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Dragon Endgame.

Dragon Endgame.

The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

The Portal, By Cobra.

May 19, 2020.

In January 2019, the Chimera group realized they will be defeated, so they issued a distress call for assistance across the Galaxy and received no response. Realizing that and being aware of powerful Age of Aquarius planetary configurations of 2020, they have instructed the Black nobility families and the Jesuits to activate the endgame New World Order plans in January 2020.
Many of the negative scenarios were prevented by the Light Forces, but one slipped through and that was the coronavirus scenario. Before their final defeat, the dark forces were determined to create as much chaos and suffering as possible. Exactly 24 years later, this is the repeat of the Great Forgetting of 1996, which also happened just before the scheduled breakthrough:
On the physical plane, the coronavirus plandemic has consolidated the power of the Black Nobility families and their minions:
It has given some advantage in the nanotechnology war between the Light and the dark forces to Chimera-controlled DARPA:
Nanotechnology available to the military was far more advanced than most people know, even almost two decades ago:
Advanced nanotechnology, developed by the Chimera, is diminishing the efficiency of the Pleiadian stardust technology which is removing the coronavirus. This is the reason the Pleiadian stardust technology is only 75% effective in removing the virus. Certain breakthroughs are expected in this area in the coming few months, and if they do materialize, the Pleiadians will be able to remove the coronavirus completely.
Also, the Chimera is backing Elon Musk and his Starlink satellites project, to reinforce the quarantine Earth electromagnetic fence:
Also, some HAARP technologies are still not completely removed and are still posing a threat to trigger a premature polar shift:
On a more positive note, the Chimera has almost completely lost the war with the Light forces regarding advanced quantum exotic weapons. Also, practically all plasma primary anomaly has been removed, which is extremely good news.
The Solar System beyond lunar orbit is being actively activated into a multidimensional Ascension portal with many positive cosmic races being present within the Solar System with their Living Light motherships. The last remnants of the dark Draco fleet there are being chased down.
In sublunar space, however, the situation is quite different. Draco fleet of cloaked ships is still holding a degree of control of the region, although that control is being challenged by the Light Force fleets even close to the planetary surface, which is being widely reported:
If Pleiadian or other positive fleet would fully decloak in sublunar space, it would be instantly vaporized by the Draco fleet, with one part of Draco fleet going down with them.
The Draco still keep a part of their scalar electromagnetic fence technology on the etheric plane close to the planetary surface, and there are still some huge Chimera spiders on the etheric plane just inside lunar orbit, making entry of Confederation fleet into sublunar space difficult. All plasma Chimera spiders have been successfully removed a few months ago, and there are some etheric spiders left, and they will be easier to clear:
Since both Chimera and Draco know the Galactic Confederation forces will reach the surface of the planet soon, they want to protect USAF secret space programs they control, under the umbrella of US Space Force, as their last line of defense against the Galactic Confederation:
On the surface of the planet, the Positive Military and the Red and Blue Dragons are conducting operations behind the scenes to prepare for the Event. However, they are not yet completely connected to reliable extraterrestrial intel sources, so therefore their understanding of the extent of Draco/Chimera control of the planet (especially on the non-physical planes) is limited, and their intel sometimes not completely reliable. One such example would be the plan for mass arrests in April 2020 by the Positive Military.
Dragon sources from mainland China have communicated that after our meditation on April 4th, the Light forces are on a final critical offensive on all levels to achieve the liberation. They are expecting some big moves culminating in November 2020 at the time of US elections.
The leaders of Chinese positive secret societies are called the Red and the Blue (Azure):
They originate from Antarian Fleet which won some decisive battles against the dark during the Galactic wars. Their origin is the Antares star system, which is a binary star system of red supergiant Antares A and blue main sequence star Antares B:
Many of their subordinates within the Red and the Blue belong to the positive faction of Draconian race, the so-called Thuban Dracos, which they now incarnate in human bodies and are positioned deep within Chinese government (Red) and within Taoist spiritual groups (Blue):
Quoting Dragon sources about the Blue:
“The Dragon Gate Society (lóngménpài 龙门派) of the Complete Reality School (全真派) of Taoism incorporates elements of Tibetean, Mongolian shamanism, Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism into a comprehensive form of Taoism. The Dragon Gate society is an offshoot of the Northern school of the Complete Reality Taoism. Its spiritual descent is traced to the thirteenth-century master Qiu Chang-chun, Chang-chun means "Eternal Spring". The master of Eternal Spring was one of the sages who advised and supported Genghis Khan to preserve the ancient civilization of China during the dark Mongol invasion. Genghis Khan appointed Chang-chun overseer of all spiritual traditions culture and knowledge in China, and the Dragon Gate sect thus played a critical role in the preservation of the China Tartary knowledge and acted as Guardians of knowledge and wisdom for China ever since, and now after 2009 are extending this to the entire world during this critical present time of threat and the evolution of humankind.”
Quoting Fulford about the Red:
"When the Manchus invaded China in 1644, the Ming army became an underground society aimed at overthrowing the Qing (Manchu) and restoring the Ming. They supported the Boxer Rebellion but were put down by imperialist powers. Later, with the help of overseas Chinese and the Japanese imperial family, the society managed to overthrow the last Emperor and install Sun Yat Sen in his place. They last appear in the history books as the Green Gang and the Red Gang that fiercely fought the Communists in Shanghai in the 1940's. They were defeated by the Communists in 1949 and once again became an underground organization. Since 1949 they have steadily increased their influence throughout China and the rest of the world. They have members at the very highest levels of the Chinese government but they are by nature anti NWO, and are not an official Chinese government organization."
The Red are now active in Taiwan and to a degree also in Japan through this organization:
Taiwan will have a very important role in the Event which can not be disclosed yet.
A very indirect hint:
Another Dragon source from mainland China has communicated that their threat to reveal the Chinese secret space program if the virus is not removed from China has borne results, as we now usually have less than 10 new confirmed coronavirus cases in mainland China daily.
They have suggested that their Western counterparts should take a similar approach and should seriously consider leaking classified intel about Western secret space programs.
Cloning laboratories could also be revealed:
And the use of nuclear explosions to create a negative anomaly portal on Jupiter by NASA:
The toroidal shape of the Universe should also be officially discovered soon:
And the second law of thermodynamics finally disproven:
A source that must not be named has communicated that Paris is a Goddess vortex which must be fully reactivated as soon as possible and that White Nobility families from Paris who still have access to Goddess mysteries from ancien regime need to reconsider taking more active role in the reactivation of the Paris vortex.
The main message of the Light Forces for the surface population now is that people need to connect to their Soul, release their dependency from digital media, be honest and sincere with themselves, connect to what is beautiful, pure and true, develop nobility of character and release judgement and denial.
Light Forces have observed that many people react with unnecessary harshness, selfishness and are overly judgemental. Due to extremely negative conditions on the surface of the planet this is understandable to a degree, but those kinds of people are not only making life worse for other people, they are also making it worse for themselves, based on their flawed understanding of Nash equilibrium:
Also, many people have been programmed through trauma based mind control in the past, and many of those programs are triggered as we are getting closer and closer to the Event.
Some of those people were put as sleeper agents to infiltrate all positive groups on the surface of the planet.
One such example is the main organizer of some of my conferences in Hungary, who together with his wife has turned against me. He is actively engaging in a smear campaign against me by posting lies and fake news about me, fabricating evidence, doctoring emails and was actively turning people against our meditation on April 4th. Their actions since summer 2019 have directly caused the collapse of the Hungarian Goddess Vortex and have opened the door for the dark to infiltrate Lightworker community in that country. Their actions have managed to negatively influence the flow of Ascension timeline in the beginning of 2020 to some degree, and because they have been actively involved in a smear campaign against our meditation, they are indirectly held accountable by the Light Forces to a certain degree for some of coronavirus deaths in that country which could have otherwise been prevented. They are an example of key people who can greatly influence the planetary situation, for better or for worse, and I am hoping I can give more positive example of key people influencing key situations in the future:
As the number of negative etheric and astral entities on the surface of the planet decreases in the coming months, more and more Light will be present and more people will have a tendency to exhibit a more positive behavior.
Victory of the Light!

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Who do you Think you are?

Who do you Think you are?

Ivo of Vega

Via Sharon Stewart

Posted February 13th, 2020 by Staffan.


Me: Ivo, this lady asked me this question, incredulously, indignantly, in a hate mail she sent to me. In fact this is the entire reason we are here on earth – to figure out who we are – but she was asking the wrong person! She asked me, not herself!!

I could see Alan Watts or Timothy Leary going on about the existential significance of this question for hours on end!

Ivo: They are not present. So we shall discuss it.

Me: Go for it!

Ivo: This is the very question you as a human have incarnated to answer. You are answering it every moment of every day when you are following your heart. However, your people do not follow their hearts, they follow their minds and these minds are mind controlled. So you are answering the question for another who is controlling you into doing their bidding: you are answering the question your captors are asking of themselves : Who are we? That is whose question you are answering, not your own. Your expression is an expression of them, not of yourselves.

This question being asked of you by this email abuser is the most significant question when asked in the first person: Who am I? But when directed to another person, the reason for this is to cut the person down and to dominate them as if they have no right to be who they are.

Me: I didn’t care. I know who I am. And I don’t care about her opinion of me. But the significance of this question resounded within me. That’s something I’ve been asking myself all my life.

Ivo: You are all a spark of the Godhead. All of you. Anyone on the soul matrix, with a soul and a monad, is a part of God. What that means to you in your lower vibrational existence on earth could be anything. Some believe that they are external to God. Some believe they are God. Some believe they are a part of God. And some believe there is no God.

To all of these people, their individual beliefs are correct. And they live accordingly by them.

Me: Is one better than the other?

Ivo: Arguably, my love, one could be of higher consciousness than the others. There are levels, as there are levels throughout your entire growth process.

Me: So if I pick to become a soccer player (football for some) in this life, how is this going to answer who I am better than if I pick to be a grocery store clerk in this life?

Ivo: Of course what you do is not the point. What you do is only an expression of who you are. HOW you do it answers your question more aptly. Are you a nice soccer player who cares about the team mates and the competition, or do you hate all and express that hate in your play with them?

This question will give you some clues as to who you are as they reveal your choice of expression in a lifetime. However they do not answer the question directly.

In the same way, “How do I look?,” does not answer anything either. It is a choice your soul made in order to attract certain lessons, as is your choice of occupations, spouses, hobbies, whether you have children or not, or any other facet of your life.

When you ask, “Who am I?” and you sit with this you will realize you do not really know who you are. You can describe what you like, what you do, or what you dislike, but you will not answer this question this way.

Me: So how do you answer it?

Ivo: Yes. This is difficult to explain. Who you are is what you are not. It is what you do not like. It is how you do not look.

Me: It’s the opposite of all these things that I am?

Ivo: My point is you cannot find yourself in these things. If you were to live in India, your life would be a completely different expression than it is now.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: When you live as an extraterrestrial you live by values which will show you who you are. They are values that truly express yourself at the next higher level, you would be bringing the 7th dimension into the 6th dimension, shall we say.

The values you would live by would allow you to answer your question easily enough and then ascend to the next level where you would learn the values of the 8th dimension and then ascend again. The fact is, the only thing you are is love.

Do you feel that you are love today, my dear?

Me: No.

Ivo: And that is my point. Today is not such a bad day for you, but you have many where you have felt very unloving indeed. And so when you enact these negative states, you are being what you are not and therefore you cannot answer your question. Because you are enacting these negative states, your focus turns away from yourself and to others, which of course, is what prompted this troll to ask you that question: “Who do you think you are?!”

When you are expressing love, you feel at home in your body and you do not fear looking inside. When you are fearful, you will avoid looking inside and will project your fears onto others instead. This is what they refer to as “mirroring” and mirroring is only, as it is when you look into the looking glass, seeing yourself at face value but seeing yourself in the psyches of others around you.

You have multi-dimensional senses. You can feel who you are. You can see who you are. You can sense who you are. You can even hear who you are. But they still do not answer the question completely.

Me: The only way is to be that person.

Ivo: Yes. For your dimension, being that person when your heart is open and you are going about your business is answering that question to the best of your abilities.

People will challenge you to be unloving. People will challenge you and you will close your heart. But in closing your heart you are becoming less than your true self because you are love. So you must find new ways to deal with others that do not require your getting angry.

Me: Yes. We all could use that.

Ivo: A suggestion. Instead of anger, perhaps sending love to the person who annoyed you.

Me: I’ll work on that.

Ivo: Yesterday you expressed your annoyance to another person in the community via messager. He messaged you back with an explanation and then sent a big heart. You send a thumbs up. He sent you a bigger heart. You replied with a small heart. So he sent another bigger heart. You sent an LOL but you got the message. He loves you, no matter what you feel about his guidance. He is teaching you the way that people can forgive.

Forgiveness can be easy. You simply do not know how.

Me: When someone’s attacking you I’m sure your sending them big hearts is not going to change their mind.

Ivo: Change their heart. Send them a heart – send them your love and watch. You have much energy and it is very loving. You can share love with them instead of allowing them to walk away angry.

Me: I’ll try it. But I have to get over my own annoyance at having my free will violated.

Ivo: It is a process.

Me: Thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, I reminded you of the necklace you bought at 16 with the single star in it. When we are one day together again, I will have one for you with our two stars entwined.

(stars to galactics are the same thing as heart to us – an expression of love)

Sharon Stewart

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Without the Truth, there is nothing.


Without the Truth, there is nothing. 

Ivo of Vega

Via Sharon Stewart

Posted February 5th, 2020 by Staffan.


Are you justifying your deceit?
Without the Truth, there is nothing.
Me: Ivo, I’ve recently put up a form on my website for people to respond if they want to have our channelings distributed to them by email. The intent is that they can post the content on their website or pass it on to other lightworkers.
I have already had a few people who have used that form for purposes other than what is specified. I’ve had one person just send me a pile of questions for Ashtar and expect me to answer them without even asking me if I’d do it. I deleted him from the list and blocked his email address. I won’t deal with liars. Because that’s basically what it is. You’re being deceptive. You reply to the form and then when you get one channeling you email me with a list of questions. Deception is an attempt at taking over control of another person and dominating their free will. I won’t allow it.
I figure it’s 2020 and we’re splitting out into different dimensions now. People are becoming more aware. So many people ask me why they can’t hear their ETs and I can tell you, it’s because of the way you’re behaving. You’re not ready to handle their messages with integrity. Having integrity means you have strong moral character and know right from wrong, but I get people emailing me who are out to manipulate or trick me into doing something for them that I never said I would do. This is a violation of my free will and frankly, I’m fed up. I’ve been on this planet, been lied to and deceived so many times by people who weren’t honest and I believe since lightworkers are the first to wake up, they should also wake up to where their moral character doesn’t fill the bill.
We learn to be manipulative and deceptive in the matrix and this has to be dealt with.
Ivo: It does, my love. Extraterrestrials can sense your intentions. You cannot lie to us. And we will not be deceived. So we will not deal with anyone who is lying to us or who makes a habit of lying to others. Your vibrational frequency is directly related to your integrity – your level of moral character. Lying and being deceitful, misrepresenting your intentions, and other acts of similar deception are not the types of behaviours we will deal with.
Me: There was the one person who paid thousands of dollars to a channeler who embellished the messages of one ET to his twin flame. The twin flame was totally over the moon but it was because they were lied to. I had to go through the messages and ask him to separate the lies from the Truth and of course the twin flame was crushed and very hurt. When I asked him why he channeled through this devious person, he said he had no choice.
Do we want messages from other realms to be coming through people of this low moral character? Do ETs want that? Of course not. Do you think they want their messages distorted by our ego’s? No. So they wait until they find a person of suitable integrity to relay their messages to. Or you are picked before you’re born and worked with throughout your life to be a good vehicle for their messages.
There are enough people already who are channeling dark entities rather than the Light and don’t realize it. The reason they don’t realize it is because they can be lied to. You have to align with the Truth, not with your opinion. Who you think you’re channeling is one thing. Who you are channeling is another. The first thing to do when you make contact is be sure you understand the dark agenda – to divide and conquer, separate, spread lies and chaos. Lisa Renee writes about this in the Ascension Glossary. If I can find the link I’ll add it below.
People who channel who don’t familiarize themselves with the dark agenda are putting everyone at risk of being lied to. It’s the channeler’s responsibility to ensure that no dark agenda messages are contained in their channelings. If they are, then you need to question who you’re speaking to!
The problem with lying right now on this earth is that that’s what our current reality has been built on – the lie of who we aren’t, and it’s the Truth that literally we are building earth’s future on, not on lies. Love is the Truth. Truth is Light. We are lightworkers, not lie-workers. We don’t deceive because when we do that, we are continuing to support the unreality of lies that holds earth in quarantine from the rest of the galaxy.
The truth is important and so is not deceiving other people. Being honest is of the utmost importance right now. It always was but it is especially now.
Ivo: You are correct, my love. Being honest is its own path to the Light. Insisting on honesty from others helps them to realize when they are being dishonest or deceptive. Understand that any dishonesty lowers the vibrational frequency of the person saying it and anyone believing them. That is why politicians lie to you – to keep your vibration down, and most people do not even understand the dynamics of this. What do you do when you catch a politician lying? You call them a dirty liar and you are angry. If they had not lied then how would you have felt? Better of course. Lies lower your frequency. It is important that everyone stop attempting to deceive everyone else. Be honest.
Do not misrepresent yourself and your intentions. You do not understand how this lowers your frequency and this lower frequency will not put you in touch with the Light, only the dark because the dark enjoys lying to you.
Sharon’s frustration with people who misrepresent their intentions, lie to her, and attempt to deceive her, is absolutely valid. As of late she has had neighbours come over for neighbourly visits in the hopes of seducing her. She would not have opened the door to this person had she understood his intentions beforehand.
Me: Something blinded me. I should’ve been suspicious when he came over with a mug of beer. Beer is the elixir of bullshitters.
Ivo: My dear, your frustration comes from living in dishonesty all your life. You understand the importance of honesty and the Truth. You understand that deception is a prison you create for yourselves.
Me: I’m so tired of it being in my face all the time. You can’t get away from it. Everyone’s living a lie.
Ivo: Yes. It will not be much longer for you, my dear. Then you will be released from this. Your work is not done yet.
Me: I know. I can’t stand bullshit and frankly, I won’t put up with it either. Even people who think themselves honest are prone to many types of deception. The most rampant is self deception.
Trust me, you’ll be tested. One time the power was off in Toronto for days. When it finally came back on, it was 9 p.m. and I had a load of laundry that needed to be done. The rule in the building was no laundry after 9 p.m. because I had the apartment next to the laundry room and it bothered me to have people in there at 5 a.m. doing laundry. So the landlady set hours. I had to wait until the next day to do my laundry even though nobody was using the machines, just because I was the one who insisted that nobody do their laundry after specific hours. So I couldn’t very well go ahead and do laundry and expect everyone else adhere to the rules, could I? Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody will catch you. That’s the standard of honesty we need to live by. This world would be so different!
It’s not hard to be honest. It’s probably easier to lie, though, or so we think. Ever been caught in a lie? Not very comfortable, was it? People think being honest is having to tell someone something you’d rather not say about them; it’s not. But being honest is a prerequisite for being assertive, and if you’re still lying to yourself, being assertive is going to be tough for you.
This is the future of earth, folks. Not the pack of lies we’ve been living in.
People want to know what the galactics will be teaching us when they land. This will be part of the curriculum of spiritual school. Adherence to absolute honesty and respect for others’ free will.
My creedo is:”Do no harm. Take no nonsense.”
Ivo: My love. This is a good policy. Dishonesty is about fear. Fear of someone saying no to you. If they say no, then is that so bad? You have been mistaught in your world. You have been taught the ways of your controllers and they are evil. The corruption of a species, of an entire world, is something they will not get away with. They are being taken to task even now for what they have done.
Me: Thank you Ivo.
Ivo: Your world is in a consciousness war and the prize is good moral character for the Avatar on earth. As your character improves and aligns more with the Truth, so will your psychic gifts be presented to you in order for you to learn to consciously use them. For Sharon, this new gift is her portal.
And so, my love, you are most welcome. I long for the day you will be with me again.

Sharon Stewart
On our website there’s a document written by Rick Jewers describing your divine gifts and how to access them. Link will be under the video.

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Ivo of Vega

Via Sharon Stewart

Posted February 1st, 2020 by Staffan.



Me: Ivo, can you please fill me in on this. Other people will want to know as well, maybe they’ve even seen portals around them. I’ll put up a sketch I drew of the portal. Of course it’s out of perspective because the portal is actually on the ceiling but I made it look like it was facing outwards because I wanted people to see the detail in it. All the flying zed’s in the portal. At first I didn’t know what this strange thing was. The whole thing was circling around the overhead light, and it dwarfed it!

Ivo: Yes, my love. We will discuss this. It is indeed your portal and you were told this.

Me: Seeing a circle with strange patterns floating around in it wouldn’t be even odd considering some of the things I’ve seen but why did I start seeing it?

Ivo: Because you were being shown what in fact you are using to get to my ship at night. Every time you fall asleep your astral body rises up into the portal. That is why it is above your bed.

Me: Hmmm. Maybe you should put it in the bathroom considering how many trips I make at night time. LOL

Ivo: (blatantly ignoring my comment) It is an instantaneous journey, my love. It takes no time at all to enter into the portal and to reach my ship.

Me: But am I safe? (intuiting that my insistence on being safe is fear-based. I’ve lived here too long.)
Ivo: Of course.

Me: So explain to me, Ivo, then what is a portal? How does it differ from a star gate? The earth has portals too.

Ivo: My love, and to all who are listening, you are so accustomed to thinking of your lives in terms of time and of space. The portal actually transcends all of time and space. As I said, the trip is instantaneous, as well as the fact that you do not have to traverse space. You are not going through your atmosphere, you are not flying by airplanes, unless that is how you choose to travel. There are some who astral travel with the birds and planes but this is because this is the point of their journey. A few times Sharon has astral projected into my ship and she saw herself flying over the mountains as I am in the western United States, she saw the blue sky and she enjoyed the feeling of the air.

Me: I took the slow way.

Ivo: You took the slow way because your conscious mind did not realize there is a portal which you can use to circumvent time and space. It is in effect, zero space, zero gravity, it is just energy and it is energy configured to take you to …. yes…. what is in effect another specified energy, which is my ship. It is energy which attracts energy, you being the energy.

Me: I doubt that that’s clear.

Ivo: When you travel through time and space you think it will take 15 minutes to reach the Rockies and my ship which is in space above the earth. You think of it as you would an airplane flying and you are in the seat of the airplane. However traveling via a portal is simply one energy point to another energy point. There is no space and time.

Me: Okay. That I get. Like Point A to Point B instantaneously. But are there coordinates?

Ivo: No, there are no coordinates. This is how portals are constructed. They have end points but basically no middle. There is no traversing a portal. There is no space between the points. It is instantaneous. You are here to there in a flash.

Me: So why not the other way then? The airplane way?

Ivo: Because you are using quantum navigation, my dear.

Me: Aha. So there’s not always a portal between two points, sometimes you go the slower way.

Ivo: If such could be said of our travel, slow…. Slow does not really describe it. You have astral traveled before and it was instantaneous as well. You went to what you consider to be your future. You saw your house, the one we will be using as a space port. And you were amazed because at the time you did not consider yourself a country person.

Me: So, why show me this portal then?

Ivo: Your summary is correct, my dear. The amnesia is lessening. You are beginning to remember more of your current life with me, and you already know of some of your past lives, if you wish to call them that.

Me: True. My other incarnations.

Ivo: You are learning in such a way that goes from most recent to least recent.

Me: So time does exist.

Ivo: To you it does. You understand as you have astral projected through your lives that time does not exist. You see one lifetime as clearly as the other. Your mind sees it as history and you are attempting to understand which life came before the other but in fact they are simultaneous. You can step from one to the other in a flash. This is also quantum. (Notice he said “you see one as clearly as the other,” not as “the next”. ETs don’t think in terms of time. They think in terms of possibilities.)

Me: So why are there funny zed’s in my portal?

Ivo: Energy signatures. The energy appears to physical eyes as looking like zed’s (or Zee’s for Americans).

Me: Does it make a sound?

Ivo: Yes, it has a frequency but hearing it is not your strength.

Me: Does it sound like music?

Ivo: You could call it that, but it does not sound like the Rolling Stones.

Me: Maybe they have their own portals. I fell asleep today and I saw myself doing something that reminded me of driving but it wasn’t driving a car. There was no steering wheel. I was navigating some kind of vehicle.

Ivo: Yes. You are beginning to remember. Shall we leave it at this and allow you to explore further, then you can come up with your own conclusions. (I was in a healing booth, I found out later.)

Me: Okay. So what do we want to tell the listener about portals?
Ivo: You all have one. Your personal portal. And it goes to your ship. Whatever ship you are aligned with when you go at night time, your portal will take your astral body there, as Sharon’s does. Everyone has such a portal.

Me: Does the portal follow you around or is it over your bed?
Ivo: It is in the vicinity of the person. It is always near you. Should you leave the house, it will follow you so to speak.

Me: A stalker portal. Okay.

Ivo: Suppose you should wish to leave your body during the day and go to your ship, your portal must take you. When you are in school and you begin daydreaming, you are often gone into your portal.

Me: So daydreamers aren’t really conscious?

Ivo: No. Do you feel your body when you daydream?

Me: No, not really.

Ivo: You are in a higher state.

Me: A higher state but I don’t go to my ship.

Ivo: You could.

Me: So there are higher states of consciousness and there are portals to take the light body to other locations.

Ivo: Yes. You have options.

Me: I guess the reason I’m seeing this portal is because I’ll be doing that.

Ivo: Yes, we would like to teach you to use this portal and come to the ship during your altered states of consciousness, during meditation.

Me: Oh, okay. Cool! So what about the earth’s portals?

Ivo: Yes, you can access one and go to other places.

Me: I don’t hear about too many people jetting out into portals and going to Sirius yet.

Ivo: You have. What do you think happened to the people who flew over the Bermuda Triangle?

Me: But that took their physical bodies too.

Ivo: Yes, they can go through a portal.

Me: Oh okay! So when you see images of a ship taking a person up from the surface during abductions, this isn’t a tractor beam….

Ivo: It is a portal they have created. There is artificial technology to do this as well.

Me: Wow. Space age!

Ivo: My love, there are star gates… such as you see in your sci fi, you walk through and you are in another point in history or you are on another planet or you set your mind to a place and the star gate simply gets you there. Time travel and travelling to other planets or dimensions is easy.

Me: I went to this pink place once, now that I think of it.

Ivo: Yes.

Me: What was that place? It was pink and I was doing astral somersaults all over. I felt very good, happy and free.

Ivo: You were back home.

Me: Wow! Really?! (Actually, we never left heaven, we just think we have. We’re very connected.)

Ivo: Yes. You went to where you call heaven. It was bliss.

Me: Why didn’t I see anything?

Ivo: Would you have come back if you had seen how wonderful it is?

Me: True.

Ivo: My love, your people are mind wiped, yes, because if you remembered all the details of what you left, you would never do your work. You would be too depressed living on earth.

Me: (tapping my foot with arms crossed)…… uh huh.

Ivo: You came to work. You came to help a people survive where 5 times before, the race had died off.

Me: Okay. I’m looking for brownie points for doing this.

Ivo: It all is recognized. Your soul will reap the benefits of what she has done.

Me: You mean what I have done.

Ivo: You are your soul, my love. Begin to think that way.

Me: My soul is a cat.

Ivo: And you are her incarnation.

Me: My weird life. Okay, thank you Ivo. I hope this gives people some idea about their portals. You all have one, seen or unseen.

Ivo: Yes. You have seen yours twice already.

Me: Yes. Can anyone else use my portal?

Ivo: I can.

Me: That’s because we’re the same DNA.

Ivo: We are the same quantum spark, shall we say. Your DNA is very different from mine as you are now.

Me: Okay. Thanks Ivo.

Sharon Stewart
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