Take A Moment…

The Creator Writings.

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley.

May 13th, 2019



Take a moment today and think, really think about how you choose to move through and present yourself to the world.  This may seem like a pointless exercise that you want to skip over but, really think about it!  Do you spend it kvetching and blaming others for your difficulties, do you have the feeling that everything bad happens to you or that you cannot ‘catch a break’ no matter how hard you try?  If you spend your time thinking about all the times it has happened in the past, anticipate the worst coming at you and believe it will happen again and again no matter what you do to change it, then you are missing the point!
Even though you may have heard this before, it bears repeating; you are responsible for you!  There may be outside force directing negative things toward you but, ultimately, you are responsible for you. You choose to continue there simply because it is where you have always been.  The Universe would love to say that changing your thoughts does not require any effort.  It may require a lot of effort!  However, armed with a conscious awareness and the will to change, all things are possible.  Give The Universe a chance to show you…and allow yourself to be amazed! 

Jennifer Farley




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