactory results, but when we identify traces of some more resistant density, of an idea or feeling of wanting to control more than they should, we project on your mental screen the image of someone opening a drawer and fixing it. From there he captures the message: “Do you want to change the planet? Start packing your drawers! ”. [smiles]

It is very easy for you to fall into the egoic trap of wanting to be in control of absolutely everything - even elements on which you do not depend, and as if that were really possible. Hence the simple brake. So, here is an example of code that you can use yourself in those moments when you are identifying yourself with this improper posture - you will tidy up your drawers, clean the house, fix things or build new ones, getting rid of what has already accomplished its mission with you in detachment. The possibilities are there to be exercised!

Another case: how many of you, Pozinhos de Estrelas (micro fragments of stars), have already caught yourself entering via a route without many or any guarantees that such an action would work, and yet you are left with the question of "Did I do the right thing?" in the mind? Too many, to be sure. Well, it is worth telling you, little ones, that whatever course you take towards your destinies, it will be correct at that point in your life. However bitter some developments may be, it was still that dose of the consequences that his essences needed most, regardless of the result.

When the channel catches itself oscillating vibrationally to the point of starting to feel heavy, with a few pangs of pain in the head or something similar, the image we coded to call your attention is exactly that of the discouraged child taking a bitter spoon of medicine, and shortly thereafter, despite the grimaces, being reenergized, being cured of her pain. The "child", most loved, are you. And the medicine is the teaching contained in the lived experience, which will not always be sweet, however, whenever it happens, it will be fully necessary for its evolution. [smile]

Another codification we use in our relationship refers to the feeling or idea of ​​loss, of something or someone. Does such a feeling of emptiness, of coldness, seem familiar to you, Family? Well then, it is something very recurring among you, and it makes sense that as a human, the channel is also exposed to such a picture, occasionally or, in some cases, for entire lives.

For this case specifically, the image we work on, the little film we play in the channel's mind is that of the feather, very light, which is suspended by the breeze from one point and which rests in another alternative point. Because that is how things are, beautiful, what starts to move must follow from a specific point, from a situation, to some other, regardless of our wishes, our desires, and all of this is natural.

So, why wear yourself out for something that doesn't depend on your will, right? That is the point: even if it doesn't seem to make any sense to them, it will often be necessary for the Universe, which is alive, to make use of its own designs to realign things and provoke their best versions through experiences of that order. Even if it takes some time, you, all of you, will come to the best of yourself, through these repositionings. [smile]

Dear Servants of Light - and we call you affectionately so that you consider the option of replacing the encoding of the “warrior”, the one who lives in constant battle, wear and never allows the fluidity of lightness ever -, it is time for the resignification of your own values ​​for this Planetary Transition.

Elements were presented to them in a pertinent way for those who have been here, but other ways of moving forward - with or without a pandemic, present themselves well in front of their physical senses. Can you understand that? Can you identify the new parameters being redesigned to accommodate the reality of days of more light and fraternity between themselves and the other social nuclei of which they are part?

Your galactic family speaks to you, speaks through you, with a similar desire to contribute to your life story together. We are always inspiring them in countless ways so that they can access their best version, in any situation, however heavy it may be, because we are all One with the Whole, and their pain also affects us, we just manage it more broadly, without commitment to uncontrolled attachments or egos.

If they pay close attention, they will identify their own internal codes of their mentors, regardless of lineage or even ascended order. The fact is that all of this exists, more beloved ones, and so many of you start to notice it and see it with other eyes that come to thank the perception of the experience as a whole! Because that's how it is - simple. It is enough that we allow it to be so, and Cosmos always fulfills its role straight from the heart of JATA (Source) to yours. [smile]

Selamat Matah! (May the peace be with you!)


AarayA of Sirius

Dinnho Beduzupo

CHANNEL NOTE: I admit that seeing this exhibition recorded in that text was strange to me at first, but I now understand the importance of these examples. Sirians are very intuitive so they can create metaphors in the form of very diverse, and even fun, images. The fact is that we are very supported by our “spiritual cavalry”, and we do not always realize how much. Does not matter. What counts is the feeling of gratitude that must always be at the forefront of all occurrences. And so it is!


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