Midwayer Mathew 33-3-33.

Is the Teacher.

George Barnard.

Illawarra District, Australia, November 9, 2019.

Posted November 22, 2019.

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On Thursday November 7, 2019, my wife and I were entertaining five overseas visitors – three from Canada, one from the US and one from South Africa. I was just about ready to channel one of our Teachers when one of the guests remarked it was now 3:33 PM precisely.

LOL. Well, yes, that’s Midwayer Mathew’s call sign! The Midwayer called them all by name and spoke to them some. On Saturday evening he came back to us. This is part of his talk.

Mathew: “They call themselves The Divine Love Organization or some such name. In effect, there is not all that much difference between the recognition of the effects of their Thought Adjuster – the Divine Love they experience – and the presence of the Adjuster as you see it. In reality, and as I see it, the essential conflict in thought is in the fact that they might potentially believe that they can attain life eternal with the development of their souls alone. That is not possible, no, the Thought Adjuster is an essential to eternal life.

“A human life is an experience and a learning curve, the soul-growth is the permanent record of that progress and in part likely determines future status, whilst upon fusion the Thought Adjuster imparts eternal life upon the entirely new person. Without fusion there can be no eternal life; you would remain ever mortal.

“Only because you do not relate to numbers, those of us who are in regular contact with flesh and blood citizens like yourselves were allowed to choose names. I chose the name, Mathew, and I somewhat got used to it. Among Midwayers and our Superiors our numbers are a much more efficient way of identifying the personalities, recognizing their place in the hierarchy and assessing their talents. 33-3-33 is my set of numbers. 33-3-33 is who I am. 33 is my family, 3 is their third child, me, and 33 is the array of duties and talents I have to offer.

“When we arrived, my consort also took on a human name as you well know, but shortly after she reverted back to her regular call-sign. She simply was unable to concentrate on whatever task at hand. This fine world has a history – a very sad rebel history indeed – and with few exceptions your minds run riot even when you sleep. On our native world and almost all other worlds, minds are calm, restful, and it is normal for the people to just hear Midwayers, no big deal. Your minds were simply too messed-up for her.

“Keep up the good work, my brother. This is Mathew.”
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