The Beacon…

The Creator Writings.

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley.

February 13, 2019




It is time to keep your eyes wide open.  There may be people and situations being designed specifically to move you into ‘fear mode’.  
Some may attempt to ‘sell you’ beliefs and ideas that do not resonate.  
Many have chosen to stay asleep in the comfort of the mass consciousness, ignoring the mounting energy engulfing your world and choosing to remain blissfully unaware that things are changing at break-neck speed.  
Free will dictates that you get to decide what works and does not work for you!
The Universe knows this may sound a bit disheartening and a little more than disappointing.  
But, in keeping your eyes open, you will be able to see those around you that are ready for change, to step into their light and rise above the status quo.  
This is where your bright light, radiating Unconditional Love and peace, comes into play.  
Be the luminous beacon that helps light the way out of the darkness.


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