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Jordan Sather. 

My week long ban from YouTube is over... this means I had to come back with some FIRE! And boy, there was sure plenty to discuss. Attacks on QAnon, attacks on MMS, censorship by the Big Tech companies, UFO stories flying all around (no pun intended), and then some.

Oh, and John Podesta blocked me on Twitter. Ha! Amazing news.
Watch these videos for the full stories!
And I've also noticed that YouTube has either been unsubscribing people from my channel, or preventing the notifications from going out to subscribers, so make sure you are both subscribed to my channel and have the little bell clicked to get notifications!
[5.27] Attacks on QAnon - More Mainstream UFO Articles - Cancer Studies, Vaccines & 5G
[5.28] QAnon Attacks - Michael Flynn FISA - UFO "Disclosure" - Amazon Censors MMS
(Put your hands down Jordan....)

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Seeing as YouTube loves to ban my main channel whenever it suits their fancy... it may be a good idea for you to follow me on my backup channels that I use whenever YouTube bans me.

I have a "2.0" channel on YouTube, and I'll also post on BitChute and Vimeo if there's ever a time YouTube prevents my from uploading anything to my main channel. Here are the links for the back ups:
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