Witnessing Our Progress:

Self-Reflection Tools.

Sandra Walter.

April 24th, 2020.


Content is light-encoded to assist your journey

Blessings Beloveds,
The very different quality of light since last week is aimed at shifting consciousness and dimensional awareness; amplifying zero point dynamics. It assists the photonic higher positive order: Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Will.

This means all of our thoughts, emotions and actions are amplified - across the board, positive or negative. The new light bolsters the sorting out of realities; amplifying the Source request for a brand new harmonic to be the norm. It shakes apart (literally a quantum vibration) anything which does not harmonize with the new light level, hence the dismantling of realities currently in progress.
Yes, it’s quite the show. It is also a powerful opportunity to review responsible creation: who is comprehending and resonating with the new light, and who is getting torn apart. Responsible Creation is key to accessing Golden Race DNA codes. More on that soon.
Embodiment of higher DNA codes, and these new frequencies of the Higher realms of Self, dissolves the illusion of lower self. We lose the old identity as the Christed/Crystalline/Unified Self steps forth. Not in an instant (that would destroy the body.) Slow enough to observe it falling away, slow enough to recalibrate the ego, slow enough to experience Ascension as a collective, slow enough to witness every moment of Divine transformation.
Witnessing our Progress in the Shift
With many weeks of global stay-at-home life experience behind us, and a few more ahead, it is a good moment to inventory our personal journeys. Grab your journal, be wildly honest with yourself, and keep your answers private. As predicted, hindsight is 20/20 in this year of 2020, and a tremendous gift during this phase of global change. There is much sleight-of-hand in the end game. Best to self-evaluate your narrative, intentions and reactions as it intensifies.
Light-grounding the experience through journaling assists the collective journey. Let us take inventory of our response to the situation so far, so we may consciously make the highest choices moving forward. No blame, shame or judgment or what you did/are doing with this challenging phase.
Be direct, truthful and enjoy this exercise. Make it physical (write the answers down, or speak them out loud) to light-ground into these realms. Here we glow:
What has been my response to lockdown and social distancing? How do I feel about my response?
What fears, anxieties or challenges arose? How did I/am I dealing with them?
What emotional, mental, physical and spiritual tools are helping me through this?
What personal narratives are challenged, believed/amplified or broken apart? Are they my own, or collective narratives from outside sources? How do I feel about them?
We are in a magnetic shift that is changing the polarity of our fields, DNA and duality itself. Am I engaging with choosing sides, or allowing the collective good vs bad narratives to penetrate my personal creations, relationships or service to Ascension?
How has the collective distancing/slow down influenced my activities?
Am I changing, creating, or looping with anxiety, fear, or repetitive behavior in order to feel safe? Any unhealthy or uncomplimentary behavior that needs to shift?
How often do I pause to feel what I need, and how my emotions, mind and body are handling this?
What actions do I take to feel better, grounded or expand into Higher awareness?
What has been my response to others’ reaction to this situation?
What have I created during this passage that I like? Don’t like?
Have I cleared or reorganized my space to support a clearer new self/new expression?
Any reevaluation of priorities? Lessons? Revelations? Any previously processed fears re-presenting?
What is spirit showing me about myself and my Ascension path in this passage?
How may I assist the collective as we move forward into the unknown? New skills to learn? Do I want to help?
As I feel the truth of my heart - not the mind - do I feel forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude for what is unfolding?
How much of the collective fear and programming is affecting my heart, thoughts, spirit, actions, words or creations? What am I doing to neutralize it, or stay balanced?
What fears, doubts or anxieties have presented? Are they mine or the collective narrative?
Any delaying, procrastinating or waiting games presenting (when this happens, then I can move forward, etc.)? Any desire for things to be as they were? Disappointment if they go back?
How often do I expand into the higher light perspective, New Earth Now mode, and experience the higher parallel reality which is amplifying?
In what areas do I need more support, skills or tools to deal with this predicted phase of the unknown?
Embodier Specific Questions:
How do I feel about witnessing this deep transformation of Self while the lower reality dismantles in such a vivid way? Anything feel out of balance, or polarized?
What revelations are presenting which surprise me, what beliefs are dropping away?
How am I dealing with the simultaneous awareness of my multidimensional self becoming my primary reality?
What tools am I using for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical balance?
What do I need that only I can provide for myself during this phase?
What have I learned so far in 2020, and what would I love to experience with the upcoming collective Embodiment activations?
These energies paired with the collective dissolving of regular schedule can make us feel spacey or ungrounded. Recalibrate the compass if needed throughout the day. Use an Intention alarm (4 times a day) to check in and reset. Pause and tap into how you feel, what you need to raise your vibration, shift a mood, make a higher choice, feel good, move the body, create peace or support the awakening.
Another Strong Stargate Adjustment
April 23 - 29 is yet another amplification of the higher harmonics. Distorted lower timelines are dropping, akashic distortions continue to clear.
Those of you hearing the much higher frequencies or embodying them may feel like a Divine HUman tuning fork (because we are). Gaia is consistently present in our fields, revealing the higher realms and the Divine state of consciousness needed to experience the higher realms. Many of these frequencies are coming from her, as we reconnect the organic stargate system.
Crystals and water are broadcasting these frequencies at the moment, right in our bodies and DNA. Much is happening in our bodies with the amplification. this is a radically different reality-shattering quality of light. Deep rest may be required. Many of you are working upstairs in the higher realms which can bring on the tired-and-wired sensations. You feel the simultaneous activity of the multidimensional Self when awake, however deep lengthy sleep is widespread at the moment.
Surrender in nature as often as possible to the amplification of Zero Point awareness. How easy it is to achieve this pure state right now! Allow the moments of this pure Source stillness to lengthen and expand. Gaia is utilizing us as pure conduits to reveal her new realms this year. I have spent many hours blending with her, the kingdoms and elementals, merging with the New Gaia consciousness. Open-eyed meditation is a wonderful way to integrate these consistent downloads and DNA upleveling. Gaze at nature, still the mind and BE. Natural bodies of water also help; use them if you have access.
For those who can get out, share your experience telepathically with those who are stuck inside. I have shared more nature photos and videos on social media during this passage, light-encoded for quantum distribution, for those who cannot get outside.
We have four years of weekly practice in seeing, feeling and connecting energetically through our heart-based SUNday unity meditations. Unified meditations on peace have many positive multidimensional effects; practice manifests spiritual strength. This distancing is amplifying our higher consciousness and wireless abilities. Share your peaceful and expansive experiences with the Ascending HUman heart grid, for any willing heart who needs it. Freedom codes are collective as well as individual, as is our unified DNA and Ascension.
Kindwhile, we are on track for the May Solar activity and some very strong June Embodiment activations. All is well.
SUNday Unity Meditations
Participate and share our global SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7). Offline, wherever you are. Details, guided meditation downloads and time converters at http:/www.sandrawalter.com/unity
On a personal note

I AM in Sedona and have been blessed with a lovely space for the rest of the year. Of course everything can change in a blink, however I AM excited to have a home base during this transformational phase. New creations are aligning, and I AM enjoying some much-needed restorative rest.



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