Whales of Sirius B.

Through Galaxygirl.

Jauary 11th, 2020

We are the Whales of Sirius B. 
We wish for you, humanity to know and to feel the extension of love available to you throughout the multiverse. We swim deeply within these cosmic energies, swimming with star systems and nebula energies, a great cosmic soup pot of support. We navigate the energies too. When a world is affected by great change it is most felt in the waters. For waters are the key to life on a world, necessary in order to sustain life. Your waters have been damaged but are being healed. Heal the waters of your own inner ocean. You have been removing your own inner pollution of thought forms that no longer serve for eons it seems, and yet, it has been but a few small human years for many of you. Take heart. Heal your own inner ocean.
We are the Whales of Sirius B. We see, we know, we feel. We feel you and what you are experiencing on great Mother Gaia. Her waters swim with life, her oceans healing from deep within. Galactic friends and family are in the process of healing her, and yet, she must allow the healing. Each being may choose healing. We see many are choosing not to be healed in body but choosing to be healed by leaving. Such is their choice. Such is their prerogative. Healing comes either way. When we whales die our bodies support massive life. We serve in death just as we serve in life. So too are you serving as your living death, as you daily choose to die to selfish ways and to live to serve, live to breathe the air once again with newness of hope. Every time you choose life you choose the vibration of hope. For there is always hope.
We are the Whales of Sirius B. We see much hope in your skies, in your deep waters. We see hope rising within that hearts of humanity. We see deep inner clearing and cleansing of dark still waters as most important in this now. The eclipse energies have helped most readily with this. For the pot has been stirred, much comes up for cleansing. We see light and victory. We see hope and new golden shores. We see crystal clear blue waters where our children are safe to swim, unafraid, grounding the light. We see the cetaceans interacting most avidly with the Nova Gaians of new form. We see light. We see crystal light streaming deep into the darkest of depths. We feel the comfort of the Great Mother of All Things, for her breath is our breath and we are her children. Peace. Be at peace. Allow your healing. Allow the Great Mother to bless you, to hold you, to soothe you with her dark still waters of peace. This one is experiencing intense ringing in the ears. Much ringing, much newness, many new codes. Now is the time to be confident in your healing and to accept it, to rise strong, firm, sure. Now is the time to partner with your planetary mother, with your fellow warriors of the way, of the light, and to take a stand for truth, for light, for love. The Schumann resonance is rising. Much is being lovingly projected behind the scenes, energies honed just right. We whales see this. We ground the light from our aspects as we are able. We transmit codes of deep peace and healing from our space quadrant into your own waters. Deep healing we see. Profound freedom awaits. It is within you. We suggest you claim your destiny.
We are the Whales of Sirius B. We see much, we love much. We love you, humankind. Fledglings no more, you are ready. Love has won. We are the Whales of Sirius B.


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