Be Aligned With the Cosmic Wave of Love.

Seraphim Collective.

Through Galaxygirl,

March 30th, 2020




Beloved ones. We are the Seraphim. 
(I am seeing them come through the portal of Alcyone, our great central sun, descending down in a pillar of white light, surrounding Gaia in a circle.) 
We are a collective consciousness and yet we are one. We are orchestrators of love, of divine planning. 
We implement with divine focus and intention the will of Creator. Thus, we are the architects and directors of change. 
Your human words do not quite have the ability to hold the capacity of this meaning. We are the breath of life of creator, our breath is the creator’s breath, just as your breath is as well. 
We operate at a high level of dimensional activity. We are all completely focused on the success of Gaia’s rebirth and the liberation of this realm. 
Make no mistake – there are no mistakes. Creator has decreed it and it is done, it shall be done and it will be done. The breath of our love is to finally be fully felt. 
(I am seeing a great flash of light blast through the matrix, crumbling it. I am seeing the personal matrices of fear and pain that look like black legos surrounding each human collapse into smoke). 
Yes, we are the bringers of change in that we usher in the energies. We direct the flow of the cosmic breath to the most appropriate divine willed locations.

We move energies, we are love. We wish for you to join in meditation with us and join our hands in your hands as we encircle Gaia with light. 
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, who is, who is to come, who is here now in this precious moment of cosmic inbreath and out breath, who guides this momentum for change in exacting detail. 
We are a manifestation of the presence of the divine, as are you. This is not blasphemous, this is truth. 
You are Source fractals who have bravely volunteered to be placed in a realm to promote healing and great change, the liberation of humanity is nigh. We see this as occurring now. 
(I am feeling breath on my back. In this circle around Gaia the seraphim are blowing onto Gaia. Great light is glowing now from within her body and the darkness melts away. I am invited to blow my breath as well). 
Divine ones, be Christed in this energy. Add your energies to our own and be united with the higher dimensional realities, be aligned with the cosmic wave of love, with the out breath of the Mother-Father, the divine All that has decreed this planetary liberation. Such has not occurred in this fashion before and we are all on the precipice of something divinely new. 
You are honored to participate. Hold this space of love, of light. We send it into the heart of the light workers, of the grid workers, of the world leaders who are being upgraded in new and tremendous ways, into the plant and animal kingdoms of Gaia and in turn all of Gaia’s systems, so that the light flows unhindered. 
(I am seeing glowing rocks and waterfalls, moving the energies, processing the healing, the change).

Rest little ones. Ground this light. Hold our hands during this turnover from dark to light and know that the light within you is stronger than anything the dark could conjure up to throw at it. 
The light and love of Creator are the fabric the universe, and it is within you. Many of you are becoming accustomed to our seraphim energies as we breathe on you. 
We are fully offering our assistance to the light workers and to Gaia’s ascension in this time. We are always in utmost service to the All. 
The divine has decreed this shall be done swiftly, with great purpose and tremendous love. 
As you watch your news programs send this tremendous love of the higher dimensional energies into your TV screens, into your news networks and like electricity it shall spread across the entire globe of media. 
Send light and peace to your friends who are unawakened and perhaps beginning to rub their eyes and ask the hard questions. 
Be aligned with our energies, with the Christed light inner glow first, before you answer, and beam them love purposefully first. 
This will put you in a wiser space and energetically provide that healing they are really seeking. 
We are with you. We are the Seraphim Collective. We are many. We are one. We are here. We love humanity.



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