Thought Adjuster.


Message received by Ruth

Florida, USA, December 17, 2019.

Posted DEC/26/2019.




Thought Adjuster: “I’ve always loved you. You are My child, among many, such a bright star, such possibility. 
You need no guru to show you the way. You have Me, your own Fragment of your Creator within you. Turn your ear only to Me. I have loved you from before you were born on this earth and will love you for eternity. 
Do not doubt these words I bring you. Trust in Me. You are never alone, even when you are in the midst of what you call your “Holiday Blues”. Look up! See the beauty all around you. It was created for you, to bring you joy and to remind you of My Love for you. 
All on this earth is temporal and only shadows of what awaits you as you journey home to Me, so give no heed to those thoughts that only bring you down. I love you. I love you! I love you all! 
It matters not what day it is, or what season, or holiday. It is a day I created for you. TODAY, I created another spark within you, a spark so bright it can be seen from many universes away. It is another spark of My Love to grow in your soul. This spark will one day be as brilliant as the sun and light the path home for many, so many. You can not now imagine the brilliance of the Love that grows inside you My child. Take My hand and walk with Me in My Love. You are never alone. I love you. I love you!” 
Editor’s Note: This transmission is for those of us who have lost a dear one at or around Christmas time.

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You need no guru to show you the way — Thought Adjuster.


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