By AarayA from Sirius

The Sirian Messenger.

Through Dinnho Beduzupo.

Translation from Portuguese: May 15, 2020.




Beloved Souls, Greetings!

Sometimes we are surveyed, either in our official spaces, or through the ethereal (mentalizations, meditations, prayers), about the best way to work according to the Directives of Light, of the Highest, of JATA (God). The answer may vary slightly from understanding to understanding, due to the varying ways in which information is received, but we can extol one of the most relevant ones: through your own energies.

Every body, whether animated or not, emits a magnetic quality pertinent to its original state. The dense human body is no exception. Its differential is based on the property that in addition to being able to receive energy from other sources, you can also "read" it. And how this perception helps the Terran more aware of this potential! [smile]

The big question here is: can everyone access this conscious treatment with these highly varying magnetic qualities? And the answer is "YES!".

When your galactic family tells you about the values ​​of Self-knowledge, we invariably advance also over that area of ​​their existence where they are on a planet with a dense atmosphere in transition to something more fluid.

Whoever invests in Self-knowledge, does not waste time in applying the first teachings in practical life, because each experience they need to go through, tends to become more effective, even optimized, enhancing relationships with themselves and with the collective, improving health issues, prosperity , of other relationships, of access to their cosmic consciential heritage.

Thoughts generate energy, feelings generate energy, attitudes generate energy and, you know, intentions also generate energy - so much so that it is through these emissions that many consciences access them precisely through them - some more enlightened, others more primitive, depending on what that an issuer dedicates itself to deposit its focus, its attention.

Hence the importance of the Seekers to try to really separate segregating and disharmonious attitudes in general, because this is the food of those who chose to turn their backs to the Light.

It is also important to say that there are certain subjects that are for the treatment of the Gaian Man (human), and others that are not. When we tell them to abandon certain heavier topics, of a sensationalist nature, for example, this is just one of those destabilizing elements that we try to alert them to.

Because fear undermines their own strength and, although this is not always the intention of those who propagate certain information, their disseminating agents rarely work with such articles at the same time that they anchor them back to their best, most basic versions, in positive anchoring. of your energies, affecting your evolutionary march.

They resist to understand this, but we have reached a point in the Great Transition where the tickets for the entry of the New Earth are being distributed to those who are entitled, and those who are not, will follow an alternative route. Cause and effect, nothing more.

As soon as Stars' little fragments (humanity) understand how much they can benefit from this training, which is individual, to learn about energies, what they can accomplish with you and for you, my friends, other realities will become more easily co-created, for your satisfaction and its galactic support, because a significant consciential elevation of this size affects Gaia itself, raising its own energy standards.

For those who do not know, man, fauna, flora, the mineral kingdom, and some others still hidden from his senses, punctuate a particular energetic quality. When there is an elevation of any one of these kingdoms, the others also go on their way and at their pace, to seek a similar elevation. It is the balance of Nature in full swing, despite the already famous human rush, following its own course, with fluid direction and engagement. [smile]

Family, your intuition is opening up more and more for you and, through this new condition, it will become especially easier to see yourself, the other and the environment where you are in this Now, who you are, where you came from, your role before the Cosmos and its relationship with the Whole. Can you understand the magnitude of this picture, beautiful ones?

The words also emit vibrations, even more subtle is true, but they follow with the same power the intention of those who utter them verbally or in writing. It is up to each one of you to decide - and appropriate action - on how to manage these same energies in your lives. That authority is yours, so know that the consequences of what you flirt with, what you energize through your attention, is the exact proportion of what the Universe will send you in return. Objectively so.

There are matters that are above you, and for which the celestial phalanxes are scheduled to deal accordingly, and not with the help of "anyone", but with enlightened consciences already prepared before and incarnated on the little blue planet for these missions existential lives.

Some will even perish, if necessary, but nothing that they don't already know before the start of this complex process. For this reason, we tell you that not everything is for everyone, in terms of information, because whoever has to learn and with what depth, takes care of that right now and, of course, with total and unrestricted extra-dimensional support from their positive spiritual / magnetic support.

For those who are still without guidance in the face of everything we deal with here, follow the gentle note: live your lives with simplicity and transparency, with empathy and guided by unconditional love.

Allow disruptive behaviors to pass, heavy energies signed by pseudo light workers, but who insist on acting like spoiled children after attention - your attention.

It is time for a choice: they either follow their example of straight and peaceful conduct, of that good energy that heals the world, or they remain in the resistance that will lead them to a destination similar to the energies with which they are linked by tuning effect. Because it is only possible to reap what was sown, either in Gaia, or in any other quadrant of the Multiverse.

Selamat Mai! (So ​​it is!)


AarayA of Sirius

Dinnho Beduzupo

CHANNEL NOTE: Intuition is working, I admit. Today, for example, when I start reading certain things, or when I watch some things on TV or the Internet, when there is something strange, I can identify it more quickly, and it has helped me a lot. Especially not to expose myself to that anymore - and that goes even for the heavy energy of some people. I can pray for them, I can emanate more harmonious vibrations for them, but cutting excesses is surgical. We are responsible for directing our energies and this calls for empathy, without forgetting equivalent self-preservation.


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