The Goddess And The Light In Video Games.

Writen By Hikariwillwin.

Posted April 19, 2019 by Edward Morgan. 



I have interestingly discovered that there are traces of the Goddess and the spiritual Light even in some video games. Who would have thought? Once Cobra said that the Light forces are infiltrated everywhere. I think that even some completely not spiritually interested or asleep video game developers might have been given inner inspirations or suggestions by Higher Beings or Muses to convey some aspects of the actual reality outside this planet.
Here I would like to share with you what I found until now, so let’s take it by games:
Prince Of Persia (2008)
In Prince Of Persia the protagonists are kind of nice representations of the positive male and female archetypes. The male protagonist, the Prince is very active, logical and always ready for action, taking initiatives immediately when it’s needed. The female protagonist, Elika is kind, gentle, accepting, receptive, has deep devotion and inner connection with the Divine which in return blesses her with magical powers.
Throughout the story they also try to balance each other, which is needed as they are both tend to swing into one extreme: Elika tries to show the Prince the importance of inner values and morality, because he cares almost only about materialistic gains. On the other hand, the Prince tries to convince Elika to be more pragmatic, to live more adventurously, spontaneously and to travel and discover more of the world instead of devoting all her life to a religious cause and knowing life only from books.
In the beginning of the story the Tree of Life which is basically a vibrating Light Tree is maintaining order and well-being, but it gets chopped in half (which is parallel to the original fall/ Primary Anomaly), and thus darkness is released.
They both find themselves in the middle of a battle between the God of Darkness and the God of Light. This is where it all starts to resemble the case of planet Earth. Elika is a priestess of the Light and uses her magical powers of the Light to fight against the darkness that wants to conquer and corrupt everything. There is a nice symbolism here about the male-female unity as the tool to overcome darkness because they both need each other. None of them is capable of defeating the darkness alone. Only together can it happen.
Finally the biggest similarity I think between the game and the planetary situation are the fertile grounds. These sacred geometry resembling special spots are taken over by the darkness and Elika (the Goddess archetype) keeps healing and liberating them one by one (by rotating in the middle which is super similar to the Goddess Vortex technique Cobra shared with us) and thus they become vortex points of Light, healing and protecting the surroundings.
This is exactly what’s going on now on this planet, the Light and the Dark forces are fighting for the vortex points and ley lines in Syria and other places. This is so so so interesting. Those who control the vortex points, have the upper hand in the battle between Light and darkness. Such a nice game 🙂
World Of Warcraft
The Night Elves
So World of Warcraft is a fantasy game with many interesting content and there is a race called Night Elves. This race calls itself children of the stars (Starseed resemblance) and is deeply connected with nature, living in deep, flush forests.
They are preserving and nurturing their natural environment to an extremely high degree by having even their houses on trees for example and consciously integrating nature into every aspect of their society. In consequence they have obtained the healing magical powers of the nature, are able to become invisible to others by blending in with the wilds and can shapeshift into various animals when it’s needed.
The Night Elves possessed also immortality thanks to their deeply adored World Tree, which is a monumentally big tree playing a central role in their civilization.
World Tree.jpg
The most interesting part about the Night Elves is their feminine or matriarchal societal structure and their revered moon Goddess, Elune. The Night Elf society is primarily lead by women, females possessing the most important societal roles.
Originally even the warrior class consisted of mainly various types of female warriors ....
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