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By Sarah ElkhaldyWake Up World

March 10, 2020.




When we look at the world through a third dimensional perspective we are observing mainly through the lens of separation and hierarchy. This isn’t a wrong way to see the world considering the importance of being able to distinguish between benign and dangerous presences in our environment, truth from falsehood, healthy water from contaminated etc. However, this vital attention to our survival can be exploited by those in power to stunt our ability to recognize our innate oneness with all of life when this perception is over applied.
The amount of internal conflict in this human experience inherently comes with several judgments that limit our ability to directly experience higher states of consciousness.
In fact, not only do all our judgments hinder us from shifting into a higher state of consciousness such as Unity Consciousness, they also keep us in a divided mentality that perpetuates the Us vs. Them reality.
The lessons native to this dimension all revolve around becoming a sovereign being.
We do this by learning to distinguish between various grades of truth and love, fusing our feminine and masculine hemispheres and becoming our Higher Self.
However there is one thing that can easily block us from aligning with our Higher Self and that is our resistance to releasing judgments.  This is what everyone has in common no matter what side of the chessboard they find themselves on—everyone is mirroring back to each other judgment.
Judgment is what fuels denial and denial is a hell of a drug.
Denial is one of humanity’s collective blind spots; it’s what keeps unconsciousness firmly intact. Another way of saying this is, to keep a world unconscious is to keep them busy with judgments because judgments not only deter us from healing uncomfortable emotions and facing the fears held inside the judgments, but they also keep us from creating unity within ourselves.
This is why judgments are the primary block to expanding our awareness and experiencing Unity Consciousness.
It is important to keep in mind that when we are working with judgment release we are working with the internal polarity. If we try to be less judgmental of others without healing our own judgments toward Self, we will end up only suppressing ourselves, creating more internal conflict, holding more judgments for having judgments and the plot thickens without anyone becoming wiser. Healing our judgments of Self is how we create true unconditional love.
Being at peace within ourselves doesn’t mean we need to feel at peace, it means we can allow ourselves to have whatever experience we are having without the added pressure of reacting to it. When we are in judgment we are taken out of whatever experience we are in to point out how wrong we are for feeling the way we feel or being in the experience we are currently in. We can see that judgments are inherently tied to a perception of wrongness. So we can start healing our judgments by asking ourselves a simple question whenever we feel a way we wish we didn’t feel or get lost inside our most unwanted beliefs and thought patterns: “Why is this wrong?”
Although this sounds negatively worded as if we are focused on a belief or feeling being wrong, what this is actually doing is bringing us into a state of neutrality about whatever we are experiencing. When we are able to receive ourselves without the pressure that can come from either being positively or negatively inclined, we can just ask ourselves “why is this wrong?” in order to discover whatever judgments we are holding.
Spiritually speaking, this is a counter intuitive approach to healing because we are accustomed to practices that teach us to get beyond our feelings and negative perceptions, rather than relate with them. Getting above our judgments is a worthy aspiration; the only issue is that we have more than one aspect of our energy fields to accommodate and our feelings are interconnected to our other centers. In addition to our physical body, we also have an emotional body, a mental body, as well as other bodies. All of these bodies are affected when we distort our relationship with our emotions.
We may not intentionally mean to repress ourselves. Sometimes we evolve quicker than our emotions can keep up with and in instances where we want to balance the heart with the mind faster than the body is able to process, we attempt to distort our feelings, and in doing so, we are communicating to ourselves that we are wrong.
The reason it’s so important to reverse this process and begin to open ourselves up to our judgments through shadow work is because there’s no way to evolve if we are expending our energy in the direction of concealing the areas within us that need the most assistance. A lot of our spiritual journey can be spent trying to become masters at manifesting, while our higher guidance is far more interested in our clarity, rather than pulling us deeper into sleep. If we are able to clearly see ourselves, the world, our predicament in the world, our core issues, overarching themes, our talents, positive attributes, our blind spots and duality, we can move in the direction of our higher guidance while naturally manifesting positive results in our life as a result of our clarity and growth.
When we want to feel joy, but instead we feel confused or fearful of what the future will be like instead of happily rooted in this moment, we can surrender our preference by lovingly asking ourselves “Why is this wrong?” to uncover what judgments are lacking our loving acceptance. Doing this collapses any internal struggle for power we are having within and allows us to hold space for our emotions rather than compete with them.
When we are able to receive ourselves without fearing that the way we are is wrong, then we can start to soften into the oneness within ourselves that is neither overly identified with the mind nor disconnected from its emotions but is harmonized with both through our own compassion.
Unity Consciousness is the integration of the masculine and feminine energies into an expanded state of consciousness; this doesn’t mean becoming a doormat for the unconsciousness of others to walk all over or stepping out of our personal integrity. In Unity consciousness there is still differentiation but without the density that the illusion of separation comes with, just like there is still polarity but it is not near as crass, it’s complimentary.
Individuals committed to their healing is how large-scale shifts in consciousness are eventually made, they become imprinted like a blueprint into the ethers for others to access through the phenomenon of morphogenic fields:
A useful concept is Rupert Sheldrake’s notion of morphogenetic fields, or M-fields. These invisible organizing patterns act like energy templates to establish forms of various levels of life. It is because of the discreetness of M-fields that identical representations of a species are produced. The idea that M-fields assist learning has been verified by wide scale experimentation. When Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile he created a new M-field. The belief system prevailing in human consciousness had been that the 4-minute mile was a limit of human possibility. Once the new M-field was created, many runners suddenly began to break the 4-minute mile records. This occurs every time mankind breaks into a new paradigm. Whether it’s the capacity to fly, or the capacity to recover from alcoholism. Once an M-field is created, everyone who repeats the accomplishment reinforces the power of that M-field. We are all familiar with the fact that new ideas often seem to arise in the minds of several far-removed people at the same time. Somehow, the M-field acts as an organizing principle, like a sort of general magnetic attraction. An M-field does not have to move anywhere. It is a standing energy field that is present everywhere. Once it is created, it exists as a universally available pattern throughout the invisible universe.”
—David Hawkins
Morphogenetic fields explain the phenomenon of telepathic transference of information through the field of consciousness. What this means is that our journey to becoming conscious does not only stay with us, it ripples outward influencing and recalibrating the entire quantum field while creating new possibilities for reality. Through our own healing we free up the space necessary for true liberation and joy.
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About the author:
Sarah Elkhaldy is an energy healer trained in shamanic and holistic healing modalities that address soul loss, trauma, supporting the body in detoxification of chronic stressors and regeneration.

 She is the administrator of the social media account: The Alchemist, where she shares esoteric knowledge to help humanity gracefully tap into our evolutionary potential. She considers it her work to connect the higher with the lower; the outer world with the inner world.
 Sarah hosts retreats and workshops in Los Angeles on Alchemy and Shadow Work.
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