Telecom Companies Are Ignoring The Science.

By Joe Martino

June 21st 2019. 




One of the challenges with our world is that profit margins in business supersedes safety and good decision making.

And the impact of decisions made from this perspective has been incredibly destructive to humanity and the planet, as we are only just beginning to see the evidence of that.

We have already begun our investigations into the telecom industries push for 5G and it's quite obvious right off the top that for the most part, this is a battle to see who can win first...

Who can deploy the tech first and make the most money.

It's like these CEOs are children with no vision of anything past one foot in front of them, and money and power is the key!

Don't mind the lack of safety testing, the public outcry, the warnings from doctors and scientists...

They just keep pushing and demanding the government to give them what they want... and unfortunately, the government is.

This is a health and environmental disaster.

And that is why we are doing a deep dive investigation into the telecom industry, its ties to politics, and expose its efforts to push 5G while ignoring the dangers and lack of safety testing...

The mainstream media won't, so people-powered journalism has to!

Yesterday we launched a campaign to fund the people-powered investigation into 5G and on the first day we've already reached 10% of our goal! 🎉🎉

This is HUGE, as the support has allowed us to begin the process of creating a comprehensive guide that will be free to the public, to empower you to stop 5G in your local area...

As many cities around the world have already done just that.

It's very inspiring to see how many want to see this issue brought to light...

Let's keep this momentum going!

You can contribute to the campaign to STOP 5G right here:

>>> Join the campaign to help stop the 5G infrastructure


Ep. 17 - The Real Reason For The Russian Collusion Narrative?

At first it was easy to look at the Meuller report from a number of different angles. Find dirt of Trump, divide the masses, distract the masses or simply play the political game of doubt..

But now, after we dove into some really interesting research and investigation, there emerges a truth that many don't know a whole lot about and yet really brings a whole new layer to this discussion...

This looks like an aggressive agenda to distract from the Obama era domestic surveillance program.

We explore this is deep detail in this week's show!

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Assange Lawyer Reveals The Pentagon Was Behind Bringing Down WikiLeaks’ Assange

The way stories are framed is often everything... and framing is really another way to say.. how is a journalist going to weaponize their work to shape public perception?

This has been one of the campaigns going on to smear Assange over the past few years. And what we're now finding out, is that it wasn't so much Obama who was going after him intensely, it was coming straight from the Pentagon.

I wonder what secrets they think Assange has on them...

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