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Terça-feira, 04 / 02 / 20

You are not being held back anymore


Channeled by James McConnell.

January 19th, 2020

Posted February 4th, 2020. 


I am Sananda.   As always, I appreciate this time that I can be with you and be able to share, and help a further understanding.
Not at your three-dimensional level, because so many of you have moved beyond that.  Even though you do not know it or fully believe that you have.  You have.  Many of you are in the fourth dimension more and more frequently, and even in the fifth-dimension at times.  But seldom, if you really think about it now, seldom you are back wallowing in that third-dimensional illusion anymore.  Yes, there are moments.  But those moments pass quite quickly now, if you have noticed.
You are not being held back anymore by the programming, unless you believe that you are.  And that is the crux of the situation, here, my friends.  It is the belief process.  Believing is truly seeing.  But those are just words.  Unless you fully believe it.  For so many of you continue to have that programming, that you must see it to believe it.  But even that is fading now for many of you.
Yes, there are many that are still asleep.  Not those of you that I speak to now.  But there are many across the planet that have not yet awakened.  They are not the ones that are going forth before the others–the Foreshadowers, the Way Showers–you are those.  And the programming that you all believe you still have, you really do not have.  Just as Lady Nada told many of you once before:  there is no veil.  There is no programming.  Within the moment, within the very moment, all programming, or what you believe as programming, can be gone in the blink of an eye.  It can all be gone in one moment.
And in that one moment, there can be the ascension, your ascension.  But then you wonder:  then why haven’t I ascended?  You have not ascended yet because you do not believe that it is possible yet.  And that is all there is to it:  belief.
But the programming, the veil that you believe is still pulled tightly over your eyes, even though it is not.  That veil, that programming, can be overcome in the very moment that you are attempting to overcome it.  It does not take a long, involved process.
Yes, you can go back and look at the source of the programming.  You can go back into past lives and look at this and see from whence it came, where the patterns began.  And it can be helpful to do this.  But only because your three-dimensional mind requires it.  If your three-dimensional mind did not require it or, rather, if you were not in your three-dimensional mind and in the higher vibrational frequencies, it would not be required.  You would not need it.
So the idea that you have to go through a process over a period of time is not true at all.  Unless you believe it is.  But if you believe fully that you can make a difference right here, right now in the moment, you can.
When I changed the water into wine, as Yeshua, I did not wonder if I could do it.  I did not think about it beforehand.  I did not analyze it.  I did not look into the jugs to see if it was wine yet.  I took a container of water and began to pour it.  And as it poured, it changed into the wine.  This is the belief that is needed.
As I walked across the water, I did not wonder if I could do it.  I knew in that moment that whatever was needed was there for me.
So in every moment that you are in, you have everything that you need to be and do whatever you need to do in those moments.  You must come to understand that.  You can use all of the tools at your disposal, and there are many that have been given you.
But the one tool that will surpass all of the needs for the other tools is simply a belief and a knowing that you are in the very one moment now, and in that one moment, you are the ONE, you are the source creator.  And everything at that moment will take a back seat.
I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace and love, and implore each and every one of you to go forth and continue to know as you go forth that you are the ONE, always.
I release now to another who would share with you briefly.
KaRa   (Channeled by James McConnell)
I am KaRa.  It is also wonderful to be here with you, and to be able to share.  And to help you to understand from the point of view that we look now upon your Earth, as we look down upon all of you.  Not ‘down’ as in looking at you as something lower than us, but down from our vantage point.  And we can see so many things that you are not able to see with your physical eyes.  But when you open your third eye, fully open it, then you see as we see.  And we see tremendous momentum gathering.  Everything is moving forward exactly as it needs to.  Even though at times you feel you are standing still, or the world is standing still and nothing is changing.
Everything is changing.  Everything is in motion now.  You hear many times that all is being orchestrated, and it is indeed so.  Everything is being orchestrated.
We, those of us in our ships, are preparing.  We are preparing for disclosure.  It is coming.  The many projects that we have been working on, and those of you on the surface have been working on as well, and even those below the surface have been working on.  All of these are coming to fruition, almost all at once.  So you will begin to see so much more that has been kept in the background, that has been kept hidden from you.
I speak now of the disclosure, that you are not alone in the universe.  The full disclosure.  Not a partial disclosure.  That has been requested by many to have a partial disclosure, but that is not to be.  Because the collective consciousness of all of you have risen up and said, “No more!  No more covertness, no more secrets.  Everything must come out into the open.  Everything must be revealed.  The truth must come forth.”  And because of that, you are changing the course of history, or the course of the timelines that you have been traveling on, and creating your own timelines.  As of yet, you do not fully understand this idea of timelines, but you will.
Because you are on the timeline of your own creation now, not the timeline of those who attempted to turn the time to their advantage.  They were able to do so for a very long time, thousands of years.  But no more.  For the source of all of creation in this universe has said, “No more!”  And everything followed from that, as if that was the one big domino that needed to fall.  And each domino fell from that, all the way down.
And you will begin to see soon that one large domino that you have been waiting for.  It has not yet fallen, but it is about to, and it will shake the very core of the beings, many here on this planet all at once.  It will be both Earth and mind shattering.
But I do speak of certain happenings that are coming forward.  For we can see the precursors of this now.  And yes, it does have to do with your political situation as a big part of it.  For all is going to be revealed.  And once this occurs, then we, those of us that have been waiting in the wings to show ourselves to you will be able to begin to do so more and more, just as we have begun doing.  But it will become more and more profound, as so many more of you, both those that are awakened, and those that are yet still asleep, will become awakened by these very events that will come forth.
I am KaRa, and I appreciate this time that I can be with you in these moments to be able to further help your understanding.
But again, always know that it does not matter how much you understand, but just that you know in the moment.  And when you are in that very moment, then understanding is no longer necessary.
Peace and love be with all of you.
ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)
Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna is standing by, sitting by, whatever the case may be.  And we are ready to move ahead here with your questions and hopefully have some answers for you.
We often do have answers, not always what you may be expecting, though, or even wanting.  But we do what we can to be of service, here.  Would there be any questions, here?  Now you can unmute your phone.  We appreciate you are very, very diligent in keeping your phones and your Zoom situation under control, here.  And we are very appreciative of that.
Guest:   I have a question, One Who Serves and Shoshanna.
OWS:   Yes?
Guest:   Hopefully you can give me some insight on this.  Three months ago I felt like I got something stuck in my right eye.  I was doing some sanding.  And there was something in it.  I went to the eye doctor.  She couldn’t see anything in the eye.  She told me just to keep on putting the Refresh eyedrops in, which I did.  It started getting a little bit better, but it always felt weapy and watery still all the time.  Then a different doctor gave me some Neomycin steroid drops to put in, because there was pus in it sometimes when I wake up in the morning.  So it is just bothering me.  It’s not painful, but it is uncomfortable.  I wonder if this is a spiritual thing.  If there is something I am not wanting to look at.  Or if there still is something possibly in the eye that is not easily recognized by a doctor.  Can you give me some insight on this right eye of mine, what I could do to help it, please?
OWS:   We can, but we will turn this over to Shoshanna first, if she is ready.
Shoshanna (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell):
We can share on this.  May we share our perspective on this, Dear Sister?
Guest:   Yes, Sweet Sister.
Shoshanna:   There are always components to the physical that are beyond the physical.  The physical is where the nonphysical manifests, you see.  So, in knowing this, you must understand that that which is occurring in the eye has a nophysical component.  Do you understand this?
Guest:   Yes, that’s why I said, is there something I am not wanting to look at.  Yes.
Shoshanna:   We do not know what that is, but that is generally why there is something in the eye.  Well, we can tell you that we have an understanding of this, but we cannot share this with you, as it is important that you find this out for yourself.   As you know, there are things in your life that you wish not to deal with.  Is this not correct?
Guest:   Yes, it is (laughter).
Shoshanna:   And we find that when you begin to empower yourself to deal with these things and move past them, the physical manifestation of the eye problem will be alleviated.
In the meantime, you must care for the physical.  And we find that there is a slight infection in this eye.  So we are going to suggest that you continue doing what these doctors are telling you to do by cleansing the area, but also feeding the body something different using just standard things like colloidal silver and oil of Oregano to treat this low-grade infection that is avoiding the vision of the doctors.  It is avoiding it, but it is there, it is present in you.  So you must give the body something to fight with to boost the immune system so that it would travel to this area.
And we are going to suggest that you meditate upon this.  As you consume the things like colloidal silver and oil of oregano, you meditate upon the consumption of those things as going directly to this area to heal it.  So you must take care of the emotional component and the physical component, and the spiritual component of these things, and you will see a relief occur.
We also find that you must cry.  We will suggest that you watch an incredibly sad movie or listen to some sad songs so that you can begin to release the emotion that is behind all of this.  You must stop the bravado that you show the world and become, for a few moments, surrendering to that emotion.  Does this make sense?
Guest:   Absolutely.  Yes.  I haven’t cried in a long time.  I don’t feel like crying, but I think I need to.  Yes.
Shoshanna:   This is common for the humans.  It is so common for the humans.  Because we are told and programmed as small children not to cry!–“There is nothing to cry about.”  This is what we are told, so we are in the spell of that program.  So please find a way to find something so sad that you are forced to release this emotion.  Do you understand this?
Guest:   Yes.  Absolutely.  Very good, profound information.  Thank you.  Yes.
Shoshanna:   Namaste, my Sister.  We love you with all our hearts and all our souls.   Namaste.
Guest:   Namaste.
OWS:   We add one thing, here.  It was wonderful what Shoshanna has given.  And we add one thing that is coming up in the James’ memory, here, as a particular song.  We know you know this song:  “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.   I can see all obstacles in my way.”  That song.  Play it.  Play it often.  Sing it.  And your words within that song will greatly help to alleviate the situation, because as Dear Shoshanna has given, it is both:  it is both nonphysical and physical as well.  And there is a component that comes from the nonphysical, certainly, and this will also assist here, as well as what Shoshanna has given.
Guest:   Thank you.  Many blessings, many blessings.  Thank you both.
OWS:   Yes.
Guest:   I have a question for One Who Serves.
OWS:   Yes?
Guest:   Hello.  On Friday, during my session, you had mentioned you wanted to know what happened and follow this.  A couple of questions.  As of yet, anyway, it doesn’t seem to have changed the smoking.  And I know on last week’s call you mentioned something about it being involved with the Fifth Chakra, very deep inside the Fifth Chakra.  And I am just wondering if there is something else with the Will Center that wasn’t addressed?  It just feels like some emotions were kind of activated, but it doesn’t feel as if I’ve released them yet.  And I am just not sure if there is something else in the Fifth Chakra, or other lifetimes, or trauma in this lifetime, if there is something else around the smoking, because it feels the same, the addiction.
OWS:   There is certainly something else that you did not yet look at.  But it was also deemed not necessary for you to do so, because the trauma that came from this and your self-destructive behavior that you have used in not only this lifetime, but many lifetimes previously, came from that source that you looked at.  And it is a process that you need to go through.  But, if you pick up a cigarette and you look at it, and you still want to smoke it, then you have not cleared the full sense of the trauma that is involved in this.  And that is largely located there within your Fifth Chakra, your Will Center.  As you are not able to assert your will, here, as we find it.  And this is what is blocking you at this point now.   It can be alleviated simply, as we had spoken of here on that session, by doing those things that were given.  But if this does not work for you, then your will power is not yet strong enough, as we find it.  So this is up to you.
Shoshanna, we know you have somethings you would like to add, here?
Shoshanna:   We can share if this one wishes for us to share.
Guest:   Yes, please.
Shoshanna:   We find a similar personality in you as the last one who spoke.  You are brave.  You are courageous.  You are busy.  You are a very busy person, and you occupy your time with busy things.  We also find that you do not cry either.  You do not release the emotions that are trapped.  Is this not correct?
Guest:   Um, yes.
Shoshanna:   So we would tell you to do two things if you wish to begin to conquer this.  Because now it is up to you, you see.  It is up to you to conquer this.  You must do two things:  You must release the emotion. And again, we are going to say something very silly, but you must find some sad movies, and sad songs, and let yourself cry your eyes out until you feel a release occur.  That is one.
The second thing we will give you is a tool.  We are going to ask you a question.  How many cigarettes do you consume per day?
Guest:   Um, it actually varies quite a bit, depending on how strong, I guess, my will is or where I’m at with that.  Because some days I cut down, and then sometimes I will go right back to maybe half a pack, ten a day or more.  So it kind of has been fluctuating a lot.
Shoshanna:   Okay, so half a pack would be ten cigarettes, correct?
Guest:   Yes.
Shoshanna:   Okay.  So we are going to tell you if that is generally what you consume, is to cut that in half.  So now you must allow yourself five cigarettes.  And you must practice exercising your will.
So if you are awake for twelve hours, you have five cigarettes to consume in the twelve hours, and then you go to sleep, or whatever your waking time is.  Then you divide that among those cigarettes.  Now, if you smoke one cigarette every two-and-a-half hours, you have to exercise your will to wait.  You must begin to exercise your will power to wait.  But you can have a cigarette at the end of the period of time that you have waited.
This is difficult, and it will cause you to have many emotions.  You may be frustrated, you may panic, etc.  This is your ego, your Third Chakra, wishing to extinguish your will, as the ego wishes to control most of us.  So we will tell you to use that tool to begin with and, as you exercise your will, it will become easier to exercise your will.  You must try this and not give up.   Namaste.
OWS:   Very good.  Yes.  Exercise your will.  That is a very important point, here.  A very suggestion for a tool.
Guest:   I can’t tell you how many times I have done what was just recommended.  Too many to count as far as the cutting down and using my will power.  But I guess I go back to if there is still something blocking the Fifth Chakra and that Will Center.  Is there something else there I could do to clear that so that I actually have the will to exercise.  Easier said than done when it feels like there is something blocking me there.
Shoshanna:   We will tell you, Dear Sister, that if you attempt to cry your eyes out, find sad songs, find sad movies and continue to release, and release, and release, something that will come into your path will tell you what is there to release, so you do not know what it is.  You will be reminded, but you must exercise this will regardless of whether or not you have tried it.
We are simply saying, Dear Sister, to continue exercising your will until it is stronger than your ego center.   Namaste.
OWS:   Yes.
Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.
OWS:   Very good.  We move on.  Are there any other questions, here?
Guest:   I can make a statement.
OWS:  Is it also a question?
Guest:   Firstly, a statement on this last person who just spoke.  I just wanted to say that I made a homeopathic remedy for myself for smoking cigarettes years ago.  I still have some.  You take one drop every ten minutes under your tongue for an hour and that’s it.  Then about a few weeks or a month later, it just naturally stops.  I haven’t had a cigarette since, back in 1986, and it still works.
OWS:   If this one, then, would like to receive that, you can do your e-mail to her if you would.
Guest:  Okay, sure.
Shoshanna:   We will tell you, Dear Brother, may we share?
Guest:   Yes, please.
Shoshanna:   We will tell you, Dear Brother, that behind any remedy is the will to do it.  You can share this, as you are profoundly loving and wishing to be of service to all that come into your path.  The important thing here is that when you share, that this one that receives your remedy wishes to use it with all her heart and all her will.   Namaste.
Guest:   Great.  Thank you.  I just wanted to ask a question for myself.  Someone who lives with me noticed my regime I make every morning in which I make a protein drink with fresh orange juice, strawberries, bee pollen, and honey.  I drink this protein drink, and have for years and years.  She said this doctor said what I am taking, according to her, is too much sugar, either fructose or honey, or any of it, and that is the cause of so many diseases like diabetes and all these other things.  I don’t seem to have any problems with it, but I just thought I would pass it by you.  I have a protein drink in the morning which lasts all day, and then I have one meal at night, a regular meal.  I am just wondering, am I having too much sugar and too much sweetness in my diet?
Shoshanna:   We can share on this.
Guest:   Sure.  Thank you.
Shoshanna:   One Who Serves, may we share?
OWS:   Yes, please.
Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, we will share our perspective on this.  If you feel good, then what you are doing is appropriate.  If you are well, what you are doing is appropriate.  Everyone has an opinion.  You must not listen to those that wish to tell you you are wrong, because it is you that has domain over you.  So we will tell you that there are many blood types.  There are many metabolism type.  And there are some that need to have fruits to survive.  And it is a requirement of their body.  If you were experiencing ill effects, then we will tell you you are doing something wrong, but you are not experiencing those things.  So you must not pay attention to others that tell you what to do if you are doing what your higher aspect is giving you.  Do you understand this?
Guest:   Oh, yes, yes.  Thank you.  And I would like to say one thing:  I always tell people whatever you believe to be true about anything becomes a parameter of your experience.  So you can be as empowered or as unempowered as you choose to be.  And I go along with that all the time.  Thank you for that, Dear Sister.
Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, can we share another perspective?
Guest:   Yes, please.
Shoshanna:   That is true form a philosophical point of view.  Yet, every body is a biological individual entity and must do what is required for that physical body, and we find that that is what you are doing, you see.   Namaste.
Guest:   Yes, I agree.  Thank you.
OWS:   The James has a very simple saying that he uses quite often:  “whatever works.”
Guest:   (Laughter)  Forgive, forget, and move on, too (laughs).
OWS:  That is our saying that we use, that we gave to you!
Guest:   (Laughs)  Well it works, and I love it.  Thank you.  I like simplicity.
OWS:   Yes.
Shoshanna:   There is the deepest truth in the simple words.
OWS:   Very much so.  Would there be any other questions here before we release channel?
Guest:   Alright, I’ll jump in.
OWS:   Yes?
Guest:   Maybe you can give us a little deeper understanding of this.  I have been having stomach issues.  I am wondering if this is also partly my body is changing to the light body and it is moving away from taking its fuel from food, so that might be part of it.  So I am trying to understand also, you guys tell us all the time that we can eat anything once we are at fifth-dimension if we just bless it. And you guys can eat anything you want out there.  How you do that?  Do you manifest a body?  I am trying to understand this too.  How does this work?
OWS:   First of all, the manifest the body, yes we can, and we do.  That is the first part.
The second part is all about vibration.  And as you are in the higher vibrations, your need for food becomes less and less.  Now understand:  we use the term ‘need for food.’  You still might have a desire, though, for it, because you have become so accustomed to taking in various foods that you enjoy.  And there is nothing wrong with this.  But understand, as was given by Shoshanna earlier here to the other question, your body requires certain things, and does not want some other things.  So if you listen to your body, you will know.
But as you are feeling these temporary, and we use this term purposefully, temporary stomach issues that you are having, that is largely, as we find it, because of these energies that are coming in.  Your body has not quite acclimated to these energies, as many have yet not acclimated to these energies.  But you are beginning to do so more and more.  And as you move up in the vibrations more and more, then the body will be able to take in other types of nutrients that before possibly it did not want, or you did not desire, but it will require certain things that it did not before and, with these symptoms that you are having, push away certain things that it does not want.  Okay?  Do you understand this?
Guest:   Yes.  I do understand it.  It’s unfathomable to me because I feel like I am such a healthy eater, and then it is just projectile leaving my body.  It was a fruit shake, what is the deal?!
Shoshanna:   We can share on this.
OWS:   Please do, Shoshanna.
Shoshanna:   We can share on this, Dear Sister.  Would you like us to share our perspective?
Guest:   Oh, please, by all means.
Shoshanna:   We have a slightly different perspective.  We believe that we know the answer, but we will ask you a question.  When you find this issue happening, where are you physically.  What is you location?
Guest:   Okay, last time it happened I was in a school.  And I had just had a rough day the day before with the kids.
Shoshanna:   Well, sometimes the simplest answer is the accurate answer.  We find that your stomach, your digestive system, cannot swallow what is being given in your environment.
Guest:   Oh, wow.
Shoshanna:   You cannot swallow what you are being told to do with these children.  Does this make sense to you?
Guest:   Oh yes, absolutely.  I cannot swallow also the pain that the kids are in that’s just barfing itself all over the place, and that nobody’s really addressing it at any kind of a deeper level.
Shoshanna:   We find, Dear Sister…may we continue?
Guest:   Yes, please.
Shoshanna:   We find that you have a large emotional body.  That you are very sensitive to your surroundings.  And we also find that you often do not pay attention to this.  That you attempt to steamroll yourself through these things when your emotional body is screaming at you to stop.  But you continue on.  So we must tell you, you must listen to that emotional body that is being left in conflict and manifesting physically this issue that you have.  So you must find way to develop an environment that is conducive to who you really are.   Namaste.
Guest:   Thank you.  I appreciate that.
Shoshanna:   Does this make sense to you?
Guest:   It makes every kind of sense.  I think it means get the heck out of the school system, get the heck out this house.  And then comes up the question:  how?   It makes sense, though.
Shoshanna:   Okay.  Dear Sister, can we continue for just a minute more?
Guest:   (Laughs) Definitely.
Shoshanna:   We will share our perspective on the how.  There is no how.  And there is no way, until you decide to take the action.  You must make a decision to do it, and then as you courageously make a decision to move past this issue, the how will reveal itself.  It will not reveal itself until you have firmly made the decision.   Namaste.
Guest:   Okay.  Yep.  Thank you, I appreciate that.
OWS:   Very good.  And along with the statement that Shoshanna gave about swallowing, not able to swallow, there is another saying that you have in your vernacular:  ‘you cannot stomach this.’  It is very similar.
Guest:   Yep.  Got it.  Thank you.
OWS:   Very good.  We need to release channel, unless there is one more rather quick question, otherwise we need to release.
Guest:  May I say something?  I wanted to say that I had the same thing that the other Guest had with the eye issue.  So whatever I am going through is through that area, correct?
OWS:   We did not understand your question directly, here.
Shoshanna:   She is saying that she has the same issue as the other Guest with her eye.
OWS:   We heard that part.
Shoshanna:   She wishes for you to confirm it.
OWS:   To confirm that it is the same as the other Guest?  It is not, because every one is different.  You all have different symptoms.  You all have different things that you are dealing with in your life, both, again, nonphysical and physical.  And those things that appear at a physical level have a nonphysical or metaphysical existence, or metaphysical source of this.
Much of the things that occur in your physical bodies have a metaphysical source.  That is what you need to know.  There are many energy blockages, and the eye can be one of these particular types of blockages.  Again, possibly something you are not willing to look at.  And we use the term purposefully here, ‘willing to look at.’
Shoshanna:   We can share.
Guest:   Sure, go ahead.
Shoshanna:  We wish to ask you a question, because we have been given a message.  We wish to ask you, do you have a son?
Guest:   Yes.
 Shoshanna:   We have been given the message that your situation is about him, and you have to find this answer for yourself, or maybe you already know this.   Namaste.
Guest:   Thank you.
OWS:   Very good.  Then we need to release channel, here.  Before we do, Shoshanna, do you have anything you wish to close with, here?
Shoshanna:   There are so many things here.  What we must tell all of you is that you are powerful creators.  When you in every moment recognize that you are powerful creators, and that you are not subject to this crazy world, and that you have domain over yourselves, you will move past whatever it is that is troubling you.   Namaste.
OWS:   And we close here with the assistance in the knowing here that you are continuing to move along on your journey.  You have had many travails throughout your journey, but you are coming now to the close of this part of your journey.  And you have various things that you are still dealing with, still moving through.
But the more that you can simply, as we said at an earlier time, ‘forgive, forget, and move on.’  This can be very, very important for you if you do it.  And it is just like any other advice or guidance that is given you:  it can be helpful if you do it.  If you do not, not so helpful.
Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.
Shoshanna:   Shanti.  Peace be with you.
James McConnell 

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Terça-feira, 07 / 01 / 20

The human population would also be able to go through the ascension

One Who Serves and Shoshanna.

Channeled by James McConnell.

Posted January 7, 2020. 


Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.
Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here, and we are going to attempt to do what we had planned, even though there are those noises that are going on here in here in the background, even here in this room where we are, where the dogs are.  And that is just to be expected, and it will calm down, and everything will be just, what is your saying, “hunky-dory.”  Okay?
We are ready to go, here.  We have much to discuss, here.  Much to give to you all as to message.  But before we do, before message, before we speak about what is coming in your next year, we wish first to speak about what has already occurred, what you have already gone through.  And not only in this year that you have just finished, but in your entire decade.
This is the end of a decade, not just a year.  And what a decade it has been, has it not?!!  It included your 2012 in there, when everyone expected to go off into the clouds, and that everything would change on that day, that December 21, 2012.  And everybody went to sleep that night and expected to be in the fifth dimension the next day!  That was actually planned for many at that time, but it did not occur.   Because those of you, not your conscious knowing selves necessarily, but your Higher Selves and the Collective came together and decided to wait, decided to hold off until more of the Collective Consciousness of the planet could be raised so that so many more of those here on the planet, the human population, would also be able to go through the ascension.  That is exactly what has happened.
We are here now, seven years, almost eight years later, and here you are still, still not being where you want to be.  But, and this is a big but, people:  is that really true?  Are you not where you want to be?  Yes, we know that you want the financial changes, and you want the major arrests, and all of these things to happen, and you want the Galactics to show themselves, and all of these things.  That is wonderful, and that is all going to happen, but what has already occurred?  What has already happened with so many of you?
Many of you have begun to come into your gifts, into your powers, you might say, that you had long ago.  And here you are beginning to have them again now—even the psychic abilities, many different types of gifts of spirit, that we call it, are coming back to you now.
And the energies.  Many of you are feeling the energies.  Whereas ten years ago, you would not have felt anything, most of you would not have.  But you are now, are you not?
So rather than we tell you all these things about what has transpired, we are going to ask you to speak about what you have noticed, not only over this year that has just passed, but your entire last ten years, or looking at it from 2012, if you will, the last eight years, here.
Who would like to share what they believe has occurred over these times, how you have changed or, as you can speak about it, how the world has changed even at this point.  Anyone wish to share here about that?
Guest:   I can share, Dear Ones.
OWS:   Yes, please speak loudly, here.
Guest:   Okay, can you hear me now?
OWS:   Yes, that’s better.  Yes.
Guest:   Okay.  I want to say that I am so, so, so grateful that this did not happen in 2012, because I would have been one of the ones left behind!  In 2013 I had a real severe financial crash, and that is when I had to let my kids go live with their aunt and uncle.  At the time, I thought so negatively of myself after all this personal growth work I had done, and suddenly I, me, you know, was the one having to give up her kids and everything else.  But what I see now as I look back, and it was years of severe deprivation (like three or four) before I got back on my feet a little bit, is that I didn’t even know what ascension was!  I didn’t even know that this was going to happen!  I had no idea!
OWS:   Yes!
Guest:   So all of this kicked me onto this path, and I am so very grateful that I am on this path, and that it didn’t happen in 2012!
OWS:   We are so glad that you have brought this up about ascension.  Because back at that time in 2010, even 2012, how many of you did not even know what ascension was?  Or, when you thought of ascension, you thought of the resurrection of Jesus, that was the extent of your thinking about what ascension is.  How many of you were like that?  You don’t need to go into story here, but just say, yes, you had experience like this and you did not know those kinds of things back then, and now you do.  Anyone?
Guests:   Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.
OWS:   Very good, very good.  And Shoshanna, please, anytime you wish to jump in, you can do so, okay?
Shoshanna (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell):
Yes, we will jump in when there is a question.
OWS:   Very good, very good.
Then we would continue on.  Let us look at this past year, here now.  As we have said, we can look at the entire decade, and you can see how many things have shifted and changed.  Many of you would even, and we would say this because of this one, the James, here, and even the JoAnna, here, as well, and also many others of you in the group, how many of you were interested in the politics of things?  How many of you were interested in the governmental types of things?  How many of you even knew anything about disclosure, about the Galactics, even?  Do you know what we are saying, here?  How so much has changed!
And you say over and over, “but nothing is happening, nothing is happening.”  Oh, really?  Look back!  Look how much has happened in just this last decade, how much has changed, how much has shifted!  The energies have shifted everything greatly.  Many of the falsehoods that you have been programmed into believing over so long a period of time, many of those things that you have been told over and over and over again, you realize now they are not true.
Look at your mass media, and how so much of it you believed for so long in your life.  How many of you ten years ago were still getting the newspaper every day, and reading through it?  You see?  Or you were turning on the news in the morning to see what was happening in the world at that time, you see?  How many of you do it now?
Guest:   None.
OWS:   Pretty much nobody does it now, not in that way, anyway.  Yes, you go on the internet and you do your Google searches, and things like that, and that is all wonderful because that is part of the new technology.  That is part of the technocratic society that you are becoming, and are going to become even more so of.  So get ready, because it is going to change a lot more.
But we are not ready yet to get to that, as far as is coming.  We still want to look at where you have come from.
So you realize that so much is changing, and it is happening so fast for our point of view.  It is happening at light speed as far as what is going.
Because it wasn’t that long ago in the Galactic councils when they were meeting, they were saying, “we cannot resurrect this Earth, we cannot help it, we cannot save it!  The human population here on the Earth are not going to be able to save themselves!  It is over!”  Many were saying this.  But a few came forward and said, “yes, we can!”  Sanat Kamara was one of them.  And many others in the Pleiadian councils, as well as Sirian councils also stepped forward.  Of course, Sananda–Sananda Yeshua came forward, Saint Germain, all of them have come forward over the period of time and have said, “wait, wait, we can help them help themselves!”  And that is what this is all about:  not us doing it for you, but you doing it for yourselves with guidance.
And you have been getting much guidance, let me tell you that!  Because if it were not for those Galactics and the Ascended Masters watching out for you, you would not be here, as you know it now, today!  It would have been your movies of after the holocaust-type of movies that you have watched.  That is where this entire planet was headed, here, or a major illness, or a major epidemic of some sort, a major virus, the Ebola virus, or whatever it might be, you know, that they have told you everybody was going to contract and you had to make sure that you got your vaccinations, and all those types of things.  You all are beginning to know more and more that the vaccinations.
You have come through so many things, and the many catastrophes, and all of these things that have been averted, even to the point of a solar flash that was going to come and was going to burn much of the planet, and that was protected.  You were protected by those Galactic Forces that were able to make that flash not even come to the Earth, not even be a part of it.  They were able to help avert it.  They have the technology to do these things.
So you have protection, and you have many things that are occurring that are keeping you on track for your ascension process.  And my goodness, people, you are on track for your ascension.  Everything, as we say many times, is being orchestrated, and you are right where you need to be.  You may not think so, but we hope that you will take what we are saying here into consideration that so much has already changed.
So, no one can anymore say nothing is changing, nothing is happening.  And if that is the case, if you believe that, then that is the way it’s going to be for you.  You’re going to stay right there in that three-dimensional illusionary space, and that’s it!  That’s going to be your continued life:  do not choose that!   Choose to let the energies continue to lift you up and take you away into the higher vibrations.  But, as we say that, now, you must also be in the now.  Do not focus on the past.
Yes, we are telling you about the past now, we are focused on that, so we are not following our own advice as this is seen right now.  But there is purpose for this.  We want you to know where you have come from and, once you know where you have come from, then you can focus right here in the perfect NOW moment, which you are.  And in this NOW moment, you are preparing the perfect future moments for you, each and every moment of your lives.  Okay?
Now, we are going to move ahead a little bit, here.  But before we do, please understand that everything that we are about to say here is based on probability and possibility.  It is not prediction in terms of a psychic prediction, if you were to go to one of those psychics and pay your ten dollars or twenty dollars, or fifty dollars, or whatever it is, and ask this person to tell you what your future is, and then they begin to tell you all these things that may or may not happen, and that is because they are looking at it from the point of the NOW moment, just as we are.  And we are looking at the possibilities and the probabilities of these things happening based on this perfect moment right now.
But, even as we are saying this, the moment is changing.  So what we are going to tell you is going to shift and change over a period of time, here.  And that, of course, is looking at time.  And as you are beginning to realize more and more, there really is no time.
Time is part of the illusionary process, here, in the third-dimension, but it is not going to be there in your fifth-dimensional consciousness and in those vibrations, because everything in those fifth-dimensional vibrations will be in the perfect NOW moment.  That is what you are practicing for now, to be in the now, to find the joy in every moment right now.
And as you do that, you are looking at this next year coming up and all of the things that have been spoken of previously are going to begin to manifest more and more.  Can we tell you exactly what is going to happen when it is going to happen?  No.  Because it is based, again, on the probability and possibility in this moment right now.
But we can give you, with some certainty based on the Collective Consciousness at this moment what it looks like is going to occur.  And you are already looking, many of you are realizing this, as you have looked up into the skies more and more and have been seeing so many more of those that are decloaking themselves and showing themselves, just as Ashtar, just as KaRa, just as others have suggested would happen.  And this is definitely happening now, and is going to increase tremendously, not necessarily to the point where they will land at an airport or anything of this nature yet, but it could be.  That could happen in your 2020.  It is very possible.
Because it looks like more and more disclosure is going to come from those of your leaders now.  For a while it was looking the opposite, like they were not going to bring this out.  But now it is looking more and more as if they will be the ones making these announcements.  Because it is time.  Even your president, Donald Trump, has created the Space Force now.  Not that it was not already in existence, but now it is in existence to the media!  Now they know about it.  And because of that, all of these secret operations and covert projects, and all of this will begin to come forward.  They will begin to share this information with the mass public, here. And the media will be a part of this.
The media as you know it now is going away.  They are not going to continue to be controlled by the controllers too much longer, because they must survive themselves.  And they are realizing that their readership and their listenership (is that a right word?) are turning away from listening and watching them now, and they are understanding that, so now they know they have to begin to tell the truth.
What has your Donald Trump been saying?  “Fake news!  Fake news!  Fake news!”  People are listening to that!  They are hearing that.  Fake news!  So more and more are turning away in droves to find other sources of their news.
And everything is not going to be negative news as it has always been.  There is going to be much more positive news coming forward, much more revealing news to come forward.  When it will be, we cannot say exactly as we said, and we cannot say exactly what it will be.  But you can know that it will be.  It is coming, and very likely in this early part of this next year you are going to begin to see more and more of this.
The sham that is in your political scene here in this country is going to come to a close.  That is almost a for-certain, here, because it cannot continue on.  And even those that are attempting to continue this sham are going to realize that, and if not, are already realizing that, that they cannot continue this either.
And your election toward the end of this year is going to be largely controlled by the right wing conservative group, here.  That is almost a for-certain as well, because it cannot go any other way.  If it were to go another way, it goes against the Founding Fathers of this country to create a republic, here.  And a socialist environment, or socialist government is not a republic, and it cannot be.  So therefore the people of this country are rising up, not so much in arms, not so much in fighting—yes, in a sense they are fighting back, but they are fighting back with words, they are fighting back by not paying attention to the falsehoods that are coming from the media, from your television, from your news broadcasts, and all of these things.  And how many people are even buying those newspapers anymore, you see?  So all of this is changing.
This one’s voice is going, here, so can we turn this over to Shoshanna for a few moments?
Shoshanna:   We wish to share.
OWS:   Yes, please.
Shoshanna:   We wish to share what everyone knows already.  And if you do not know this, you must begin to acknowledge this.  All that is changing has changed because you have changed.  There cannot be an external change in your world if you are not changing.  You see, all of the things that are happening are because you are waking up.  And what all of you must understand is that as you wake up, others wake up around you.  It is as if it is a domino effect.
You see, when you possibly listened to the news ten years ago, and you perhaps believed something in that newscast, and today you do not believe it, it is because you have awakened.  You are awake.
You know the illusion that you live in.  You know that those that are outside of you create the illusion and, if you do not buy the illusion, it cannot progress.  As long as you do not buy into the illusion, it cannot have a life.  It goes away.  It ‘poofs’ out of existence because you do not give it energy, you see.
So what we will tell you is, we heard, JoAnna heard, a beautiful story that we must share, because this is so important as in this moment now to continue to move ahead toward an ascended consciousness. Our friend, and we must ask this This One if we may share her story, may we share your story, Dear One?  Your story of your discovering of entanglement.
Guest:   Of course, you can.
Shoshanna:   We would like to share.  This is significant.  Our friend, this Dear One, was participating in some meditations, and in a moment she decided that she did not have to participate, that she did not really want to repeat the words or move ahead with the meditation, until she realized that what she participated in would participate for all, for all those in the present moment would gain from her willingness to ascend in her own consciousness.  So what that means is that as you participate in higher understanding, if you behave differently, if you decide to be compassionate or loving when it is difficult to do that, you do that for all, and all awaken from that.
So if you wish to continue on the road to ascension, it requires that you understand that what you do gives everyone else the opportunity to do that.  What you do, what you think, what you say, how you be is contagious, and it can affect everyone.  That is why consciousness is changing so dramatically, because those that wish to ascend are behaving differently, are thinking differently, are moving differently, are changing the very way that they exist.  And this is why the world is changing.   Namaste.
OWS:   Very good.  Wonderful.
And we will continue on with what we were speaking about, moving on to your financial situation and the financial system that you have now, which you already know is _____, it does not work.  And it could not work, or certainly for much longer.  And it is going to change.  But it is the people of the planet, and of this country as well, that are going to bring this change about.  Because the system, as it is, your debt system, certainly cannot, can never be profitable for everyone on the planet.  And if it is not profitable for everyone, then it is no good for anyone, you see?
So that system is certainly going to change drastically because those of the Galactics have brought their system forward.  And this will replace the monetary system that you have now, temporarily, for a bit of time, until you can move to the point where there is no need for any monetary system at all.  There will be a need for energetic system of exchange, but not in terms of a financial money debt-based system.
And, as many of you know, this is going to be replaced with what is considered a quantum financial system.   And this quantum financial system is light years beyond this system that you have now, which was perpetrated purposefully by the cabal, by the Illuminati, by those that have been hiding in the shadows and keeping the world under their control as much as they could.  But they are realizing now that they are realizing now that they are fighting a losing battle, here.
And many of them are coming forward and beginning to say, “what can we do to make this right?”  Because they do not want to go to prison.  They do not want to be taken to the Central Sun and disintegrated, and all of these things.  So they are doing what they can to make amends, you might say.
And some of them, if they turn to the Light, they will be accepted by the Light.  But there are still many more that are not turning to the Light, and it is looking more and more like they will not.
So many will continue on in the third-dimensional illusionary program, not with you.  You will all be beyond that into the higher vibrations.  You see, the lower vibrations and the higher vibrations are not going to be together too much longer in the Earth.  They think they are, but that is not going to continue, we will just say not much longer, here, okay?  With the actual time frame, of course.  But know that this will be changing.  Yes, Shoshanna?
Shoshanna:   We can share on this.  Part of the solution of moving forward with what you call a financial system, is to have a mental construct within yourself of abundance.  If you wish for something to change outside of yourself, it must first change within yourself.
We notice that more and more and more people have given up the idea that money means anything!  That it means that you are better, or worse, or the same, or more advanced, or smarter—none of that matters!  Money has no energy except for that which you give it.  We have noticed that many of you have decided not to give it any thought anymore.  “Oh, I am broke” – we do not hear that too much anymore.  “Oh, I cannot do that” – we do not hear that too much anymore.
As you give energy to something, it grows.  So you must give energy to the advancement of humanity so that all can live well.  Because that is what the Earth has meant for all of you to live well, to learn your lessons.
But we are not saying live in abundance with a basement full of gold.  We are saying live in abundance because you live in the moment.  And that in the moment, all is well.  If you just take stock of the moment, you sit in the moment, are you wealthy in the moment?  Are you broke in the moment?  You cannot be either, because in the moment money does not exist.  Only the mind exists.  So you see, if you need for the financial system to change, first you must change your idea of what money means.  This is what we have to share.   Namaste.
OWS:   Very good.
And we move on with another portion of what is likely to occur in this next year, here.  And many of you have already heard this from various sources that the energies as they continue to rise more and more in these waves of energy that are coming in, and they are the prelude to the ‘large energy wave,’ or the ‘Solar Flash,’ or called ‘The Event,’ or the ‘Changeover,’ all of these names for the same thing, that particular pulse of energy coming from the Universal Central Sun that is going to create massive shift of consciousness across the planet in terms of moments.  Now ‘moments’ can be minutes, and ‘moments’ can be hours, or even days, or even weeks, here, you see?
So it is going to drastically bring about those many changes, though, that have been spoken of.  And they are all in the process now of occurring, in your financial system, in your political system, in your idea of mass arrests, in the coming forward of the many truths to overcome the falsehoods that have been programmed into mankind, to the disclosure that you are not alone in the universe.  Ha ha!  How many of you think that, anymore!  And for that matter, if you did a certain poll of the mass of humanity at this point now, a large percentage would now say that is ridiculous to think that we can be alone here in this massive universe.  But you can thank the many scientists that have come forward, and they have shared that there are billions and billions and billions of planets like the Earth out there, and they all could sustain life, and many of them do.  So that is also coming forward, somewhat slowly maybe, but it is going to pick up tremendously in this next year, here.
So you have The Event very possibly in this next year, looking around your Spring of this next year.  Not so much The Event directly at that time, although that is possible, for there is a major window of opportunity that is going to open up based on the celestial alignments that are going to be occurring at that time and all of the preludes that need to happen in order to bring this about.  These preludes would be the mass consciousness of man raising in vibration.  And that is what is needed to trigger the event.
Those of the Alliance, here, which is consisting of those here on the Earth, below the Earth, and above the Earth, are all looking toward mass consciousness changing in order to trigger that event, in order to say yes, now it is time to bring this about.  But of course, it is the Universal Source, the God Source, Prime Creator, you might say, that is the One that gives the final, what you call, ‘green light’ to go ahead with this.  And then it will occur.  And it will be a biblical occurrence, here.  That is what we can say about that.
Now, we think we have covered most of what you have to look forward to in this next year.  But predominantly, just be yourselves.  Just be ourselves.  When you get up every morning, look in the mirror.  And when you see yourself in the mirror, see the God Source within you as you look in that mirror.  Don’t see the body that is out of shape, don’t see the wrinkles that are appearing more and more as you continue to age—don’t see that.  Don’t even think about the idea of aging anymore.
Think about the idea that the body is immortal, and it is.  The body is immortal because the consciousness within the body is immortal.  And because of that immortality of your consciousness, you can continue to keep the body going as long as you want to.  And that is coming in those higher vibrations as well.
You have many technology changes that are coming forward, new innovations, new inventions, although they are not so new.  Many of you are going to realize as these come forward that you had them long ago.  You will remember even having some of these.  But it will be like Christmas morning for many of you as you open your gifts and you see all these wonderful new surprises and new technological advances that are coming forward.
Again, look back ten years, and look at your phones that you have now today.  Ten years ago you still had those flip phones, did you not?  And now look what you have.  Now you have smart phones.  And your smart phones are smarter than the computers were twenty years ago, ten years ago, even.  You see?
So everything is coming forward.  Everything is changing.  And the technologies that are coming forward are going to blow you away, many of you.  Some of you have heard some of them.  But they are going to come forward more and more.
Medical establishments, or medical advancements are coming forward that are going to be so far beyond your medical science that you have today.  The idea of taking a knife and cutting someone open is going to become so ridiculous as you continue to move forward.  You will never need to do that again, because that is archaic in many respects.
Shoshanna:   Barbaric.
OWS:   Barbaric, even better word, yes.  Yes, very much so.  And that is changing, and going to, more so.  You already have the beginnings of that in your med beds, and your tachyon chambers that are coming forward more and more now, and many other advances are going to show themselves.
Not to mention your free energy is going to be established, or begin to be established.  We will not say it is going to become established, because it is fighting against the entire oil industry and all of this that so much controls the world at this time.  But that is going to change, because the people are changing it.  You are changing it.  You don’t want the Earth to be used up anymore and its natural resources used.  You want to have energy available to everyone on the planet for free, do you not?  So why not have it.  And that is where it is going.
As the Galactics are introduced more and more, and the people get the idea that yes, indeed, we are not alone, and yes indeed they are there to help us, and it is not like the movies that are shown, and your books and all of these things, even your comic books and things of this nature—all of these things have shown the aliens to be evil and want to take over the planet.  How ridiculous is that when you think about it?  They come from light years and light years away in the blink of an eye they can travel, and yet they haven’t taken over your planet, but yet they are still going to do that—come on, now, be reasonable, here!  This is somewhat ridiculous to think that this is even a potential possibility.  They are here to assist.  And that is all they are here for.  To assist and to observe.  Many are here to observe all of the happenings that are coming to this planet and already happening at this time.  And they are watching the greatest show on Earth, greatest show in the universe, even, or at least in the galaxy, here, the greatest show.  But guess what?  They are watching it—you are living it!  So there is a big difference there.  Shoshanna, anything you can add here?
Shoshanna:   We can share the one who asked us of your technology, that we wish for you to recognize that your phone is a oneness device.  It is a device that connects you with anyone on the planet that has another device.  It is designed to create great communication among human beings and for you to get to know each other across the seas, across the continents.  It is a marvelous thing.  And your internet was designed to connect you all.  You see, you can talk to someone in Africa, in Australia, anywhere on the planet you can speak to someone, you can see their face.  You can recognize and realize that you are all connected.  The technology that you have in this moment was designed to show you that you are connected.  That is the true reason behind that technology.  It is not to make things fancier or make things more exciting for you, or you have a new toy.  That is not it.  It is a oneness device.  Isn’t that marvelous?   Namaste.
OWS:   Very marvelous indeed, those little devices that you have.  We call them contraptions, because they are even at this time they seem wonderful to you, but they are so, what is your saying that you said earlier, Shoshanna?   ‘Barbaric.’  Or archaic, here, in terms of what is coming, in terms of what you are going to have.  For you will not only be able to communicate with these devices across your planet, but across the entire galaxy.  Think about that.  You can call your friends or your family members in another planet somewhere.
Shoshanna:   That is true oneness.  That is true oneness.
OWS:   Yes, true oneness, yes.
And it will come to a point where you will not even need those contraptions at some point as well.  You will be able to do the communication without even need of that.  Just as we, when we come to you in this respect, we are not using any contraption or device.  We are just simply doing it with consciousness.  And you will also have that ability as well as you move through the ascension process.
But as we have said many, many times, and many of you disagree at this point.  You say no way, never again.  We are not going to ever volunteer for anything ever again, certainly not for coming to a planet such as this and do this again.  And we say, “well, yes you will.  Get ready.”  It is going to happen at some point, because that is just who you are.  You have been called ‘System Busters,’ by the Pleiadians especially are the ones that call you this.  Because that is what you do.  You go from system to system and bust those systems wide open.  That is what you are doing.
Many of you began this in your hippie generation in terms of loving, and living, doing drugs, and all of these things, and just living in the moment.   That was what that was all about, to learn to live in the moment.
And then you had your harmonic convergence in your 1987, which noting at that time their alarm clocks went off and you woke up at that point, many of you did.  And then again many, many more awakened in the 2012.
And now you are coming to the point where it is time for the next step.  The next step in your evolutionary process, a new awakening, you might say.  And this awakening is coming upon you fast where you will then begin to look more wholly at not what you can do for yourself, but what you can do for others, what you can do for the entire planet, or the entire solar system, or even the galaxy.
You will be looking at it in this respect more and more.  Because you are mission-oriented.  You are system busters.  You are the ones that go from system to system and take what is there and help to break it down so that you can make it what it needs to be, what it needs to be to bring the oneness, the one consciousness to all.  And that is where you are headed now.
Is it going to happen in this next year?  Who knows, but it is a possibility and a probability that you are fast on your way, here.   Yes, Shoshanna?
Shoshanna:  I wish that they would mute their phones.
OWS:   Yes, please mute your phones, yes.  We will have ones that are not doing that, or they have their phones open and think that no one can hear, but we can.
Guest:   It’s the Zoom mikes.  Four of them have Zoom mikes on.
OWS:   Please turn your Zoom mikes off, then.   It is a single button down in the left corner as you are looking at your screen.  Just click it off.  It is very simple.
Shoshanna:   Or just be quiet (laughter).
OWS:  That is the other way.
Guest:   I was going to say the just be quiet method isn’t the best way, because you can’t be quiet enough.  People think they can, but it doesn’t work.
OWS:   Oftentimes that is correct.  But you can do your best.  But it is good now.  But this one is fast losing his voice, here, and we do not know if we can continue this much longer.  But, before we do not be able to do that, there is one that is pounding on the door, here, that wants to come in and just share with you just a bit, here.  So we are going to step aside and This One is ready to come forward and give you a piece of his mind, you might say
OWS:   Om, mani, padme;, hum;  om, mani, padme;, hum; hum, hum.  Greetings here!  Greetings to you all, Loved Ones!  Wonderful to be here with you again in another celebration time on your New Year’s Eve!  And what a wonderful time this is going to be!  What a wonderful time it is right now!
We are not going to so much speak about the future as our other friend did, here, but we are going to speak about the NOW moment.  This is your time.  This is your moment!  Make the best of this time and moment, every single moment!  So as you move into this next year, be cognizant of that, be knowing that this is your time.  Make it the best that you can possibly be.  And you never know how things will turn out for yourself.  You never know if you are going to experience the major shift, like when that is going to happen.  It could be tomorrow, even!  You see?  We have been telling you over and over it is coming.  Many sources have been telling you these things are coming.  You within yourselves know that it is coming.  But you still think that since it is not here yet, that it is never coming.  But it is!
And one of these days you’re going to wake up and it’s gonna be here!  That energy wave is going to be here, and it’s going to knock you flat—some of you.
Some of you, though, will feel that energy and, because you have been experiencing this for so long now, acclimating to these energies, it will lift you up into the highest heavens of your being in that moment.  You will feel such bliss come over you.  And let me tell you, that bliss is something else.  How many of you have done drugs?  You know?  You have done your mushrooms, or you have done your marijuana, or all of these things, you see?  You’ve done these things, but you haven’t done anything yet compared to the blissful feeling that you’re going to have from The Event when this comes, when that wave of energy strikes the Earth.
It is going to be so beautiful for us to watch it!  We can’t wait to see this.  Because we went through it ourselves individually, yes, not as a Collective as you are going to, and that makes it even more special that you are doing it as a Collective, here.  But it was pretty special as an individual, we have to say, too.  Very special, indeed.
So at this point, we are going to take questions.  And Shoshanna is ready to take questions, are you not, Shoshanna?
Shoshanna:   Yes, I am ready.
OWS:   Very good.  You have been ready all this time.  You’re saying, “when are we going to get to the damn questions, hah?  (Laughter)  That’s what you think, right?
Shoshanna:   Yes.
OWS:   We are ready.  Do you have questions here, anyone?  This is where you can unmute your phones, but please only do it if you are asking a question.
Shoshanna:   And anyone in the room can ask a question if you have one.
OWS:   Yes.   Now we get quiet!
Guest:   (Laughter)  Well, we’ve been missing you.  I was going to ask a question earlier, “Where are you?  We’re waiting for you!  And we love you!”
OWS:   And we love you too, but we are right here!.  And we have always been right here!  We’ve never been any place else but right here!
Guest:   (Laughter)  I love the other One Who Serves too, he has taught me so much.   But, you know, I was thinking, “when is the Funny One coming?”  We are happy you are here.
OWS:   Very good.  We are happy to be here too.  Anyone, any questions out there in the peanut gallery, as you call it?
Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves, and Shoshanna, I do.
OWS:   Yes?
Guest:   The past two or three nights I have had dreams where my cat was in the dream, and I was getting out of the situation, or like one time the house was on fire and I was getting the cat out.  And the other one was with the cat, and again getting out of the situation, and taking the cat with me.  Can you give me any words of understanding of this?
OWS:   First of all, whenever you have dreams of anything, when there are people in dreams, or animals in dreams, it is a portion of yourself.  It is a part of your consciousness.  So we have to ask you a question:  what does a cat mean to you?
Guest:   Hmm, he is very lovable, very unconditionally loving.  I am attached to him definitely.  I don’t want to leave him behind.  Part of me also thinks it is about getting out of this particular house and situation.  I’m not sure if that is correct, nor not.
OWS:   You said your house was burning down?
Guest:   Well, there was a fire, and then I got the cat out, but for some reason the house wasn’t burning up, but I was trying to get the cat out.  But then when we went outside, there was water flooding the streets as well.  That was really weird.  I wasn’t sure what that was.
Shoshanna:   We can share on this.
OWS:   Yes.  Please do.
Shoshanna:   May we share?
Guest:   Yes please.  Thank you.
Shoshanna:   We find that there is much turmoil in your house.  There is much discomfort in this house.  And, you do not have a great opportunity to be the loving person that you are, the unconditional loving person that you are, in this environment that you have.  Your dream is telling you to get the hell out!  Your dream is telling you to take your unconditional love with you!  Take that which is important to you with you!  Do not leave it behind!  You are living in an environment that is difficult and the loving conscious self that you are is escaping!  That is what your dream is about.   Namaste.
Guest:   Wow.  Thank you.  I appreciate that.
OWS:   Whenever you have a house in your dream, it is your house of consciousness.  And the house of consciousness that you have is burning down, or is coming down in terms of the old consciousness.
Shoshanna:   Get the hell out!
OWS:   Yes.  Time to ‘get the hell out,’ as Shoshanna is saying.  Time to move on.  Create your new consciousness.  Okay?
Guest:   Okay.  Thank you so much.
OWS:   Would there be other questions, here?  We would prefer there to be questions that are not so much a personal nature, but more associated with the group consciousness or collective consciousness, more those type of questions.
Shoshanna:   But we will take the personal questions.
OWS:   Then you take the personal questions.
Shoshanna:   I will take them.
OWS:   We are kidding here, we are joking.  No questions?
Shoshanna:   We hear one.
OWS:   Yes, we hear two, now.
Guest:   Okay.  May I speak first?
OWS and Shoshanna:   Yes.
Guest:   Thank you.  And this is kind of a personal nature.  This is in regard to the celery juice that we have been hearing a lot about.  Also, I had a query about anything like celery juice, or vitamins and supplements, how does that resonate with taking responsivity with what we create and to create ourselves with healing.  I am not sure how to word this.  Personally, I have been dealing with an issue for a good portion of my life and so now I discovered this, and I am willing to step up and do the celery juice thing.  But I also have been using supplements and everything else.  But I know for myself that I am responsible for what I have created, and it is my wish and desire to uncreate it.  So if you have any feedback on this, Shoshanna, I would greatly and lovingly appreciate it.
OWS:   One Who Serves has something to say, though, first, here.  That is, listen to your body.  Your body will talk to you if you hear it, if you listen to it, and it will tell you exactly what it needs.  If you are feeling that the celery juice, or whatever else it might be, is helpful for you, then you want to continue to do that.  And your body will tell you if it is right for you or not.  Certainly something so innocuous as the celery juice, though, could not be harmful to you in any way anyway.  So let your body do the talking here, okay?
Guest:   Indeed.  Thank you.
OWS:   Let your fingers to the walking?  Let your body do the talking.
Shoshanna:   We can share.
OWS:   Yes.
Shoshanna:   We wish to share our perspective with you, Dear Sister, may we share?
Guest:   Indeed.  Thank you.
Shoshanna:   That which you experience that is long-term is not of a physical nature.  It manifests physically.  You see, that which you have experienced as a long-term challenge, originated in your emotional body.  You have a long-term emotion, you see.  So you can address physical challenges and this will assist your body.  But until you address the long-term emotional issue, you can drink celery juice until the cows come home, and it will not resolve your issue.  So we find, as we speak to you, that you know what we are speaking about, and that the emotional issue must cleanse itself, and you may assist your body.  We cannot say that taking the correct supplements and drinking celery juice to clean your liver and your circulatory system is not of great benefit to the body.  We cannot say that.  It is of great benefit to the body.  But if you are looking to resolve this long-term issue, look to the emotion that you have stuck.  It is stuck.  Do you understand what we speak of?
Guest:   Yes, and I’m not sure where to begin, but I will find out.
Shoshanna:   Yes.  We can tell you there are many that would assist you in finding this emotion that you carry with you.  And we find that it is not an emotion that is in this present-day life—you brought it with you!
Guest:   Aha.  That makes sense.
Shoshanna:   Does this make sense to you?
Guest:   I recently came across the information called ‘the emotion code’ and I am looking into that.
Shoshanna:   Perfect.
Guest:   Yeah, okay.
Shoshanna:   Yes, that is a great source.  The one we speak through knows of that source, and it is a great source for you, so you must pursue that, as well as perhaps other avenues that would assist you in finding this long-term emotion that is unresolved in you.   Namaste Dear Sister.
Guest:   Thank you.  Much gratitude.
Shoshanna:   Yes.   Namaste.
OWS:   Very good.   We are ready to release channel here now.
Before we do, though, Shoshanna, do you have anything you wish to share here in terms of the end of this year and the coming next year, here?
Shoshanna:   We do not wish to live in the future.
OWS:   Very good.
Shoshanna:   But we wish to remind everyone here that is listening to remember that you are the creator of your life.  That when you recognize and realize completely that you are created and the creator of your entire life in every moment, this is a powerful understanding.  And if you use this with great power, the great power that you have, you can accomplish anything you wish.  You can create a life of any magnitude that you wish to have.  And we are not speaking about great wealth, or great stature, we are looking more at the divine qualities of life:  joy, peace, compassion, love, understanding, a great sense of quiet.  A great sense of joy will descend upon you when you recognize you are creating everything!  This is what we have to share.   Namaste.
OWS:   Very good.  And as many of you make your New Years resolutions, and you have all these wonderful things that you create in your mind, and then you begin to say what you are going to do, and you have all of the intention of following through, and your so gung ho and ready to do it, and the next day you forgot what you even said the day before.  Many of you do this.
But we are not telling you to have that type of resolution.  We are telling you to have one simple resolution for this next year, here.  Very simple.  Just simply be in the moment.  Forget about all of the promises that you make, or your loved one makes to you, or whatever it might be.  Just focus each and every moment on being in the now moment.  And if you do that, everything will take care of itself in this next year, here.  You will find that you will be in the perfect place at the perfect time, just as you need to be, especially as these higher wave energies begin to flood in in this next year.
Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.
Guest:   One Who Serves, there is someone in our group that asked us to pray for them, and I was wondering if it would be okay to at least call them into the Light since they have asked us to pray for them?  Would that be appropriate very quickly?
OWS:   You bring us back here, now!
Guest:   I’m sorry.  I didn’t really get a chance beforehand.
OWS:   No, you forgot!
Guest:   I did not forget!  (Laughter)  I’m not the one that forgets!
OWS:   Anyway, what we are going to do, yes, as you are asking here, certainly.  Whenever you have someone that you are what you call ‘praying for,’ it is not so much a prayer of supplication in terms of ‘please make this one well’ or whatever it is.  Make it so that it is the best for all concerned.  And as you have that intention, lift them into the Light.  So just simply now lift them into the Light.  Say the person’s name, or whoever it is, and we lift them into the Light, here.
Guest:   I am calling into the Light our Dear Sister, who is part of our family here.  She has had some adverse things happen in her family, so we call her and her family into the Light.
Guest called into Light:  Thank you, Dear Sister, and thank you One Who Serves!
Guest:   Of course.
OWS:   Very good.  Those of you who don’t know this Dear Sister, just simply say the name within yourself and see that person, however you think they would look, into the Light, or the family of this person in this case, into the Light.  Just simply visualize it.
Guest:   Let thy will be done, not my will, but thy will be done.
OWS:   Yes.  Very good.
Another Guest:   I also would like to request another Dear Sister to be called into the Light.
OWS:   Very good.  See this other Dear Sister in the Light.  Would there be any others?
Shoshanna:   May we share with this one Dear Sister?
Guest:  Yes, thank you.
Shoshanna:   Our Dear Sister, we know that you have much pain, and you have much concern for those around you, for those who have chosen a difficult path, and we feel your empathy, your love, and your compassion.  What you must do is give up all guilt.  Give up and release any thought that you have caused any of this.  It was not you.  They agreed to their path, as you have agreed to yours.  All is one.  All is one, and all is in service of the other.  You must understand that you are a being of Light, and you came here to raise your consciousness to an ascended state, and that which is occurring around you is assisting you in that.  We must tell you that you are loved beyond measure.   Namaste.
Guest:   Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  I appreciate it.
Shoshanna:   Yes.
OWS:  We are ready to release channel. Shanti, Peace Be with you. Be the ONE
James McConnell 

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Quarta-feira, 25 / 12 / 19

All of you are calling for this energy

Yeshua (Isa, Sananda).

Channeled by James McConnell.

Posted December 22, 2019. 


Yes, I am Yeshua.

I come now at this time, in this moment of peace of oneness, your Christmas season, your holiday season.

[I AM] Not coming because this was my time of birth.  You are not celebrating my birth those two thousand years ago.  You are celebrating the birth of the Christ Consciousness within all.  Whether it is this time of year, or another time of the year, whenever it is, it is all about a celebration of the Light, a celebration of love, of higher consciousness here on the planet.  Of bringing the Christ Consciousness down to this planet, anchoring it here, holding it here, and then spreading it with good cheer amongst all of your brothers and sisters.  That all of your brothers and sisters across the planet, whether it is this day, or your 25th of December, or in the Spring of each year, whenever it is, can celebrate the rising of the Christ Energy amongst all of you and within all of you.

The birth of the Christ, not my birth.  I wasn’t even born at this time of your year, as many of you have now become aware.  I was born in the Springtime, in the time of new energies coming forth.  The perfect time for the Christ to be born amongst the Spring, amongst the new growth everywhere.

Many of you are aware of why your 25th of December was chosen as the birthday of myself, and I am not going to go into that, but only that the Christ Energy–that is what it is, it is an energy, it is not a being, it is a title, yes, that can be taken on, but it is the energy, Source energy that comes into all who are ready for it, all who call to it.

And all of you are calling for this energy, especially at this time of the year.  Because at this time of the year, what is this about among many of you?  It is about giving.  It is about giving forth your Light, your energy, your love, whether it is in gifts, or whether it is simply sharing the energy in however way you can do it, sharing the light, bringing peace to the planet and good will to all men and women of the planet, raising consciousness everywhere.

And consciousness is raising, my friends, everywhere.  People are waking up everywhere.  Yes, there are many who still find themselves in a deep slumber.  But they do not even know that they are yet asleep.  They think this is the only reality, a reality that they have been programmed into believing.

But those of you who have awakened, you are the ones that are reaching out and sharing with your brothers and sisters whenever you have the opportunity.  And those opportunities do arise.  And there are those times, as you spoke of earlier in your discussion, where the energies will exacerbate either into higher vibrations or lower vibrations.  But the energies do bring out whatever is within you in the moment that needs to be looked at and worked on.

You call it tests, you are being tested.  You are not being tested.  Not by us.  Not by the Creator.  You are only being tested by yourselves within yourselves.  It is in your perception that there is a test here, and whether you pass it or fail it.  There is no passing or failing.

There just is, in the moment, working with these energies, and allowing these energies to bring you up whenever you can, finding that neutral state within you.  And when you find that neutral state, it matters not how strong the energies are, or remaining in neutral.  You will remain in the moment, and the Source energy within you will come forward and speak loudly.  You will find yourself then in your power, in a power of love within you.  That is what will speak forward.

Just as I spoke with the power of love coming through me when I overturned those tables.  But it was in righteousness, it was in love, not in anger.  It may have appeared to be anger to those around, and many have taken what occurred in those moments and have changed it into whatever would work for them to bring control into this situation.  It was not in anger.  It was always in love.  Always in oneness.

That is what you are all here to do in this time of the year, in this season.  To continue to hold that Light, hold that love within you, raise that Christ Consciousness within you and let it come forward and spring out into so many more lights to share with all around you.  Literally see yourself as the Light.  See the light flowing from you, shooting out from you and touching your brothers and sisters around you.  And see them then taking that light in and making it their own.

And if there is one who requires some healing sustenance, be that Light bringing that healing to them.  But you must see the health within that one, not the sickness.  Not the disease.  Not the crimplenes.  Not the blindness.  See them in perfect health.

Then they will begin to manifest that perfect health.

Find yourselves now in this time of the season and in the coming new year, find yourselves as much as you can being the bearers of Light.  Being the ones who go forward, the wayshowers, the forerunners, bringing the Light to all who are ready for it, helping more and more to awaken from that slumber.  You can do it.  And it is only you that can do it.

I am Yeshua, and I leave you at this time in peace and love and oneness, to take you through the rest of this year to the end of this year, and into the glorious next year that is fast approaching now, as the New Dawn approaches.

ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna is standing by.

And we are ready to continue to rock and roll, and we are getting ready for this New Year’s Eve celebration.  And speaking of rocking and rolling, get ready for that, because Yours Truly, the one you call ‘The Funny One,’ we call ‘the Stand-Up’ here, he is going to be bringing in the new year with you.  And he may even have a drink or two through this one James, here, kind of imbibing through this one rather than directly, if you understand what we say, here.

We are ready for your questions if there are any.  Would you have questions?  You can now unmute your phones, and we are ready to go, here.

Guest:    Yes.  May I speak?

OWS:   Yes.  You are already doing so.

Guest:   Alright.  Woof, woof!  (Laughter)   There seems to be a spirit walking the land here where I live in New Mexico.  She appears as an indigenous female.  She showed herself to me a number of years past.

A neighbor who is talking the Light path has seen her as me, or a version of me.  For example, I was out in the yard this summer cutting down some grass with some hedge clippers in the driveway and he was driving away.  He lives right behind here in a small compound on this property.  So when he looked over to me, he noticed it wasn’t me, but a woman with a long black braid, and that is one of the features of this female spirit that seems to be here.

I have often wondered if I might have some relationship with her, and that my friend may have a relationship with her as well.  But she did appear to me first.  And if there is anything that I can do to support her journey if she happens to be earthbound and that she needs to move on, or that she has chosen to be here for a purpose.  And if I could assist her by in knowing that reason or having a hint of that reason or purpose that I could assist her in some way in her journey.  Can you provide me with information and support with that, please?

OWS:   Yes, we can.  This is an example of what has been coming for some time more and more, and will occur to more and more of you, where this blending effect between the dimensions is going to become more and more prevalent, and the connections with those of your multidimensional selves are also going to become more prevalent and prominent to you, and this is what is occurring.

You certainly have connection with this one that is showing up now in your experience.  She is there to assist you in continuing on with what is coming for you in the times ahead.  And there is also connection in that particular area where you live as well where this one has a connection there with this, just as you do.

And again, we put this out, not only to you who asked this question, but to many out there that are beginning to experience this, and are going to experience this even more and more as these energies continue to ramp up, and the veil, the illusionary veil, we will say, because it is really not there, but it is still there according to your three-dimensional perception, here.  But that particular veil is continuing to fade away more and more, because your programming is fading away more and more as these energies continue to ramp up.  And that is what is going to continue to happen, here.

Shoshanna, do you have something to add, here?

Shoshanna   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell):

Yes, we can share.  May we offer our perspective to you, Dear Sister?

Guest:  yes, of course, Dear One.

Shoshanna:  As we tune into this one that you are experiencing, we find a deep connection.  And we find that she is solemn.  She is not wishing for you to assist her, she does not need that.  She is here to assist you and others that see her.  She has shown herself in hopes that you will connect with her on a more consistent basis.  She has much to show you.  She has much to tell you if you can tune into this.  She, as a native, as a Native-American female, she has much in common with you, as she sees the world as you do, (laughs), if you can understand what we are saying.  So please offer the connection to her, as she will show you many things.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions, here?  Any other questions?  No?  then if there are no other questions, then we are through for the time, here.

Shoshanna, do you have anything you wish to impart as ending wisdom here for this time?

Shoshanna:   We are going to save our message for the New Year’s call.

OWS:   Yes.  Wonderful.  We are going to have a good time, New Year’s Eve, are we not?

Shoshanna:   Yes.

OWS:   We are gearing up for this.  I hope you are all gearing up, not only for this particular call, but for this next year, all of you.  It is going to be quite a ride, especially for those who are in that awakened state already.  Not so much maybe for those who are still asleep, because it will be an awakening for many of them throughout this next year, here.  But more of this to come on the New Year’s Eve celebration.

With that, we will, what you call, ‘sign off.’

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

James McConnell 

  1. www.meetup.com/ancient-awakenings
  2. www.ancientawakenings.org

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

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Quarta-feira, 11 / 12 / 19

Reigniting the flame within each one of you and to all of mankind.

Yeshua (Isa, Sananda).

Channeled by James McConnell.

Posted December 1st, 2019. 


Yes, I am Yeshua.

I often come as my Higher Self, Sananda.  But this time we chose that I would come to be with you, because of that which is approaching in your next Advance (Ancient Awakenings Retreat in the Mountains).  Your next gathering together of old souls coming back together again and reuniting and reigniting the flame within all of you.

That is what this ascension process is all about:  reigniting the flame within each and every one of you and to all of mankind, and to all of LIFE!  All of life forms here on the planet, re-igniting the flame.  Not igniting it for the first time, but re-igniting it, re-awakening the source within all of life.  That is what you are doing, my friends, my brothers, my sisters.

And that is what I attempted to do, those 2000+ years ago, was to reignite the flame in my brothers and sisters there, to all that I could reach.  Did I reach them all?  Certainly not.  Can you reach them all?  Most likely not.  But you can reach many, just as I did as well.  I reached those who were ready to be taught, who were reach to open up to the understanding of who they were, even to the understanding that they were god within them.  I spoke about that.  I and my father are one.  But I did not speak only of my father, I spoke of all of our fathers and mothers.  The Father-Mother God Source within all of us.  All was about reawakening that to come out of the sleep process that we had all fallen into.  And to reach to those who were ready.  And those that I called my disciples, which may of you were there along with me.  Even a few of you were those disciples.

But know that even thought it has been said that there were twelve disciples, there were many more.  Many more than this followed me.  But they did not follow me.  They followed the I AM, THAT I AM within me.  And I was there to show the way, just as you, each and every one of you are here now to show the way, to open up to all those around you.

And yes, you are being ridiculed for your beliefs.  I certainly was ridiculed for my beliefs.  But did that stop me?  No.  Is that stopping you?  No.  Because you are remembering now who you are.

Each and every one of you are beginning more and more to remember.  And you are allowing this remembrance to move through you and have the being within you open up to all of those who are ready.  Is everyone ready?  Not in this moment.  But in the next moment they could be.  That is what keeps you going, just as that is what kept me going, and kept me learning and remembering who I was.

Did I know it all at once?  No.  I had to learn.  I had to be taught.  I had to travel and experience those who were more advanced than I was at that time.  They taught me.  Just as we, those of us, which you call the Ascended Masters, are here to teach you and to help reawaken within you the God Source within all of you.

We are all one in this endeavor, in this experience, in this journey, my friends, my dear brothers and sisters.  And I say that as brothers and sisters because several of you were a part of my family at that time there in Galilee, in Jerusalem, in Egypt.  You were there with me, just as you are here with me now, and I am here with you now, in the moment, now.

You spoke earlier of being able to stop the aging process, and to be able to reverse the aging process, and is this possible.  And I say now as Yeshua, certainly—it is not only possible, but probable that each and every one of you can not only do this, but are destined to do this if you allow it.

Just as those that were so-called ‘healed’ by my hands.  They were not healed by my hands, they were healed by the hands that worked within me, the Father-Mother God Source that worked within me.  Just as the Father-Mother God Source works within all of you.  And because of that, all healing is possible.  All age-reversal is possible.  And, as you are going to find in your next Advance, even the rising of one who has passed on is possible in the reading that the James is going to give, just as I did in those times 2000-plus years ago.

Yes, I did raise from the dead.  But know that that one, the one you call Lazarus, he was not dead.  His life force was still within him, and I reached to that life force within him and brought that forward.  If the life force is still there, it is possible.  Just as the life force is within all of you now.  And all of you, because of that life force, that tremendous life force within you, anything is possible.  That life force can stop the aging process right now in its tracks and begin to reverse it.  But the belief has to be there.

Believe it, and you will see it.  Believing is seeing, not seeing is believing.  If you have to wait to see it to believe it, you are going to wait a long time.  You need to believe it, and then it is possible.  Just as those that I laid my hands upon, it is their faith that set them free.  It is their faith that healed them, their belief, and the God Source within me that healed them.

I appreciate this time that I could be together with you and be able to share in this way, and to be able to open up many of your minds that have been so programmed to believe those things that have been shared in your bible and in your other religious works that attested to my miracles.  They were not miracles.  It was science with a knowing of how to use that science, that spiritual science to bring about the changes that were necessary to show others around me that it was possible, that all things are possible within the God Source.  All things are possible within the God Source within all of you.

All of my peace, and love, and oneness, and sharing of the Light continue to be with all of you.  I am the way, the truth, and the life, and the Light, just as all of you are, as you continue to show the way now to your brothers and sisters all around you.

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani, padme, hum hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  You can now unmute your phones.

We just have one thing to say.  All things are possible, just as Yeshua said, just as we have been saying for some time now.  You need to take this within you and begin to run with it.  Run with it.  Run in the Light.  Run in the love within you.  Let it come forth within you.

Just as Yeshua was ridiculed, many of you have been ridiculed for your belief system.  As you tell more and more people, “oh, the ascension is coming,” or “oh, the revaluation of monies is coming, the financial system is changing over, disclosure of ET’s is coming,” and all these things you have been saying to those around you.  What do they do?  They laugh.  Or they say, “what have you been smoking?”  Or whatever it might be.

You know within you, though, each and every one of you know that you the truth.  You are the truth, just as Yeshua said.  You are the way, the way to show everyone the truth of the beingness that you all are and the Light, or the life, the life that you can share together, and share that light together with all around you.  This is what it is all about.  This is the ascension process that you are all moving through.  This is the preparation that you are all preparing for at this time now.

This Advance that is approaching now in just a few days, this is preparing you to begin more and more not only to know the way within yourself, but to realize that you are the way for everyone else to follow, you as this group, and as individuals, and as many groups together that have come together in this way, the Lightworker community.

You are all here to show the way.  You are all the John the Baptists preparing the way, not for the Messiah, but preparing the way for the Second Coming, the Christ Consciousness to move through all here on the planet that are ready.

We are open now to questions.  Shoshanna is standing by, or most likely sitting by, as the JoAnna is sitting.  So we are ready for your questions if you have any.  Are there questions?

Guest:   May I ask a question?

OWS:   Yes, please.

Guest:   I have just recently gone through a severe attack by the dark forces.  This happened in April and May which put me in the hospital about four times.  I’ve been working my way back.  I have been working my way back to be able to even do my spiritual work.  And thanks to my beloved Mushaba family, they pulled me through what they call a trial by fire.  And I was just wondering because of the severe trauma that I have suffered, when will I be able to hear and feel my family again around me?

OWS:   First of all, it is not so much that you need to hear your family around you, they are already there.  You are a part of that family, as you already know.  And this is why you were able to connect with this particular grouping, we will say here, family as you are calling it.  And this is why you were able to do that, because you have the Sirian background, as you already also know.  And because of this, they were able to work directly with you.

But when you say dark forces, that can be a misnomer in many respects, because many think in terms of attachments or possessions, or these types of things.  Does that happen?  Yes, it can happen.  Does it always happen to individuals such as yourself that are experiencing these types of maladies, or diseases, or whatever might come up to bring you into a dis-ease state within your state.

Is it always this? No.  Sometimes it is simply a karmic attraction that you have pulled from past lifetimes here into this lifetime with you.  We are saying this now, not only to this one who has asked this question, but to all that wonder about this out there.  Not to say that you did not have these attachments as you are saying.  Not to say that some of you out there have had these attachments.  These interference from those which would be considered the dark forces.  This can certainly happen, and does happen.

But it is very minimal now that this can happen to those within this group at this time, because you have the protection of many who are working with this particular group.  And that is to say also to many other groups that are out there.

Where two or more are gathered in his name, meaning the I AM THAT I AM, the God Source.  Where two or more are gathered in his name, there will I be, I being the I AM THAT I AM consciousness, be there amongst them.  So when you gather together in a group, whether small or large, you have the added protection from all of those Angels and Archangels, and Ascended Masters, and Galactics, and whatever it might be that are there to help protect you.  Because as you are the way, the truth, and the life as Yeshua said, you are needing the protection if you are asking for it.  If you do not ask for it, then it will not be there directly for you when the time of need comes.  So we would say, ‘ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you, seek and ye shall find.”

Shoshanna, do you have something you wish to add?   

Shoshanna (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell):

There is much in the experiences of this one that she is sorting out, that she continues to sort out, that she continues to seek and answer.  The answer that this one seeks is within her.   There is no outside answer.  The answers are all within.  This one must seek to find her own answers within herself.  There are many reasons why this one has gone through those experiences, and it is somewhat complicated here, and we cannot give a quick answer.  We cannot give a summary answer, as this one that is living this life that is experiencing those experiences that seem to be negative in her estimation by using the term ‘dark forces’ or ‘trauma,’ these are all words that are not positive in the life experience.

So we would say that we do not have anything to add here except that that which you have gone through or experienced is purposeful to place you back on your path.  That is what we have.   Namaste.

OWS:   Wonderful.  Very well said.  Are there any other questions, here?  Yes, is that a question coming?  Or are we through for the time-being?

Guest:   One Who Serves, I have a question.

OWS:   Yes?

Shoshanna:   There are two questions.  We will take one and then the other.

OWS:   First the one that is the “T.”

Guest:   Okay.  I was listening to Sananda, and he said that many of the people that were with him in Galilee are on this call now.  I’m just wondering what, if any, problems would occur if those people were singled out and say that I was there, or another person was there, and just for information sake if nothing else.

OWS:   First of all, we are not in the habit of directly saying if one is this person or was this in a past lifetime, or has this twin flame, or whatever it might be.  We do not operate in that respect.

But, with that understanding, we can tell you that those on the call here, those of you, the old souls that have come back together again, have come back together again for a reason.  You have come back together again because you were there.  Many of you were there at that time with Yeshua.  Many of you, in various respects.  Not all of you were part of his disciples or part of the group that traveled with him.  Some of you were those that even may have gone against him in that respect at that time.

But we can tell you that because of the experiences that you had, you being the one that has asked this question, because of the experience that you had, that is why you are wondering about this.  Because you have a deep feeling within you, a deep remembrance within you that is starting to just peek its head above water, here, we will say, and just beginning to give you a glimpse of who you may have been at that time, and it has something to do, we will say, with your name.  That is all we can give you.  But that was a major hint for you, Dear One.

Guest:   My current name now?

OWS:   That is correct.

Guest:   Okay.  I thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  Shoshanna, did you have anything you wish to add here.

Shoshanna:   No, we do not have anything to add to this.

OWS:   Very good.

Guest:   I have a question.  What is the frequency of the fifth dimension in hertz?

Shoshanna:   Why is this a need to know this?

OWS:   We were going to say that.

Shoshanna:   (Laughter)  Why do you have a need to know this?

Guest:   Because I feel that I can use it as a tool to help me align with that frequency.

Shoshanna:   The frequency that is in—we apologize, Dear One Who Serves, may be move forward?

OWS:   No, please continue.

Shoshanna:   May we share our perspective on this, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Sure.

Shoshanna:   The only thing that the human being that is going through the ascension process that wishes to experience the fifth-dimensional life and sustain the experience of the fifth-dimensional life, just know only one thing, and that is the frequency of the fifth-dimension is love.  It permeates everything in the fifth-dimension.  And those that are fifth-dimensional beings see everything through the eyes of love.  So that is what we would ask you to focus on, because measurements as in what you call ‘hertz’ is a third-dimensional tool, not a fifth-dimensional tool.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  We will add here to more directly answer your question, as well as others who may have a similar question, not that we are going to give it directly, as you know we are not in the habit of doing that most of the time.  But we can tell you that if you look up the gamma waves, the gamma vibration that is coming into the planet, it will give you an idea of what you are speaking in terms of the hertz frequency here, and that is what you will find in the fifth-dimension and beyond in terms of being in those gamma waves of consciousness.

Shoshanna:   But what we must say, and we must add this vehemently, that those that wish to measure something are missing the value of it.

OWS:   That is correct.

Guest:   I don’t want to measure it, I just want to use it.   Thank you for the clarification, I appreciate it.

OWS:   The way you use it, Dear One, is to be it, just as Shoshanna has given.  Be love, be Light, be the God source within you as much as you can.  Be in joy in every moment as much as you can.  Find yourself in an expression of love and oneness out in nature as much as you can.  That’s how you be it.  You do not need to worry about measuring it, just be it.  Okay?

Guest:   Thank you.

Another Guest:   Can I add on to that question that she just asked?  Music helps us get into a beautiful state.  And there’s different—I don’t want to say levels, but there are different formats of music.  They are saying that maybe 40 hertz music is the gamma.  I’m just asking if we could want to feel more of that love, what kind of music can we listen to in hertz or maybe you can explain it in a different way.

OWS:   There is wonderful music that is available that utilizes the expression, or the being able to associate, or resonate, with the chakra centers.  That is in terms of more what you would call the New Age music, that is very helpful in that respect which brings you into that 40 hertz and above, vibration.  So that can be very helpful.  Also the older classical music can also do this as well.

But you want to stay away from that which would be considered the rapper music and we are finding from the James here the heavy metal type of music, the expressions that bring your vibration down rather than up.

Yes, you may find within certain expression of music that your adrenal glands are heightened, but that is not calming.  That just simply raises your adrenaline within you.  And that can be very harmful to you certainly over a period of time if it is a continuing expression over and over.  Once in a while not so bad, but continuance of the pounding base and things of this nature can be very detrimental to the vibrational resonance within you and your chakra centers, and how they relate to this music.

So find music that is soothing, calming, that reaches your heart center.  That is what you want, what reaches your heart center, and above, not below your heart center.  Okay?  Does this answer your question, Dear One?

Guest:   Yeah.  Michael Love spoke about listening to 40 hertz music because it is the gamma hertz.  I just was wondering if that is helpful too.

OWS:   That is correct.  Very good.  Are we done with this part of the question?

Shoshanna wishes to add something.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, can we add the perspective that we have on this?

Guest:  Yes.

Shoshanna:   There are vibrations that we carry as human beings that will resonate, or be a match, to the music that we listen to.  So when we hear the so-called rap music or the so-called heavy metal music, or what those music vibrations bring, those that listen or are drawn to that music is because that is their vibration that is matching the music.  So we will tell you that you as a human individual with a frequency or a vibration that is higher will seek to listen to the music that matches that vibration.  So that is all it really is, is matching the vibration that you are currently in.  If you wish to raise your vibration even higher, and that is an intellectual choice, then you will seek the music that has a higher vibration than you currently carry so that your vibration can raise up to that vibration.

The thing about the hertz is the Western Music has been toned done to a different hertz, which is a vibration, so that the human beings that are listening to that hertz of music are lowering their vibration without really even knowing it.  So that which you are speaking about, the Michael Love, and saying to listen to the higher vibration music, or the orchestra that has tuned its instruments to 40 hertz, is because it is a higher vibration, and it is more absorbed by the higher chakras.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you very much. Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Does this resonate with you?

Guest:   Absolutely 100%, and I hate rap, and I hate heavy metal, and I listen to nice beautiful New Age music.  Thank you very much.  Yes.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions now before we release channel?

Guest:   I have a question.  Hi.  Since we are talking about music, and hertz, and that sort of thing, Hertz 528 adds up to a 6, which is Numerology, which you know I am always sounding, which means love.  And there was one who wrote a song that was in that hertz.  I am asking you the question, One Who Serves and Shoshanna, and he wrote the music, ‘Imagine.’  He didn’t live very long after that.

OWS:  Yes.

Guest:   Can you tell me possibly what did happen to him?  I think I know, but I’m not sure.  And any other music names that we can listen to.  I know the key.  I play the piano.  I know which are the notes for the hertz, and I know it is C, E, and G.  And when he wrote that, ‘Imagine,’ that is mainly what he played it in were those keys on the piano.  So could you help maybe a little bit more so could listen to some more in the hertz of 528?

OWS:   First of all, you asked a question.  Were you wanting to know what happened to this one, the John Lennon?  Is this your question?

Guest:   Yes.  If you can answer it.

OWS:   We can answer it in this way.  Just as your JFK, your John Lennon, your Elvis Presley, whatever the various ones that have had experiences and then they were suddenly taken out of the picture, you might say, it is never as it seems to be, or certainly as the media has portrayed it to be over a period of time.  So know that it was not one that assassinated JFK.  You already all know that.  There was not the magic pullet.  We know this.

Guest:  That’s right.

OWS:   Just as you most likely know that it was a conspiracy that removed the one John Lennon from the picture because of who he was and what he represented to the worlds that was against those of the dark forces, the Illuminati, the cabal, all of this, that needed to have him removed from the picture because of what he represented to them as a danger to them.  He was awakening the population and he was not allowed to continue to do so.

But know this:  he knew this coming in.  Just as the JFK knew this coming in.  That they would be ones who would lead the way, just as you all are leading the way now.  Not that you have to be removed from the picture as they were, certainly not.  But it is one and the same in terms of showing the way, being the ones, the forerunners, to go before and prepare everyone else for what is coming in terms of the ascension.  Okay?  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We are not certain what to share here, but we will share our perspective with you, Dear Sister if you would prefer this.

Guest:  Yes, I would prefer this.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Our Dear Sister, John, among others, had experienced others that were not earthlings.  They experienced the music of the Spheres.  They were visited by angels, and they were visited by high consciousness ET’s that attempted in every way to influence their music so that humanity could hear the truth.  In the words of the song ‘Imagine’ this is how the high consciousness angels and ET’s wish for man to live.  And because John was such a reputable musician, they felt by speaking through him and writing through him they would reach many.  That is the true story.

Now, because there were others that knew that he had a great celestial influence over him, they could not have that continue here, because that would truncate their power over humanity, you see.

That is the story of John.  And we would tell you as far as what to listen to, our Dear Sister, we do not have to tell you that.  You are a high vibratory being with a great ear for sensitive and beautiful music, and you can choose your own.   Namaste.

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.  I will say that that song, ‘Imagine’ I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like it.  And it hit me.  I love it, and it has a certain type of chord that does reach your soul.  And it is very simple.  His music was very simple.  But his wife is the one who wrote the words, if I am correct.

Another Guest:   Yes, that’s true.

Guest:  I just wanted to know that, and thank you all.

I do want to say something about Yeshua today.  That hit my soul too.  Of course, he always does.  And I just can’t stop thanking all of you for all that you have done for humanity, and especially me.  Thank you.

OWS:  And we send that right back at you.  We thank you for all that you are doing.

Shoshanna:   We must clarify also that it does not matter who wrote those words.  What is the truth of this is that the one known as Yoko, and the one known as John, were interchangeable.  They were twin flames, and that is why they were together and they experienced all the same things.   Namaste.

Guest:   Yes.

OWS:   Yes.  Are there any further questions.  We will take one more question, and then we will need to release channel, here.

Guest:   I have a little question.  I attended a session with Mother Mira several weeks ago here in Denver.  She is a saint, awakened Light being, very, very high love from India who has been living in Germany for quite a while.  She hasn’t spoken in many years.  There were about 200 people in the room.  People go and get lined up, and they go and kneel in front of her.  She holds your head and then you look in her eyes a bit.  It’s very, very powerful and very beautiful.

But what happened to me was when I was sitting in my chair, basically throughout the whole session there, which was about an hour and a half, I could smell this really intense perfume that reminded me that my mother would use a long time ago when I was young, very little.  It is made out of a flower.  It’s called a ‘mayflower,’ ‘little May bell’ in German.  It was around me the whole time.  I would ask my friend next to me, “do you smell something?”  She said, “no.”  I checked with a couple of people several times and they never did.

So I asked inside.  I had the feeling my mother had come through, but I didn’t know what the message was or anything like that.

I had that once in a while in my life, not that often.  Sometimes she would come through with a smell, through a scent, and I wondered if there is anything you could tell me about that.

Shoshanna:   We can share on this.

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:  May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   We wish to share our perspective.  And we feel very certain that you know what this experience is for you, and that we will just say what is already in your heart.  This scent that belongs to your mother is the way that she is communicating with you, and she is telling you that she has never left you, that she loves you beyond measure, and that you have doubted this most of your life, and she is bringing to you this scent to reinforced her love for you.  And she watches over you all the time, and she protects you, and she guards you.  Once again, she will forever love you, and this is her way of reminding you of that.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.  That was very sweet.

OWS:   And you know how we always say for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear?  We will add one more:  a nose to smell!  Okay?

Guest:   (Laughter)  Yes.

OWS:   And, we just wanted to jump in.  This is another One Who Serves.  This is the one you have not heard from for some time, here.  But we just wanted to give our two cents, here (well maybe three or four cents, not so much two cents).

But anyway, we are here to share with you quickly that we are going to be here, I am going to be there with you, at the Advance.  I am looking forward to it greatly so that we can be in Joy, and maybe sing a little bit.  You know how I like to sing, though James doesn’t like it so much.  But who cares.  I’m going to do it anyway.

So get ready for a wonderful time, a wonderful joyful experience.  Those of us, the One Who Serves, and all of the Ascended Ones that are working with you, and the Galactics, are all going to be there and be ready to bring in the new year.  I know it’s not quite the New Year yet, but we are preparing.  Boy, are we preparing!

We, all of us, are preparing for an amazing next year that is coming, that is going to be the fulfilment of all that has been said for some time now.  Many of you have wondered, “well, you have said it, you have said it, and it’s not happening, nothing’s happening,” and those things that many of you say.  Well, get ready.  Get those seatbelts fastened because it’s comin,’ people, it’s comin.’

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  We will let Shoshanna finish out, here if she wants.  Bye for now.

Shoshanna:   Wow.  That was a rush.  We will tell you all a little secret.  You all have clairaudience, clairvision, and all the clairs.  You can look up clairsentient.  You have all these things that you have not used so much.  Those in the spirit world that wish to be present to you will use those tools to reach you.  So you see, it is common. The human being doubts their ability to be telepathic, to be clairsentient, to have clairaudience, to have all the clairs, because we have been told we do not have those things.  So, when it shows up in our experience, we do not exactly how to decipher this.  What we would tell you is do not doubt yourselves, you are all clairsentient.  You all have clairaudience.  You all can communicate with those that are not here or being the veil.  You all can do that if you wish.  This is what we have for you today.  Please take heed that this is the truth of your being.   


James McConnell 

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Discernment is recommended.

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The Changes are upon Earth

Saint Germain and OWS.

Channeled by James McConnell.

October 30, 2019. 


I am Saint Germain.  I come at this time with what we consider very exciting news.
News that has been building up for quite some time, now.  You have heard many things over the past years, and months, and weeks, and days.  Many things are leading you to believe that your lives are changing and are going to change in a dramatic way.  That is true.  They are going to change in a dramatic way.
But always remember that if these changes are going to come, they must first come within the NOW.  Must always be within the NOW moment.  Because the NOW moment is the fifth dimension.  And the more that you can find yourself in that NOW moment, you will be in those higher vibrations, in the higher fourth and into the fifth dimension.
You have heard many things.  Much news that has come forward over the past time.  Many predictions.  Many people have said this.  Many intel sources have come forth and said this will happen, or this is coming.  We ourselves, brothers of the Great White Brotherhood, your galactic friends, brothers and sisters, the Agarthans, all have been saying that dramatic changes are about to come to you, about to befall you here on the Earth.
Up to this point, you look and you do not see the dramatic changes as of yet.  The exciting news that I am here to bring to you, that I have been asked to share, is the news that very dramatic truths are about to come forward in many different respects.  Those dominoes that have been spoken that would begin to fall, one rather large domino is about to fall.  It may come in the form of an announcement.  It may come in the form of simply a happening experience that occurs.  No, it is not going to be a major revelation coming in the skies, not as of yet.  But it will come as a major revelation in terms of truth coming forward, in terms of the darkness being illuminated by the light.  Those that still crouch within the darkness, within the shadows, must now come forward and bring those truths to the larger public as a whole, not only to the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors which all of you are, but to those outside of yourself as well.
Those that are still in that sleeping state, but are about to become awakened by something rather dramatic.  We cannot, of course, give you what that will be, but it will be quite astounding to many, and even to those of you that have been waiting expectantly for these various things to come forward.  Even those of you will not be astounded so much, but will find joy deep within your heart coming forward.
Because the moment of awakening is coming very close now, the awakening of mankind across the planet.  Not, of course, all will awaken.  Many will choose to continue to stay asleep.  But that is not your concern.  Your concern will be to those who are ready to awaken, those who are reaching up to the Light and want more and more of that Light, want more and more of that information to be shared, the truth that you have known for some time, they will now want those truths as well.
That is what is coming very, very soon to all of the planet.  First here in this country, your United States, the Republic of the United States (that, my friends, is a hint), all of this is about to come forward now.  And once it begins, it will be as the avalanche that has been spoken of many times.  The avalanche that will continue to gain momentum and take all of the darkness along with it that will then be illuminated by the Light.  The dark can no longer stay in the dark, in the shadows.  The shadows must be illuminated.
It has been written, it has been said before, and these are those times now that you, those of you, again that volunteered so long ago, these are those times you have been waiting for, that you have been preparing for, and that we have been helping to prepare you for.  But as of yet, you have, as the saying goes, not seen anything yet.  But you shall.
I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now, knowing that many of things in terms of the financial endeavors that have been in the works, in process, are about to come forward.  That is not to say that you will automatically become rich overnight—that is not the plan.  It is not the plan for you to all of a sudden find yourself in riches.  The plan is for balance to be brought to the world.  And you, those of you, are a big part of bringing that balance to mankind.
I leave you now in peace and love, and turn this channeling over to another who wishes to speak with you.
Peace and love be with all of you.  And may the Violet Flame continue to purge out all of the darkness, not only within each of you, but in everyone around you as well.
KaRa   (Channeled by James McConnell)
I am KaRa.
I appreciate, as always, the opportunity to be with you, to share with you.
To give you more understanding of that that has been spoken of previously by myself, by Ashtar, that about disclosure, and how close disclosure is now.  Project Disclosure is very close.  It is going to happen.  It is in the process of happening.  And has been said before, we are now bringing disclosure to you.  But it is not only about disclosure that I have come to speak with you, it is about the other projects that are in the works.
One in particular, what we call Project Masterpiece.  This project is also coming close to culmination.  And that is to round up, you might say, to bring forward those that are in the shadows, as Saint Germain has given, into the Light.  They will come into the light of the truth of the knowing.  And so that all across the planet can begin to understand what has happened, what has been happening over the many thousands of years, and what is now about to come to a culmination, an end.
As Archangel Michael said to you a couple of times ago, he spoke to you of the game, and the game that is no longer needing to be played.  And we say the same thing, now.  Reach out to your brothers, your sisters and assist them in not playing the game, as well.
Assist them in being ready to accept the truth as it comes forward.  As the light is brought forward, they will be ready as well, just as you have been, just as you are now, to accept the truth, to accept the Light into your lives.  The darkness can no longer hold sway upon all of the people of the planet.  They have lost control, and Project Masterpiece is all about taking that control away.
We don’t take that control away, you do.  We are just here to facilitate the process.  We, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, all that are here to assist in this process, we are all playing our parts, just as you are all playing your parts.
And those parts are coming together more and more so that all of the various workings, all of the machinations that are working together to bring the entire project to a climax, to a culmination, to a crescendo.  That is what this is all about.
You can look at it as a large piece of machinery and all of the cogs, the wheels that are helping to move the machinery, move the energy through the machine.  And every and every one of you are one of those cogs, are one of those pieces that are needed to keep the machine running.
The machine, of course, here, is the universe.  The universe, the galaxy, the solar system, the earth, and all of you here upon the earth.  And always remember:  you are in the earth, or on the earth, but not of the earth.  Do not be of the planet.  Just be here now in the moment so that you can assist in the process as Project Masterpiece continues to move forward.  And all that are there that are needing to be brought out to the public.  The troops coming forward:  that is what this is all about.
And yes, it does encompass the financial system.  It does encompass many arrests that need to be done, because they have to be brought forward.  The truth must be revealed.  The truth shall be revealed.  All will know the truth as it comes forward.  And you, my friends, are the truth to come forward.
I am KaRa, and I leave you now at this point to continue to prepare.  Prepare yourselves for the light of truth to become known across the entire planet.
All my peace and love be with all of you.
ONE  WHO  SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)
Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani, padme, hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you.
One Who Serves here.  You can now unmute your phones, and we can move along here and answer your questions if you have questions.
We have noticed over various timeframes here that your questions have become very much more attuned, attuned to the vibrations that you have moved into.  They are no longer the questions of a one that is awakening.  They are those questions now of ones that are awakened.  And that is a major difference, here.
We so enjoy these questions, because when you ask certain of thee types of questions, we can then expand, or expound, on those questions and bring the Light forward more and more.  And that is what this is all about, is bringing the Light through:  through your hearts, and through your minds, and the heart-mind connection.  Bringing it all together so that the entire planet, the galaxy, the solar system are all illuminated by the Light, by the love, by the consciousness of higher vibration.
Do you have questions now for One Who Serves and Shoshanna?
Guest:   Yes, hi One Who Serves and Shoshanna.
OWS:   Yes
Guest:  First of all, I would like to thank you all for the beautiful, beautiful words you kept saying, one word after another, that I was just loving hearing and had been waiting desperately to hear.  And so I just thank you for it.
But my question is, I have been noticing that the Schumann frequency has been going crazy in the last week.  So if I understand right, black lines mean we had a time line change.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.  And I’m curious about what solid white lines are.  And then I noticed we had a period of about 24 hours or so that was completely black this week, and I want to know what’s going on.
OWS:   What we are going to tell you is not so much about the direct relationship to the Schumann resonance, but the relationship to all of vibration that is increasing across the planet.
Those of you can feel it.  You can feel it here when these energies come in.  And we can see it.  We can see it in that flame that burns within each of you.  And it is burning more and more brightly, not only within those of you, the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, the Lightworker community, but to many, many more that are now awakening as a result of this.
You heard in terms of your conversation earlier in the situation where the one was in a musical situation (if you call that music).  But whatever it is, it was in that situation, and there was love there.  There was concern there.  There was consciousness there within all the ruckus around them in terms of being in the eye of the storm around.  So in that area, what you call the ‘mosh pit,’ those that were going wild and crazy, and the energy so raised up, not in terms of higher vibrations that you would think in terms of higher vibrations.  But within that, there was the love, there was the timing to assist and to be of service to others there.  And that is what we are speaking of.  That is what is changing, here.
And your Schumann resonance is a resemblance of this.  It is indicating this shift that is happening, and correct in terms of time line shift, yes, it has been that.  And the energies are coming stronger and stronger, and they are going to get stronger and stronger and stronger.  So be ready for this.
You heard also in terms of a warning, a darkness that is coming.  We would not say it is a darkness, but it is a light that is coming to illuminate the darkness.  That was what was actually being given there.  We certainly would never say for you to be in fear or to be anticipating that anything would be coming.  For some, it may be considered negative.
But it is where you are needing to, as we say many times, keep those seatbelts fastened because Kansas, as you do know it, or as you have known it, is going bye-bye, you see?  So that is the old programming we are speaking of.  Not Kansas, of course, itself, is not going anywhere, but the programming, the old ways, are going to be gone, here, more and more as you move more fully into the ascension, here.
Shoshanna, we know you are waiting, here.  We apologize for taking so much time.  But your floor, here.
Shoshanna:  (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell):
You have explained this very well.  And we have a perspective for you, Dear Sister.  May we share our perspective?
Guest:   Yes, thank you.
Shoshanna:   What is happening all around you is a cause and effect.  The being that you are, the hue-man who is imbued with the Source, who is the source, who is the divinity that was given to this soul way before the incarnation into a being known as human is causal.
When we recognize as humans that what is occurring outside of us was inside of us first, then we know our power.  So when you look outside yourself at external events, you can be sure that those events started inside of you, and that your recognition of those events is because you are awakening to those events as a causal being.  We hope this helps.   Namaste.
Guest:   Um, it does, but I think I need to clarify something.  I guess I was thinking of the Schumann resonances as like a foretelling of what energies were coming toward us, and their intensity.  But it seems like you both saying that they are a measurement of what’s coming from the earth.  And I was thinking it was what was coming from the heavens.
Shoshanna:   It is all one.  It is all one, and that is perplexing to most.  We can tell you is all one, that one draws upon the next, draws upon the next, draws upon the next.  That it is an energy flow that is created by the one.  And the one includes all of the multiverses, the galaxies, the universes, and YOU, and the planet.
The Schumann resonance is a result of all of those things, and that it is a magnification of the causation mostly of humans, you see.  So human beings, as they excel and exceed their third-dimensional conscious-knowing selves and move past that, the Schumann raises.  Do you see that?
Guest:   Yes.  And so that energetic connection between everything, that would be considered like a toroidal or a serpentine-type of an energy, am I correct in saying that?
Shoshanna:   Yes, yes you are.  And you are the scientist, our Dear Sister.
Guest:   (Laughs)  No, I don’t think of myself in that way (laughs).
Shoshanna:   Well, our Dear Sister, toroidal is a scientific term that most will not even understand or know what you are speaking of, but yes, that is correct.
Guest:   Yeah, that is why I also said serpentine that could be thought of as spiraling.
Shoshanna:   Yes.
Guest:   And it folds within, upon itself, and yeah, it is very flowing.  Let’s just say it flows.
Shoshanna:   And you must notice, as you are speaking in these terms, that the very Milky Way Galaxy is a toroidal shape.
Guest:   Yeah.  It’s everywhere in nature.  It’s in all of creation.
Shoshanna:   It is the Flower of Life that has been spoken of.
Guest:   Right.  Yeah.   Well, thank you.  I appreciate all the time and for my brothers and sisters for putting up with my multi-questions (laughs).  Thank you very much.  I love you all.
Shoshanna:   Namaste, Dear One.
Guest:   Namaste.
OWS:   Wonderful.  Wonderful, and wonderful questions.  Are there any other questions, here?
Guest:   One Who Serves.  I just want to make a comment.  During that astral journey where I had the warning.  I had to go so fast with that, I left out the part that actually as I was flying and the areas that would have been frightening, they were like teddy bears and I continued to sing and dance, and there was no fear.  It was actually written up on my astral journey that we were to be prepared for anything that might come, and we are not to have any fear.  So I want to send this out later on to everybody, and you can really read the entire thing.  But I got that as well.  We just keep our seatbelts fastened and continue your life.  Live your life, be happy, be in joy, and don’t worry about any of the snags that might pop up, because they cannot harm us.
OWS:   That is correct.  Be in the eye of the storm.
Shoshanna:   We have something to share, here.
OWS:   Yes?
Shoshanna:   May we share our perspective, Dear Sister?
Guest:   Yes.
Shoshanna:   What has been given you to is personal to you.  It is about you.  It is about your life.  It is about how you have progressed, how you see the world, how you contribute to the world, how you transcend the world.  This is personal to you, and it applies to all.  But what we must tell you, and you may already be completely aware of this, is that those messages are for you.   Namaste.
OWS:   Yes.
Guest:   Thank you.
OWS:   Very good.  Are there any further questions, here?
Guest:   Yeah, hi.
OWS:   Yes.
Guest:   I have been sort of having dreams.  I don’t remember the details.  But it does go back to Atlantis,  And Atlantis is one of the lifetimes that I remember, again, not in detail, but I do remember some things that occurred.    Also, just recently I have been reading channeled messages that also are relating to Atlantis, the fall of Atlantis, what occurred there.  We are kind of at that point at this time, so we are kind of doing the full circle and going into kind of auto-correct of that time.  Is there something you can speak to around that, and how it really relates to where we are now?
OWS:   The fall of Atlantis, as you are speaking of, is continued time, after time, after time in terms of civilizations coming on, and civilizations falling.  And that has happened over and over, not only here on this planet, but many planets and galaxies ad infinitum, infinite, here.  It has happened over, and over, and over.
And at this point here, those of the dark forces had planned the same thing again.  They had planned to bring this about.  Of course they would survive, they would be the ones that would survive, and the rest of humanity would perish, just as occurred in Atlantis, in Lemuria, and it was planned for this to occur again.
But of course, what is your saying?  ‘The best laid plans of mice of men often go astray,’ right?  So that was not going to be allowed in this respect, here.  The Prime Creator said ‘”‘enough is enough.”  The earth, Gaia herself, reached out to her brothers and sisters out there and asked for assistance.  And assistance has come.  And those things that were going to happen are not going to happen here now.  Disaster, as you know it, all the catastrophes and everything, of the predictions from the bible and other works are not going to occur.  So do not be concerned about this.
But the timelines are what are involved here.  The timeline has been shifted enough so that those things that were planned by those of those dark forces are not going to be.  Okay?
Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, may we share with you?
OWS:   Sure can.
Shoshanna:   We have seen something that we will reveal to you, and you may be completely aware of this.
In your life in the Atlantis lifetime, you were part of a council.  You may know this.  You had a designation as if you were a princess.  You were one that gave advice.  The people did not listen.  They did not listen to you.  And you are re-playing this now through a universal language that you know as ‘light language.’
The movie that you were drawn to so deeply, and we apologize because this one that we speak through, JoAnna, has an empty head and she cannot remember the name of the movie and give it to us…
OWS:   ‘Arrival.’
Shoshanna:   ‘Arrival.’  Yes.  You recall how you were drawn to that?
Guest:   Oh yes.
Shoshanna:   Do you recall how it plucked at your heart strings?  And you have taken your position now, and you sit with that language given to others to awaken them to a higher understanding of who they are and where their heart must be to move to the ascension.
So you are playing a very important roll.  But this roll was from that lifetime and continues now in this lifetime, so take it VERY SERIOUSLY, and know that you, because you are so loving and so integral, with so much integrity that you have been chosen again to bring this about in humanity.
This is what we have to share with you, Dear Sister.   Namaste.
OWS:   And we would add here that as Shoshanna has given that at that time they did not listen.  At this time, you find that they may not be listening either because they do not understand.  But that matters not.
You need to continue to do what you are doing because it is very important that you bring, not so much the words here are not important, but the vibration within those words is what is important, here, the vibration, the consciousness that comes with this.
Because they would be considered in terms of downloads.  And anyone that is hearing these words come through, this language that no one knows what it is, it is getting within them regardless, even if they have no conscious understanding of what it means.
Someone can attempt to elucidate what is being given, but they will not even come close to in terms of your English language to be able to understand what it is.  It just must be felt.  It must be just reached within one’s self to be able to have the full understanding from this that you bring here, okay?
Guest:   Fantastic.  Thank you, guys, I appreciate it.
Shoshanna:   May we offer another suggestion perspective to you?
Guest:   Yes, please.
Shoshanna:   We would ask that you consider, when you are offering yourself to others and bringing in this light language, that there be a preamble to your discourse, that you would say to people–you may need to repeat this very often– that this language that you bring is not a language that the brain can translate.
OWS:   Yes.
Shoshanna:   That this language cannot be understood with the brain.  That they must learn to listen with their heart, and to open their heart to listen AND FEEL what the language is telling them, and then allow them to share.  But giving them this message prior to your discourse will help them open their heart and listen with that, not with their head.   Does this make sense to you, Dear Sister?
Guest:   Oh yes, very much so.  Thank you very much.
Shoshanna:   Namaste.
OWS:   Very good.  Are there any further questions, here?
Guest:   I have a question.
OWS:   Yes.
Guest:   I heard a message this morning from the Arcturian Council of Twelve with regard to mass landings, and that the timeline for that has been moved up.  It didn’t say how much, but that critical mass was getting closer.  Anyway, I wanted to know if that had anything to do with this, and if we are looking for disclosure coming forward, are we looking at the next couple of weeks, the next couple of months?  Thank you.
OWS:   Of course we cannot give you dates or times of this nature, but we can tell you the answer to your question is yes.  It has been moved up.  It relates to that which KaRa gave, Project Masterpiece, and also Project Disclosure, as well as other projects that are in the works here, too.  And they are all leading to what you are calling ‘mass landings’ at a certain point.
But these mass landings cannot happen until Project Masterpiece has been completed.  In other words, there must be those of the dark forces removed from the picture, here.  They have been given many opportunities, after opportunities, after opportunities to turn to the Light.  Many have done so, but many have also still refused to do so.  There will not be waiting much longer, here.
Those of your leaders, those that are able to bring these changes forward, those in your Alliance, they are working very diligently, very hard, and sometimes even losing their lives, to bring these needed changes to the planet.  So that is what is in the works here, we would say.  Shoshanna, anything you would like to add?
Shoshanna:   We must ask a question.  Dear Sister, may we ask a question of you?
Guest:   Sure.
Shoshanna:   What do you wish to be disclosed that you do not already know?
Guest:   I just want it to be disclosed to everyone, that’s all.
Shoshanna:   May we share this perspective with you?
Guest:   Of course.  Yes, please.
Shoshanna:   It is important that all that are in the Light Community acknowledge their understanding.  Acknowledge that they are completely aware of everything, and that they do not need to wait for a government or individuals or a group to announce disclosure.  If all of you began to be in the now moment. that all is revealed in this moment. and that you are completely knowledgeable and aware of all that is going on, you will not have to seek external understanding, because it is within you.  You know everything.  It is just a matter of acknowledging your knowledge, and not seek to know from others what is going on.
We are not being clear about this, but we will tell you that you know what’s going on, and if it is frustrating to you that others do not understand this, that is the lesson for you.  You see?
Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.
Shoshanna:   Does that make sense to you, Dear Sister?
Guest:   Absolutely.  I just think we’re all in the same place when it comes to that.
Shoshanna:   Yes.   Namaste.
Guest:   Thank you.
OWS:   Yes.  Now would there be any further questions?
Guest:   I wish to speak.
OWS:   Yes?
Guest:   This is the first occasion I’ve heard the term “masterpiece.”  Could you explain that a little further, please?
OWS:   The need to explain what is meant by this is not important, because it is just a term that has been given here to this particular project.  But this project is all about bringing an end to those who still attempt to hold things back, here.  More and more, they have come to the understanding that they are finished.  They cannot continue to hold things back, even though they make attempts here and there to do so, thinking that at the last moment, the very last moment, they will be rescued by those coming from high above, those coming from the stars from long ago who will come back to assist them.  They are not.  They are not coming, and that is not going to happen.  So, it is all about bringing it in to those forces that have held the Light off for as long as they have.  Okay?
Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.
OWS:   Would there be any further question?  We need to release channel here, now.  Is there any further question?
Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.  Hello beautiful Shoshanna,, as well.  I have booked my trip to Mt. Shasta for two weeks from yesterday.  I also then listened to the Michael Love video.  They were talking about how to prepare the body, we need to move to raw foods and nothing cooked, and nothing even frozen.  I wanted to just check in, because I had a strong feeling maybe I should go that direction, especially with the Mt. Shasta trip.  And I was wondering is that valid and true that that is the direction we are wanting to be moving, everything just in its natural state, nothing done to it, really.  Is that the direction we are wanting to be moving for our Light bodies?
OWS:   First of all, there is no shoulds here, of course.  And it is always about moving into the higher vibrations.  And as you move into those higher vibrations, all that you are speaking of will take care of itself.  The body will no longer be able to handle or withstand certain foods that you have utilized for all your life, and maybe in other lifetimes previous to this.  It will not even want it.  There will not be the cravings anymore for the sugar or for various types of meats or anything of this nature.  All of this will go away on its own.  We say this because it is not something that you need to feel guilty about.  Certainly, don’t feel any guilt here whatsoever.  If you take something into your body, if it is not meant for it, your body will tell you.  It will purge it out in some way or it will give you some indication that ‘no, this is not right for you.’  As to whether it is to be raw foods or whatever it is, the more plant- and fruit-based type of diet you can be on, of course, is better because it is nature.  Anything that is associated with nature is very important.  Now, of course, we are not speaking of the eating of animal flesh.  That is something that is quite rapidly, we will say, more and more, going away.  And it will eventually completely be gone, because there will be no need for it anymore.  And, with your higher vibrations, no one will even want it anymore.  But, take it as you need to take it.  Listen to your body.  Your body will tell you what you need.  Shoshanna?
Shoshanna:   Yes, you have given all that is true, here.  But we will rephrase somewhat.  May we share our rephrasing, Dear Sister?
Guest:   Definitely.  We would tell you that you are completely aware, you are so aware, that the mind and the body are one thing.  That the body is the mind, and the mind is the body.  And that both must be fed correctly.  Both must be given the proper nutrients to excel, to move past the drama, to move past the low vibrations.
We would tell you that seeking the advice of another is how we find that the information already resides in our hearts.  It is just a reminder.  Anything that we read or know of, or listen to, is a matter of finding it within our own hearts to be true.  Do you see?
Guest:   Yes, definitely.  Thank you.
Shoshanna:   So, if this resonates with you to eat raw food, if this truly resonates with you, then that is what you must do.  If it does not, you do not.  We would tell you that there are many disciplines, especially the Ayurvedic Medicine, that tells you to steam your vegetables so that your digestive system is not taxed.  There are many that cannot digest raw food.  And there are many that need their vegetables steamed.  So you must find which is appropriate for you.
And, you must raise the vibration of your mind and heart to accept any information that is given to you now through this trip that you are about to take.  It is important that you prepare both your mind and your body, and listen to your heart, especially what is correct for you.  No one can tell you this.  Does that make sense to you, Dear Sister?
Guest:   Ye it does.  Thank you.
Shoshanna:   Yes.   Namaste.
OWS:   We also add here, since you have brought this up, that the one, the Michael Love, channeling was where you can find out more information about this Project Masterpiece.  This is where it came through here first, as we find it.  You can learn more about this.  There is much correct information that is coming forward.  Not all is correct certainly, but never in any channeling session is everything 100% correct.  It is what you need to take from it using your discernment at all times.  Okay?
We need to release channel here now.  Before we do, Shoshanna, anything you wish to add at the end, here?
Shoshanna:   We are going to say in this moment that what is most important and what is most valuable in the human process is to learn for yourself what is appropriate for yourself.  Learn who you are, and acknowledge your gifts in each moment, and be unto yourself.  It is not important what others think.  It is not important what others say.  It is most important that you find in your heart what is appropriate for you.   Namaste.
OWS:   Very good.   And what we are about to say for this group, Ancient Awakenings predominantly only, and that is that this group has been selected, you might say, to be a guiney pig, we can say here, in terms of at your next Advance we are going to attempt to do something that has not been done before:  to bring the vibrations up to such a point where you will literally be in the fifth dimension during that time.  We have shared this with the James.  He has no idea how we are going to do this.  But we are going to do it as long as your vibrations are reached to a high enough level, and we will do much to bring those who are in attendance to this to come to that culmination, that crescendo that is needed to feel the vibrations of the higher fifth dimension, here.  That is what we can say here now, and we will build up to this as we go, here.


Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the One
James McConnell 

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Quinta-feira, 02 / 05 / 19

One Who Serves via James McConnell, April 28th, 2019

We are ready for your questions.

One Who Serves via James McConnell.

March 28th, 2019. 


Om, mani padme, hum;  om, mani padme hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!   One Who Serves here.
Cannot even begin to follow up with that message.  That was quite profound, we would say, here.  And although we think we are quite profound at times, Saint Germain “killed it.”  (Laughter)   Is that the right word?  Can we use that word?
JoAnna:   Yes.
OWS:   Okay.  Do you have questions here for One Who Serves and Shoshanna, whom we know is standing by as well?
Shoshanna   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell):   Shoshanna is standing by.
OWS:   Any questions out there in phone land?  We almost said Phonie land, but you’re not phonie, you are real to us, very real to us!  So much more real than you can imagine.
  Would there be any questions here that you might have?
Guest:   Yes One Who Serves.   I have been trying to figure out a question for a little while now, maybe about a week now.  Because when I was on with you a few weeks back, I had talked about what was going to be my path for going forward, my work, if you will, and at that time you had said we are not looking back at the past, and  you said get a new profession, which is what you said to me, which I thought was quite amusing.  I have been trying to mull over what could that be.
But then I was kind of thrown for a loop when I listened to the recording last week where Shoshanna was speaking with one of the callers.  She said that for some people an intermediary step, if they have something wedged in their quantum field which is called the past, that they might go into that memory and change the way they see it and change the perspective with the intent to change all the past for future generations.
That is what I am really trying to do, and that is what I do very well, pretty masterfully, and so I was trying to understand why would that be not helpful anymore.  Or is there something I am missing?  Or are there enough people doing it so I don’t need to do it?  Or did you not realize that that is what I do, or perhaps maybe there is some question mark in the fifth-dimension beings as to whether this is going to be helpful anymore or how much?  So I just need some clarification on that.
OWS:   You first, Shoshanna, or we first?
Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with you, Dear Sister.
OWS:   Yes.
Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share her perspective with you, Dear Sister, is that appropriate?
Guest:   Yes, please.  By all means.
Shoshanna:   We are not clear what you are speaking of.  There were two things that you were discussing in your diatribe.  One was that, as we heard it, and please correct us if this is not the way you meant it:  what we heard was that you were told to change your profession.  Is that part of this?
Guest:   Yes.  And the other part was that I heard you suggest that people do that same thing, or seem like that was what you were suggesting.  So I was trying to understand why.
Shoshanna:   What were we suggesting?  Could you be very clear, please.
Guest:   Yes.  You said to one of the folks on the last call that what a powerful strategy can be to go into the memory and change the way she sees it and change the perspective with the intent to change all past and future generations.
Shoshanna:   Yes, yes.  Does that not resonate with you, my Dear Sister?
Guest:   No, that’s what I do and help people with, and that it why I am trying to understand why I was told that that wasn’t a good direction to go.
Shoshanna:   And did you think that one of us was telling you not to do that?
Guest:   Yes.  I thought I was told by One Who Serves a couple weeks earlier to get a new profession.  That’s when I was told, and he was joking understand, but I want to understand that.
Shoshanna:   Oh, okay.  So those two things are related and unrelated at the same time.  So it is always appropriate for human beings to change their perspective so that their experience forward and backward is a more beneficial experience to all.  That is appropriate.  It is also appropriate for human beings to change something in their lives, their profession, that would enhance that process.  So, changing your profession does not mean to stop programming the quantum field the way you are programming the quantum field, it just means that changing a profession may be more beneficial to that process.  Is that understood?
Guest:   Well, I’m not sure.  I mean in other words the profession that I do is to assist people to do that with the quantum field for themselves and to alter their perspective.  So I thought I was told not to do that.
Shoshanna:   So you do not need to change your profession unless you wish to change your profession.  So in that suggestion, there might have been a misunderstanding of why you were even asking the question.  So you do not have to change anything if it is benefiting you and others in your realm of experience.  So it perhaps was a misunderstanding on both parts.  That happens.  All beings when they are using language to communicate have misunderstandings.  So stand in your power, Dear Sister, that is our message for you, and do what is beneficial to all.  Namaste.
Guest:   Oh, thank you.  Okay.  I appreciate that.
OWS:   We will just add here there is always differences in what is being asked and what is being given as the answer in terms of not everything is as it seems to be.  And when you ask a certain question, in the moment there is an answer that pertains to that question.  But at a later time it may not pertain so much anymore.  So what we say when we might have said change the professions, it is possibly because it was not meeting your needs or the need that you would perceive that you would have at that time.
So as Shoshanna is saying, if it does not meet your needs, if it is not something that you are finding fulfillment in, or that  you are feeling is helping in the situation, then it would be necessary or prudent to make this change, make the shift in consciousness that is required to change that profession.
So do not think in any way that we, as The One Who Serves, would tell you to do anything.  We do not tell you to do anything.  Just as the James said earlier from our prompting, of course, that it is not for your higher self to tell you to do anything.  Your higher self will not do that.   Your higher self will guide you, nudge you.  But always remember that you are your higher self.  So as your higher self is nudging you to do things, you are nudging you, you see?
So just continue to allow for the process.  If it feels right to you, then it is right.   That is how you need to feel.  Now when we say feel, we are talking about from your heart center, that feeling there.  If it feels right at that level, then it is right for you.  But if it is something that you are analyzing and it is a drudgery at times, then that is something you may want to look at changing, bringing into a shifting pattern here, for yourself.  Okay?
Guest:   Yes.  Thank you so much.  I appreciate your teaching more on that.  Thank you.
OWS:   Yes.   Would be any other questions, here?
Guest:   Hello.  So thank you for everything, Shoshanna, and One Who Serves, James, and JoAnna.  Every Sunday after each session we feel like we are moving forward.  Thank you so much.
My question is related to an experience I went through last Sunday night.  I felt that something was going to happen.  Just as I was ready to sleep, the earth started shaking under me and getting harder, and I felt a surge of energy that I thought my soul was going to leave my body.  I didn’t want to be scare of it, so I started reminding myself that they are here, it’s okay.  I was telling myself, “you agreed to it, you said, yes, so just come down a little bit.”
After this experience, I was told that there were three beings that were helping me and they redirected me to go to experience or practice lucid dreaming and we can meet at a different platform if I cannot handle it at the physical level at this time.
So would you please, if it is possible, if it is relevant for me to know which kind of help they were trying to assist with and who might be those beings, without saying names because they don’t go with names.  But any clarification on this experience please?  Thank you so much.
OWS:   We can tell you, Dear Sister, that you already have the clarification.  You already know the answer here.  You are asking a question that you already have the answer.  You just need to trust.  You need to allow for the process.  We tell everyone this all the time:  allow for the process.  Because you are receiving guidance.  Sometimes it seems like higher guidance.  Sometimes it seems like not so higher guidance.  But it is guidance nevertheless.  Again, if it feels right to you, and this was right for you, then go with it.  Do not be concerned about whether it is right or wrong, or whatever, or if it’s real or if it’s imagined.  It is what it is.  And let it just be what it is.  And go with the flow, here.  Okay?
Guest:   Yes.  Thank you so much.  So I don’t need to figure out which kind of help they were trying to bring to me?
Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with you, Dear Sister.  Shoshanna wishes to share her perspective with you.
OWS:   Yes.
Guest:   Yes.
Shoshanna:   My Dear Sister, you are so guided.  Why is it that humans must be specific?  We do not understand this.  We do not understand if you are being guided why you need to know what these beings are.  Are they beings of light?  If your higher self tells you yes, and you are in your heart center at the time of the experience, we do not need to name these beings.
However, what One Who Serves is saying is it is a process and ultimately it will be revealed to you, and the message of patience is really relevant here.  (Laughter)  So you must understand that is your process.
The other thing that you must understand that One Who Serves has given is we all must trust the process and trust ourselves.
The other bit of advice that we would like to share with you, if we may, is that of the idea of leaving your body or participating on a different platform.  We must remember in every moment, if we can, that we are multi-dimensional beings having experiences at many platforms.  And the job of ascension is to integrate that into one.  That is the job of ascension, is to make us aware of all those dimensions that we are participating in.
So I would tell you, Dear Sister, you are brilliant—just bask in that, and know that all things that are being given to you are appropriate for you.   Namaste.
OWS:   Wonderful.
Guest:   Thank you so much.  I guess I wanted to incorporate elements on it, so I wanted to find out if I can do something more to participate in the process, but it looks like the message is just relax, enjoy the ride, and that’s it.
Shoshanna:    Yes, Dear Sister, but the acknowledgement that we are trying to convey is that you are already doing that because you are a multi-dimensional being, having multi-dimensional processes and experiences, even though we are not aware of that in our third-dimensional realm.  So you are already doing those things.
Guest:  Thank you so much.  Thank you.  I love you.
Shoshanna:   Namaste.
Guest:   Namaste.
Shoshanna:   Namaste.  Be the god.
OWS:   Would there be any other question?
Guest:   Hello, One Who Serves.  I keep having these vivid dreams of being with my wife, kids, friends, and family, but in different settings.  Maybe we live in a different town, country, house, friendships are different, surroundings are a bit different, but I feel like I know and I have been there before.  It really feels like I am there.  My question is, am I actually accessing and experiencing parallel dimensions or different realities?
OWS:   You most definitely are experiencing multiple realities, parallel worlds, openings to other areas of consciousness that you have no idea of yet at your three-dimensional consciousness level.  So this is opening to you.
And this goes not only for this one who asks now, but for all of you.  All of this is opening up to you, to all of you.  No exceptions.  You are all going to have these experiences at one time or another, sometimes more so than others, but it is all coming to you.  The more that you allow, and that is the optimum word here.  You must allow, you must have patience, and allow for the process to continue to evolve as you continue to evolve.
Shoshanna:   May we share?
OWS:   Please.  Yes, Shoshanna wishes to share.
Shoshanna:   Our Brother, we wish to share our perspective with you, is that appropriate?
Guest:   Yes.
Shoshanna:   Our Dear Brother, this is exciting news that you are sharing with all.  What you are experiencing is you.  It is not strange.  It is you you are experiencing.  It is your memories that you are experiencing.
What we would suggest for ease of those experiences is to approach them with curiosity.  Look at them as “oh, I am experiencing that, what is that?” and look at it from a vantage point of curiosity rather than “what is going on here?”  It is all perfect for all beings that are getting an understanding of who they are at other levels.  This is a wonderful thing.  Approach it with curiosity and know that you are being shown something that you need to know.   Namaste.
Guest:   Thank you so much.
OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions here?  Then if no, we are ready to release channel.
We give final message here, and we think Shoshanna, almost always has final message now.

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Sexta-feira, 15 / 02 / 19

We are ready for your questions. ~ One Who Serves, James McConnell - 2019/01/27

We are ready for your questions.

One Who Serves via James McConnell.

January 27th, 2019. 






Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.


Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  You can now unmute your phones.  Anyone out there?


Guests:   Yes.  Love you!  Hello!   (Laughter)


OWS:   There we go.   We always love hearing those happy joyous voices.


We are ready to have questions here.  Shoshanna is standing by also.  But before we do, we have a question that has been sent to this one, James, through the email, and we are going to answer that question rather quickly here.


It is the Rh blood, and what that ramification, what that means to those of the lightworkers here.  What we can tell you is not too much at this point.  Because there is so much more yet to come to understand before you can understand the connection here, more of the alien connection that is here, and those who have that Rh blood.  And it is important to know that as these changes continue to move forward, those ones that have this connection will be awakening more and more to their missions, their understandings of what is to come and what their part to play here is.  That is all we can say at this point.  Because it is coming more and more to understanding of much of this as far as this particular topic, as well as so many other topics have come across your consciousness and wondering.


And as you continue to ask these questions, even within yourself, you will continue to receive the answers, to the point where you will no longer need to ask outside of yourself because the answers are always within you already.  Even this one who has asked this question already has the answer within them.  They just need to look deeply within, ask within, and then wait for the answer.  This is for all of you.  Anything to add, Shoshanna, before we move on?


Shoshanna:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnel)



OWS:   Very good.  Do we have other questions here from your email questions.


Shoshanna:   Yes, we have a question from this one (I’ll do this as quickly as I can):


My brother has been a quadriplegic for two years after a terrible accident.  Matters became worse when he suffered severe brain damage after spine surgery.  He weighs one-third of his former body mass.  Our mother and siblings have endured a very painful and endless time seeing him slowly deteriorate.  He is fed through a valve to his stomach and breathes through another valve to his trachea.  No mother should have to go through something like this. One of our sisters thinks we should facilitate his transition by helping him die.  She said if he could speak, he would want this.  Truth is, no sibling is capable of doing it.   We feel it is not up to us to make such a decision.  It can only be according to God’s will.


So the question is, are we wrong in thinking like this?  Should we instead help our beloved brother to make the transition peacefully?  Will the Lord see that as an act of mercy from us to him, or the opposite?  This would entail administering him to artificially stop his heart, as he is not on life support where a single button may be switched off.  Please help.  We need your guidance.


OWS:   This is a wonderful question, and many have had these types of questions in the past.  In order to answer this the best way here, we would ask you a question:  you, being everyone here who would wonder about this.  And that is, what would you want.  If you were in that position that this one is in, what would you want?  Would you want to be released from the pain, the suffering, the agony that is there?


And the answer to this would be certainly, you would.  No one would want to continue to be in this state.  But—and this is a big but here—there is that sense of karma that is also involved here, that sense of completion, that sense of moving on beyond what is the seeming reality that is there.  And we would say to you who have asked this question to ask deeply within yourself, go within yourself and ask what this one would want, and you will come to the same answer that we have already given here.  That is what we can say on this.


And we would ask that those who are on the phone please mute your phones if you are not directly asking a question at this point, for there is much commotion there.


Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share on this matter.


OWS:   Yes please.


Shoshanna:   My dear brothers, it is the one who is laying in the bed who is beyond himself now.  He is beyond the body.  He is beyond all that you see there.  He is truly not suffering, but his body remains behind and is being artificially kept alive.  Even though there is no life support, he is being fed artificially and he is being breathed artificially.


So in some ways, because the living has so much fear of the death process, that he is being kept alive.  It is your FEAR of the process that this one will be gone forever that keeps you wanting him to be alive, even though he is in a deteriorated state.


You must balance your fear with love.  You must balance your fear with compassion and understanding.  This one who is laying in this state cannot communicate with you.  So as you balance your love and let go of your fear, and you let compassion into your heart, you will realize that this one is already gone, and you must, if you choose, allow him to leave.  Allow him to transition, as this is why he is in this state, because he is not there anymore.


Many blessings, and much love to you, and your mother, and your siblings.  And know that God is not judging you—YOU are judging you.   Namaste.


OSWS:   Yes.  Wonderfully, wonderfully well said.   We are ready to move on to next question.


JoAnna:    There is another email.  (I have to shake my head a little bit.)


OWS:   Yes, that is why we gave you a chance to collect yourself, here.


Johanna:  Yes, thank you.  Okay, I’m back.   Here is this question:  As the ascension process has been attempted many times before (and how many times if you could tell us), how can be collectively ensure that this will truly be the last and final time we and Gaia exit the Draconian matrix, never to return and thus creating eternal peace, love, joy, harmony, and oneness forever more?


OWS:   What we can tell you is, the experiment here is over.  It is no longer needed to have this duality process, here.  All that was attempted here has been achieved.


Again, please mute your phones, or we will end this call.  Very good.


This time that you are in now, this ascension process, is for real, and it is for final in terms of this evolution here on this planet and in this solar system, and even in this galaxy at this point.  This is the end.  This is the end, here.  This is the final overcoming.


This is the changeover that has been spoken of.  And the overcoming of the darkness and the overcoming of the duality.  The duality and the darkness within self, not so much outside of self, but within self.  You have been fighting the darkness within yourselves, and this is coming to an end.  As well as that darkness that appears outside of yourself as well.


So, do not be concerned that you will move through this ascension process and then you will find yourself right back here in it again:  it will not happen here.


But, now, that is not to say, and we have said this before:  those of you, the Lightworkers and Warriors especially, you will be called upon again at some point, who knows when, we cannot say in terms of time, because time is irrelevant, here.  But at some point, you may be called upon again to volunteer.  Because that is what you do.  You have done it before many times, and you are here doing it now, and you will come to the point when you will again be called upon to be a “system buster.”  And if you answer that call, you will find yourself in another situation similar to this, taking on the darkness, because that is what you do as a Warrior of Light.  Okay?


Again, we need to ask those of you on the phone to mute your phones or turn off your microphones.


Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to chime in.


OWS:   Yes, please.


Shoshanna:   My dear sister who asked this question, we must be aware in every moment of our lives, in every breath that we take, that love, joy, peace, harmony, order, eternal peace is within our hearts.  It is not external to us.  We must realize that as we become perfectly in balance with our own nature of light and love, that this is all that is necessary to move our consciousness forward to the next thing that would be our experience.  The third dimensional realm is very thick, is very difficult.  So, one must understand that all that is external to you is a drama.  It is not real.  It is of your own making, and that eternal love, light, peace, order, harmony resides within you always.   Namaste.


OWS:   Very good.   Are there other questions here?


Guest:   Yes.  For about two years I was high on life here and in a very high vibration.  I spent most of my time by myself doing meditation and all of that and I was feeling great.  Then, as you know, recently I took on substitute teaching to raise more money for my son’s wedding.  It occurred to me that this is killing me.  I mean literally the physical body is getting sick.  I am getting sick over and over, and I come home and I have the black coming out of myself into the water.  Meanwhile I am putting all these protections around myself.  Every morning I am doing an hour or more worth of protection and light, and all of that.  I cannot understand what is the reason for this, and why does it seem to be sucking into me like a sponge?  And this very dysfunctional district of people seem to be of a lower mentality and very emotionally immature in this whole area here.  Do you have any words for me and for others as to why this is happening so badly all of a sudden, or how to stop it in other ways.


OWS:   Yes, we can tell you here, and this reverberates back to what the JoAnna said earlier about the “sponge.”  Do you remember that?  In this case, you are a sponge.  You are one who is absorbing the energies around you.  You are taking these energies in, and not able to fully deal with them in terms of your physical body.  Yes, you are doing those things to protect yourself, but the energies are stronger at times than you are able to withstand.  This is nothing to be concerned about.  It is just something to know here.  Just something to be aware of.  And it will pass.  You will move through this.


But more and more, utilize that protection which you have, your Merkabah.  Surround yourself with your Merkabah as a force field whenever you go into these situations and you will find that you will not be quite as much of a sponge then, taking these energies into yourself.  Rather, you will be propelling those energies away from you, as if you were a rubber band around you, and those energies would hit and then bounce back off of you.  That is what you need to visualize with your Merkabah, to not absorb the energies, but to bounce them back off of you, you see?  And the more you can visualize this, the more you can begin to believe it, the more you will see that happening.  That is important here.


Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with you, dear sister.  Would this be appropriate for you?


Guest:   Yes, definitely, yes.


Shoshanna:   My dear sister, all that One Who Serves has given is the truth.  But there is another perspective here that we must share with you now.  It is your program.  It is, as we find it, maybe two or three programs running that are creating this suffering for you. And we know that when you are not playing this 3-D realm game, you are feeling whole and complete and joyous through your meditations.  But now you have joined the game again, and if you do not mind us sharing this, there is a program of fear and lack that is playing, you may not complete this mission of raising money which is difficult for you.  So we would ask that you find peace in your heart with this, and that whatever you do for your son is enough.  Namaste.


OWS:   Yes, very good, wonderful.


Guest:   Thank you.


Another Guest:   I have a question.  Hello.  In this acceleration time, a few things happening.  If feels to me that they are all connected together, I will say them and you will please help me to get whatever message from them.


So this week at a glance I saw a light green bracelet on my left wrist and, of course, it disappeared in a few seconds.  But it was there, I saw it.  And around my neck I see a circle, I don’t want to say scar, but a I see a circle around the neck one centimeter below my neck, and about one inch another circle, but it is not as clear as the first one.  So this is a physical thing:  anyone who would look at it will see it.  And the other thing is I just had a few things that seem to be connected.  So whenever I hear about a book or information, without me reading the book, I would be just planning to buy it to read it or something, I integrate the information of those things without me reading them or without me watching the whole thing of it.  The other experience is…


OWS:   Hold please.  What is your question first on this first part, here?


Guest:   Yeah.  So those things feel to be connected to one thing for me.  It seems like all those things are giving me one message, one set of information.  So can you help to clarify this for me what it is about?


OWS:   You are correct in terms of there is message coming to you.  This is message that is coming from your past understandings, past lives even, and it is a connection that is happening now at this point.  But for us to give you the exact meaning of this would be meaningless to you.  You must come to understand what these things are about for yourself.  What is the meaning of circular, here?  Why it is coming up in these respects and will continue to come to you in terms of what the meaning is.  It can be many different things.  But we are not at liberty to give you this information directly.  You must go within yourself.  And you have this ability to go within yourself and ask, and come to the understanding that is necessary for you in that moment.  And we would ask that you do that. Okay?


Guest:   Yeah.


Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share on this.


OWS:   Yes, Shoshanna, yes.


Shoshanna:   My dear sister.  What we find here now is that you must trust yourself.  That you already are aware and understand the message that is being given.  You are looking for others to affirm this message, but you already know.  Just trust yourself, my dear sister.


Guest:   Lovely.  Thank you so much.


OWS:   Yes.   Would there be other questions here, now?


Guest:   Hi.  I have two questions, and these are confirmations of some very, very powerful situations that happened, and I will try to be as brief as possible.


The first one:  I am in the desert.  I’m at Slab City.  Just undenounced to all of us in the encampment, came up a major dust storm.  It was so volatile and so dangerous, and so powerful.  I have been through hurricanes in Florida.  This was of that magnitude, and it came up so hard I thought it would rip my trailer apart.  At that moment I became very calm, I meditated.  I stood up and I could see my past self, Andrew, and I could see Yeshua, and I spread my arms out, and I began communing with them, and with Mother Gaia, Mother Earth, and then Sophia, God Sophia. I was talking to this list and moving my hands outward and asking for calm, for peace.  It took everything in me.  Then it became so brutal that I couldn’t stand anymore, and I thought the trailer would be ripped apart. Then I saw down, then spent a lot of time in the eye of the storm in deep, deep meditation, and then it stopped.  Was there a cocreation that actually happened, or was it just coincidental?


OWS:   My dear Gary, you already know the answer to this.  You are just searching for confirmation within yourself that you have that power within you, and that power is strong within you, the more that you believe in it.  You calmed the elements there by simply calming within yourself.  You calmed the elements first within yourself, and then the outward elements as well.  Just as the Yeshua calmed the elements around him and within him as well also in peace be still, the calming of the storm, the calming of the raging storm all around you.


This is indicative, not only to you who is asking this, but to all of you, now.  Calm the storm around you.  Be in that eye of the storm.  We have said this many, many times.  Be in the eye of the storm and calm the raging storm around you by being calm.  Calming first within yourself, and you would be amazed at how the calming then occurs outside of yourself as well.  Okay?


Guest:   Yes, yes.  Thank you.


The second part of my question is during the eclipse I was in the desert in Quartsite and had a campfire, and I waited for three hours for that eclipse.  When it came about, I went into a deep meditation.  The Air Force had chem-trailed the heck out of the sky.  They were trying to block it out.   Clouds also came in, but it was mostly chem-trails.  A musician friend was there with me.  He is not a Lightworker, but he is starting to wake up a little bit.   I was in deep meditation, not talking, told him I could not speak, and bringing in this lunar eclipse.


What happened was right toward the apex of the eclipse, he looked over at me, my eyes were closed, and he said, “did you do that?”  I said, “what” and I opened my eyes and looked, and there was a clear portal, there was clear sky, and there was a 360-degree circle around where we were which opened the moon up, and everything was clear.


Then two craft came in, coming straight underneath the moon.  They were at 2000 feet.  They looked like airplanes, had the lights of airplanes, but they were not airplanes.  He said to me, and he is not a Lightworker, and not used to these things.  He said, “they are not moving in a linear fashion; what do you think?  I said those are craft, those aren’t regular planes.  Then immediately after that, two ships, a large, large ship appeared over the mountains, and one JoAnna saw all the way in Payson, saw the same ship.  And there was one above that, a smaller ship.  They felt very Pleiadean.  It felt like KaRa was there, and it felt like hey just wanted to reach out and touch me, and it was as close as they could get at the time.  I think I know the answer to this one too!


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Domingo, 06 / 01 / 19

We are going to interact with each other as much as we can ~ One Who Serves, James McConnell.

We are going to interact with each other as much as we can.

 One Who Serves via James McConnell,

December 30th, 2018

Shoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self
These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group based in Payson, AZ on December 31, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

OWS I  and  OWS 2  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani padme, hum; om, mani padme, hum; hum, hum.   (Group om chanting.) Wonderful!  We love that you do that with us here!   Not many people do the om, mani padme, hum along with us here, but that was wonderful!  And it sounded good too, did it not? You all do very well here!  Very good!
We promised the James we would not sing tonight, so there will not be any singing here.  But we are going to open this up to expression from all of you.  This is not a one man show, here, you might say, or a one collective show, in this case.  It is all of us together, that we are going to interact with each other as much as we can here.  Okay?
So what we were going to start off with here is how was this last year for those of you?  What would you have to say about this year that has just past, or has just finished tonight, here.  What would you say about it?
Guests:   Lots of personal growth.
OWS:   Great expansion.  Personal growth.  Keep going.
Guest:   Challenging.
OWS:   Challenging, challenging year, okay.
Guest:   Painful, and letting go of attachments.
OWS:   Painful and letting go of attachments.  Very good.  Any others:
Guest:   Exploration.
OWS:   Exploration:  what do you mean by exploration?
Guest:  Exploring the realms that lead into the higher dimensions—wonderful!  Very good. Any others?
OWS:  There’s a party going on out there somewhere, and that is wonderful that you have gathered together, but we would need to ask you if you unmute your phone, then everybody needs to be somewhat quiet in the background.  Though that is tough when you are drinking the spirits, but do the best you can, okay?   Would there be any others that would say what this past year was for them?
Guest:   Victorious.
OWS:  Glorious.  Glorious year.
Guest:   Intense emotional personal relationships.
OWS:   Personal relationships.  Lots of changes.
Guest:  Challenging.
OWS:  What many of you are describing is from your own personal point of view.  You are seeing it from your eyes only, and not from the larger picture.  And that is where we are going, here.  We are going to look more at the larger picture, not the small one, not the one is just between your ears, here, in your head, and also your heart too, as well.  But we are not going to look at it from that standpoint, but what has occurred in the larger picture.  Now, let’s look at it in that respect.
A couple of your answers would fit in terms of the larger picture, here.  So what has happened, from the beginning of your 2018 to the end, here.  What kinds of things have happened, again, in the larger picture.
Guest:  If you look at what has taken place since the beginning of the year in the world, I would say it has been an amazing dump.  It’s spectacular.  What you see what President Trump is doing, and how he is moving that train along, we can almost see the finish line.
OWS:   Very good, yes.   Major jump here.
Guest:   More freedom.
Guest:  More love, more peace, more harmony, and more joy.
OWS:   More harmony and joy.  Now you are getting the picture, here.  Now you are getting it.  For there have been very many changes that have happened.  But of course you could look back at each year and say well, that year had a lot of changes too.  And you could go back and back and continue to do that.
But what is happening now, is the changes that are coming about are about the bigger picture, about The Plan.  And it is all about the plan working out, here.  We can tell you certainly that the plan is working out—it is coming together.  We have said many times you are on the cusp of a great many changes.
But what are the changes that have already occurred.  You have had some arrests, have you not?  You have had some of this.  What else have you had?
Guest:   The portals open.
Guest:   Ships coming closer.
OWS:   Closer, yes.  We have talked about that.  Ashtar has talked about that, and Aromda many times, that the ships are coming closer.  Also you have heard from other sources as well where they speak about this also, that the ships are coming closer and you are going to see them more.  And that has happened.
Many of you in your Sunday discussions have shared those experiences where you are seeing so much more than what you did before.  Not only the ships, but many of you are seeing interdimentionally.  You are seeing what was previously not able to be seen with the physical eyes.  But now, because your third eye is opening more and more, that is allowing you to be able to open your physical eyes to the other dimensions, you see? Through the third eye.  And that is very important what is occurring there.
Now, you would say yes, but that is just those of us, the Lightworkers.  There are so many out there that have no idea of any of this.  And yet that is true, and we have said that many times.  There are so many out there that have no idea of what we are speaking about now.  And they would hear this and they would go, “that is of the devil,”  or “you need to not listen to those types of things,” and all of that, because they are not where you are now.  But where are they?  They themselves, even those that have not, what you would call, “awakened” yet, they have raised their consciousness as well as a whole now.  We do not speak of everyone, of course, but across the planet it has happened a great deal more.
Consciousness is spreading.  There are changes that are happening within each individual.  Whether they know it not, their DNA is being worked on.  Whether they know it or not, their cellular system is becoming more and more crystallized.  They are even beginning to hold more and more light, even though they do not even know what light is other than you turn on a switch on a lamp.  You see?
So, so many things are happening and changing, and yes it does seem like it is all yet behind the scenes and in the background, and you have heard this and heard this.  And then when we say changes are imminent and all of this, and you say,  “yeah, but when is it gonna be?” And we’re saying this, One Who Serves and Sananda and Ashtar and St. Germain and so on and so on, but when is it actually going to happen?
Now, the when part is interesting.  We are not going to say “soon,” of course.  We are not going to say “imminent. ”  Though, we are going to say, and you may want to write this down in your brains here as a memory that you heard it here, we are going to say that your 2019 is going to be something special in many respects.
You are going to have those arrests you have been waiting for.  That is just around the corner, here.  And they are going to begin en mass.  And you are going to have changes in your political structure.  That is going to happen.
You are going to have many situations where there will be more and more and more sightings of ships, and it will become as commonplace for people to look up into the sky and begin to see many things that they could not see before because, and I will tell you now, we will tell you this now, the ships are going to begin more and more to uncloak themselves, or decloak themselves.  That will result in mass sightings across the planet.  Is it going to happen this month?  Is it going to happen next month or the month after?  We cannot say that.  But it is going to happen over a period of time, over this year, here, you are coming into.  Many will see this.  Even those of you who attend the next Advance:  get ready, because there is something wonderful that is planned for this, and it is entirely in the respect that we are speaking now.
So get ready for that.  There are many things that are coming.  You are going to hear various announcements that are going to come forward.
We are not going to say that your financial system is going to completely change over, but the changeover is coming as well.  First you might see a raise in prices and things of this nature, and it may seem like everything is going wrong.  But those of you will know that as these things are occurring, everything is actually going right.  Because in order to have a complete breakthrough into a new golden age, you first have to break the old age down.  The old ways, the old system, they have to be reduced.  They have to be diminished greatly, and even completely expired here, we would say.  So that is all coming to you.
And you are going to experience so many shifts in consciousness.  Now, we would ask you:  how many shifts in consciousness those of you that are listening here, how many shifts of consciousness did you have over this past year?
Guest:   Lots!
OWS:   Lots!  Yes, that is the answer here.  That is what we’re looking for.  We did not want you to say one, or two, or three.  We wanted you to say lots!  Because that is what has happened.
Many of you—most of you—have had many different changes of consciousness over the near.  You have had energies coming into you and bombarding you at times, they were so powerful, and you could not handle them, or at least you thought you could not.   But guess what?  You’re here!  You handled them!  You got through it!  You see?
And you will continue to get through it.  Because, we are going to tell you now, the energies are going to get even stronger.  But, as these energies get stronger, you also are stronger.  You also are able to hold and anchor much more light than you could before.  And if you can anchor the light, then your vibrations can continue to rise.  And, as we have said many times, if your vibrations continue to rise, so too go away the various symptoms.  What you call the “ascension symptoms” will also go away.  You will not need to have them anymore because your central nervous system is being worked with.  And it is being changed and altered and reconfigured even, you might say.  So those of you that have difficulties with your central nervous system and your spinal column and all of these things where you tend to have a situation where you have various pains in your spine, all of this is going to disappear.
Now, along with that, that is wonderful to hear, but you may be saying, “but yes, we need some proof, we need some things to actually happen.” And what is coming are various devices that are going to be released.  Very possibly, very probably, they are going to be released this year coming up.
You are going to have many new medical advances that are going to be released because the cabal, those dark forces, are going to be either eliminated completely or very greatly curtailed, so they will not be holding things back anymore.  And the release of the technologies will come forward such as that which is called your “med beds.”  You already have the Tachyon Chambers, which are growing in number all over the planet now.  And they will continue to grow.  You have other devices which are going to be introduced as well.  So, so many things there.
 You have energy that is going to be released in terms of more closer to the free energy.  It will not come directly as free energy because you cannot go from what the James is fond of saying “zero to sixty in two seconds,” but you will experience a changeover in this respect in that your energy that you use now, your electricity and all of these things, many devices are already coming out that are going to preclude the need for your electrical services as they come out, you see?  You are going to find that a small box can power your entire home.  This is all coming, here.  This is all spoken of by the President Trump when he gave his inaugural address when he spoke about the energies, and space, and all of these things.  Any many people across the country when they heard that could notbelieve that he would say things like that, but he did, and it is coming true.  These things are all coming.
You have so many things to look forward to.  We could go on and on, because there are so many different shifts, we will say, that are coming as a result of the higher energies that are coming into the planet.
My goodness, when this wave of energy (now we do not speak of THE Event right now), but when this wave of energy, this galactic wave that is approaching the planet now, when this wave hits, it is a precursor to the event, and it is going to create, even in that time, a great consciousness shift in that moment.  It is building up.  This is all about building up to the “crescendo” that Sananda is fond of saying, here.  And that crescendo is coming, very possibly you will find that toward the end of this next year, here.
Now, to understand those things which are coming up immediately in your first or second month of this next year, you are going to have a number of things, we will say, that are coming out of the shadows.  They are no longer going to be in the shadows.  Now we speak of those of the dark forces that are no longer going to be in the shadows, as well as those things that are being brought forth in terms of announcements and all of this.  For the truth must be revealed.  The truth must come forward.  Those of you and, in fact, the entire world now is ready for the truth.  Enough is enough.  You have gone through subterfuge and cover-ups and all of these things long enough, have you not?
Guests:   Yes.
OWS:   Isn’t it time now for the truth to come out?
Guests:   Yes.
OWS:   Well, if you want the truth, you must demand the truth.  Now that can come in terms of demanding it outright and outward from yourself, but you can simply demand it within yourself as well.  Talk to the forces at large, here, what you would call the Galactics, what you would call the Company of Heaven, the Ascended Masters, the Agarthans.  Talk to them.  Tell them, “We are ready now– we want the truth, we want it all to come out; we want disclosure.”  You don’t want a partial disclosure, do you?
Guests:   No.
OWS:   You want a full disclosure.
Guests:   Yes.
OWS:   Well, make it happen!  Ashtar said this before.  Aramda said this before.  St. Germain said this to those of you.  They said if you want it, create it.  It is in your creative power, here, to bring all of this about.
And those of you, this group, you may think you are a tiny group, a small group of people come together again, a family if you will.  But you are so much more powerful than that.
Many of you, (now we are not wanting to build egos here or build up the heads or anything of this nature) but many of you are going to begin to remember various things that are going to come to you as far as who you may have been in the past, where you came from, what you have done before—these types of things.  They will come in snippets at first, and then they will become flooding more and more into you.  Because as these energies continue to come in, it is going to then bring about this shift of consciousness within each and every one of you that is going to bring these memories forward.  And as these memories come to you, it will not be as a cascade or an avalanche coming over you, it will come in spurts and it will come as you are able to handle it.
You see, each and every one of you has a mentor or more than one mentor, and they are already working with you, even though you cannot yet see them, and I pronounced that word more here, “yet” see them.  That is coming as well.  And they are working diligently with you.  Whether they are Ascended Masters that are working with you, or Galactics, or Agarthans, or whoever they might be, you each and every one have a mentor or more than one mentor already.  And they are working with you.  Many of you already know who they are, and you can call on them.
And we would say to you, yes, call on them.  Don’t attempt to do it all yourself.  You have done that for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.  That is why you have struggled and had pain and suffering and all this, because you did everything relying on yourself.  Now it is time to rely on yourself, yes, but also your Higher Self, certainly.  That connection, that integration, has been developed within each and every one of you, especially those of you that attended the last two Advances here.  And you are going to continue to feel more and more and more of that integration coming over you and in you.  And you will feel like your higher God self and you are certainly one.  So, get ready for that, because that is coming.
You see, all these things are coming.  And you might say, “Yes, but again, One Who Serves, you keep saying they’re coming, they’re coming, you’ve been saying this for year after year after year, and when is it going to actually be?”
Guest:   Now!
OWS:   Yes, thank you!  (Laughter)  Now!  It is going to be NOW!  Because now is the only thing that matters.  The future matters not.  The past certainly no longer matters.  The NOW that you are in right this moment:  this is what matters.
And incidentally, as we have given some of these predictions, please understand that they are strictly based on probability and possibility in this moment right now.  In the next moment, collective consciousness changes all the time, and collective consciousness can change these predictions as well.  So you have a saying, take these predictions with a grain of salt, okay?
It is important for you to know that everything is being orchestrated.  Please always continue to remember that.  Everything is being orchestrated.  Everything is coming together to bring this entire new Golden Age upon the earth.
 And Gaia herself is ready for this.  She has had a enough.  She is saying, “enough is enough!  We are moving on now, and we are moving on with or without you!”  Not you, not those of you here, but without you meaning the rest of the consciousness here on the planet that is not ready for this.  You see?  She can only wait so long to hold this three-dimensional space, here.  And when that time is up, it is up.  And whenever those who are not ready for it, or have chosen not to move on, then their time is up here as well.
But also understand that everything is going exactly as it needs to, so wherever one is in their choice process, whatever it is that they want, that will come about.  You see?  No one will be forced to do anything that they do not want to do.  That time of being forced, of having your choices taken away from you, is going to be passed.  It is already passed now.
You just need to continue to open up to the possibilities and the probabilities of everything happening and create it, as we said earlier.  Create it.  You want NESARA?  Create it.  You want full disclosure?  Create it.  You see?  We said full disclosure here, because partial disclosure is already happening.  You are already in that process now.  But for full disclosure, you  need  to  create  it.  You want the mass arrests to happen without any prolonged discomfort as a result of this in terms of to society?  If you want that, then create it. Visualize it.  See it happening.  Know it is already happening.
Know as you visualize it and you create it, it is already done.  That is what is missing from all of you that ask for things in your lives.  You ask for them in terms of supplication to another to bring those to you.  When in fact all you have to do is ask and know that it has already been given you because it is a part of you that is coming to you, you see?  It is all part of your higher self, your higher God self, and all of the aspects of your multidimensional selves.  Okay?
That was quite a mouthful, was it not?
Guests:   Yes.  Powerful.
OWS:   We are trying to take questions now if you have questions.  Any questions here from those of you?
And Shoshanna, are you going to be involved here, or not able to?
SHOSHANNA  (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell) :   Shoshanna will share.
OWS:   Very good.   Actually before we take questions (we are making this up on the fly, in case you haven’t already figured that out):  Shoshanna, do you have anything you would like to say at this point before we start the questions?
Shoshanna:   Shoshanna has had many thoughts, and much reflection on what has been said here, and we wish to simplify everything for all beloved beings.  We wish to simplify the formula that creates your life.  It is so very simple.
There is an internal life that we all live.  And the internal life becomes a reflection of the external life.  As we expand and grow in our own beingness and in our own power, the external is expanded.  You can see all the changes around you because you are changing.  It is as if there is something glorious occurring external to you, yet that gloriousness is because you have changed internally.  As you change, as you grow, as you know your power, as you know who you are and remember who you are, Gaia herself will cleave to you, will change with you, will move with you, as you are one, and she is one with you.  That is my message today.
OWS:   Wonderful.
Guests:   Beautiful.  Thank you.  Wonderful.
Shoshanna:   Namaste.
OWS:   Would there be any questions, now?   No?  All questioned out?
Guest:   Hi.
OWS:   You are the one with the party!
Guest:   No.
OWS:   No, oh.  Someone opened their line up and there was a party detected.
Guest:   I have a question One Who Serves.  I think I am the one with the party.  Can you hear me?
OWS:   Hold please, we are listening first to the one before, here.
Guest:   All right.
Guest:   Hi.  I was re-listening to the April Advance where you, One Who Serves, Moses, had said next Advance we might reveal other One Who Serves mentors of the six you mentioned.  So I got really excited and thought I’d ask about that, and, you know, maybe we are not ready to hear all that or maybe shouldn’t hear who is who.
OWS:   What we did is we gave it to the James, but have decided to hold off for now.  Now you may disagree with this, but we are finding that it is unimportant here at this time.  When there is a need for it, then we will come through with that.  We did it purposefully for the one here, the one known as Moses, and we did that for a reason, and you will find that reason more as we go along here as we do that.
And we will, from time to time, as this year continues on, we do intend to share more.  Because we are going to get more and more personal with all of you.  Not only we, the One Who Serves and the collective of us, but those of Sananda, and Yeshua, and Ashtar, and St. Germain, and even more personal than they have been up to this point, if you can understand that.  Think in terms of what occurred at the last Advance in terms of Yeshua and you will begin to understand what is in the works here for this group.  Okay?
Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.  And I recommend, folks, you listening to Advances—they are awesome.
OWS:   Very good.  There was a question here from another?
Guest:   Yes, this is me.  I am the one having the party.  We are having a good time here, enjoying the time.  This year has been kind of inspiring.  I am actually outdoors right now and there are some fireworks going on in my neighborhood, so I apologize for the noise that is coming through.
My question is basically more of a guidance:  how can I use the power within myself to maybe confront the challenges of the low vibration energies at my work?
OWS:   Ah.  You wish to begin, Shoshanna?
Shoshanna:  Beloved brother, it is good to hear from you.
Guest:   Thank you.
Shoshanna:   It is difficult.  As our vibrations rise, it is difficult to participate in that which is seemingly a lower vibration and those you feel they wish to bring you down to their level.  What we would ask you to do is shine your light, dear brother.  Shine your light as brightly as you can.  Dismiss the judgments that you have of those that are not so much awake.  Dismiss those judgments.  Be happy and joyous around those that seem to have a lower vibration, and you will see immediate results.  You will see people laughing and smiling as you introduce your joy and your love, and your light in the midst of those that wish not to feel that.  You, brother, are responsible for raising your vibration and those along with you, and you will see great changes in yourself and in those around you.  Namaste.
OWS:   And with that understanding and looking at the larger picture here in terms of not only this one who has asked this question, but for many who are in what you would call jobs that they do not like or they do not think are important, or whatever it might be, they feel a dreariness when they go each day.  We are not saying it is you, we are just looking at in terms again, the larger picture here, for there are many such as this that feel they are in what are called dead-end jobs going nowhere.   And they are going to become more and more dissatisfied with that type of situation because it does not feed their higher vibratory selves any longer.  It may have done okay before, but as your vibrations continue to raise, you will want to be more and more around those others that also have high vibrations.
This is what is coming in terms of, we do not like to use this terminology, but it is the only thing that comes at this point, more of a division in terms of vibration where those that are of high vibration will seek those others of high vibration, and those of low vibration will feel more comfortable with others of low vibration, you see?  And that will create more of a division.  But this is necessary as the event comes, because at that time consciousness will be raised across the entire planet, but there will be still those that will decide, you might say, choose to remain in the lower vibrations, and that will be their choice at the time.  Okay?  Does this answer your question?
Guest:   Absolutely.  I got 200% more information than I was expecting.  Thank you very much, and I love you all.
OWS:   Very good.  Would there be any other questions, here?  Nothing else?  Everybody ready to go and party, hah?  Ready open those bottles of champagne and all these things?
By the way, just so you know:   St. Germain and others as well, not just St. Germain, he is one, he is kind of a lush, (group laughter) but there are others that also imbibe and some of us like champagne too; of course, not in great amounts, and wine, and these types of things.  And we celebrate.  We enjoy.  We are not necessarily celebrating a new year, because this in most cases does not have any meaning to us.  But we have our times during the years that we celebrate.
But what we are really celebrating, anybody know?  What are we really celebrating?
Guest:   Mankind awakening.
OWS:   Yes, everybody is awakening.  That is what we are celebrating.  And those up on the ships, my goodness are they celebrating!  Because they know that finally, finally after all these many, many lifetimes, many thousands and thousands of years, in terms of ions of time, are coming back together again with their loved ones, those ones that left so long ago, or that you left them so long ago, and that you are coming back together, and that in itself—what more could you want to celebrate than that, you see?  That is something very much to look forward to.
Shoshanna wishes to share something.  Yes, Shoshanna.
Shoshanna:   I wish to share the importance of remaining in a high vibration state.  I wish to share the importance of raising mankind’s vibrations by raising your own.  To stay in an awakened state, one must try very, very hard to live in the NOW moment.  The nowmoment is where the vibration is the highest.  This is difficult for most.  Human beings love to lament the past, and human beings love to forecast the future.  We would admonish you in this time of expansion and awakening to live in the present, to be in the now, to feel the joy of the now moment.  As your awakening expands, that will expand others.   That is my message.    Namaste.
OWS:   Very good.  One more time, would there be any other questions here?
Guest:   Could you talk about maybe any earth changes upcoming in the next year?  I live on the California coast and it seems like my higher self has been nudging me quite a bit to get out of here.  I am curious if they are related, but I would like to here if there is anything we can expect with Gaia.
Shoshanna:   May I address this one?
OWS:   Yes, please do.
Shoshanna:   Dear brother, Shoshanna wishes to share with you.  Would that be appropriate?
Guest:   Absolutely.  Thank you so much.
Shoshanna:   My dear brother, please listen to your higher self.  If you are being given messages, if you are being nudged in a particular direction and you are aware of this, you must listen.  It does not matter whether California goes right into the ocean.  What matters here is that you understand that your higher self is speaking to you.  I would greatly advise for all beloved beings that hear the message to follow it.   Namaste.
OWS:   Please understand that we are not saying that California is going to drop into the ocean, okay?  Don’t think in terms of that, but Shoshanna is completely correct in terms of following the higher guidance, and if that is what you want to do, it could very well be possible here that your higher guidance is telling you to leave the area where you live because it is no longer conducive to your vibrations.  So that is one thing.
We know that there are many Lightworkers and –warriors that are moving away from various areas where they have lived for quite some time, and they are moving to new areas where their vibrations are more of a match for them.  That is happening, and will continue to happen.
As to whether there will be your actual question about earth changes, we cannot say that directly because, again, it is all based on probability and possibility.  Will there be various cataclysms throughout the planet?  Yes.  That has always been, and will continue for a little bit longer, because Gaia is continuing to clean herself up, you might say, continuing to let out the steam of negative consciousness that has resided within her for some time.  So that is all being let out in terms of volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, all of these types of things.
Now, some of these things, though, as you have heard in the past, are man-made.  Not just consciousness-made, but directly made by those of the dark cabal.  They have had an influence here in some of these things.  But that is being greatly curtailed at this point, and you will likely not see any more, or very little of that, in the next few months, here, and then no more after that.  So that is coming to a close.
Also coming to a close is what you call that chem.-trail program.  That will be coming to a close also sometime during this year, as we are finding it now.  So the announcements are going to come forward as to what that was about and why it can no longer be continued.
Okay.  Does this answer your question:
Guest:  Yes, thank you very much.
Another guest:  My question is, you have said, if you want this, you create it.  Right?  If I want to go back to my galactic family, I need to create that to go back?  How does that work, if I am here on the earth?
OWS:   You create it in your mind, you create it in your heart, you crystallize it within yourself, you visualize it happening, see yourself up on a ship or another planet or whatever it is, whatever you would call home, visualize it, create it, and then let it go.  Do not be concerned with the results.  Because if you are concerned with the results, you will block the results from happening.  Okay?
Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.
Shoshanna:   May I share with you dear sister?
Guest:   Go ahead, Shoshanna.
Shoshanna:   My dear sister, we often forget in the human life that we have made some agreements, and we have made agreements to live a life, and often that may not include moving forward to another planet.  It may include it, and it may not include it.  What is really difficult here is the creation process.  It is truly a creation process, and humans have the power to create their life.  But behind that power and behind that desire is a plan that you made long ago.  You may have to examine that look to see what you need to do here and now before you move forward to a galactic life.  I hope that makes sense to you my dear sister, and we love you so much.   Namaste.
Guest:   Thank you, Shoshanna.  I love you too.  Thank you, One Who Serves.
OWS:   Yes.  Would there be any other questions here?
Guest:   I just had a question about the political atmosphere, the current events of the shutdown, and then the seating of the next Congress coming in.  If you could just give a little bit more detail about what might be happening in that way.  Thank you.
OWS:   We hesitate to get into your political arena, here, because so much is in flux.  So much again is based on probability and possibility based in the moment right now.  And as you look at those things which are occurring right now, there will be a great changeover in your political structure in terms of those that are corrupt, those that have done everything they can to serve themselves rather than the people that elected them, that will create them no longer being in their position, and that is going to come.  It will not take an election process to have that happen.  There are just simply going to be many arrests based on those many indictments that have occurred already.  So that is part of it.  We cannot say directly about who is going to be in your Congress or anything, nor would we even if we could here now.  But just know that there are many changes developing there.  Okay?
Guest:  Yes, thank you.
Another guest:   Can I ask something?
OWS:   Yes.
Guest:   Trump recently treated that he ended the Federal Reserve, and I also believe that the IRS was also on its way out too.
OWS:   That is correct in terms of both of them being what you would call on their way out.  That is correct.  Whether you will see it directly in your next month or so, we cannot say, but it is all coming together.  Again, everything is being orchestrated.  Not only from your political scene and President Trump and all of those around him, but the Alliance around them, the Galactics, the Agarthans, the Company of Heaven, all the Ascended Masters, all of us are working together to bring these changes about.  So you are certainly not alone, here.
Now, can we do it for you?  No.  Will we do it for you?  No.  That is not what we are here for.   But we will do it with you.
Shoshanna:  And Shoshanna wishes to share on this.
OWS:  Yes, please.
Shoshanna:  Dear brother, as you know, and as all those who are listening on this call, that there is a great movement taking place.  We feel it in our hearts, we know it in our minds.  It does not matter the details, it does not matter an example here, an example there of these outcomes.  What must remain in the hearts of man is the desire for truth, the desire for power, desire for domain, for the desire for autonomy, for the desire of truth as difficult as that is for many, and the desire in man’s heart will bring forth all that is necessary to create the great change that this movement is about.  Do not look for particulars.  Keep the desire in your heart.   Namaste.
Guest:   Thank you.
OWS:   We are going to move on here.  No more questions.  We want to say something here to you as you begin to celebrate your new year, as you do with opening your bottles of champagne and doing your toasts and things of this nature.  And when you do that, think about especially many of you in terms of your connection or your heritage with those of those times in Lemuria and Atlantis after that, and how you have all come back together again.
It is the Auld Lang Syne—old coming back together again, you see?  That song, some of you already know, some of you do not, but that song came from thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago and has come all the way into this time, and it is a celebration of moving on, moving on in terms of great distress in terms of an ending of the old.  So in that case back then, it was the ending of the old Lemuria, the continent of Mu, knowing that it was going down.  In fact, they were singing it as it was going down. They were singing that song—not directly as it is now, of course, but the translation relates to that.
And as you celebrate this new year, know that it is the same thing—the old is going away, the new is being born right here and now.  Okay?
Guests:   Yes.  Good.
OWS:  We want to release here just for a moment to another one of our group here, you might say.  He just wants to pop in and give his, you know, whatever he does give, okay?
ONE WHO SERVES 2 (Channeled by James McConnell) :
Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani padme, hum.  Greetings to you!   Wonderful being back here with you!  I have not been with you for some time.  We have been very busy.  We do do things here, you know!  We don’t just sit around and meditate all day long.  That is what the James thought some time ago, but no we don’t do that.  We do many different things.  We actually do do service to others, you know that?  We actually do go out and help people.  We actually do go out and spread the light, just everything that we have been telling you to do, we do also, and we do it with LOVE, we do it with love in our hearts.  We are so looking forward to those times when we get to sit across from you and pat you on the back and shake hands, and give great bit hugs, and yes, share that bottle of champagne or wine.  You know what, though?  They have really amazing drinks up there in those ships!  You can’t imagine what is up there.  You think you have good food and drinks down here?  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, people!  It is going to be amazing!
Guest:   Well, beam us up!
OWS 2:   Beam you up!  We would love to do that!  They would love to do that!  But you cannot do that yet, because you are needed here.  And what if that were to happen?  Just think for a moment, dear brother.  If you were to be beamed up, and you were up on a ship,  and you saw how wonderful it is, you would say, “I ain’t goin’ back down there, no way!”  You see?  We say the same thing.  We have been there, done that, and we’re not  going to do it again either!  We have been right where you are, and we’re not doing it, so why would we expect you to go back down and do it if you didn’t have to, you see?
So it is not time yet.  You are not quite at the vibration yet in terms of collective consciousness, but that is coming.  You are almost there.  Really!  Really, seriously!  You are almost there.  Okay?
Guest:  Good.  Yes.
OWS 2:   Just know that as this year continues on, you are going to receive so many new higher levels of energies.  They are going to blow you away at times—not in a bad way, but in a good way.  Those times of wrecking havoc with your central nervous system are nearly gone.  Okay?  So you will not have that as much anymore.  The energies are acclimating in your bodies here now.  Okay?
Guest:   Thank you.
OWS 2:   Well, I just wanted to jump in, step in.   By the way, one of your friends, one of your soul mates, Robin [Williams], gives his regards, and he says, “Happy New Year!”
Guests:   All right!   Nanu Nanu!
OWS 2:  Yes, Nanu, Nanu!  And he says, “Have a wonderful New Year!”  He is also saying, he is yelling it out now, he is saying that he will be with us more in this coming year, here.
Guests:   All right!  Good!  We love him!
OWS 2:   Yes.  Very good.  Now we are going to release channel, unless Shoshanna do you have anything to add here?
Shoshanna:   I wish to say my gratitude to all these beloved beings that have surrounded us and have moved so courageously into the next year.  I, Shoshanna, wish to congratulate all these beloved beings for their courage, for their compassion, and for their love to move themselves into this great new earth.   Namaste, dear ones.
OWS 2:   Very good.  And the other One Who Serves promised James there would be no singing, but I did not do that.  So we need to end this with a song, do we not?
Guests:  (Laughter)  Oh yes!  Good!
OWS 2:   Does anyone know (we are finding this within the James), and this seems quite apropos in terms of a song here, does anyone know “So this is Christmas”?  Does anyone know that song and happy new year in that?
Group singing “And So This Is Christmas:”
And so this is Christmas, and happy new year. 
We hope it’s a good one to last out the year. 
And Merry Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. 
Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear.
OWS 2:   And we pronounce that very strongly without any fear!  Fear needs to go away completely, completely!  No more fear!
Guests:  No fear.  Gone.  It is going away.  It is already going away.  It is gone.  Bye-bye.  Ciao,  baby, ciao!
OWS 2:   Now, does anyone know the “Auld Lang Syne” song?
Guest:   Yes.
OWS 2:  Dear brother, please lead us in that:
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne.
For auld lang syne, my jo,
For auld lang syne.
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.
And surely ye’ll be your pint-stowp!
And surely I’ll be mine!
And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.
OWS 2:   Wonderful.  Now if you could just picture as you’re singing that, picture those that were singing this as the continent was going down.  They were doing everything they could to keep the spirits of those around them up, the vibrations up, and keep the fear away.  You do not have to deal with anything like that, these times!  But again, it is about the old going away, and the new coming on.
Shanti.  Peace be with you.
James McConnell.



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