What Is Etheric Body and How to Clear and Strengthen It.

Becky Storey.


March 8th, 2020


Your etheric body plays an important role in how you feel and how you think. Your physical wellbeing and mental health are closely connected, and both rely heavily on the health and strength of your etheric body.
If it is weakened, then you probably aren’t feeling so great either. Spending a little time taking care of your etheric body by clearing and strengthening it could make a lifetime of difference.
What Is Etheric Body?
An aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds us all. From humans to animals and even objects, everything has an aura of some sort.
The aura is what gives us that “vibe” we get from other people. When, without getting to know someone first, you just have “a feeling” about them, you’re actually reading their aura.
Some people, animals or things could have a negative aura or a positive aura. If you’re tuned into noticing it, you’re the type of person who can get a good feel for someone’s personality from just one conversation.
Layers of The Aura
Every aura is made up of 7 layers, each one with its own purpose and impact.
The innermost layer is your physical body and less than an inch outside of it is the etheric layer, the densest layer. Following the etheric layer is the emotional layer, mental layer, spiritual or etheric temple layer, the celestial body and finally the ketheric body.
These layers are also known as the subtle bodies and each one is connected to a corresponding chakra.
Etheric Body
The etheric body is the physical plane of the aura. Due to its close proximity, it is deeply connected to your physical body. It has ties to your physical health, all your bodily sensations, including pain and pleasure.
It is linked with the root chakra, which among other things, is associated with our basic human needs. The etheric body is considered to be responsible for sensations of hot and cold, and even hunger and thirst. Our physical bodies and etheric bodies are so closely connected that sometimes the etheric body is called a metaphysical twin.
Some spiritualists believe that each part of the physical body has an equal replica within the etheric layer, including all of the organs. Even if one is removed, the etheric version still exists to protect us.
The 5 senses are also the responsibility of the etheric body. It is the medium through which we experience the world. It receives the energies of the world around us and this affects our own energy.
The etheric body delivers energy to your physical body, be it positive or negative. Similarly, the physical body’s experiences affect your etheric body and the kind of energy it provides. The relationship is cyclical, if you do not take care of one, the other will suffer too, and the cycle will continue.
The emotional and mental layers are connected to the etheric layer too. This gives more meaning to the theory that our emotions and mental health deeply impact how our bodies feel.
Clearing the Etheric Body
Sometimes, the etheric body can become blocked and its functions will suffer for it. The connection between the etheric and the physical bodies is so deep that these blockages can heavily impact how we feel, some even suggest that our health is at risk.
If you haven’t been maintaining and improving your etheric body, then you might need to consider clearing before you can move on.
Blockages can be caused by anything that would typically harm the physical body. This could include a poor diet, lack of sleep, poor air quality and of course, stress. A lack of exercise will also lead to blockages as exercise is considered to be energetically cleansing.
Blockages can also be caused by the kind of energy your etheric body takes in. If you spend time in negative places with negative people, you’re going to pick that up too. Anxious thoughts have very low vibrations. The lower the vibration, the more blocking it is.
You can clear your etheric body by detoxing from the typical challenges to your physical health but be aware that a detox can lead to mental stress.
The best ways to clear your etheric body involve meditation and full-body scans. Whilst you meditate, take each body part in turn and visualize letting go of negativity. You can also visualize your aura becoming clearer.
Strengthening the Etheric Body
A strong etheric body is better able to withstand negative influences and remain positive. When your etheric layer is strong, your physical body is too. Just like strengthening the physical body, the best way to add strength to the etheric body is to stay on top of your health.
Make sure your diet is varied and healthy. Exercise regularly, in a way that makes you happy. Breathe fresh air. Most importantly, make sure your anxieties and stress are under control. If anxiety is the lowest liberating influence, you want as little of it as possible (easier said than done!).
Strengthen your etheric layer by accessing all sorts of natural energies. Energy from nature is naturally strengthening and the more different kinds of energy you expose your etheric body to, the better prepared it’ll be to protect you.
Your etheric body is valuable and should be cared for, just as it cares for you. Consider it a protective cushion that surrounds you. Build it strong, and it will keep you safe.

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