Mainstream Media Panicked About Independent Media?

By Joe Martino

June 11, 2019.



Have you heard of the Vox ad-apocalypse? 
Essentially, after one right-wing, comedic news analyst on YouTube, Steven Crowder, was critical of some of Vox's content, Vox took it upon themselves to work towards getting Steven banned and demonetized on YouTube.. and it partly worked! 
Thus far, Crowder's YouTube channel is now demonetized, along with many other accounts (ours back in 2018), but he has not been banned entirely from YouTube. It appears that mainstream media has the power to create enough of a stink to affect the success of independent media.
Now there is a lot to discuss with this specific topic, including that Crowder is often not the most harmonious voice, but it has begged us to ask the question: is mainstream media in a state of mega panic over the success of independent media? Are they working together with social media platforms to knock out the legs of independent media? Are they simply caving to the desires of the mob?
It appears that way, and we're going to explore all the evidence in this week's episode of The Collective Evolution Show on CETV.. the attacks on independent media continue, but we'll prevail in the end!
Along with that segment we'll be doing segments on Importance of Nuance In Activism, and discussing why UFOs Are Now Mainstream and What's Next.
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The Controversial Science of Cloning
If I asked you whether or not cloning is already happening you might say yes, and you'd probably be right!

Arjun and I discussed the controversial science of cloning and did some research on a particular claim coming from a group called The Raelians who claim to have cloned multiple human babies and who can clone based on request!

Of course, the ethics of this, the consciousness transference element, the potential uses of cloning and what evidence there is for it is discussed as well.

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7 Proven Reasons To Eat More Blueberries

One of my favorite fruits to eat. Research confirms that eating even less than a cup of blueberries a day helps fend off heart disease, cancer, brain aging, and much more.

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Top Cancer Research Advisor Compares Wireless Radiation To Cigarettes

They told us to stop talking about GMOs, we did and things changed. They told us to stop talking about vaccines, and things are changing. They don't want us talking about 5G... but we will.. and things will change. We don't need to repeat our collective unconsciousness.

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Close Ties & Financial Entanglements: The CDC-Guaranteed Vaccine Market

Believe it or not, the vaccine marketplace has a number of guaranteed monopolies tied to it that provide a few corporations a huge amount of control over the market. That amount fo consolidated power can cause a great deal of corruption in our current state of consciousness.

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Join IONS In Creating Humanity’s Future NOW At The Possibility Accelerator Conference

Our friends over at IONS are having a consciousness expanding conference July 18-21, 2019 that will feature some incredible speakers including Rupert Sheldrake, Ervin Laszlo, Deepak Chopra and more!

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