Pepper Your Consciousness With Light.

Trees and Fairies of Nova Gaia.

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

February 17, 2020.

Greetings friends of the light, of the way, of the inner Christ. 
We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. 
We are sending you light encodements through the ruffling of our many green leaves. Can you see and feel the light beams streaming in between our leaves onto your upturned faces? Let these light codes of hope, of new beginnings, pepper your consciousness with light. Many of you have been feeling downtrodden by these stirrings of muddy waters on your surface world. The silt is being strained so that the crystal clear waters may reemerge blameless, pure, sparkling with light.
We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. 
We are ancient in our knowing. We will house many of you in exquisite homes nestled within our branches. Some may choose to live in the crystal caves that permeate our root systems. Some may prefer the flatlands. We are the trees speaking from the coastal areas of Nova Gaia. We have adapted easily for the elements here are not harsh like you are currently used to. Sea breeze mixes well with our green glowing leaves. We enjoy the salt, the breeze, the winds are gentle on us. We are mighty, massive trees. We enjoy our large forms that further anchor the light into Nova Gaia’s many electrical light systems. 
Love is in the air here, it always is. Love of self, of others, love of all is all around. We love ourselves, and we wish dearly that you light workers would begin to unlock this code and learn to love, to really love yourselves. For your inner child is crying out for healing, many of you. It is ok to cry, to weep for this allows healing. Light enters where the woundings have been. Allow us to please enlighten your forms further. It is time for the light worker to explore true, deep, authentic self love. For then and only then will your twin be able to deeply reach you. When you loathe a part of yourself you are in loathing of a part of the Christed consciousness and of your own beloved twin. No more self down talk.
We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. 
We come in all shapes and sizes and yet, we are all uniquely beautiful. So too we see upon the surface of your world humans come in all sizes, shapes, forms. It is time to embrace all aspects of yourself for you are all Source in form, and we believe it is the time for you to embrace this fact. And so, embrace your flaws for they have become your strengths. They are a part of your story to tell. And your story of this embodiment will be a great strength to the others as you teach, as you lead, as you lend your love and light to the others. But first you must allow yourself to love all parts of you.
We are the Trees of Nova Gaia, coastal regions. 
Allow us to nestle you with our branches. Climb up high, be young and free. See, you are safe here, you cannot fall. For there is no death here. Hear the children laughing on the breeze. See the giggling fairies fly by giving you a flower of the most beautiful electric blue. Tuck it behind your ear, hold it to your heart. Feel the warmth of our sunny bark behind your back and lean in. Feel the dappling of light through our leaves. 
Be at peace, dear one. You were not meant to hold the weight of the world on your shoulders alone. We see the light workers are carrying more than their share. We see allowing of others hands to be imminent. Allow. Allow your team, including the trees, allow the higher aspects of you, of your ancestors to support you, to nurture you. For this is not an easy quest and even Frodo had his faithful companion Sam. Things did not go well for Frodo when he cut Sam out, did they? No, they did not. We say these things for many of you have experienced the story of the Lord of the Rings in one way or another. 
Timelines flip and fold, aspects jump and merge. You are familiar. It is time for the Lightworkers to join hands with those outstretched to them and to find hope in this union. Allow us to be the strong comfort, the feeling of home that you have been so longing for. For you have felt so alone, so cut off, and your earth has never felt like home to many of you. That is because your home is of the higher light, of the blissful state, where all is light and love and joy and peace. This is the vibration of home that you are becoming, that you are remembering to welcome deep within your crystal hearts. This is the home that you seek. It is within you.
We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. 
Smell the sea wind. Feel your tendrils blow in the wind. It is the perfect temperature here. You will never sunburn. You will never be too hot or too cold unless you seek that experience. You can create with your mind. (I am seeing a flower form in my hand as I create it. The colors here cannot be described, they are alive, bright, glowing). 
Galaxygirl, you are not alone in your desire to meet your soul family. You have tremendous support, all of you. Bring this vibration of home, of Nova Gaia deep within your heart spaces and perhaps you will feel less lonely for you have truly connected. Be truly at peace. The trees are not easily uprooted. We are only uprooted when we choose to change places, locations. (I am seeing massive trees stand and walk easily). 
We do this when our perspective needs to change. Many of you are feeling the need to literally uproot and change locations and many of you are wishing that you could hop here right now. We say to you dear ones, precious fractals, not yet, but soon. The more of this vibration of home that you have the sooner you pull this experience into you. Be at peace. Feel at home. We are the Trees of Nova Gaia whispering peace and love to you.
Hello, hello! 
We are the fairies of Nova Gaia and we are preparing a special welcome ceremony for you, dear hearts of the light! And we are so tremendously excited for you to be joining us, for the weather is sublime here and you always feel good. 
We are excited because the energies of your surface world are high enough that we have been able to take sneak peaks of you and you of us, which is so unique. 
This has not happened for so long, because your realm was like slogging through mud and our realm like a perfect spring day with no mud, silly but true! And now little wormholes of light are opening up between our worlds and our fairies friends from long ago are able to fly through and we can chat a bit which is so lovely because we do so love to chat and to catch up for millennia is a long time (laughter) and we are relieved to be able to make contact with our Christed ones! 
For you are carrying so much light that we have prepared flower wreathes for you and with your permission, would you please let us crown you? 
We have flowers of all colors and sizes here in wreaths for your heads and they are filled with the most glorious feelings of peace, of love, of joy, of reconnection and they will make you want to reconnect more fully to yourself, to your soul families and they will function kind of like an antenna for you, so that you feel more connected, more heard, more loved! 
Although you are so tremendously loved we are shocked that you can’t feel it and so we send it to you now from the fairy kingdoms to the peopley kingdom! We love you!
We are the Fairies of Nova Gaia. Please wear your flower crowns, you deserve them, you have earned them and they will make you feel extra sparkly in the days ahead as there is a bit more mud to trudge through, yucky! And we are so thankful for this time, for this experience. 
We love you so much! We are the Fairies of Nova Gaia. Remember your crowns are as beautiful as you are! (Much giggling and laughter as they fly away, leaving streams of glowing flowers flowing softly on the breezy trail behind them).

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