A Vision for the Education and Advertising of Substances

The Vision Alignment Project

Today's Vision comes to us from Gerald Freedman. We thank you, Gerald, for your insight into this sensitive subject.

We envision a world where there is no advertising of products and get rich schemes which do not support the highest good, such as the advertising and promoting of alcohol which has caused much suffering to millions of people all over the world. We see advertising used only for products that are beneficial for our well being.

We see the education system at schools teaching our young about the effects of all drugs on mind and body, so that when and if they choose to experience a certain drug, they have a prior knowledge of what can be expected to happen to them. They will have a knowledge of the addictive strengths of each different form of drug, and to a certain extent the chemistry, properties and characteristics of all the different forms of these mind altering substances.

Through this knowledge, we see that the so called war against drugs has come to an end, and there is no need to police this phenomen as people have the right to experience whatsoever they choose to do to themselves, having an understanding of the consequences.


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