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The Sequence of Your Existence Activation

The Sequence of Your Existence Activation

Archangel Metatron.

Through Natalie Glasson.

January 31st, 2020

with video below

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Angelic greetings of expansion and awakening, I am Archangel Metatron. It is an honour to bring forth the expansion and awakening energies of the Creator and the Angelic Kingdom to you, in order to inspire a greater recognition of the same within you. Expansion and awakening may appear to be similar qualities and energies when embodied, however, the expansion allows you to become and embody while awakening supports a reflection deeper into yourself. Coupled together, you can dive deep into your inner truth embodying the Creator’s truth into infinity. It is this journey I bring to you and inspire from within you into manifestation. Take a moment to contemplate yourself and your journey with the presence of expansion and awakening.
I, Archangel Metatron, ignite within you the presence of expansion and awakening in order to activate the sequence of your existence. This energy is very sacred, it holds the purity of your being, the mission of your soul and accounts of every experience of your soul and soul group. Thus, it is the story of your existence, offering you the remembrance of past, present and that which you have yet to experience. The story of your soul has already been experienced by you fully and yet it hasn’t even begun! In truth, you are already the entire and complete story or experiences of your soul and soul group, which means that all memories, wisdom and information are ready for you to grasp, download and use now. Can you imagine you already know and have experienced your soul and soul groups mission on the Earth and the inner planes? You have already merged completely with the Creator and you have already been created or birthed from the Creator. You are able to experience and embody everything between these two landmarks as well in your current embodiment.
  • Contemplate for a moment the volume of wisdom available for you to grasp.
  • Contemplate the realisation you are already your soul and soul groups mission, everything they wish to embody and learn. This means that everything you could ever possibly need and require is ready and available to you.
  • Contemplate that you are already a part of the divine plan and have already played your sacred role. You have already completed all the missions your soul set out to engage with, embody and experience. Can you imagine you are already everything you could possibly dream of for yourself and spiritual evolution, as well as so much more that is difficult to contemplate at this moment?

When you begin to focus in this way you enter into a space of deep knowingness, nothingness and unlimited abundance within you, which further illuminated and activates your being. You move beyond a sense of yourself into an awareness of all that is possible and already created.
Everything has already been created, nothing is new. You may wish to take time to ponder this sentence, allowing awakenings to dawn within you. You may find yourself asking the question, can this always be the case? Yes, it can.
Can you imagine that within you is the understanding of the creation of the Universe and each moment of creation of your being?

It is time to shift your perspective through expansion and awakening to realise an activation is taking place within you which is allowing you to glimpse the truth of your being on all dimensions of the Creator’s Universe and beyond.

The Sequence

The truth is that there is no sequence to the existence and experiences of your soul, even when in embodiment on the Earth. Your everyday life feels like it is a series of events which have an order and cycle, yet your soul’s existence and events are occurring simultaneously. Thus, the sequence of your existence is the presence of everything you are being as one, simultaneously. The mind finds this difficult to accept as it is often programmed to accept time and the linear presence of everything. If you can gaze beyond the programming of the mind you begin to open to new understandings of your own truth and that of the Creator. This means your entire existence can be experienced in a moment or explored for a lifetime and still not fully revealed. Thus, the sequence of your existence is your simultaneous embodiment of everything that is the Creator.

You are a library of everything that is the Creator

Trust and courage are required in order to examine within you the truth of the Creator to the capacity that is available to and through you. The evaluation and embodiment of expansion and awakening support the evolution of knowingness of the truth of the Creator within you. Please invite, me, Archangel Metatron, forth to empower and amplify the qualities of trust, courage, expansion and awakening within you. As you focus upon the blossoming of these four energies within you, notice how you delve and rest deeper within your being and truth, entering a space which is deeply familiar to you and yet unknown.
I, Archangel Metatron, then invite you to request me to begin and reveal to you the Sequence of Your Existence Activation. I will do so as I invite you to focus on your breathing with your attention directed inwards. Be ready for anything which requires to be revealed to you. I, Archangel Metatron, will work with your energies to create the necessary shifts and synthesis required, especially in your perceptions of yourself. Let the activation be revealed to you in the most unique, beautiful and necessary way for you.
I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to ask me to assist you in your embodiment of all that is revealed to you now and in every given moment. It is through embodiment you will recognise the true benefits of this activation.
While this activation brings numerous blessings, its greatest miracle is the growing understanding of who you are, your purpose, your mission and why you exist. Questions that often go unanswered and yet you have the capacity to bring great illumination to your being and awareness. Thus, bringing the Creator more fully into manifestation within your being, reality and the world around you. This activation brings self-awareness to a whole new level. The activation I speak of may not download fully and completely into your being instant. It is a gift that you can take time to digest, awakening your inner knowingness to the truth of All That Is. Due to the current linear programming of your mind, you may discover yourself at the birth of your existence or even the completion of your existence, able to grasp the knowledge that is needed to assist your current lifetime. There is much to explore and become aware of once more. It is important to remember that you have access to the knowledge and wisdom of the entire Universe of the Creator, this doesn’t mean you will receive everything that is available. You have the ability to connect with all that is the Creator, however, you will only grasp and understand that which is required and serves you to know and embody.
There is much to explore, I am present to serve, guide, reconnect and inspire you,


Archangel Metatron


Natalie Glasson
Natalie Glasson from Sacred School of OmNa
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Golden Elixir of Life

Archangel Metatron.

Through Natalie Glasson.

January 3rd, 2019

with video below

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings and welcome to the energies of 2020, I am Archangel Metatron. Into this year we bring forth the presence of the Creator’s light in abundance to anchor into your being, reality and the Earth. The Blaze of Light as it is known is the answers to your prayers and requests of help for the Earth as well as all beings. The wave of light travelling through the inner planes from the Creator with the purpose of touching every soul wishes to amplify the light already present. As a magnification of light takes place so the vibration of the planet will rise. People will create more light as they are able to see, sense and acknowledge the presence of light within themselves and others. With the growing presence of light so negativity and fear will both try to battle against the light and dissolve allowing many to see the power of light.
Where to Place Your Focus in 2020

In the presence of the Blaze of Light you will be invited to:

  • Contemplate the existence and reality of your own inner light, how you can best radiate and express your light.
  • Contemplate what you wish to create as you and your reality is magnified positively by light.
  • Recognising the light within you will support your awareness of the light now anchoring from the Creator, supporting a strengthening and synthesis of light within you.
  • It is time to recognise the power of the Creator’s light and most importantly its purpose within your being and the world.
  • Light can be wielded through your being to create all that is the Creator, this is something that requires to be understood and mastered. With the presence of light so each person can recognise their own abilities of creation in their reality as well as their inner power.
  • A sense of responsibility for self and others will dawn which has never been accessed and understood in this way. Thus, a deeper acceptance of the oneness and unity of the Creator will be accessed and put into motion upon the Earth.
  • New vibrations, frequency and wisdom is threaded within the Blaze of Light which is available for you to access and download. This holds the purpose of reawakening old sacred information, skills and abilities, while also returning the presence, experience, and awareness of the divine to the Earth.

Simply stating your intention or making a request to your guides and/or soul will enable you to open your being and awareness to any of my shared insights into the shifts possible within you. Taking time to be with the light within you, accepting and acknowledging the presence of the light within you will offer much illumination. It is also valuable to hold the intention in meditation to receive and download the Blaze of light, in doing so you will open yourself up to accessing its purpose for you and the enlightenment it wishes to ignite.

All You Need Within the Blaze of Light 2020

I, Archangel Metatron, wish to make you aware of a purpose held within the 2020 Blaze of Light. It is a gift from the Creator that has been intertwined into the light frequency so all can access and receive it. The gift I wish to share and alert you to is known as the, ‘Golden Elixir of Life.’ The energy is known as an elixir because when synthesised with the physical reality it has the ability of grounding all you need and require to support you. This is not necessarily what your mind believes you need; it is what your soul and higher self believe will support you. To receive support is valuable especially when it can bring into manifestation all you need and require. However, it is good to contemplate and try to bring understanding to how you will be or experience yourself when you are fulfilled, and all that you need is grounded into your being and reality. In doing so you will begin to connect into the powerful gift in existence within the 2020 Light Blaze.
How would you feel within, if you experienced, embodied and grounded all you need? What shifts, activations and transformations would take place for you, those around you and the world? There is no need to understand this mentally, I, Archangel Metatron, am simply inviting you to feel into this aspect of yourself which is already present within you. Can you imagine there is already an aspect of yourself which is fulfilled and has all you need? Can you imagine that this aspect simply needs grounding into your embodiment? Can you imagine that this aspect of yourself would shift and transform the way you feel, think, act and react? This is what the, ‘Golden Elixir of Life,’ wishes to awaken and ground within you.
When you access and embody all you need it is not necessarily that you will suddenly receive all you desire physically or within your reality. Instead a way of being will emerge from within you, a feeling of being whole, complete, healed and at peace. This sacred feeling will fill and ground into your entire being, gradually impacting, influencing and creating new pathways and experiences in your life that match the awakening occurring within your being. Gradually old ways of thinking, feeling, being, acting and creating will fall away. You will attract new energies, people and experiences that match the vibration you have become and embodied. This may be a gradual process for some, or it may be swift awakening, the embodiment will take place at a pace which most serves you.

Accessing the Golden Elixir of Life

• Call forth your guides, soul and any other being you feel connected with to download and ground the 2020 Blaze of Light into your being. Allow yourself to experience the light boosting the light already present within you, while anchoring new light frequencies. Bathe in the light for as long as you feel guided.
• ‘Archangel Metatron, I invite you to assist me in accessing the Golden Elixir of Life from the 2020 Blaze of Light. Support me in connecting with this light frequency now so I may feel its presence with me. Archangel Metatron, please support a flow of the Golden Elixir of Life into my being to encourage its awakening, grounding and embodiment within me. Ensure I am open to fully receive now. Thank you.’
• As you sit or lie down receiving the light of the Golden Elixir of Life, I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to repeat silently;

‘I embody and ground the Golden Elixir of Life for all I need.’

This statement is so sacred and precious, it has the power to create so much transformation and healing within your being, if you fully engage with it, allowing it to fill your entire being. Repeat the statement as many times as you feel guided, as you allow or imagine the flow of light down through your being, as if grounding, filling your entire being. Experience this as often as you can, allowing the statement and experience to grace each day with its presence.
• To complete the process simply focus upon grounding yourself into the Earth in a way that feels most appropriate for you. In doing so you are gifting light, your new awareness and embodiment to the Earth and all beings as a service and blessing.
I, Archangel Metatron, hope you will take advantage of this most precious gift and notice how it empowers you to support the ascension process of the world.
With the deepest love,

Archangel Metatron



Natalie Glasson
Natalie Glasson from Sacred School of OmNa
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If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

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Terça-feira, 05 / 11 / 19

The History of Earth...

by Teri Wade.


Posted November 5th, 2019.



Pleiadian teachings

Parts 1 to 10

Part 1- The beginning of the Humanoid form.
First of all humanity needs to realize that time can be changed and modified by our own awareness therefore history is not written in stone but is an ongoing tapestry of events. But, remember each event is also happening in a different timeline and we as humans can jump those timelines individually and collectively. 😉
This Universe that we find ourselves living in began about 20 billion years ago. Approximately 4.5 billion years ago we went through an expansion and Earth was formed out of dust and gas mainly hydrogen. Throughout this physical chemical process Source (God) differentiated itself into units of consciousness we call souls.
The Pleiadians decided to embed a tiny part of themselves into the evolving worlds to better experience them directly.
They created a multitude of patterns we call the DNA molecule. These are called “light packets” of energy that can descend down in vibration. These DNA codes are the building blocks of our species as we know it.
These 9th density Pleiadians then densified these codes down to the 7th density the first actual density of the DNA codes. As 7th density beings they were now able to experience as inhabitants the expanding Universe and it’s evolving worlds.
They scattered their seed throughout the Universe. As the Universe expanded into individual clusters of the expanding Galaxy they began incarnating into several different regions of the galaxy.
The galaxy we call the Milky Way was seeded by them in different quadrants. The first quadrant that was seeded was the Lyra region using the manipulation of our DNA codes. It took the Pleiadians almost 900 million years to perfect this process and it was within the last 100 million years they were able to create all life forms down to the 3rd density where the human race is now and beginning to evolve out of.
The process of descending into form is called devolution. Which means the process of becoming lower and lower in density or vibration until it reaches simple existence, pure elemental awareness. This is the density we call non-organic existence or 1st density. Which is the simplest form of existence of the hydrogen element.
Once hydrogen is infused with consciousness the process of evolution begins.
Part 2
This form that we have got to know so well meaning our arms, legs, torso, head etc. is a result of genetic experimentation and research comprised about 900 million years. 
Most of the animal life forms on this planet have been brought forth as a side effect of this research. Life exists in many forms much of it we would not recognize. There are carbon-based life forms, silicone-based life forms and even lithium based lifeforms. All life begins in the simplest of states. It sounds crazy but even hydrogen has a level of awareness. The Pleiadians figured out they could take the consciousness of a hydrogen atom or a heavier metallic element and mutate the atomic structure thus creating varying forms of life.
All lifeforms have a tendency to become more organized and sophisticated growing in awareness over time. Our scientists have no idea how to explain the mutations and alterations in living organisms.
As life began evolving from 1st density up thru the mineral and plant stage became a level of sophistication and awareness meaning the animal stage...making it possible for the higher density souls to incarnate into flesh and blood vessels. Hence, the human species territorial and predator traits thru that animal consciousness. But the pinnacle form is our humanoid form.
This humanoid form that we find ourselves in was originally designed to experience 7 different dimensions simultaneously and had the capability to sit, stand, walk, leap, fly and teleport itself from one place to another. This body we inhabited at that time had the capability to become translucent and fluid or it could be as solid as we experience it now. We were quasi-physical beings.
This body was specifically designed to work with the gravitational fields and electromagnetic fields of evolving planets. We could shift our density at will from 1st thru 7th level. Oh, how we’ve been messed with. During the 900 million years of experimentation there were many strange and exotic life forms walking this planet. The dinosaurs was one of these lifeforms that was a byproduct of this research.
We’ve all heard the land of Pan, Pangaea and there was lots of experimentation going on at that time. We’ve all heard of the life form Pegasus. This experimentation resulted in the cross between a man and horse, man and angels. There were many strange and bizarre life forms roaming the Earth due to this rogue genetic experimentation and inter-species breeding.
So, basically we have two processes unfolding here...the first is the process of evolution from a tiny spark of light that began as an inanimate object of first density slowly evolving to a more sophisticated levels of genetic configurations. Eventually making our way back to Source, God... this is the Ascension process, evolving back towards light, that beginning spark we started as. Then we got the process of devolution... Meaning starting out as that little grain of sand evolving towards a higher vibrational luminescent being of light. Now you know what the saying means going full circle.
Part 3
There has been four major civilizations on our planet and many minor ones since the grand experiment started to unfold. 1-Pangaea 2-Lumeria 3-Atlantis 4- Our current civilization.
There was two major events that dramatically impacted the history of our world. The destruction of Maldek, which is now our asteroid belt and the destruction of the surface of Mars. There was other events that also took place one being the Orion invasion... the infusion of the Draco race. The reign of the Sirians and the Zeta Reticulans, the Grey’s. There was also some infusion with the Andromedas, Alpha Centauri and many more and of course the Pleiadians and Arcturians.
The progress of this planet has been overseen it’s entire existence by the Council of Alcyone, The Great White Brotherhood, the Federations of Light and their off shoots, Ashtar, Solar Cross and many others like Enoch, Metatron.
The Land of Pan.
Was a time of rogue experimentation and inter-species breeding using different strains of DNA. This place was paradise, the original Garden of Eden written in the Bible.
Most of the Earth was a tropical jungle millions of years ago. Example, the petrified forest in Arizona was once a lush jungle and Sedona, AZ. was underwater much of this time. Basically, our planet was bathed in water and dense vegetation back then. Even the polar regions were full of life.
The humanoid formation was seeded here approximately 100 million years ago. There were many different humanoid groups scattered about this planet. These beings were 7th density humanoids with wings, completely telepathic with very advanced psychic abilities. They lived in paradise, they were loving, spiritual and communicated with the plant and animal life. They extracted their food directly from sunlight, water thru their pores. They were in need of nothing but each other. This was the Garden of Eden!
During this time Earth was hit by a comet that destroyed the dinosaurs and due to the massive cool down on Earth much of the vegetation was destroyed and with the help of Pleiadian factions many of these humanoid groups went underground.
These Pleiadian factions created a beautiful subterranean underground world. This was the beginning of the inner Earth civilizations that we’ve all heard of. Most of the exotic life forms during the Land of Pan do not exist today. Pegasus being one of those exotic life forms along with the various forms of reptiles. Dragons got their folklore from Pangaea and the Draconian invasion.
The early dragons were Reptilian creatures that evolved along with the dinosaurs and were genetically manipulated by the Pleiadians and other ET groups. Then came the Draco and infused their formation by interbreeding making various dragon forms.
The fall of Pangaea was the original “fall from grace.” This occurred when the 7th density Pleiadians decided to incarnate into the lower vibrational humanoid forms on Earth and forgot their divine connection to Source. This is what has happened to us. Before the incarnation of the Pleiadians these humanoid forms had the consciousness between 2nd and 3rd density consciousness. Our so-called “scientists” call this the missing link between apes and humans.
Soooo, when these highly evolved Pleiadians incarnated with the humanoid forms on Earth we can say with confidence that they majorly dropped in vibration. They lost all their psychic, telepathic abilities and connection to Source etc. Again, are you seeing why many of us now have a lineage to the Pleiadians? 😉
At this time there was a major cosmic event, the poles shifted and there was a change in frequencies... hmmm? Sound familiar? 😏 This turbulence brought on the Great Flood as written in the Bible. At this time most of Earth was covered in water with a few remaining pieces of land and humanoid beings scattered about here and there.
Part 4
The beginning of Violence...
10 million years ago there was three planets that harbored life forms Earth, Mars and Maldek. Many of the beings that got displaced by the great flood of Pangaea incarnated on Mars and Maldek which had harsher conditions than Earth but had forests at the Equatorial locations and plenty of water. Most of these souls incarnated as 4th density beings. The realm of imagination, thought creation and the dream state.
Many other star systems took interest in these planets one of the star systems were the Draco’s who sent scout craft to Earth. The Draco and another group from Orion constellation had planned on a conquest of Earth but the Pleiadians were watching Earth extremely close and wasn’t about to let it happen. It would be like the Draco coming into the Pleiadians laboratories and saying we’re taking over the Pleiadians Earth experiment and they weren’t going to let that happen.
At that time the Pleiadians had a protective vibration around Earth and at that time things like taking over a planet did not happen. But, Mars and Maldek did not have that protective barrier because frankly those two planets were not the Pleiadians terrain.
At first it was very hard for the Draco and the beings from Orion to live on Mars and Maldek’s environment so they began their infusion thru the reincarnation process. These Draco’s and beings from Orion were very aggressive and warrior like in their mentality. Their main purpose coming to Earth’s solar system was conquest and mining of resources. Basically anything that would give them power and prestige. These beings had lost their connection to source.
The Beginning of War...
Because Earth was being watched so closely by the Pleiadians the Draco decided to incarnate on Maldek in mass. They built great cities out of stone. These cities had gigantic fortresses around them to prevent attack. Maldek became a warring planet with the initiation of nuclear power. At this time the DNA of the population was a mixture of the Draco and the Orion greys which both had aggressive and war like tendencies.
The scientists at that time did not realize the destructive capability of this weapon and one was fired at an underground military base and within that base there was hundreds of other nuclear weapons. This massive explosion sent an earthquake repercussion unlike any other. This explosion tore apart the planet of Maldek and broke it into hundreds of fragments which is now our astroid belt. 10 million souls perished in this destruction and later these souls reincarnated on Mars.
Part 5
After the destruction of Maldek the surviving souls incarnated on Mars where the Pleiadians had an ongoing experiment with that population. But, in the middle the night, so to speak, the Pleiadian laboratories were broken into and their DNA experimental samples were stolen. So, now the Draco is had the DNA samples of the human experiment the Pleiadians were in charge of and monitoring.
In the meantime the Draco and Orion beings began to interbreed with the humanoid beings of Mars which were of the Pleiadians experiment. The population grew immensely up to 100 million souls. Due to the thin atmosphere on Mars and it’s distance from the sun this planet could not house such a growing population not to mention nuclear weapons. Unrest grew...
Because of Maldek’s destruction altering Mars orbit the climate became hostile and water was scarce. Great wars broke out due to water shortage and a form of dirty atomic weapons using heavy metals broke out using uranium and plutonium.
These warring factions were warned many times by the Pleiadians, Great White Brotherhood and the Federations of Light. These positive factions neutralized many of these weapons so they would not have a repeat of Maldek. Is this sounding like familiar times?? 😏
Well, a war broke out using these weapons blowing holes in their atmosphere and destroyed the surface of Mars where most surface life went instinct and many went underground. Massive civilizations were built underground.
The scientists of these civilizations created a sealed off artificial environment. On the surface of Mars now there are a few remaining pyramids and rectangular buildings that remind us of a distant civilization in the past. As of today the civilizations still exist underground on Mars in the 4th density and are not visible to us.
What happened to the millions of souls that did not go underground on Mars? You guessed it they migrated to Earth and reincarnated into the melting pot of Pleiadian, Draconian, Orion and many others that reorganized since the destruction of Pan...Pangaea.
Part 6
The mixing of the DNA codes by these negative ET groups ( Draco, Greys ect. ) with the evolving Earth souls through energy transmissions and mass incarnation corrupted the whole Pleiadian experiment. Hence, came the ego-based mentality who wants control and power over others. Are you seeing what happened to our planet when all the sudden the ego became in charge?
The initiation of nuclear weapons changed everything on this planet and in our galaxy. Earth is a Free Will planet and up until the invention of nuclear power and the complete destruction of Maldek these positive factions could not get involved but that has changed.
The souls who are in a calibration of 4th and 5th density automatically enter a vibrationally protected field. Don’t get this wrong meaning, these people that are of higher density are going to be saved and only them, it’s just these people are granted access to Stargates and portals necessary to relay important information to humanity to break away from the Luceferian stronghold it has on Earth.
All souls can be free from this Luciferian illusion you just need to ask, ask and you shall receive...it’s Divine Law.
After the Great Flood of Pangaea all lifeforms began to recover from this event. After the destruction of Maldek and Mars atmosphere many came to incarnate here on Earth and dramatically increased the population.
At this time Earth was still a tropical jungle and was covered 90% with water. With the increasing incarnation of the souls from Maldek and Mars on Earth it dropped the vibration to match theirs. So, are you seeing what’s happening in our current situation right now...meaning, the higher frequencies with the transition into Age of Aquarius we’re all feeling and seeing on our planet meaning...These lower vibrational beings can no longer keep control hence, the incredible chaos that’s going on right now on Earth.
So, when the awareness level dropped below 5th density souls from neighboring planets would now be able to access those portals and star gates accessing Earth which were not regulated at that time except for the Law of Attraction. Although, the Draco and Orion’s we’re already here but when the vibration dropped on Earth they came in mass.
Part 7...
The Luciferian Rebellion
As the vibration dropped on Earth many other star systems came to incarnate most of them in the fourth density. Earth became a blend of many races and the Orion’s began to dominate. Unlike the Draco’s the Original ones were able to land directly on the Earth in addition to come through the incarnation process. So their numbers dramatically increased much more than the Draco’s.
The Draco’s Reptilian bodies had a very hard time adjusting to Earth’s atmosphere and gravity. The Pleiadians watched with dismay at what was happening but they were not allowed at this time to interfere. It was like them watching their specimen go out of control and not being able to contain it. They weren’t happy.
A group of archangels and ascended masters from 7th, 8th and 9th density were also watching Earth. Archangel Michael and an ascended being which later named Lucifer.
Lucifer devised a plan to lessen the chaos on Earth by teaching Earth’s souls to control their emotions and become more aware of their intellectual abilities so they wouldn’t be so easily swayed by the negative factions. A group of souls came to Earth to help Lucifer train the beings of Earth to be able to control their emotions. The plan backfired!
As the souls began to suppress their emotion the souls became more fragmented until their vibration dropped below 4th density into 3rd density. Sounding familiar 3D humans? 😏
Suppressing any part of the self decreases your power and awareness... not good!
The shaming of emotion in men, the Victorian suppression of sexual desire all have their origins in Lucifers' philosophy. Archangel Michael seeing what was happening on Earth could no longer sit by and watch what was happening. Archangel Michael had a group that decided to drop their vibration and incarnate to Earth. This was all planned to raise the vibration of the souls here on Earth once again.
Once Archangel Michael and his group were incarnated on Earth they began to see the evil that has plagued this planet and decided to do something about it. Michael took the polarity of the light and the Draco took the polarity side of the dark. Hence, duality.
In the meantime Lucifer took great pride in seeing this fight between the light and the dark and watched the battle continue. His goal was to see who would win this supreme battle between the Light and the Dark. He lost all compassion. Lucifer taught the soldiers on the battlefield to suppress their emotions to become hardened to suffering and misery. While Archangel Michael taught his players to become compassionate and try to understand the lost souls Lucifer had trained. When Lucifer seen what Archangel Michael was doing he waged battle on Michael and his forces in the astral and etheric planes above Earth. This became the War in the Heavens.
The War in the Heavens lasted about 1000 years. At this time there was about 1 billion people on Earth. Most of the fighting on Earth at this time was regional and only using conventional weapons. After the 1000 years of fighting Lucifer agreed to stop waging war.
Things started to mellow out and the beings were again incarnating as fourth density beings and then came the 26,000 years cycle into a different age. Again, sounding familiar to current times as we entered the Age of Aquarius in 2012? 😉
This shift wiped out about half of Earth’s population through massive earthquake’s. Sounding familiar??? Land masses shifted and this began the continent of Lumeria. Again, about three grand cycles later there was another destructive event that flooded most of the continents on Earth but Lumeria remained. Could this be the Nibiuru system on its 3600 year cycle?? History repeating itself? Connect the dots people! 😏
The souls that perished on the flooded continents reincarnated into Lumeria. This became a second Lumerian period. But, as this system passed by Earth it’s tail brushed the atmosphere and changed the temperature from tropical heat to 50°F in hours freezing most of them. Those who knew what was coming fled to the sea, some walked into the sea and drowned. Some tried to build huge underwater cities but were unsuccessful. The Lumerian continent sank into the sea.
The few survivors migrated to Australia, South America, Hawaii and the Philippines. What has been suppressed our entire existence is that the Draco were the ones behind the close passage of this comet, planet by nuclear explosions in space that purposely directed the trajectory of this comet towards Earth to destroy the civilizations here.
They wanted to completely wipe out the entire population of Earth so they could land and take control of Earth themselves. They were only partially successful in this attempt. They found out that their native Reptilian bodies could not live in Earth’s atmosphere and gravity so they started to incarnate in mass with the remaining population.
The Draco Reptilians spent many years in their spacecraft in their laboratories splicing and dicing DNA samples and came up with the human Draco hybrid. They did this by injecting their Reptilian DNA into the cerebellum part of the brain of the humans on Earth that quickly mutated. Hence, what we call today the reptilian brain. This is where we get the aggressive, competitive and fight or flight behavior. Today about 80% of the DNA in humans are Orion and Draco hybrid. What is thought to be human nature is really the hybrid part of our brain which came from the Draco Orion races thru incarnations. So, the original DNA blueprint of our original species was reduced to 20% of the human beings projected abilities.
So, basically what happened to the original blueprint of the human being is we were downgraded to warlike, barbaric, unempathetic beings because of this downgrade in our DNA by the Draco Reptilians.
Part 8
The Transition from Lumeria to Atlantis...
During this time the Draco and Orion’s had massive fleets above the Earth. These ships were mostly in 4th density. These two groups had a loose alliance based on exchanging technology and keeping hostility at bay. One of these technologies was a highly intense electro magnetic beam used to disrupt the etheric fields around the Earth and it created a force field to keep their enemies from coming to Earth.
After the destruction of Lumeria there was a quarantine placed around Earth because Earth was now known as an unsavory place, not a very desirable place to settle peaceful loving groups.
The 7th density Pleiadians put a quarantine around Earth themselves to prevent the Draco and Orion’s corruption bleeding into the higher etheric fields of our Universe. So basically they blocked Earth off to keep Earths corruption and business to itself. This veil, this vibrational quarantine was not lifted until 1987 A.D. This was the time known as a harmonic convergence.
At this time the Pleiadians seen things were beginning to settle down after the destruction of Lumeria and began settling on Earth once again on a landmass that is now the Atlantic Ocean. Remember, the Draco in their Reptilian bodies could not live in this vibration or gravity so they began incarnating with the Lumerians that had survived.
The DNA of those survivors of Lumeria were mostly Orion , Sirian and Andromeda DNA with Draco energy. As the new civilization began to grow the Pleiadian, Draconian and Orion DNA began to mutate. These new beings became more scientific and intellectual in their evolution. This was the beginning of Atlantis!
These new humans still had the reptilian brain but the Cerebral cortex of the brain of these new humans had developed the high virtues and understanding of the Pleiadians.
A civilization began to exist much like the civilizations of today with all technical achievements. The higher Pleiadian mind combined with the passion of the Orion and the competitiveness of the Draco resulted in a structured world of machines and great architecture. Looking familiar?
But, at this time the quarantine had worn off and lots of unsavory characters began coming to Earth once again and to fast forward we come to the downfall of Atlantis. It was due to the misuse of crystalline energy generation systems.
About 2000 years before the end of Atlantis the scientists developed radionics devices using quartz crystals. They were able to generate all the energy they needed to power every part of their civilization. This energy was powerful enough to tempt the unsavory aspects of society.
Several Atlantean scientists made deals with the Orion groups trading technology to attain supreme power. This is similar to what’s happening today with certain Earth factions. The Orion’s took notice of this energy and began engineering it creating weapons with it. But, the Orion’s never got the chance to wage war with this technology because one of these very strong crystal generators exploded sinking the continent of Atlantis and most of its inhabitants.
Only a tiny handful escaped in air ships and in sea going vessels over 90% of those who tried escaping by sea were drowned in massive tsunamis. Those who escaped in ships relocated to South and Central America and Egypt.
The scientifically oriented hybrids of Atlantis once again suppressed their emotions just like the Luciferian’s. Meaning, they grew to want physical power once again instead of going in the spiritual direction. Not good...
If the Atlanteans were balanced spiritually and emotionally in their bodies they would have seen what was happening and would’ve taken steps to prevent it. This is what I believe is happening today with many of us seeing what’s happening in our world through our higher vibrational reality. We must take steps to prevent the destruction of our planet we see happening now! Because, this is the same scenario being played out in our world today and people better wake up! We are very close to the destruction of Earth and our civilization as Atlantis was at the time of their destruction!
However, there are two important differences. There is divine integration happening to many of its inhabitants on our planet right now. Meaning, large numbers of souls are achieving higher consciousness and they are being monitored just like the Earth very closely. Lots of you know who you are. 😉 These benevolent beings, positive factions are watching Earth very closely and are prepared to act in an instant to prevent large scale nuclear war. THE GLOVES ARE OFF!!
These positive groups have sophisticated technology to detect dangerous and exotic weapons before they are tested.
The next part will be about the Aztec, Egyptian, Biblical and Greek periods, Christian and Jewish mythology, and who and what really happened at the time of “Jesus.” and where the distortion lies.
Part 9
The time of ancient Egypt and the time of Jesus Christ has held this human species attention for a long time. The battle of Light and Dark continued after the destruction of Atlantis. This planet seemed to seesaw between periods of enlightenment, control and corruption, Egypt was a case in point.
A group of 7th density Pleiadians were determined to restore the genetic blueprint of humanity lost to Orion, Sirian, Draco, and Adromedans. The humans that ended up by the Nile river were the first to be visited by the Pleiadians and the teacher who headed up this group of 7th density Pleiadians was named Thoth.
Thoth was a radiant humanoid being of blue white light. Thoth was able to lower his vibration low enough to be able to communicate truth with the survivors of Atlantis that ended up on the Nile. Thoth was the engineer behind the Great Pyramid.
The Great Pyramid served many purposes but it’s main purpose was an Ascension chamber and controller of Earth’s grid system. But, this great pyramid never got to serve it’s purpose of an Ascension chamber due to interference by Orion and Draco factions.
It was also to serve as a portal for incoming high density Pleiadians to begin bringing back the original blueprint of the human being they had envisioned. The 7th density Pleiadians constructed this Great Pyramid engineered by Thoth in a matter of days using levitation and laser technology. The Pleiadians along with others helped build the Hall of Records that is located several thousand feet below the pyramid.
The Sphinx was built to mark the entrance of this Ascension portal.
Eventually, the Sirians from the star system Sirius B began to arrive on Earth and started unraveling the work the Egyptians, Pleiadians and Thoth had orchestrated. The Christian, Jewish and Greek mythology comes from the Sirians.
The Sirians were very psychic and intellectual beings but they had a very big ego issue and were looked up to by the humans. This was the beginning of worship!
The Sirians started this charade very subtly by demonstrating their miraculous powers to these lesser spiritual human beings who could not see through this charade. Hence, the beginning of the Sirian God’s.
The God of the Old Testament Jehovah was a 7th density Sirian and was a very egotistical being. The Old Testament is one of the bloodiest, violent books ever written. You need to ask yourself would a very highly evolved being pit one race against each other? Would he order blind obedience to his principles? Christian and Jewish biblical scholars need to go back and research the ancient teachings. Did they promote peace and evolution of awareness or did they promote division, conflict and obedience?
Egypt began to fall into worship and sacrifice. At this time the Draco, Orion and Avian came once again and integrated and started to interbreed with the human. Hence, the part Reptilian, part Avian, part human form depicted in Egyptian drawings. The bird people were a hybrid Draco, an Andromedan race, the result of creative DNA engineering. They like the Sirians used their superior technology psychic power to enslave the docile humans. You can see these ancient drawings all over Egyptian caves of these worshiped Egyptian gods.
The Pleiadians once again seeing their experiment go awry to the Draco, Orion, Andromedan races retreated back to their inner planes and Egypt fell into a relatively time of darkness. Mystery schools, sacrifice, mummification and worship had all corrupted the Pleiadian teachings. If the teachings of Thoth and the Pleiadians would’ve been fully integrated corruption would not have happened.
Part 10
The real story of Jesus Christ.
The allegorical storyline of one being sacrificed to heal the sins of the masses happened many times over before our 2000 year period. This story has been repeated many times throughout the history of Earth. If you dig into other cultures you will find the same storyline with icons with stories which are very similar. The idea that a savior died for your sins has been played out by the dark ones in an attempt to get humanity to place the blame outside of themselves in order to keep their problems from being solved.
Let’s get this straight nobody can ever die for your sins! Because you have free will and you are responsible for everything that you do and there is no such thing as a unpardonable error or an error that causes you to be defective. You are as perfect as the day God, Source created you and you will always be perfect, innocent and holy.
The soul known as Jesus was a direct fragment of the Sananda lineage in other words Sananda was the oversoul of Jesus. Sananda once again watching man flounder in sorrow and ignorance. He wanted to intervene and help in a way that respected our free will so he incarnated in approximately 39 BC as the son of Joseph and Mary. This information is much in line with the biblical story.
Jesus birthdate was approximately March 31st. Sananda and 8th density celestial being incarnated as Yeshua (Jesus). Being from 8th density he retained much of his spiritual abilities despite the very dense environment he was born into.
As a young boy he was very psychic and had foreseen many events that would come to pass. Joseph and Mary were at odds with the political establishment and were not married when Mary became pregnant. The virgin birth was all a lie. Certain ET factions have the capability to impregnate women by other means but Mary was impregnated normally.
Because of giving birth out of wedlock Joseph and Mary removed themselves from the social, political and oppressive beliefs of the authorities. Mary and Joseph then migrated to Galilee near the Dead Sea. Mary and Joseph left Yeshua in the care of the Essenes they had met up with in Galilee. Yeshua eventually joined the Essene order learning the Essene way.
The Essenes were strict vegetarians and taught Yeshua to respect all lifeforms. At the age of 16 Yeshua traveled to India and met several gurus and saints as he studied the mysteries of life. He finished with his India studies and headed back to Galilee to see his parents where he met Mary Magdalene who was a dancer and entertainer and briefly prostituted herself when times were tough.
Yeshua and Mary were deeply in love and had a child. They were not married and became social outlaws. Yeshua’s Essene friends allowed him and Mary to stay at their temples for safety. Again, Yeshua traveled to India with Mary this time where their young son was blessed by spiritual gurus.
Eventually, word got out that Mary Magdalene had an illegitimate child but no one knew who the father was. Fearing for the child’s life Mary and Yeshua left this child in the care of an Indian Saint. It was a few years later that they could return to India but they knew he was all right but missed him terribly.
After visiting their son Mary and Yeshua left him in the care of the Indian guru where he grew up. The political climate was way to unstable and risky to bring him back to Galilee. Their son grew up in India and became a very wise sage in his teachings.
In this time Yeshua was receiving higher spiritual visions from spirit and his soul family and was told to teach higher spiritual principles to anyone who would listen. He started teaching in his late 20s and gathered quite a following and had about 50 disciples.
He and Mary Magdalene had kept their child a complete secret. Being highly clairvoyant Yeshua saw that the authorities were eventually going to kill him but was told by his soul self to keep teaching his spiritual principles. His teachings were highly distorted in the Bible but a few truths managed to get through.
He taught to forgive your enemies, to love one another and that we had all the abilities as him meaning healing and clairvoyance. Also, we were created in the likeness of our creator which is love and to reach God, Source was not thru him alone.
Once Yeshua reached a certain level of awareness his cosmic family begin to communicate with him reminding him of his position in the priesthood. When Yeshua was brought to the cross he immediately left his body consciously instead of suffering for 3 days as told in the Bible. After leaving his body he holographically projected himself back into human form numerous times to appear to his disciples and Mary Magdalene.
The body of Yeshua left the tomb to Christ consciousness or Celestial consciousness of higher densities. As we all know Christianity has little to do with the original teachings of Yehshua, Jesus and a whole lot to do with sin and guilt.
Fortunately many of us are expanding our state of awareness to see beyond these limited and primitive beliefs.
Pleiadian teachings


Compiled by http://violetflame.biz.ly from: 

No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

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O Arcanjo Metatron. ~ Sabedoria dos Anjos, Sharon Taphorn

O Arcanjo Metatron.

Sabedoria dos Anjos.

Canalizada por Sharon Taphorn

14 de julho de 2019


Tradução: Regina Drumond


Hoje nossa mensagem é cercada pela luz amorosa do Arcanjo Metatron.
Ele é um amado Arcanjo que quer trabalhar com qualquer pessoa pronta para levar seu crescimento ao próximo nível.
Ele diz: “Você tem coisas importantes para alcançar e para chegar lá é preciso um pouco de autodisciplina, força de vontade e às vezes um pouco de trabalho árduo.
Não desanime com o seu passado nem o torne mais do que parece ser. Veja a verdade não apenas com os olhos abertos, mas também com um coração aberto.
Este é o seu caminho mais seguro para a cura. Permita que as suas meditações ajudem a guiá-lo e lembre-se de ficar ancorado quando você criar o novo no seu agora.”
Você fará bem em lembrar sempre que, não importa o quê, você é amado, está cercado de luz e, independentemente de poder nos sentir ou não, você nunca está sozinho em sua jornada.
Esteja em paz consigo mesmo, com suas escolhas e com a sua jornada.

E assim é.

Você é muito amado e apoiado, sempre.

Os Anjos e Guias.

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji.

Sharon Taphorn

A permissão é concedida para cópia e redistribuição da Sabedoria dos Anjos sob a condição de que o conteúdo permaneça completo, que todos os créditos sejam dados à autora e que seja distribuído gratuitamente.




Agradecimentos a:
  • Regina Drumond – reginamadrumond@yahoo.com.br


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Recomenda-se o discernimento.
Todos os artigos são da responsabilidade do respetivos autores ou editores.você
Nenhum credo religioso ou político é defendido aqui.
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Shedding the Fear of the Planet ~ Archangel Metatron, Natalie Glasson.


Shedding the Fear of the Planet.

by: Archangel Metatron.

Through Natalie Glasson.

June 28th, 2019

Natalie Glasson from Sacred School of OmNa

Posted June 28, 2019


Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

I am Archangel Metatron, I extend the most sacred angelic energies, vibration and consciousness to you now, drawing from the abundant generosity, love and devotion of the angelic kingdom. We, angelic beings, are the loving heart of the Creator and we encapsulate you now in the immense purity and love that we hold. We are a symbol to you of the sacred wealth of love that you hold within your being, which is your essence and truth. Allow yourself to open your heart to us and the symbol of love that we exist as, know that as you do so you are awakening to the powerful love that you naturally manifest as.
The Impact of Fear
When you allow yourself to become unbalanced or out of alignment with the Creator you see that an additional energy or existence manifests, this is the energy of fear which brings forth a mind of or concentration on illusions and false impressions. It is almost as if you create a reality for yourself that is a complete illusion as it does not hold the truth of the Creator. This reality feels so real and can mean that you question the existence and will of the Creator, because through fear you blame external sources for any pain or misfortune you experience. The false reality that humanity creates is one that offers numerous lessons and realisations of growth that lead the individual away from their false reality born from fear to the truth of their being and the Creator.
It can be a terrifying experience when you realise that the reality you experience and have created for yourself through your mind and thought processes holds so many illusions and fears. This notion can cause a period of disturbance, in this time it is essential to request the truth and purity of the Creator to flood into your being and reality bringing forth a mind of truth, balance and perfection. When you are aligned to and embody the light and consciousness of the Creator it is as if you are viewing a crystal-clear lake; everything has a reason and a purpose in your reality and being.
After experiencing a reality and state of mind that is crowded with fear and illusions to exist as the truth of the Creator with clear thoughts of love and clarity within your reality can be somewhat overwhelming as if you are standing naked within a reality that is bare, but once this is overcome you begin to see the immense wealth of love that is available to you and within you. In my opinion, Archangel Metatron, this is the greatest journey of all; the shedding of fear and the reality of illusion, because it allows the truth of your being to be shown and examined, with the opportunity to gain a complete oneness with the Creator.
Through my communication today I wish to assist in the shedding of fear and illusion within your reality and from the planet Earth also. This has the possibility to create such a transformation within your being and on the Earth, allowing tremendous healing light and divine consciousness to anchor.
Please be aware that the delusions that I am speaking of within your reality are the delusional beliefs of the mind, it is these that need to be examined in order to manifest a reality that is born from the truth of the Creator.
The Process of Shedding Fear for Yourself and Humanity
I Archangel Metatron and the Angelic Kingdom stand before you as the truth and purity of the Creator, allow yourself to feel and acknowledge our presence as we blend our energies into the atmosphere around you, creating a haven that is protective, calming and healing for your entire being.
         Allow yourself to affirm, ‘I am open and receptive to the truth of the Creator.’
Feel as if all your channels and senses are opening and activating allowing our sacred angelic light to pour from all directions into your being, flooding to the centre of your heart chakra and soul. The angelic beings gather around you to share their light and loving vibration with you now. Allow yourself to trust in your ability to accept the purity of our love and support, bathe in our light completely as it encapsulates your being in a light that conceives liberation and freedom from all limitations that fear and false beliefs manifest. We are raising your vibration, anchoring greater light into your being and lifting you from the lower vibrations and any addictive thoughts of fear. Allow yourself to be elevated through the power of the love that we share with you, feel a significant rise and shift occurring in your entire being.
We now invoke the truth of the Creator to descend from the core of the Creator into your being. Allow this pearlescent and translucent light to shine so brightly into your crown chakra at the top of your head. The light so vibrant and powerful instantly brings forth the perspective of truth and begins to dissolve fears.
         Affirm, ‘With every thought that I generate I am creating my reality and embodying the truth of the Creator and my soul.’
Feel, sense or acknowledge that with our support the pearlescent and translucent light shines deeply and powerfully into your third eye chakra and bathes your mind in a light that is simultaneously powerful and soothing. Feel that fears and false beliefs are being shed or are falling away from your mind guided by the will of the Creator and your soul. The light is so powerful, you are aware of the Creator’s presence and truth alone.
         Affirm, ‘With every word I speak I express the truth of the Creator and my soul.’
The pearlescent and translucent light of truth flows into your throat chakra and clears all fears and false beliefs that you have spoken in your current life time and past life times, guided by the will of the Creator and your soul. Feel or acknowledge your throat chakra opening up to the truth of the Creator and projecting truth into your reality.
         Affirm, ‘Within my heart chakra the truth of the Creator exists, from my heart chakra the truth of the Creator flows, positively influencing my reality with a pure love.’
Let the light of the Creator to flow into your heart chakra dissolving and allowing all fears and false beliefs to be shed, guided by the will of the Creator and your soul. Let all attachments to fear be severed and healed with the power of the angelic kingdom’s love, let your heart chakra open with an abundance of love and purity pouring in all directions.
         Affirm, ‘My solar plexus chakra and emotional body now hold the purity of the Creator’s truth, a deep cleansing has now occurred.’
The pearlescent and translucent light of truth will now flow into your solar plexus chakra just above your waist, let the light assist in the shedding of all fears and false beliefs held in this area as well as those linked to your emotional body, guided by the will of the Creator and your soul. Let all emotional attachments to fear be severed and healed with the power of the angelic kingdom’s love.
         Affirm, ‘My sacral chakra is the truth of the Creator; I am the truth of the Creator.’
The light of truth pours into your sacral chakra below your waist, let the peace and tranquillity of truth anchor into your sacral chakra, guided by the will of the Creator and your soul.
         Affirm, ‘My root chakra holds the truth of the Creator which manifests with love into my entire reality.’
Finally, allow the Creator’s light of truth to flow into your root chakra at the base of your spine, many fears can be held in this area or anchored into your physical reality. As we allow the pearlescent and translucent light of truth to flow into your root chakra, we allow all fears and false beliefs to be shed with ease, guided by the will of the Creator and your soul. We ask that the root chakra assists in anchoring the truth of the Creator into your reality in the most appropriate way and with the most divine timing.
         Affirm, ‘The Earth and its humanity now exist as a beacon of Creator truth, all fears and false beliefs have been shed guided by the will of the Creator.’
Let the light of truth flow from your root chakra down into the Earth, feel this pearlescent and translucent light of truth blend with the energies of the Earth, sinking through the layers of the Earth’s physical and spiritual of energy. The light of truth from the Creator links into the soul ofMother Earth. Allow yourself to take a moment and visualise yourself existing as the truthful light of the Creator and then Mother Earth existing as the truthful light of the Creator, emanating and radiating pearlescent and translucent light.
Let your light and the light of Mother Earth radiate to surround the entire planet. Acknowledge that this sacred light is dissolving fear and false beliefs held within the many energy levels of the Earth. The light is assisting humanity in reaching a state of mind and existence where they are ready to shed their fears and false beliefs guided by the will of the Creator and their souls. You may wish to imagine or acknowledge that every soul on the Earth is existing as you are now; as a beacon of truthful light on the Earth. Due to this every person’s reality is gradually transforming from a reality of delusion to a reality of truth and oneness with the Creator.
Allow yourself to comprehend the impact that this would have on your reality and the realities of humanity. This is a practice that you can achieve as often as you wish.
When you wish to return to your existence on the Earth imagine your energy flowing in all directions from your being especially into the Earth and know that the energy of truth and love is in abundance within your reality.
This is a blissful service to all, thank you,

I am Archangel Metatron.

Natalie Glasson


Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 

No religious or political belief is defended here.

Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

More @ http://violetflame.biz.ly and 


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Quem é Metatron? (Who is Metatron?)



(Prece da canalizadora Christmas para chamar Metatron)
"Eu sou uno com minha presença Eu Sou Meu ser Crístico sagrado, minhas personalidades. Meu corpo elemental e meu novo espírito. Cada parte do meu ser está em equilíbrio, harmonia e alinhamento. Assim que me disponibilizo integralmente. Para receber as mensagens de nosso amado Lord Metatron"


Olá a todos,

Hoje eu venho para falar de mim, o Lord Metatron, pois há muitos equívocos e ideias sobre quem eu sou e porque eu venho à Terra através dessas mensagens e de muitos outros modos e formas nesse tempo. Na imensidão do cosmos, existem seres que são os criadores de universos inteiros. Há seres que criam planetas, sistemas solares, galáxias. Vocês como humanos encarnados, estão criando o corpo físico que vocês manifestaram. Existe o logos*1 desse planeta, que primeiramente era Sanat Kura*2, e agora é Lord Buddha. Isso significa que toda a terra é seu corpo físico, sua expressão na terceira dimensão, bem como em muitas outras dimensões. Todo sol, toda estrela e todo planeta vivo, tem um logos ou uma entidade única que tem aquele sol, planeta ou estrela como sua expressão física. Isso significa que ele pensa, sente e experimenta a vida através de cada forma evoluindo naquele planeta.

É necessário uma expansão da consciência muito grande para ser capaz de manter essa representação para um planeta. Existem seres que sustentam essa expressão para um sistema solar e uma galáxia. Galáxias são, desse ponto de vista, seres únicos, onde cada planeta, estrela ou asteroide é como uma célula dentro do corpo do logos ou ser que está sustentando sua expressão através da galáxia. Reconheço que esses conceitos são um pouco difíceis de entender e não existe uma linguagem adaptada para isso.  Desejo que vocês entendam com as palavras que temos à mão, pelo menos um pouco do que tento expressar. Além do logos ou do ser em evolução de uma galáxia, há o ser em evolução de todo um universo. Eu sou o ser, Senhor Deus desse universo, no qual vocês dualizam*3. Isso significa que estou intimamente conectado a cada partícula evoluindo dentro dele. É como uma célula ou átomo do meu próprio ser.

Então sou consciente disso como meu próprio ser. Imagine por um momento se você realmente puder, como se sentiria sendo eu apenas no seu próprio mundo, no seu próprio planeta. Imagine como seria se você pudesse sentir o que cada pessoa no seu ambiente estivesse sentindo, o que cada planta sentisse, o que cada animal sentisse. É importante que você possa pelo menos imaginar isso porque como você trabalha em direção à sua ascensão, isso é o que vai realmente ocorrer. Você estará deixando para trás a sensação da separação que te sobrecarregou por toda sua existência. Na verdade você não está nem nunca esteve separado de todo o restante da vida que te rodeia, e como você caminha em sua ascensão você se sentirá cada vez mais e mais conectado, e cada vez mais e mais um, com tudo que te cerca. Isso é o que te permite fazer melhores escolhas. Se vocês estão conscientes de como a Terra se sente com determinadas ações, vocês estarão mais propensos a tomar decisões que farão a própria Terra sentir-se melhor, e não apenas isso. Eu sei que muitos de vocês estão esperando alcançar a habilidade da manifestação instantânea.

Para ser capaz de manifestar algo instantaneamente, você primeiro precisa se tornar um com esse algo. Isso soa estranho para você? Se você deseja manifestar um carro, significa que primeiramente você deve tornar-se um com o carro? Sim, é isso. Sei que esses conceitos são difíceis de entender, mas estou pedindo que você force sua imaginação nesse momento e apenas se imagine tornando-se um com todas as coisas que deseja obter na sua vida. Alguns de vocês desejam ser capazes de controlar os elementos e os poderes da natureza. Isso significa que você deverá tornar-se um também com eles? Eu digo a vocês que sim. Tornar-se um com o vento, um com a chuva, um com a luz, se você deseja trazer essas coisas à manifestação de uma maneira conscientemente controlada.

Significa que você deverá esquecer-se totalmente do conceito de que você não é nada além do que um corpo físico. A maioria de vocês que assistem esses vídeos já sabem disso, embora você não esteja certo do que você é além do corpo físico. Você é seus sentimentos? Você é seus pensamentos ou você é consciência? Você é consciência? Sim, eu digo, você é consciência! Você não é nada que possa ser tocado ou contido, a não ser pela consciência de como você pode ser sustentado no coração de Deus, porque a consciência Divina é puro amor, e eu poderia dizer que ela é da mesma substância que você é. Ela é de uma substância que não pode ser pesada ou medida de nenhuma forma humana, e no entanto ela pode ser sentida, usada e empregada, tornando-se mais consciente de toda vida ao seu redor e da percepção consciente de Deus e da atividade dele dentro de você. 

Então estou perguntando hoje para você, que se deseja expandir sua consciência dessa forma, você pode procurar tornar-se mais consciente de quem eu sou, como o Senhor Metatron, o senhor diretor regente desse universo. Saiba por favor que tudo que está ocorrendo no seu planeta, no seu sistema solar, na sua galáxia e nesse universo inteiro, está sob o meu controle e seguindo o meu plano. Tenho dado muita liberdade para os seres em evolução nesse planeta, de forma que eles pudessem experimentar como é viver separados de Deus, para que, dessa forma, compreendessem o que é ser Um com Deus. O tempo dessa experiência, como podemos chamar, agora já se esgotou. Você aprendeu tudo que possivelmente poderia com a experiência da separação. Agora chegou a hora de finalizar essa experiência e começar o processo de reunificação, primeiramente restaurando a unidade do seu próprio eu e todos os seus diferentes aspectos e partes. Depois, restaurar a sua unidade com todos os seres humanos, restaurar sua unidade com esse planeta e finalmente restaurar sua unidade comigo mesmo e Deus.

Como eu sou a freqüência mais próxima de Deus que vocês podem experimentar enquanto habitam uma forma física, então se você me pedir para vir até você, eu o farei instantaneamente e lentamente você sentirá minha frequência, minha essência, meu amor e minha luz dentro de você. Eu asseguro a você que esse é o modo mais seguro e rápido para sua ascensão. Isso não é uma promessa vazia e a única maneira de provar isso a si mesmo é realmente fazê-lo, invocando o nome Metatron em voz alta ou em silêncio e depois apenas esperar em silêncio e ver o que você sente e ouve dentro de você. Vocês são totalmente capazes de receber mensagens até da mesma forma como a Christmas está fazendo. Ela simplesmente teve um longo tempo de preparação e um longo tempo de acreditar em receber essas mensagens, como ela os tem recebido da hierarquia espiritual, já fazem vinte e cinco anos agora, mas você não irá precisar de vinte e cinco anos para fazer isso.

Você pode fazê-lo instantaneamente, se confiar e acreditar na sua própria habilidade e for capaz de deixar de lado a sua mente para que possa verdadeiramente ouvir e sentir minha presença, como eu irei instantaneamente responder seu chamado. Isso é uma tarefa fácil para mim. É muito fácil para mim em ser capaz de canalizar através de milhares e até milhões de pessoas simultaneamente. Essa é a imensidão de como meu ser pode ser vasto. Não se sinta desmerecedor dessa conexão e nem pense que estará tomando meu tempo das outras coisas que poderei estar fazendo, porque esta é uma das minhas grandes alegrias, reconectar com cada uma de todas as minhas amadas crianças, porque isso é o que vocês verdadeiramente são para mim. Eu os amo com todo o meu coração e desejo que vivenciem a alegria da reconexão com todo seu eu e com a mente de Deus. Amados, esse é o tempo das maravilhas no seu planeta, porque agora é mais fácil e mais rápido do jamais foi anteriormente, para que este processo da unificação ocorra.

Este pode ser um tempo de prazer, um tempo de primorosa alegria, um tempo quando seu coração expande tanto que tudo que sente é amor por toda a vida. Isso é o que prometo a você se fizer o esforço para reunificar o seu ser, tornando-se total e verdadeiramente quem você é, reconectando-se comigo, tornando-se Um com meu amor e minha luz, recebendo minha essência em cada respiração sua. Isso é tão fácil de fazer se compreender simplesmente que na maior parte do tempo que passa pensando, você se encontra num estado de inconsciência, num estado de piloto automático e não precisa verdadeiramente nunca mais agir assim. Então inicie por focar em mim com cada respiração sua. Sinta-se como uma criança em simplicidade e inocência que percebe que cada respiração que ele ou ela inspira é tudo que precisam para viver. Conecte-se comigo em cada respiração e sua jornada para a ascensão será fácil, rápida e repleta de prazer.

Muito provavelmente você vai encontrar problemas no caminho, coisas que parecem estar retornando, dificuldades e experiências dolorosas, mas saiba que elas estarão voltando à sua consciência simplesmente para serem liberadas, porque elas apenas são o resultado de suas decisões que tomou no passado, que precisam ser perdoadas com graça, amor e bondade para você mesmo, para seus erros passados e que não precisam ser pensados outra vez. Eles não precisam ser remoídos em sua consciência nunca mais. Uma vez liberados, eles podem ser apagado até mesmo dos registros akáshicos para sempre. Essa é a parte abençoada dessa ascensão, então chame meu nome, chame Deus e saiba que será instantaneamente atendido e sua jornada será cheia de alegria e amor. Essa é minha promessa para você. Eu sou o Senhor Metatron e estou sempre com vocês.


Lua de Luz: *1 Logos – da trilogia aristotélica do logos, ethos e pathos  

Logos: palavra escrita ou falada, ou por Heráclito de Éfeso é a razão - racionalização pessoal.

Ethos: são as regras que alguém precisa seguir na sociedade.

Pathos: do grego, significa paixão, excesso, catástrofe, passagem, passividade, sofrimento e assujeitamento.

*2 Sanat Kura - Percebam que a canalizadora fala claramente Sanat Kura.

*3 dualizam – do verbo dualizar. Tornar dual. Referir a duas coisas conjuntamente. 

Obs: Eu sempre achei ou tinha a intuição de que vivíamos dentro do corpo de um ser maior, como se fôssemos órgãos dentro desse imenso corpo divino. Eu sempre achei que esse ser divino sabia de tudo o que ocorria conosco, porque somos parte desse corpo divino. Através dessa canalização, vi que minha intuição não era um equívoco.

Quando terminei de traduzir a primeira parte desse vídeo, em 03/09/2013, eu me perguntava quem é Metatron e até mesmo sofria com as dúvidas a respeito do seu poderoso ser. Ele é Deus? Foram necessários três meses até que eu estivesse pronta (madura e sem medo de dogmas), para traduzir o restante. Então, finalmente hoje, em 16/12/13, eu terminei a tradução.

Eu já o tinha canalizado uma vez antes, mesmo sem o conhecer totalmente. Foi depois dessa mensagem que recebi, que comecei a traduzir as mensagens da Carol. Aí vai o link:

Muitos se amedrontam e ficam confusos quando Metatron se intitula Senhor Metatron. Ele assim o faz, porque ele é o Senhor desse universo à serviço amoroso do Altíssimo, de Deus. Existem outros universos e Metatron é o senhor do universo onde vivemos. Ele é o ser mais próximo de Deus que nossa consciência humana consegue entender.

Fazendo uma comparação, como ele mesmo disse na canalização da Christmas, somos átomos divinos vivendo e evoluindo dentro de seu próprio corpo. No entanto, ele poderosamente sabe o que acontece com cada centelha divina que estão tendo experiências dentro dele, da sua divina consciência. 

Nós estamos aprendendo a nos conectar com todas as formas de vida e através da evolução, também passaremos a entender e reconhecer cada célula do nosso corpo. Já imaginaram quando pudermos amorosamente guiá-las para curarem nossos órgãos ou até mesmo regenerá-los? 

Lord Metatron consegue guiar suas células divinas (nós), amorosamente no processo para a ascensão.

Beijo no coração de todos.

Canal: Christmas

Fonte: Christmasmager's channel  Tradução: Lua de Luz ( http://luadeluzz.blogspot.com.br/ )

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Quarta-feira, 07 / 08 / 13

Arcanjo Metatron: Mãos à obra - 05.08.2013

Mãos à obra

Arcanjo Metatron 

Através de Lua de Luz, 05 agosto 2013

Há muita luz a envolver vossos corpos. Não se preocupem com ondas parecidas com calor interno vindo em direção a vossas camadas externas. Esse calor é o que mais se aproxima em sensação do campo de amor divino. Sim, em muitos corpos e consciências ele torna-se desconfortável, pois ele brilha, queima e reconstrói no amor todo o seu ser, toda sua nova e desperta consciência.

Não pense que as mudanças não acontecem ou vão devagar, em marcha lenta. Lembre-se que se quiserem e permitirem que as mudanças ocorram mais rapidamente, esse fogo interno irá acentuar seus fenômenos e efeitos dentro de seus diferentes corpos. Permitam que as mudanças ocorram na velocidade que somente o amor de Deus sabe, em sua suprema benevolência, o que seus corpos e consciências são capazes de assimilar.

Sim, ele brilha, esse amor brilha, cura, pacifica, embeleza e transforma cada interespaço dentro de seus corpos. Mas lembrem-se, vocês ainda possuem um corpo material, santo e belo. Respeitem a velocidade do que ele é capaz de suportar. Muitos ainda não estão preparados para enfrentar e compreender a força multidimensional do Amor incomparável do Cristo Criador, amoroso e eterno.

Permitam que tudo se transforme na velocidade e suprema bondade de Deus. Não entrem em confronto com as energias divinas através de vosso ego. Seu ego não entende e não quer aceitar, ou quer passar a coordenar as mudanças, tentando assumir o controle.

Tudo que vocês têm a fazer é ouvir seu Eu Superior. Não tentem acelerar o processo através de seu ego. Seus Eus Superiores já são capazes de sentir em grande profundidade o Campo de Amor Divino, agindo, transformando e queimando vossas células, catalisando a mudança na velocidade e intensidade que elas são capazes de suportar.

Permitam que o poder de vossa criatividade se coloque muito além da ilusão do tempo e do espaço, pois quando sua imaginação transcende as palavras, ela viaja na velocidade do amor, que é incrivelmente superior à da luz.

Telepatia, bilocação, proporcionam viagens no tempo e espaço. Vocês já estão prontos para começarem a experimentar o poder da imaginação, avançando ou retrocedendo. Aproveitem-na para curarem momentos de dor, angústia e o pretenso domínio do ego e toda forma de energia negativa proferida por vós próprios.

No poder da imaginação, vocês poderão curar esses momentos, gerados por vós e pelos outros. Na imaginação, voltem em tempos da história de vosso planeta e expandam o amor divino pelos locais e consciências. Tudo pode ser curado e transformado pelo Amor.

São ilimitadas as possibilidades do Amor. Aproveitem seus novos dons e curem o que precisa ser curado pela simples expansão amorosa de vossos corações.

Da mesma forma que vocês se esforçam para cocriar um futuro de paz, esforcem-se na velocidade do Amor e com todo o poder de vossa imaginação, para curar as energias de vosso passado. Tudo acabará se concentrando no Agora.

Eu amo vocês. Eu sou Metatron

Lua de Luz: Obrigada Arcanjo Metatron.
Foi maravilhosa tua aproximação.
Eu pude sentir esse fogo.

Texto: Lua de Luz
Fonte: http://luadeluzz.blogspot.com.br/


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Sábado, 03 / 08 / 13

Arcanjo Metatron: Amando-se e respeitando-se - via Sandra M. Luz

Amando-se e respeitando-se

Arcanjo Metatron

Através de Sandra M. Luz

02 de agosto de 2013 


Amados seres, EU SOU Metatron, o Senhor da Luz.

Irradio neste instante a todo o Universo um vórtice de luz e amor.

Queridos seres, em nossas comunicações sempre expressamos a energia do amor, porque esta é a essência de toda criação. Toda criação possui a essência do amor, porque seu Criador é Amor!

Ainda que alguns seres demonstrem em seus atos a ausência desta energia tão bela e poderosa, o amor existe em sua alma e pode ser despertado em qualquer momento.

Vocês trouxeram duas tarefas importantes para suas jornadas terrenas e devem cumpri-las, para que possam galgar para outras dimensões mais elevadas.

Vieram experimentar a felicidade e novos aprendizados, para despertarem em seu interior uma nova consciência.

Ambas as tarefas para serem cumpridas satisfatoriamente necessitam de um ingrediente importante: o amor por si.

Quando iniciaram suas jornadas terrenas trouxeram informações internamente, mas devido às experiências que foram vivenciando, foram definindo outras coisas como importantes em suas vidas e pouco a pouco foram se distanciando de quem são verdadeiramente.

Mas a essência do amor, bem como as informações de sua essência divina permaneceram ali em seu coração.

O tempo todo o amor dava a vocês respostas, sinais de como se sentia através de seus sentimentos, mas a maioria de vocês não sabia o que fazer. Então começaram a buscar algo fora acreditando que isto preencheria vocês, mas isto não ocorreu. Ainda que alguns de vocês tenham conquistado coisas que desejavam, ainda assim faltava algo, porque o que usaram para substituir ou preencher esta sensação interna não era o elemento solicitado.

Seu interior estava lhe pedindo algo simples; que apenas olha-se para dentro de si e irradiasse o imenso amor por si, pela sua existência, pela oportunidade de estarem aqui, por poder experimentar todos os dias novas experiências, por cuidar de você e respeitar-se.

E o que significa “Amar-se e Respeitar-se”?

Significam meus amados a compreensão de quem são verdadeiramente e quem os criou. Olhem ao seu redor e vejam o que foi criado para vocês, olhem para o alto e veja a grandiosidade do céu, a beleza dos pássaros, a amorosidade dos animais, a beleza da natureza, em tudo tem ha à energia do amor.

E o respeito vem de cuidar de tudo isto com a energia do amor que existe em seu interior. Amar-se é respeitar-se cuidando de seus pensamentos, sentimentos e ações. É não colocar dentro de si coisas que não são suas, é viver a sua verdade.

O caos que observam em seu mundo externo não precisa ser vivido por vocês, ele é apenas uma lição, para que decidam o que desejam para si. A expressão de cada ser faz parte do que viveu e do que vivencia, portanto é algo pessoal. São vocês que determinam o que entra e o que sai de seu interior.

Vocês não vieram para sofrer, mas podem escolher vivenciar suas lições diárias com amor ou com dor, isto é opção sua! Não façam as coisas querendo que outros o aprovem, os amem mais, eles não farão isto. Cada ser deve se preencher com o seu amor interno e é claro, doar este amor também, mais de forma incondicional, sem querer algo de volta, doando amor apenas porque isto faz parte de si.

Sua essência divina é a expressão do amor por si. Você é divinamente amada (o) pelo Criador e por todos nós, porque você foi criado do amor, esta é sua origem. Expresse o seu amor cuidando de você, fazendo o que gosta, confiando em você. Entendam que quanto mais usarem o amor em tudo que fazem, sentem ou pensam estarão mudando suas realidades internas e externas.

Confie, este é o caminho.

E aqui encerro esta mensagem compartilhando esta verdade.

EU SOU Metatron, o Senhor da Luz.

Canal: Sandra M. Luz - sandramluz2011@gmail.com


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Quinta-feira, 01 / 12 / 11

Mensagens do Arcanho Miguel, Arcanjo Metatron, Saul e Saint Germain

Arcanho Miguel, 01 Dez 2011


Mensagem do Arcanjo Miguel

através de Ronna Herman
01 de dezembro de 2011



Amados mestres, é de vital importância que vocês compreendam que esses são tempos sem precedentes, através dos quais dispensações muito especiais estão em vigor. É uma grandiosa oportunidade para vocês, os buscadores da Luz, se conectarem com a sua divina herança e com os seus dons e talentos especiais. Em raros intervalos, e durante o período de transição de uma grande Era para outra, a Lei Cósmica permite que os Seres do reino angélico e da hierarquia espiritual atravessem...


arcanjo miguel, ronna herman

Arcanjo Metatron, 29 Nov 2011


Uma mensagem de Metatron

através de Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
29 de novembro de 2011



Muitas pessoas ainda estão se agarrando ao que foi, ao que deveria ter sido, ao que poderia ter sido em suas preciosas vidas. Encaremos os fatos, queridos; a maré mudou e vocês não podem mais tomar sol nas praias do passado. Vocês são os magos e as servidoras da luz. Só vocês possuem a magia das possibilidades eternamente mutáveis. Os resultados de cada ação são incontáveis. Nestes tempos de mudanças, muitos perderam de vista a praia e se debatem...


arcanjo metatron, gillian macbeth-louthan, metatron

Saul, 30 Nov 2011


Mensagem de Saul por John Smallman
em 30 de novembro de 2011


O movimento em massa da humanidade para despertar é um processo que foi planejado éons atrás para trazer vocês para casa, para a Realidade, o eterno domínio de seu Pai.

Ele sente sua falta enquanto vocês estão se escondendo d'Ele no seu ambiente irreal que vocês construíram para si mesmos, no qual vocês fazem jogos de separação e de desamparo, e Ele se aflige pelo sofrimento que vocês têm enquanto estão nele.

Ele anseia pela...


john smallman, saul

Saint Germain, 29 Nov 2011


Mensagem de St. Germain

Recebida por UTE
em 29 de novembro de 2011



Olá, Queridos. St. Germain falando!

Se vocês conhecessem totalment o local de onde eu estou falando...!

Mas como poderiam conhecer, se vocês vivem e existem num local de baixa vibração, tão baixa que seus sentidos percebem manifestações que vocês chamam de "matéria" e "objetos", todas seres viventes, aparentemente sólidas e pesadas, e assim, a maioria de vocês percebe seu mundo de uma

forma geral?

A maioria da humanidade verdadeiramente ainda acredita que a vida é uma realidade...


saint germain, st. germain, ute, ute posegga-rudel

email: nai@violetflame.biz.ly


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PORTUGUÊS achama.biz.ly  O Nazismo dos governantes de Israel

ENGLISHVioletFlame ~ The Illuminati ~ Alternative Media  ~ North Atlantic Islands ~ Indian Ocean Islands ~ South Atlantic Ocean Islands ~ Alternative Media ~ Creator's Map ~ ESU IMMANUEL ~ Exposing Media DesInformation ~ Galactic Federation ~ Hopi Indians, Prophecies and UFOs ~ Illuminati, The ~ Infinite Being ~ Israel (!?) ~ Jews..., The The Hebrews (Sephardim) are the Real ones! ~ Khazars, The ; the Jews of KHAZARIA are not real Jews ~ Meditation ~ Media News ~ NESARA (!?) ~ SCIENCE, SPIRIT, Free Energy!... ~ UFO CONTACTS ~ UFOs (MORE) ~ USA The 4th NAZI Reich!? ~ Zionism Lies and The Illuminati  ~ Light a Candle for PEACE   ~   

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