Pulsating Anomalies In The Schumann Resonance And Sun.

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.In5D.com.


An interesting development has arisen in regard to the Schumann Resonance chart and our sun. While it is still unclear if the two are related, they both have similar attributes.

Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonance charts started showing an unusual pattern after the 2-3 hour blackout earlier in the month of April 2019:
Many believe the blackout represent a reset.
Shortly after the blackout, the Schumann Resonance (SR) charts began showing a new and unusual pattern:
The long, vertical lines are approximately 10 minutes apart from one another:
At the top of the chart, when magnified to a higher resolution, we can see what literally looks like a fence:
Is it possible that this represents the new organic matrix being put into place?

Pulsating Sun

In a related story, there have been many reports of the sun pulsating, as evidenced by many photographs:
As we have witnessed, the sun changed in color from yellow to white beginning in the late 1980’s when our entire solar system entered the Photon Belt.
This is what has caused dramatic climate changes on all of the planets within our solar system.
Some people have mistakenly attributed this solar-system-wide climate change to the presence of the planet Nibiru, which is not true.
It will take our solar system approximately 2,000 to fully move through the Photon Belt, which is basically a humongous cosmic cloud of interdimensional photonic light.
This cosmic energy has the ability to transform our DNA as well as activate beneficial dormant codons within our RNA.
In the meanwhile, scientists are having a difficult time describing what is happening to our sun. You can read more about that in this article called, Scientists Baffled – Concentric Ring Phenomenon Goes Mainstream“.
Is the Pulsating Sun related to the new Schumann Resonance grid?
Intuitively, I would say yes, although it may be too early to definitively answer.
There seems to be a correlation between the two. Keep in mind that we are still on the outer edges of the Photon Belt and are not even closely being fully emerged into it.

Time speeding up

In conjunction with the pulsating sun and the Schumann Resonance anomalies, we are looking at evidence of the “time speeding uptime speeding up” phenomena playing out right before our eyes.
Undeniably, there is a quickening going on and while many people feel this in their every day lives, we have been looking for proof of this phenomena.
I recently wrote an article that explains many of these occurrences in an article called, Strange Ongoing Time Anomalies“.
As the incoming photonic and plasma energy increases, it may well be the physical proof that we have been looking for. Pulsating energy is being shown through photographs of the sun as well as on the Schumann Resonance charts. SOMETHING is certainly speeding up!

What can we expect in the near future?

As we move further into the Photon Belt, expect more concentric ring photographs of the sun along with other atmospheric anomalies.
As for the Schumann Resonance charts, what we are witnessing may well be come the “norm”. In the past several years, we have seen SR anomalies on a regular basis, moreso than in the previous years preceding 2015 or so… now more than ever!
We can expect more whiteouts on the SR charts and perhaps more anomalies that we’ve never seen before.

This is the first time in recorded history that we are witnessing such events with the capabilities to report on them in real-time.
Many people can sense and feel that we are on the precipice of something magnanimous.
I truly believe it. Do you?
Sending you all infinite LOVE & Light!
Gregg Prescott, 

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