How to Perform Third Eye Meditation to Activate Your Pineal Gland.

By Sherrie.

June 26th, 2019


Third eye meditation is a practice that continually allows us to sense energies in our surroundings. Learn how to perform this meditation.
The third eye, or in biological terms, the pineal gland, is considered the secret center of our senses. This means our intuition and being able to sense certain energies, good or bad can be accessed through this chakra. The type of meditation called ‘trataka’ opens up the third eye and helps us develop and grow a greater understanding of our basic senses…but more.

Learning how to awaken your third eye with meditation

If this is new to you, then that’s okay too. Learning third eye chakra meditation can be simple. All it really takes is calming the mind and focus, plus a few more minor steps. Centering on the middle eye and opening up to energies can be a great way to improve discernment in various situations.

So, here are the basic instructions on the process of meditation that will awaken your third eye:

1. Location

The first thing you have to do is to choose your location for meditation. This place must be a calming location, with few to no disturbances. Going outside is a great idea as long as sudden noises will not break your serenity. This varies from person to person, however, as some constant noises can turn into a permanent hum, which translates into silence for them.
You have to play around with a few places until you’ve found the right location for the process.

2. Time

Try to meditate at around the same time every day. This helps you build even more consistency in your life. As life can be so random and dramatic at times, a pattern of prayer and meditation can help center your life.
It’s best to choose a time that’s early so you can frame your day with a positive meditative outlook. It’s also best not to meditate right before or right after a meal.

3. Positions

Most people sit with legs crossed and that works for them. However, the most important factor in your sitting position is a comfort. You must find the most comfortable position before meditation begins.
Preferably, this position should not be one that causes you to fall asleep. Keep that in mind. Pineal gland meditation is deeper than the waking mind but elevated above sleep. Keep your back straight, chest out, and head upright.

4. Breathing

As you start to enter a state of meditation, regulate your breathing. Part of this process can be done before finding clarity, while the other part will have to be completed as you find a calming state of being in the next step. For those with anxiety, much of the breathing regulation will come with greater and greater focus.
Start with deep breaths which will help slow the heart rate and level of breathing. You can think calming thoughts or imagine pleasant surfaces rubbing against your skin. Hey, you can even count backward to regulate breathing as well.

5. Find clarity

Although it’s difficult to truly clear your mind, focusing on your third eye during meditation requires the purest form of clarity to transport you to the higher plane. Finding clarity can also incorporate focus in its rawest form.
As you begin your meditation, clear the cluttered thoughts as you focus on the center of your forehead, the pineal gland. As you focus, the clutter will transform into gentle energies. Your focus not only helps you sense energies but also keeps you grounded and aware.

6. Reaching the third eye

As you practice the above, you will start to touch the edge of energies projected by the third eye. Things will at first seem dark, but don’t panic. Amidst the darkness, there will be a pinpoint of light and this is the third eye chakra.
If the third eye is already activated, the brain will be functioning normally. You will also be able to sense the reality of the third eye when your natural energies prove greater. Your focus will be so strong you can completely envelop yourself in one thought, one object, or one person.

7. Just experience

After you’ve calmed down a bit from the initial presence of the third eye chakra, you can experience the fullness of it. People usually experience different things when in the presence of such energies. Some see objects flashing through their minds, while others can see the words they think.
Learning to understand these visions will take time. For beginners, this experience can seem overwhelming, even causing headaches, but over time, it gets easier.

8. Staying focused

The key to getting centered with third eye meditation is learning to stay within the presence of the third eye chakra for as long as you can. Your goal would be 10-15 minutes. The longer you stay, the easier it is for you to learn how to understand energies and visual experiences. All these things also help you focus in day-to-day life as well.

9. Coming out of meditation state

To awake from meditation, you must first turn your inner eyes away from your pineal gland – the light in the darkness. As you move away, continue to regulate your breathing. Slowly open your eyes and become aware of your surroundings and your body. Over time, this process will become easier.

Finding comfort in meditation

Meditation has the ability to bring great comfort, especially in trying times. But even if everything seems perfect, third eye mediation is an important practice for your life.
After you’ve learned the correct way to meditate in this manner, continue to practice for easier entry and exit from meditation. If you haven’t encountered your third eye yet, now’s the time to become acquainted. Just give it a try.

















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