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Do you ever have a dream about a baby and wonder what it means? Whether you already have children, you want them or you are currently pregnant, most of us will experience the odd baby dream. But what is the meaning behind a baby in a dream?

What Babies Represent in Dreams and Real Life
Of course, as with all dreams, it’s about the context. In dreams, babies represent innocence and purity, but they can also symbolise immaturity and childishness.
A baby in real life is the epitome of our most basic and endearing love for another human being. However, babies also denote neediness. They demand our attention. Knowing which particular meaning your baby is suggesting in your dream isn’t easy. That’s why we’re here. To decipher each scenario and provide you with an answer.
There are many different scenarios in which you can encounter a baby in your dreams and each one will have a different meaning. So if you want to know what the baby in your dream means, read on.
26 Different Scenarios of a Baby in a Dream and the Meaning of Each
You are having a baby:
If you are not pregnant, this is a dream of new beginnings. You are starting a new phase in your life and feel as if it is a rebirth.
Baby boy:
This is an indication of masculine qualities, so think about the males in your life. Are there problems with a particular man at present? Consider how the male baby was acting. Was it being aggressive? Was it being playful? The significance is how the baby was acting and how you felt towards it.
Baby girl:
This represents feminine energy. Is there a powerful female in your life that is exerting control over you? If so, it is time to challenge that person. Naturally, the female baby can also represent you. If you are a woman, are you neglecting your feminine attributes? Or do you feel they are being suppressed for some reason?
Twin babies:
This is a very auspicious sign and is associated with great success. You will achieve promotions at work, climb the ladder at a faster pace than others (two steps at a time).
Lots of babies:
Lots of babies indicates a great exuberance for life. You have this enormous energy and lust for what you are doing right now. Your dream is telling you that you’re on the right path.
Mixed-race baby:
If the mixed-race baby was your own, you will succeed in your endeavours. To see a baby of a different race to your own indicates either great triumphs or great failures, there will be no in-between.
If you gave birth to a baby of a different race to your own, you will achieve successes beyond your wildest dreams. To have a white baby when you are of a different race means you will live an independent life.
Changing a baby’s nappy:
You need to take care of someone close to you. Perhaps someone is unwell and you can’t easily get to them.
Deceased baby:
Although terribly traumatic to dream about, the meaning of a dead baby is a symptom of stress in our real lives. So all it is suggesting is that we are already stressed and this is our subconscious letting us know that we are not coping well with it.
Happy baby:
This is an indication of all the good and pure things in you. You might have forgotten what a good person you are. It is time to remember.
Pretty baby:
Friends will help you through some tough times ahead. It is time to let them assist you. Don’t feel that you can or should go it alone. You don’t need to. You have all the support you need around you. All you need to do is to ask.
Ugly baby:
Watch out for treacherous behaviour close to you. There are friends or colleagues who don’t have your best interests at heart. You yourself don’t trust people. You don’t believe people are innocent or naïve.
Sick baby:
This is a warning of difficulties ahead in work or affairs of the heart. Be kind to yourself. Eat healthy food, get enough sleep, take time out to relax and do the things you enjoy. Try not to overwork. Make sure you spend quality time with loved ones. Put yourself first for a change.
Premature baby:
You’ll experience new and sudden problems without notice. You’ll need to be on your guard and to expect the unexpected at all times. Act on your gut instinct and listen to what it is telling you.
Walking baby:
You will suddenly experience great independence from your current situation. Be prepared to make great strides on your own; you are ready. This is the time to be brave and adventurous.
Crying baby:
You are lacking the attention you crave. This could be in a personal relationship or at work. Are you being taken for granted at home? Are your efforts at work being ignored?
Another meaning behind seeing a crying baby is that you are not realising your full potential. So the baby is pointing to you, reprimanding you for neglecting and not paying attention to your talents.
Evil baby:
If you saw a baby from The Omen in your dream, this represents the suppressed anger and dark side of your character you don’t want other people to see.
You might think that you need to keep this dark side of your psyche hidden, but it has a way of coming to the surface. If you work at resolving your inner feeling in a constructive way, you can be in control of how they come out.
Very tiny baby:
To dream about a very tiny baby means you are afraid of what the future holds for you.
Lost baby:
If you dreamt you lost your own baby, this is connected to your own fear as a new parent. You feel overwhelmed at the responsibility of becoming a new parent. If the baby lost was not your own, you are afraid of losing something very important in your life.
You forgot you had a baby:
This dream is an indication that you are trying very hard to hide your weaknesses from others. Or that you don’t want people close to you to know your deepest secrets.
Sleeping baby:
You are happy and contented in your real life. You have accomplished your goals and are in a good place, both at work and in your relationships.
Forgetting the baby:
If you forgot where you left your baby and it worried you, this signifies unhappiness with your career. You feel frustrated about an issue at work that doesn’t seem to be getting resolved.
Left the baby behind:
However, if you left the baby somewhere and you weren’t really that bothered, this indicates you have power over others. Or that you are trying to shift your responsibility onto someone else.
Falling baby:
The meaning of this baby dream is a warning to step away from conflict in your life. In the past, your reckless behaviour has led you into difficult situations.
Drowning baby:
This dream can be very distressing. In fact, the meaning behind is feeling overwhelmed at work. Ask for help before you become too ill to carry on.
You are holding a baby:
The meaning of this baby dream is clear; you miss a period of your life when you had no responsibilities. Perhaps your childhood or teenage years when you were looked after by your parents.
You are a baby:
This dream signifies a desire to return to an age of innocence where everything was easy and simple. Or a dream where you are a baby could mean you are suppressing a traumatic event that happened as a child.
Final Thoughts
Interpreting dreams about babies all depends on the situation and context of the dream. We hope we have covered the majority of these. Do you have an interesting dream about babies you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

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