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Through Toni and Sonia.

Posted March 10th, 2020.




Reincarnation Guide



Sheen from India asks the Masters: Can you guide me how to make my work more interesting at my work place, I find myself most of the time either overworked or sometimes no interest to work. I am dedicated and sincere but maybe disorganized please guide.
Answer: The disorganization is in the way you think about everything. Everything is about you, and you close out relationships, partnerships, and associations. If you were as dedicated as you have convinced yourself, then you would know what the work is designed to accomplish, and that would be your driving force – no chance for losing interest or feeling overworked. Take a good look at your surroundings. What distresses you and takes your attention away from your work? Address that distress and fill it with knowing love.
Megan from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to know if I have ever had a loving relationship, in any other incarnation, with the person I have loved so much in this life and who has died almost 20 years ago. For even though it's all this time she's gone, I still feel love for her.

Answer: This was the one and only time you established such a relationship. She is saying that it is time for you to let it go. Stop fixating on it as a unique experience and go out and begin a new, wonderful partnership.
Ibrana from Bangladesh asks the Masters: My one and only younger sister passed away in 2nd November, 2019. She collapsed all of a sudden and couldn't spill last words. I would want to know how she is doing and convey my love to her. Please help me!
Answer: Your thoughts about her are heard by her. She is in unconditional love and tries hard to send it to you so your heart will be less burdened. She visits you regularly and wants you to move on and release the grief you want to hold. She had not planned on having an extremely long life this time, and also, she passed so that others, yourself included, could examine the meaning of life and the beyond.
Misel from Slovakia asks the Masters: I had a dream. It made me so nervous. How to interpret it? I wish to have long healthy life with my family. I wish to have abundance, joy, health, grace, peace and awake to my inner truth and have miracles in my life like is possible now. Or it is not?
Answer: You are a piece of Source energy and have the ability to create your own reality. What stands in the way is any life lessons you chose to work through before celebrating all the “good things in life” you have just mentioned. Look at the fears and doubts surrounding you, recognize them as lessons, understand them, and replace them with your wishes and desires. It takes work, but it is all possible.
Maria from Brazil asks the Masters: What is my real name and my cosmic origin?
Answer: Your designation in the cosmic realm is impossible for the human body to duplicate or comprehend. Your origin, as with all other souls, is the energy of the Source from which you were broken off.
Marita from Finland asks the Masters: Thank you for all the good work you are doing for us. I believe that I have a dragon as a friend. He/she has been with me (more or less) for several lives. Now we are planning to start some kind of an energy treatment together. But you have told that we all create our own reality. So, is this friend only in my reality and therefore my own imagination or is this energy treatment real for everyone else too? And you have told that energy treatments have only very little differences and everyone just should look what suits best. So, is this thing we are planning, if it’s even real, almost the same thing that here already exists? Can it really make a difference to people’s life?

Answer: You do create your own reality, and no one can share it with you unless they can connect with your energy. The energy you perceive as a dragon is a guide to whom you have assigned that characteristic because you needed a strong protector in a past life. You have been a healer in many lifetimes and have worked with this other soul in several incarnations. Unconditional love energy is the basis for all healing elements. For any healing to work, both the practitioner and the client must believe in it. It doesn’t matter what you call the practice as long as you channel in the universal energy to bring the body back into balance. If the client doesn’t have your faith, nothing will happen.
Nay from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to know if my little son has been sexually abused, please help me.
Answer: Your son has had some experiences that he does not understand, and he is afraid of some acquaintances because of it. Observe his behaviors and you will see what he fears and what you need to help him. When he is able to talk about it, be there to listen without judgment. If you have a strong emotional reaction, he will think everything is his fault.


Dear Beloved Fellow Souls:

Though we’ve grown accustomed to and comfortable with a pattern in sharing these messages from the Masters (also affectionately known to us as “the Guys”), it was probably inevitable that our third-dimensional Earth duality would eventually throw up a few roadblocks. (Technology is a mixed blessing, though on balance, we are grateful for it!)

We know that you are currently unable to submit questions, and we hope to have a solution before too long. Meanwhile, we will work with the supply on hand and experiment as possible. To reference archived messages, you should still be able to access and study wisdom from the past 12 years on all types of spiritual and personal issues. Perhaps the Guys are chuckling as we deal with this object lesson in flexibility and going with the flow.

As they point out, we are always where we need to be to experience what we have chosen.

Thank you for your love and patience!

Toni and Sonia.


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