JRF Ascension and Liberation Tools for 2020 and beyond.

 Jill Renee Feeler.

February 15, 2020.




You have timeless layers, with secret and locked codes within you that allow for true Stargate transmission of the pure energies of your Source energy nature.
These layers of you will help you not only in this life to transcend the myth, lies and manipulation, these layers will also be essential for you in the afterlife so that you recognize the truth from the lies, the fact from the fiction, your whole self from a false fragmented/broken self.  You deserve to know, and to live, the truth that you (that no one) ever had to incarnate unless you wanted to…  Incarnation can be and is regularly a chosen experience, from the wholeness of what I call your Infinite Self, the You that is beyond space, beyond time, beyond age, that is truly omnipresent.  This Infinite Self is perpetually whole and complete, yet infinitely curious and therefore always growing, always from wholeness to further states of wholeness. Never unwhole. Never incomplete. Never not it’s One. Never separate from Source God, it’s true nature. 

If the words here are confusing or don’t make sense, I apologize. Human language can feel quite limiting on such deep matters. In that case, perhaps continue reading anyway, and let yourself feel the full written message, with an openness that there is more here than words, ok?
As your human, you may sometimes feel incomplete, lost, abandoned, broken and/or fragmented.  These sensations are common here, as a circumstance of our humanity. These sensations are not common as our Infinite Self awareness.  You do not need to feel incomplete, or broken or fragmented, even though you are here on Earth. This may be news to you ~ if so, it’s about to get really good!
You may not have claimed the wholeness, the purity, the grace that is always available as the inherent Source energy that you are. Maybe you didn’t know you could…
No amount of healing, clearing, past life investigation, prayer, worship, meditation, etc. can get you there and keep you there. You may have tried, and felt success and then felt right back where you had been. This is because the circumstances on Earth will include endless invitations into pain, anger, suffering, etc.
This isn’t personal; it’s a circumstance of being in this reality.  Your Infinite Self is not bothered by it. It knew those circumstances and it incarnated anyway. Not because it wanted a human, to make it suffer. Humanity is not a purpose of suffering.  Our Infinite Self incarnated to be the Light that it Is, in a human form.
Has no one told you this? That you are already light?  A light that you claim, as yours; not earn.
Attempts to feel whole and complete and permanently free from pain and distortion through healing, seeking, past life release/graduation, spiritual development (as if your Infinite Self is not whole and complete) ~ those are all what we call false portals into further distortion, further fragmentation that keep us separated from Source (God). Your whole self, true Holiness, your source energy cannot be earned and does not need human life experiences to become whole, complete, holy; it can only be claimed.  You are already whole and can begin feeling more so. One step is to not personalize the pain and suffering, as if you needed to experience it or that your Soul needs you to go through this. That is bullshit. Your Infinite Self is just as bummed about your pain and suffering as you are, knowing it isn’t necessary.
We love you enough, we respect you enough to tell you these truths.  We are telling them to you because we recognize there are soooo many false teachings that have made things far too confusing; justifying pain and suffering, rationalizing the perpetual student working with the oh so much more Godly teacher – yuck! Not true. It has all led to far too many seekers and even teachers and healers knowing themselves as somehow incomplete, unevolved, not there yet, but hoping to get it right in this lifetime so they don’t have to reincarnate again.
Instead, you could bypass all that nonsense, claiming yourself as wholly complete as the Source energy that you are, even while you are “here” as your human, regardless of what you’ve currently got right or not. Source grace covers all of it. Thank God.
Do you have the confidence, do you have the inner strength, do you have the will to bypass your teachers and all the spiritual protocols? Do you have the stomach for deciding for yourself that all the loving, caring, wise teachers are wrong when they tell you that you must learn from your past lives, or that you must heal all traumas, or that you must eat or dress a certain way? Are you bold enough to call a lie a lie, even when the liars don’t know they’re lying?  I know this part can be a stumbling block. It feels mean. It feels like we are calling someone else wrong. But, for heaven’s sakes, what if they are wrong? What kind of mind control is going on when we are hesitant to feel the authority within ourselves to say, to ourselves even, that something is wrong? Because, yes, things here can indeed be wrong.  Isn’t it ironic that there are spiritual teachings that dictate that everyone can be right at the same time, and that truth is personal to the individual… I’m sure you can think of some obvious things that are just wrong, under any circumstances. But when it comes to spiritual beliefs we become disempowered, leaving that authority for the people we sense are more advanced than we are. But what if they aren’t? What if they are leading, sometimes millions of people, further away from the true Source God nature that they are? Many reading this left organized religion for exactly that reason.
You may have formed relationships with your spiritual teachers, and even built your identity around your present spiritual beliefs. You may have pledged allegiance as a follower of their hard work and their dedication, believing they had a more direct connection to truth than you do.
Let me offer a way free from that: I sense your teachers (alive or passed on) would want nothing more than for you to know the inherent connection to Source energy that you are, as the Stargate technology you hold within you. They may have forgotten that. And it’s very likely they are delighted you discovered it, even if it means disregarding what they taught or teach.
Within self is the only true pathway to the wholeness, to the oneness, to the pure love, that you seek so earnestly.
Anything that is guiding you and your enlightenment goals outside of you, through another’s energy field, is misguided and will not deliver authentic ascension.
Another obstacle to this authentic ascension, are all the teachers riling up fear and panic, while conveniently leaving out the solutions of eternal strength of Source (God) light within. Such teachers are demonstrating that they are missing Source God’s true transcendent nature in the equation of life.  They are acting as if somehow God is infinite, but that God isn’t here, not on Earth, not in humanity.  So God is infinite, but not here? God is somehow not available to us personally, automatically, within self, while we are human?  That is a huge problem, doesn’t make sense, and is just wrong.  But, fear sells. Panic becomes captivating.  Compounding this unfortunate situation is that some humans feel most alive when they are afraid.  Fear inspires action, purchases, sign ups much more than feeling whole and complete.  Are you falling for it? Is fear leading you to feed this machine of lies, often called “ascension teachings?” Please don’t be fooled by false teachings and false teachers even if they are sitting on impressive panels at fancy events with glittering chandeliers and a crowd of followers on social media. They may make you feel smart, informed, strengthened by the ever growing level of doom in this reality, which can feel like empowerment.  But, do they help you feel Source God, within you? Do these teachers show you with their love and the truth that you are infinitely and eternally and inherently loved by Source and that with Source energy within, our life is transcended, even beyond this present life into death? Or are they too busy giving you the latest news on what to be afraid of, what to watch out for?  Is God as worried about 5G or AI? Really? Maybe they have the slightest hint of authenticity to at least include a small, anticlimactic ending reference that Source energy is strong enough to get you through anything. But I bet they left out that Source energy is the essential ingredients of all life, therefore it is within you, and within all life, and oh, let’s help you connect and live from those vibrations, right? They left that out? That’s because they forgot it themselves. Sigh and grrrr. I expected more out of my fellow bringers of light. And I love them anyway. Knowing that Earth is confusing and that all of us are doing the best we can with what know.
So let’s know better. Right now. I hope they get it, especially those with millions in their audience and all their fancy book deals and speaking events and channel panels. But I’ve got you here now so let’s do this.
You deserve your wholeness. You and everyone has the right to know this source energy is what you are, no matter what. We don’t need to analyze or study our past lives. We don’t need to be able to have discussions with our team/Infinite Self. We don’t need to clear genetic damage. We don’t need to reach a state of being fully clear. Source energy, God, is big enough, is everything enough, to love you and live comfortably within your you, accepting you exactly where you are, how you are, who you are, right. Now. It is that simple.
We are not God’s army here to heal our past, here to chase down genetic damage and heal it, here to save this world from itself, here to save the earth from humanity. Those challenges are not big enough to be in God’s way, or in our way. We are Bringers of Light here to reclaim our light as the human forms we presently embody, as the eternal light, as the Source energy, that we are infinitely, and here. We were born to do this.
We don’t seek light. We don’t chase light. We Are light. Infinitely. (Pro’s tip: Earth and humanity… are part of infinity.)
You are the light you seek. It’s in your love, even if your parents didn’t embody it like you deserved. It’s in your heart, even if you don’t always live from that vibration.
You are light. So, claim it. This may help:
“I am Light. Now and for ever. I claim it here, now. Even as I am also my human.
I claim my Stargate nature, as the true pathway, beyond time, transcending space, straight from me to the Source God energy that I also am.
I forgive and release my attachments to all teachers and to all teachings that have led me astray from the light that I am, further away my direct pathway to the source God energy that I am, infinitely and eternally. I forgive myself for thinking that a lie was the truth. The truth of my light and my love is my path. Any teaching that takes me away from this light that I am, is not worthy of my time, my energy, or my financial commitment.
I will stay present in my light when things spark fear, anxiety and panic within me, no matter how intriguing or captivating it may seem. No amount of Artificial Intelligence, 5G, GMO, trauma, pain, or anything else in this reality can truly get between me and the Source energy that I am.  I can feel, from my humanness, from here, like they are getting in the way, but that is just the sensation from here. No thing, nothing, can ever be between me and the Light that I am. It’s impossible. The light is not what I connect to…  The Light is what I am.
When guided into panic by a teacher or teaching, I will listen for who is using fear to try to sell me something, ready to tell me more lies to keep me in fear. No matter how loving and well intended they may seem, they are clearly not standing in their light of Source God and therefore clearly cannot guide me and support me in the light of Source God that I am.
I see the Light I am. I claim this. This clarity, this timeless truth, is the liberation I deserve. This love of God I’ve been seeking has been there all along. Right where I am. I am loved. By Source. By God. Right where I am. Wherever, and whatever I am. Always. And infinitely. This is true for all life. And this ever present love is my stem, root and refuge for all manner of chaos and pain that I may encounter in this world. Because the pain and chaos in this world is not and was never, personal to me.*  That was a lie: a lie that I will no longer live. A huge lie. A lie that made me feel separated from the light that I am and from the love Source (God) has for me. This world of my human-ness is not an accurate reflection of me and my light nor Source God and its light. This world is, what it is. And I am the infinite light of Source God that I am. I’m grateful to know that distinction. Finally, I am free to be the light I am. The light I bring with me. The light I brought here. To claim. And be.
And so it is. ”
How are you feeling? Clean? Whole? Complete? Loved by God? Loved by you? This is ascension. Congratulations. The true ascending of the light you are, within your humanness, into your human awareness, to be felt, lived, known, trusted, claimed, every day, as needed.
Now, you may still feel some pain, or some sensations that don’t feel like your light. That’s because you are on Earth. It doesn’t have to get in your way. Just like a car can be driven successfully, even with some dust on it, or even some bird poo on the windshield. It’s not really a problem. The car is built for such inconveniences. And your light is designed for everything it may encounter, even here.
So get or do a clearing if you feel a bit icky. Get a reading if it helps you feel the light you are. Take a course if it helps remind you of what Source God really is and your inherent connection to it.  Anything that supports this light you are is a healthy, worthy pursuit for activated lights, human stargate energy.  Just like you’d wash your car if you prefer it clean and shiny. But it doesn’t need to be clean, to drive. That has been the scam… can you imagine an army of car washers waving you down while you are out and about, screaming at you that you have some dirt on your car and that you better get it clean again or else?  Of course your car will get dirty while driving. Of course you will feel pain, disconnection, confusion while you are living as a human. Ok?  We are light, operating out in this world. And we can feel like our light gets dirty, but it’s still light and it still works. Perpetually light. Even here. Even with everything that has ever happened to you, in any lifetime. Perpetually Light.  You may be saying, “but what about when I did this?” or “what about when that happened to me?” – you were light even then!  It didn’t happen or you weren’t a jerk because you aren’t whole in your light. Shitty things happen here and we can be shitty because this reality has a structure that allows for us to be assholes to ourselves and to each other – we can forget that we are Source God energy while we are human. And it gets weird, a lot!  It feels like toddlers running with scissors here a lot of the time.
Most teachers here, no matter how loving or well-meaning don’t understand/believe/know that. So please don’t ask them to. They are caught in a web of lies, that are unknowingly separating humanity from the light it Is and confused about what Earth is, calling it a school and a place where unevolved Souls come to learn lessons and graduate to another level – a recipe for pain and perpetual seeking, creating a hugely profitable industry of distortions in the process. I choose to send such teachers love, hoping they eventually get it, like you just did.
I’m so happy for you! Millions are still caught in the nonsense of chasing light, seeking God’s love, healing their past, resolving supposed kharma from suppose past lives [Pro’s tip: they aren’t past, and this one wasn’t “next” and they were never pursued to check any boxes since your Infinite Self is perpetually whole and complete].
I wrote this down as a liberation tool. It worked for you (I hope!) and it may work for others. If you feel led to share, there are easy sharing icons on the screen for you to use. And thank you. My light, too, loves even more claimed light here on Earth.
God. Love. Here. Now.
Of course.
We brought it with us.

Everything we offer is to help you feel, know and live the Light that you Are. If this is new, pick anything on the website, try it out, feel the light you are, within you, and enjoy. We offer sessions, membership with crazy good online experiences each month to keep your light flowing within you, travel, weekend workshops, interviews, speaking gigs, podcasts, books, a youtube channel. Just look here on the website, on Amazon or search Jill Renee Feeler in any browser or wherever you enjoy spiritual teachings. If my name isn’t there, maybe you can help me put it there, so this liberation of light within is offered to all who are ready for it**
Hugs, love and smiles,

*Please repeat that as needed until it is clear to you, for it is 100% true
**Pro’s tip: everyone is ready for it – readiness to be the light they are is a pre-wired nature. Only false teachings would withhold the truth of one’s light, their root identity, from others. They can’t handle, the truth? Says who? Why not let them decide. Besides on Earth, anyone is able to continue to ignore, and carry on as they choose, according to their free will.  Offering truth is not forcing truth. Withholding truth, is not doing anyOne any favors.  Let the light, the truth, the love Flow. And land wherever it lands, further freeing us up to be the light we are, and to know there is Source energy/light in all life, whether it is acknowledged by that self, or not. Because we do not mistake experience with identity.  And light is the true identity of all life, no matter what it may end up looking like, or living as, on Earth.  It’s still light, perpetually.

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