The Angels 

Through Ann Albers. 

 February 1st, 2020

My dear friends, we love you so very much,
You need not fear your world. You need not fear one another. You need not fear your politics, your economy, or even the instability of the earth upon which you live and breathe, for each and every one of you is always and forever guided.

If, without fear, you intend to be safe, protected, and to allow your path to unfold in grace, then so it shall be. If instead you worry and harbor fears about everything and anything, then sadly dear ones, there are many in this world and in other dimensions, willing to match those vibrations.

A fearful thought or two won’t attract much mishap or mischief, but a fearful obsession will. A brief worry comes and goes, but a constant one builds a negative blueprint that invites like vibrations to support that worry.

We in the heavens never, ever, send you into spaces to match your worries and fears. We try to protect you from them in every moment. It only takes the briefest second of peace, faith, and trust in Divine Guidance to receive it. It only takes a few minutes to plug back into that unending stream of love.

Try it now. Breathe slowly and deeply. Breathe in the eternal flow of love. Breathe out love. Breathe into your heart and then slowly exhale. Quiet your mind simply by focusing on your breath. Breathe slowly and deliberately, in and out, until you feel at peace.

Now in a state of peace, think of a decision you have to make. Imagine yourself making one choice. Breathe. How do you feel? If you feel good you are being guided in that direction. If you feel bad, your internal compass is saying, “This might not be such fun.” If you feel neutral, the situation is neutral.

You can do this simple exercise anytime you have a choice. At all times your guidance is working. You are never without it. You will feel it most clearly when you are at peace. Love is always beckoning you on the most joyful path and cautioning you away pain.

So next time you catch yourself fearing anything – be it the weather, the politics, the economy, your boss’s mood, or that stranger on the corner, then dear ones, stop. Breathe. Wait until you are at peace. If you can tap into this peace often, or better yet, exist in a state of peace, then you will have nothing to fear at all, because in this peace, guidance is always steering you towards greater love and joy.
God Bless You! We love you so very much.

The Angels.
Ann Albers.

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