The Media do not Showing You the Whole Truth.

Sanat Kumara.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez.

Marchh 16th, 2020 .




I am Ashtar Commander of Galactic Federation,

I am here today to deliver an urgent message to humanity please, stay calm and don’t create chaos and panic globally. We understand that you are scared right now and you don’t know what to expect next. We see what is happening on your planet and we are trying to help you from our side. Please, don’t take too seriously all the facts your media portrays and gives you. They are not showing you the whole picture or telling you the whole truth, on what is going on behind the scenes. They are trying to make you loose your composure and just live in fear. Fear is the real virus, fear spreads quicker than a virus.

Please, do your daily meditation and please, help those, who are still asleep, by helping them understand that they should not panic, they are creating chaos right now by shutting down everything, closing schools, games, borders and everything else. This will create more chaos than anything. We said before and I said before that we are looking out for humanity, we have always been helping humanity and were not leaving you without our support. We are here to help, you just need to call for our help. Also, we understand that the situation on Earth became too scary, we know this whole production, because we call it this production of the Dark Forces, who are trying to create global panic. This is their last attempt to control humanity, but their losing control and they know it. They have been losing power for a while now, but they are still trying to use money, media and other sources to make everybody panic and feel afraid.

If you look at the images what the media portrays now, it shows what is happening in your jobs, with schools and with everything else, its like your completely getting shutdown, but remember behind all this uncertainty there will be certainty. The sun always comes out and shines brightly after the rain, the negative things will pass and everything will change again for the better. You don’t see the whole picture right now on what is really going on, all the energies that Earth received and all the support that came from the Galactic Alliance. The Galactic Alliance is putting in a lot of work to bring the New Age to your planet, so just look at the bigger picture and don’t spend too much time on this Coronavirus, it’s just to distract everyone from reality and make everyone run and be afraid. Your more than that, your not a sheep who runs where it has been told to. You are a spiritual being who came from other planets, your starseeds, please remember that and help everyone around you not to panic by saying something to them, smiling to them or encouraging them that this will pass, it shall pass, it’s not going to be here forever, its just a temporary situation.

We need to remember especially in the light worker communities that we are here to bring love and light. We are here to create a new reality and move from 3D to 5D, it’s coming quicker and quicker no matter what the Dark Forces will do. They can’t stop the change, they lost the battle, but they don’t want to acknowledge this to themselves. The Negative Forces don’t have a choice anymore their time is over and all of this, what they are doing right now, it’s just their last attempt to create hysteria in the world. I trust humanity will eventually come down and start seeing and understanding that this is not the true picture, so help each other, bring each other to the light and give each other love. The darkness will end and light will succeed as it always succeeded in many other planets. Your not the first or the last planet where we are helping to bring in the New Era.

Please be patient, be conscious and don’t listen or take too seriously what the media says, who is hiding the truth from you, their times will end too. They will need to reveal the truth, the whole truth of on what is really happening here, in other countries and around the globe. Please, stay well, I am sending to all of you my love and light.
I am Ashtar Commander of Galactic Federation

Thank you, I will be back.

Erena Velazquez

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