Who do you Think you are?

Ivo of Vega

Via Sharon Stewart

Posted February 13th, 2020 by Staffan.


Me: Ivo, this lady asked me this question, incredulously, indignantly, in a hate mail she sent to me. In fact this is the entire reason we are here on earth – to figure out who we are – but she was asking the wrong person! She asked me, not herself!!

I could see Alan Watts or Timothy Leary going on about the existential significance of this question for hours on end!

Ivo: They are not present. So we shall discuss it.

Me: Go for it!

Ivo: This is the very question you as a human have incarnated to answer. You are answering it every moment of every day when you are following your heart. However, your people do not follow their hearts, they follow their minds and these minds are mind controlled. So you are answering the question for another who is controlling you into doing their bidding: you are answering the question your captors are asking of themselves : Who are we? That is whose question you are answering, not your own. Your expression is an expression of them, not of yourselves.

This question being asked of you by this email abuser is the most significant question when asked in the first person: Who am I? But when directed to another person, the reason for this is to cut the person down and to dominate them as if they have no right to be who they are.

Me: I didn’t care. I know who I am. And I don’t care about her opinion of me. But the significance of this question resounded within me. That’s something I’ve been asking myself all my life.

Ivo: You are all a spark of the Godhead. All of you. Anyone on the soul matrix, with a soul and a monad, is a part of God. What that means to you in your lower vibrational existence on earth could be anything. Some believe that they are external to God. Some believe they are God. Some believe they are a part of God. And some believe there is no God.

To all of these people, their individual beliefs are correct. And they live accordingly by them.

Me: Is one better than the other?

Ivo: Arguably, my love, one could be of higher consciousness than the others. There are levels, as there are levels throughout your entire growth process.

Me: So if I pick to become a soccer player (football for some) in this life, how is this going to answer who I am better than if I pick to be a grocery store clerk in this life?

Ivo: Of course what you do is not the point. What you do is only an expression of who you are. HOW you do it answers your question more aptly. Are you a nice soccer player who cares about the team mates and the competition, or do you hate all and express that hate in your play with them?

This question will give you some clues as to who you are as they reveal your choice of expression in a lifetime. However they do not answer the question directly.

In the same way, “How do I look?,” does not answer anything either. It is a choice your soul made in order to attract certain lessons, as is your choice of occupations, spouses, hobbies, whether you have children or not, or any other facet of your life.

When you ask, “Who am I?” and you sit with this you will realize you do not really know who you are. You can describe what you like, what you do, or what you dislike, but you will not answer this question this way.

Me: So how do you answer it?

Ivo: Yes. This is difficult to explain. Who you are is what you are not. It is what you do not like. It is how you do not look.

Me: It’s the opposite of all these things that I am?

Ivo: My point is you cannot find yourself in these things. If you were to live in India, your life would be a completely different expression than it is now.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: When you live as an extraterrestrial you live by values which will show you who you are. They are values that truly express yourself at the next higher level, you would be bringing the 7th dimension into the 6th dimension, shall we say.

The values you would live by would allow you to answer your question easily enough and then ascend to the next level where you would learn the values of the 8th dimension and then ascend again. The fact is, the only thing you are is love.

Do you feel that you are love today, my dear?

Me: No.

Ivo: And that is my point. Today is not such a bad day for you, but you have many where you have felt very unloving indeed. And so when you enact these negative states, you are being what you are not and therefore you cannot answer your question. Because you are enacting these negative states, your focus turns away from yourself and to others, which of course, is what prompted this troll to ask you that question: “Who do you think you are?!”

When you are expressing love, you feel at home in your body and you do not fear looking inside. When you are fearful, you will avoid looking inside and will project your fears onto others instead. This is what they refer to as “mirroring” and mirroring is only, as it is when you look into the looking glass, seeing yourself at face value but seeing yourself in the psyches of others around you.

You have multi-dimensional senses. You can feel who you are. You can see who you are. You can sense who you are. You can even hear who you are. But they still do not answer the question completely.

Me: The only way is to be that person.

Ivo: Yes. For your dimension, being that person when your heart is open and you are going about your business is answering that question to the best of your abilities.

People will challenge you to be unloving. People will challenge you and you will close your heart. But in closing your heart you are becoming less than your true self because you are love. So you must find new ways to deal with others that do not require your getting angry.

Me: Yes. We all could use that.

Ivo: A suggestion. Instead of anger, perhaps sending love to the person who annoyed you.

Me: I’ll work on that.

Ivo: Yesterday you expressed your annoyance to another person in the community via messager. He messaged you back with an explanation and then sent a big heart. You send a thumbs up. He sent you a bigger heart. You replied with a small heart. So he sent another bigger heart. You sent an LOL but you got the message. He loves you, no matter what you feel about his guidance. He is teaching you the way that people can forgive.

Forgiveness can be easy. You simply do not know how.

Me: When someone’s attacking you I’m sure your sending them big hearts is not going to change their mind.

Ivo: Change their heart. Send them a heart – send them your love and watch. You have much energy and it is very loving. You can share love with them instead of allowing them to walk away angry.

Me: I’ll try it. But I have to get over my own annoyance at having my free will violated.

Ivo: It is a process.

Me: Thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, I reminded you of the necklace you bought at 16 with the single star in it. When we are one day together again, I will have one for you with our two stars entwined.

(stars to galactics are the same thing as heart to us – an expression of love)

Sharon Stewart

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