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Segunda-feira, 15 / 07 / 19

The shifts of consciousness that are happening. ~ Arcturian Group, Marilyn Raffaele.

The shifts of consciousness that are happening.

The Arcturian Group's Message  

Through Marilyn Raffaele

July 14, 2019


Dear readers, know that the strife and conflicts taking place at this time on Earth indicate the shifts of consciousness that are happening. The status quo is being questioned and no longer blindly accepted by an ever increasing number of people.

The innately self-serving goals of many three-dimensional standards are beginning to be recognized for what they are and, as more and more awaken, will be eliminated or transmuted to higher forms. Know that all is proceeding according to plan.

Some refuse to let go of three-dimensional concepts now being recognized by many others as false. They continue to identify with what is familiar in the belief that their belief system is their identity, showing others who they are. These dear ones believe that they would no longer be the person they believe themselves to be if they were to change.

This type of thinking represents separation and demonstrates the common human need to create an ideal persona based in the individual’s concepts of what constitutes a good, bad, perfect, ideal human–illusion at its finest. (1)

Many continue to believe and promote that change and new ways of thinking will never be as wonderful as in the past. These dear ones live in the past, nostalgic for what they falsely believe were “the good old days,” not realizing that the past only seemed better because the same issues being exposed today were very much alive at that time as well, but were hidden.

Never forget that those who remain fully three-dimensional are also Divine Beings. Your job is to live from your highest enlightened realizations in the ordinary moments of each day. Many of those choosing to remain rigidly attached to illusion will at some point leave the planet as they will not be able to align with the higher-dimensional frequencies.

Do not overly concern yourselves with those choosing not to awaken at this time even if the person is a loved family member or friend. Remember, every person has a Higher Self, Guides, and a spiritual contract and this lifetime may not be their chosen time to awaken. After enough lifetimes lived in the illusions of duality and separation, every soul grows tired of the nonsense and begins to seek for more.

Evolution can be postponed, but not avoided forever because the reality of every soul is Oneness with Source.

Every one of you has experienced lifetimes mired in the sticky energy of duality and separation. It is important and necessary to have hundreds of different three-dimensional experiences before a person is prepared to let go and seek the deeper realities. That is how the ascension journey works.

Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is energy . Everything is in vibration. The faster the vibration, the higher the frequency, the highest being pure Light. Highly-resonating frequencies cannot be seen with human eyes because the two frequencies (three-dimensional versus fifth and higher) do not align. This is why most people are unable to see their Guides and beings from the higher dimensions. However this is rapidly changing as the ascension process brings change to the personal resonance of every individual.

There are some who have brought psychic abilities with them into this lifetime, they see “ghosts” and get information usually from the fourth dimension. Contrary to what many believe, psychic is not the same as spiritual. Psychic information flows through the consciousness of the individual giving the information and will reflect their level of awareness. Keep this in mind when getting a reading or body work from another. Seek out those who work from a high level of spiritual awareness and always trust your intuition.

Earth is a spiritual universe filled with Divine Beings and governed by love, but what most see and experience are the false mental interpretations of this spiritual reality. This is why it is so important to practice non-judgement regarding appearances at all times. Example–Rather than being shocked, repulsed, or pitying of someone with a severely deformed body, say to yourself; “Oh, God disguised as a deformed body.” This is unconditional love.

We are not speaking of deformed fetuses. The soul does NOT enter a fetus at the time of conception as many believe. In preparation, the soul may come or go into the developing fetus during pregnancy, but many do not fully enter until birth.

Unconditional love is a state of consciousness that is able to acknowledge the realities that lie hidden behind all appearances. It is a conscious realization of Divine Oneness regardless of circumstances. It does not mean ignoring whatever human footsteps may be necessary but does mean that these human footsteps are taken with a consciousness of Oneness.

Many of the negative situations you observe in others lives are actually facets of that person’s spiritual journey, experiences chosen by them (not consciously) as being necessary for their evolution. Even what is termed “karma” is an energetic reflection of energy given out, a learning experience and never punishment. God does not punish. God could not punish ITself. Never forget that. All painful experiences are creations of the one experiencing and no one else.

Consciousness is omnipresent energy. Energy is not good or bad; it just is. Everyone feels energy although most do not understand what they are feeling. When you enter a place of heavy dense energy, you feel it and want to leave. These frequencies are commonly felt in bars, antique stores, and businesses that thrive on lower human instincts.

When you enter a place where the energy is light and refined, you feel that as well. It resonates with you and you want to stay– commonly experienced in places of natural beauty or places of prayer and meditation.

The state of consciousness of the individual determines the energy they align with. Those living fully in duality and separation and who get all their pain and pleasure from this level often enjoy being in heavy dark energy and frequent places of that density. Some go on to create their own situations of dark energy–satanic rituals, serial killers, and those who thrive on the pain and suffering of others.

They feed from these energies because they are unable to access the inexhaustible source of energy within themselves. They have blocked their flow and need to find it elsewhere, outside of themselves.

Always know that high-energy frequencies of Light are the reality and that heavy, low-resonating energy cannot enter into the higher because there is no alignment. Let this realization be your “sword and shield” in every situation.

There exist many metaphysical protocols for “protection,” and most of you learned and have practiced them along the way of your spiritual journey but you are now shifting into a higher state of consciousness where your Light is the only protection you need.

You no longer require rites and rituals meant to protect, lift you into the Light, or bring you closer to God. These practices are based in beliefs of separation and you now know that you never have been or never could be separate from God. These practices serve newly-awakening students of truth and were important facets of your journey at one time, but at some point become obsolete.

This is the shift from metaphysics into mysticism that you have been preparing for over lifetimes. Metaphysics is changing a bad picture into a good picture through the use of energy tools, mantras, etc. Mysticism is the realization that nothing needs to be changed, healed or corrected.

Let go of assigning power to anything that does not reflect truth, always remembering that God alone is power. You who read and resonate with these messages have been preparing though many lifetimes for a higher way of living and are ready.

There is nothing but God, Divine consciousness, regardless of how the outer scene may appear. As you begin to acknowledge and live this truth, it becomes your state of consciousness and your lives will begin to reflect it because you will be creating from reality rather than from concepts of duality and separation.

We cannot emphasize enough that at some point you must cease being the student and become the master. False ego based “humility” will say, “Oh I am not worthy.” This type of thinking is impersonal and reflective of the un-awakened three-dimensional collective belief system.

Intellectual levels of spiritual study reach a place of completion where one begins to be taught from within rather than from some guru, book, class, or practice. There comes a point at which every individual must let go of the tools that served them along the way and begin living and being truth.

It is every person’s free will choice to stay in the illusions of separation, continuing to seek and search for some concept of God to save them.

However, you have graduated and are ready to experience the infinity of Consciousness not available to the human mind should you choose.
We are the Arcturian Group 

Marilyn Raffaele



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No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 
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Domingo, 30 / 06 / 19

You are witnessing the surfacing and exposure of many warped and false concepts ~ Arcturian Group, Marilyn Raffaele

You are witnessing the surfacing and exposure of many warped and false concepts.

The Arcturian Group Message  

Through Marilyn Raffaele

April 30, 2019


Dear readers, welcome to another message from those who watch and love you dearly. Never believe that the other side is unaware of your struggles. Many of us have also experienced lives on Earth and know what it is like to live in the energies of duality and separation.
We understand the hypnotism that permeates every aspect of living in third-dimensional energy and therefore have a great deal of respect for the courage and strength you are demonstrating during these times of change and conflict between the Light and the dark, the truth and the false.
We send our love and encouragement along with the many other evolved beings from other planets and higher dimensions who are observing Earth’s ascension process. These beings are eager for the people of Earth to evolve and energetically join them, finally free to visit and roam space as they do.
It may seem as if nothing is changing, but remember that consciousness is the substance of form. In the third dimension there exists the element of time that causes everything to work as a process. As more awaken out of third-dimensional conditioning and begin integrate truth, the resulting higher states of consciousness can begin to manifest. Know that all is proceeding according to plan.
What you are witnessing is the surfacing and exposure of many warped and false concepts that remain alive and well within the third-dimensional collective consciousness. Exposure is allowing the many who have been unaware of or in denial about such things to begin seeing clearly, rather than with eyes programmed to see what others want them to see.
The hypnotism of the third-dimensional belief system causes many to fear deviating from what they have been taught regarding all aspects of life. Many continue to live unconsciously having surrendered their innate power of choice and decision making to others–“experts,” organized religion, politicians, partners, friends, and family.
Fear of allowing empowerment can be the result of intense experiences from other lifetimes still active in cellular memory. (eg., slavery) and sometimes it is simply laziness because it is easier to let someone else make decisions. “Wake up calls” consisting of some intense event/experience are often necessary in order to shift certain individuals out of their comfortable sleep state. This is happening for many at this time.
You are becoming the sentinels, those who silently and secretly hold the Light in every situation. Be the Light in every conversation. Carry the Light with you into places of darkness. Hold the Light wherever you find yourselves and allow the Light to be who you are even when you don’t really feel like it.
More is required of those who have awakened. The “leash” becomes shorter and it quickly becomes evident that going back to some seemingly easier and un-awakened state is not possible. Many have tried, but once a state of consciousness has been outgrown it simply no longer exists.
Life on Earth is not for the faint-hearted. The third-dimensional energy of Earth makes it an extremely difficult but powerful place to evolve and you are doing it superbly and with gusto.
Peace is something that individuals, governments, and societies have sought for generations. There never yet has been real peace on Earth because true Peace must first be present in consciousness before it can manifest. Peace is a state of consciousness.
Three-dimensional concepts of peace will and can only ever reflect the duality/separation energy that constitutes their substance. The appearance of peace created from these concepts may look sweet and friendly to human eyes, but, because of duality, will always contain opposites ready and able to manifest at any time.
True and lasting peace can only manifest where the substance of it — consciousness — is present, whether it is peace among partners, family, and friends, or peace between groups, governments, countries, and world leaders.
Regardless of how ingrained some social beliefs may be, know that country of origin, skin color, gender, language, religious belief, or sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with the reality– that every life is an expression of the ONE LIFE –period–and until this is accepted by a majority, there can be no true peace.
As more begin to realize and live from Oneness, a new and higher collective consciousness is being formed, one that can then manifest as experiences of true Peace rather than the false concepts of peace that have come to be accepted as normal.
However, individuals do not have to wait for the collective in order to experience Peace in their personal lives because every person experiences their own attained state of consciousness.
Those who continue to promote war as being necessary for peace have no idea about, nor do most of them actually care about, true Peace. There is a large element of un-awakened individuals and corporations that seek only to fortify their wallets and power through the promotion of war–arms manufacturing and sales (good for the economy), the promotion of aggression and killing as a means to be powerful and heroic  (games, military ads, media), as well as displaying tools of war as entertainment (parades, air shows promoting war planes).
These things seem harmless on the surface. They are meant to look that way. Ponder this, for this is how concepts of war have easily and subtly come to be accepted and integrated into the collective by the general public.
There is a popular saying that says, ‘Freedom is not free.” This belief serves to lock many in the old and dense energies of the past. It is false, is propaganda, and is still being accepted “hook, line, and sinker.” Freedom is the natural birthright of every person. As God Beings, every person is and always has been free unless they continue to believe that they aren’t. Like peace, freedom is a state of consciousness, able to express even in the worst of circumstances.
Like so many things, the essence and spirituality of true patriotism has been manipulated by those seeking to glorify, fortify, and personally gain from the promotion of the false sense of patriotism.
The sending of younger generations to carry out atrocities in the name of peace and freedom are not the actions of an evolved planet, which is why Earth is still held in planetary isolation. Those observing from evolved planets question why humans allow their young to be killed in order to keep those manipulating behind the scenes, fat and happy. They tell you it is for your freedom and safety, but is it really??
The time has come to seriously and honestly question your beliefs with regard to commonly-accepted concepts about security, freedom, and war. True patriotism is not; “My country right or wrong.” as it is promoted to the public, but is rather having enough love for country and mankind to acknowledge and change what isn’t working for the higher good of all.
The promotion of false patriotism has been an easy way to hide the true intentions of war promoters. Up to now most have not been aware of this because it is very easy to slip into this hypnotism if one doesn’t stay alert, awake, and trusting intuition at all times.
People are beginning to wake up and realize that the “Emperor has no clothes.” Carefully examine your own personal belief systems for any subtle but false beliefs about war, peace, freedom, security, and the military-industrial complex.
The promotion of military power as the being the best means to keep mankind safe is energetically old and dense, stretching back into eons of time. In earlier times, conflicts were simply the result of the evolutionary level of the collective, but that is no longer true.
World conflicts have devolved into being a secure means for lining the pockets of those who stand to gain from war and who constantly promote them through fear tactics. You are not yet aware of the behind-the-scenes maneuvering that goes on to keep war and conflict alive and well in the name of your security. However, know that there are many awake individuals choosing to quietly serve the Light from inside the military and other corporations.
War is the creation of the un-evolved state of consciousness fully conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation. Personally and collectively, many have evolved beyond believing war and violence to be essential to freedom, yet fail to recognize that many of these old concepts remain alive and well in their consciousness because of their false sense of patriotism.
The warrior role is one that every person chooses to play in one or more lifetimes on Earth and constitutes an important facet of every person’s evolutionary learning process. The world is now at a turning point, one in which violence as a viable solution to problems must cease and warriors become warriors for peace.
Many dear souls with pure intent and love chose in the past and still today choose to serve their country through the military. Many have sacrificed their own lives to keep loved ones back home safe and out of harm’s way.
In the third dimension these choices have been viable solutions. We do not demean but rather honor the sacrifices made by these dear souls, for their intentions were pure in a world not yet evolved enough to lay down its weapons.
All at some point must be willing to leave behind the old state of consciousness that promotes war and conflict as being essential for safety. Safety is already fully present within the consciousness of every man, woman, and child if they could only realize it. Safety is a state of consciousness.
We realize that some of you may not agree with this message and that is fine, but, if you are sincere in your spiritual growth, the energies of duality and separation as manifested through war and violence can no longer be a part of your consciousness. “My country, right or wrong” does not represent the true spiritual essence of patriotism for any country.
You are spiritually ready to start walking the walk of truth instead of just talking the talk of truth.
Whether it be in family, with friends, or the whole world, never forget that Peace is fully present within you–a quality of the Omnipresent Divine Consciousness you are.
We are the Arcturian Group 

Marilyn Raffaele



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No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 

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Segunda-feira, 17 / 06 / 19

The collective consciousness has begun to shift... ~ Arcturian Group, Marilyn Raffaele.

The collective consciousness has begun to shift...

The Arcturian Group Message  

Through Marilyn Raffaele

April 16, 2019


It is with Love and Light that we greet you dear readers, you who are paving the way for the those prepared to awaken. You are guide posts for the many now questioning the status quo and searching for answers. However, most are seeking these answers from the old belief system that holds nothing new or higher.
Opportunities for love and service are increasing as many suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The collective consciousness has begun to shift beyond beliefs that are rapidly becoming obsolete. Because the majority as of yet does not understand what is taking place, they can only interpret current events in terms of good and bad (duality), often viewing change and the disintegration of what is familiar as being bad.
Accept that it is a time in which every one (if they choose) can evolve to a higher level of awareness. Many still consider the idea of ascension to be an interesting topic for discussion, not to be actually taken seriously. In many ways the world may look the same, but it is not. The old is completing its usefulness and as more awaken they contribute to the higher resonance that will replace it. Stand back and observe rather than fretting and worrying over appearances. Know that the “train has left the station”.
All there is is God. Ask yourselves; “Do I really believe this or is it just a comforting concept in my mind?” All life, substance, and idea is in and of Divine Consciousness for nothing else exists. Human eyes interpret Reality through the level of their attained state of consciousness which for the vast majority still consists of low resonating and false third dimensional concepts and beliefs. There is nothing but God–Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient Divine Consciousness.
Your very bodies are made of Light. What the human eye sees is a material physical sense of the Divine qualities embodied within the Light body. As you attain the realization that there is absolutely nothing outside of Divine Consciousness, the illusory creations formed of duality and separation consciousness begin to fade out of your experience for you will no longer be creating them.
You are ready and must begin to accept and identify yourselves as a Divine beings rather than as Mary, Joe, or Bill. As long as a person continues to identify with a concept of themselves and all the problems that go with being physical, they will continue to experience that belief.
There comes a time in which one can no longer continue to live with one foot in both worlds if they are serious about their spiritual evolution. The choice must be made–“Do I really believe the truth I have learned or do I want to continue thinking of truth as being a nice concept that is too impractical for actual living?”
You all chose to be on earth at this time, well aware before coming of how energetically powerful these times would be. You brought with you your whole list of things needing completion and release rather than just the one or two issues usually brought into a lifetime. You wanted to be able to ascend with Gaia into the higher dimensional frequencies and knew you would not be unable to carry any still active old energy with you.
In order to integrate the Light frequencies of higher consciousness, dense energies still active in cellular memory or in the present must be cleared. This is why many of you have had many intense experiences in this lifetime and wondered why. You are doing a lot of inner work at night as well as throughout daily living and are doing it more quickly than ever before.
Not all were allowed to be on earth at this time, for it was known that it would be a powerful time of change and spiritual evolutionary experiences for Gaia and those upon her. You wanted to be a part of it and knew you had already attained a consciousness level that would be able to assist the process.
Learn to live in the now moment, rather than in the human state of continuously plotting and planning for the future or regretting the past. When you dwell upon the past or the future, you are in the illusion for the only time that exists is now. As you do your best, living up to your highest sense of truth in each now moment, that moment becomes the now and you begin live the awakened life.
We are not saying to ignore events of the past that need to be healed or addressed in some way, nor are we saying that the ordinary planning required in three dimensional living is not necessary. What we are saying is that spiritual living is doing what you are guided to in each now moment which very well could be making plans of some sort but doing it without attaching power for good or bad to the outcome.
You are in charge of you. In your quiet time state your intentions (In the presence of my Higher Self and my guides, I choose…) but never make intentions for a particular person or experience to be your concept of how it should be. Rather let your intentions be for the highest good of self and all involved. Example;” I choose to find employment that most closely resonates with my energy and where I can serve on a high level…” Then let it go. Intentions are always heard for they are self speaking to SELF.
The concept that love is always accompanied by emotion is the three dimensional concept of love. All love is in and of God. It is the energy that flows between the many within the ONE. Human beings in and of themselves do not have love to give. Only in the degree that a person allows God’s love to flow through them can he/she love. As a person evolves and their consciousness fills with Light and truth, the person automatically becomes more loving because Consciousness is always expressing, there is no unexpressed consciousness.
Give up expecting and looking to others for love or appreciation and seek it from the only place it exists–your own Divine Self–allowing it will then flow to you from where you may least expect it.
In difficult situations where you are simply unable to love some person or persons who have deeply hurt you, don’t try. Don’t struggle and attempt to personally feel love in the belief (three dimensional concept) that in and of yourself you have love and forgiveness to give. Simply stand back from the situation, let go, and allow God to love through you.
Unconditional love is the realization everything exists within the ONE and therefore every person is a Divine Being in spite of appearances to the contrary. The recognition of another’s Divinity can lift them out of their personal illusion if they are receptive. This is true healing and is how Jesus did his healing work. When you attempt to “heal, change, or fix” someone, you are coming from the belief of separation, that they are not Divine beings– the myth of “original sin”.
Let your first step when interacting with others always be a silent recognition of their divinity, then proceed to take whatever human footsteps you may be guided to take in accord with the situation and the consciousness level of the person you are trying to assist. There may be times when you must use harsh words for a person only able to hear in that form. However, if the words are prefaced by your silent recognition of the other’s Divine nature, they will flow on a higher level than if they came from separation.
Teachings of Oneness are often misunderstood to mean that all human beings are equal. In Divine Reality they are, but in the third dimension they are not. Many states of consciousness exist and continue to express within the belief system of duality and separation that exists on earth. Oneness must be understood as being a spiritual reality–the Oneness of the many ( all life forms) within the ONE Divine Consciousness called God which is all there is.
Much of what we give you is absolute truth. The absolute is first understood on an intellectual level and then with practice gradually becomes one’s state of consciousness. Because consciousness is the substance of form, nothing can permanently manifest outwardly just from the intellectual knowledge of it. Rather, it must become one’s state of consciousness. People often say; ” I have been stating the truth about — for years and nothing happens.” Truth must be embodied in consciousness before it is able to express as form.
Each truth realized and lived automatically becomes your state of consciousness. Many of you are beginning to notice a synchronicity and harmony in daily living that was not previously there and which you did not consciously plan. Your years of spiritual study and practice are quickly becoming your attained state of consciousness.
For those of you who do energy work, always remember that you are a tool, the gentle breeze that is helping to clear the energetic residue of present and past lives in order to expose an already present reality. “Healers” who hope to work on a high level must attain a state of consciousness that knows without doubt that their “patient” is already complete, perfect, and whole, that they are simply brushing away the fogs of illusion that the person in ignorance allowed to settle over his reality.
Today’s powerful energies are dissolving fear, becoming the impetus for many to complete, act, or do something that they have been afraid to do. Accepting and embracing one’s personal power means no longer being afraid to love, to do, or to be, and allowing intuition to guide in spite of the opinions of those around you.
It may manifest as having the courage to start the business you have dreamed of having, going back to school, or quitting the secure job you hate and replacing it with one that may seem less secure but you love. It means speaking up for yourself and no longer being a doormat for the expectations, rules, and concepts of others.
Empowerment does not mean that you disregard all common sense or refuse to take the human footsteps that may be important in some particular circumstance but rather it means that you allow your intuition and inner “knowing” to lead the way rather than putting your trust in the concepts and beliefs of persons and the three dimensional collective.
The high frequency energies now pouring onto earth are pushing everyone to look within. Most of you are now at a level where seemingly innocent beliefs hiding in the corners of your consciousness are being revealed. You are “fine tuning” the state of your consciousness as you begin to understand what many seemingly innocent beliefs actually represent.
As an example, in our last message we spoke of revenge. Revenge is often thought of as killing another or as intense actions of retaliation. However, the energy of revenge can be very subtle with tentacles that reach into all facets of ordinary life such as being happy when another falls flat on their face–physically, emotionally, mentally, or even spiritually because you believe that they deserve it.
We are not saying that you can no longer engage in a bit of fun with others, laughing with them rather than at them when they or yourself fall flat on your face, but we do say that at this point in your journey you must become very clear and honest regarding the intentions behind your actions.
You are to enjoy life, living spiritually does not and never has meant that one must suffer. God is not and never has been glorified through anyone’s suffering in spite of what some organized religions still teach.
Allow the process, go with the flow, and trust that all is proceeding according to plan.
With great love and respect for you all we are the Arcturian Group. 

Marilyn Raffaele



Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 

No religious or political belief is defended here.

Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

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Quinta-feira, 14 / 02 / 19

More souls awaken to the truth about themselves ~ Arcturian Group, Marilyn Raffaele

More souls awaken to the truth about themselves.

The Arcturian Group Message  

Through Marilyn Raffaele

February  10, 2019

Dear ones,  with love and Light we speak about the shifting energies of evolution now awakening many to a deeper reality.  Silently and secretly continue  holding fast to your highest level of awareness, allowing it to guide your actions and open you to more.
Each day as more souls awaken to the truth about themselves and others, more high vibrational Light is being added to the collective consciousness which in turn is beginning to manifest in the world as the desire in mankind for higher and  better forms of government, health, and spirituality.  People are beginning to see and accept that there are indeed better ways of doing almost everything.
The chaos you are witnessing is not the ending of anything real, but rather reflects the labor pain necessary for birthing a new world consciousness.
Lifetimes lived in energies of duality and separation have resulted in a universal consciousness that is ingrained with illusory concepts,  believes that materiality is all there is,  and that unless something can be seen or touched, it isn’t real.  Actually, many of your scientists are already well aware that what is perceived through the senses as material is in reality, energy.
There is much to come that we cannot yet share with you because our job and that of other  higher dimensional beings is guide you in your free will choices, rather than make them for you.  Stay in the now moment as best you can, living your highest awareness in every activity of the day.  In reality, you only can live in the now moment because nothing else exists.  Many are discovering  that life becomes much easier when lived this way.
You are the actual substance of everything real, the very essence of Divine Consciousness individualized, appearing as form.   Therefore you are now and always have been the very substance of wholeness, completeness,  abundance, joy, peace, harmony etc etc. — IT is what you are made of.   You are not a physical body with a little spiritual light bulb inside, but are the fullness of Divine Light manifesting on earth through the density required for living in three dimensional energy.
The only thing that separates a person from experiencing their already present wholeness is the belief that they are separate from it–creators perfectly creating lack and limitation in all its forms.  There is no judgement about this because mankind has been subjected to the denser energies for eons of time during which  it became necessary to create a system that would enable them to survive.  This outdated system is what mankind is now struggling to evolve beyond.
Because you are creators no longer ignorant of the deeper truths, you must live your awareness rather than continuing to cling to what has worked in the past otherwise, you will simply continue creating and experiencing the same old three dimensional  problems and wonder why. The ever increasing frequencies of Light at this time are allowing creations to manifest ever more quickly.
At a certain point it is no longer necessary to keep looking for old programming and faults to clear because when you begin to live as Light and truth, those higher frequencies automatically dissolve the lower resonating energies within and without.  This realization removes the need for “protective work” as is taught in metaphysics because your consciousness of Light is your protection.
Lower resonating energy cannot enter into the Higher as there is no alignment but this truth must be realized, rather than seen as just another tool for protecting from something outside of self.
Free will is a universal spiritual law allowing every individual  to make whatever choices they wish.   No one is coming to save anybody or to do the work for  you.  There is no old man in the sky watching and waiting for a person to be good enough.
“Saviors” represent the grand illusion created over time by the suffering of the unaware–hope born from a belief in separation.  No guru, priest, holy man, technique, or teaching is ever or can ever save you from your own free will choices. These things can be powerful tools alerting you to your personal belief system, but only you can make the changes.
Living spiritually does not mean throwing your hands in the air at every negative appearance  while shouting; “God is all” and then doing nothing.  Declaring absolute truth before attaining the consciousness of it is to  pretend a state of consciousness not yet attained–very three dimensional activity.
This often happens with serious spiritual students, teachers, and channelers etc. who falsely believe they must never let others see them as having  “human” issues or problems in the false belief that it would make their work invalid.  Never pretend a state of consciousness not yet attained.  If you have a cold, accept it for what it is.  If you have a problem, simply look deeper, but don’t deny it.  Non-resistance is a core facet of spiritual living.
Living spiritually means going about the normal activities of each day, making decisions and performing tasks, but in a way that reflects an inner awareness of the Divine nature of every individual and the truth that underlies appearances.   Go within often, recognizing the reality of everything–nature, business, people, government.  Eventually the truths you practice become your attained state of consciousness and you automatically live them without conscious effort.  They become you.
An example of this is honesty.  At this point in your journey, you are simply never tempted to steal.  Honesty has become your attained state of consciousness and no effort is needed to be honest.  Another person may be tempted, but holds back because he has  intellectual knowledge regarding the rightness of honesty even if it is fear of the law.  There are those who will take every advantage to steal with no remorse because their state of consciousness holds only concepts of separation.
One of the biggest issues troubling the third dimensional collective is lack–lack of money, resources, information etc.  Praying for these things only creates them because you create your belief system and if your state of consciousness is one of lack and limitation, this is what you will create.  Continually telling yourself; “I don’t have.” allows you to perfectly create experiences of  “don’t have”.
When you attempt to change something from a place of resistance or solve problems on the level of the problem, you empower them.  Conditions of rich and poor equally represent duality, neither  having anything but the  belief in them to hold them in place which means they are subject to changing very quickly.
Spiritual abundance is held infinitely in place by Divine Law and flows from the realization of “I have because I am”.   This is the higher way of understanding abundance.   A state of consciousness that  realizes money to be the  material form of self sustained/self maintained completeness will manifest it outwardly and often through unexpected avenues, but knows it is never from them.
Pay  your bills in the realization that because of oneness, you are simply moving forms of infinite energy from your right hand to your left.  Let objects, money, goods, flow freely through you in the realization that they are flowing from an Infinite Source within and not from you personally where you can be depleted.  Lack is like a person having a large bank account somewhere that they do not know about and so continue living life as a pauper while their money lies waiting.
Know that you are the very substance from which dollar bills are formed.  Abundance is not just money, it is  wholeness and completeness in all its forms, and you can never be separate from it no matter how hard you may try.   Know that wherever your personal financial abundance seems to come from (job, family, husband or wife, inheritance) it really does not come from these things, but rather through them as your own state of consciousness in expression.
Those living fully in the third dimensional belief system do believe that abundance comes from outside of themselves and  think that they are perfectly within their rights to fight, steal, or use any other means to keep it coming and increasing. This is still the mentality of many three dimensional corporations and businesses.  You however, are ready to shift into the truth of abundance.
Abundance as with all truth, cannot suddenly manifest in its fullness without the substance of it–consciousness.  Knowing a truth intellectually is only the first step toward attaining the consciousness of it but this never means doing nothing.  First you know the truth and then take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take.  Frequently a person needs to just take a job, any job, in order to get the flow of moving.
Sitting back awaiting others to appreciate and reward you for your education or experience in the exact form you desire or believe you deserve, more often than not simply creates exactly that–waiting.
Everyone is creating through their state of consciousness, but the majority is not yet aware that they are doing it.  However, never judge, for many during these times of planetary evolution are not creating experiences from a place of un-awakened consciousness but rather are completing  a life plan chosen pre-birth  as being necessary to their spiritually evolution
Once a person begins to meditate, read, and seriously study truth, they automatically indicate to their Higher Self that they are ready for more and the “spiritual train” leaves the station.  Some believe that from then on everything will be roses and light, but nothing could be further from the truth as most of you have discovered.
What happens is that the seeker has opened  doors and allowed light to shine on everything hiding there. Old and dense energies still alive and well in cellular memory and manifesting as their present belief system begin to to be seen with more awakened eyes.   For most, this is a time during which the “Sh..  begins to hit the spiritual fan” so to speak, leaving the awakening spiritual student to believe that he/she is doing something wrong.
No dear ones, this experience indicates that you are doing it right.  In order to open to and integrate the higher frequencies of truth,  every soul must first clear out the old and obsolete.  This is the meaning behind the bible statement about not putting new wine into old wine skins.
This stage of evolution has been called the “dark night of the soul”, and comes to every person at some point along their way.  It is a time of feeling lost, alone, and even in doubt as to whether or not there really is a God.  The person’s former comfortable belief system no longer works and they cannot even explain it to those who have always been closest to them.
Choose not to resist this experience but rather understand the “Dark Night of the Soul” as being an important and necessary part of the evolutionary journey.  It may feel negative, but is a time filled with living vital energy  leading the person to a more evolved  state of consciousness.  If you need to, allow yourself to cry, be alone, and mourn the loss of what is quickly becoming the past without guilt.  Just remember to move on, for this is just a parenthesis in the process.
You are spiritually ready for your good to flow from a conscious realization of your oneness with all that Source  is.  Spiritual good knows no opposite, does not fluctuate, and can be depended upon as ever present.  Continuing to seek human good and remove human bad must no longer be your consciousness if you seriously seek to move beyond duality and separation.
Know that you are always being guided.  Listen to and trust the silent voice of your intuition.  Stop trying to to plan every detail of your lives  according to concepts of how things must be in order to be right.
You are ready dear ones, you are more than ready.
We are the Arcturian Group  

Marilyn Raffaele



Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 

No religious or political belief is defended here.

Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

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Domingo, 27 / 01 / 19

The evolutionary process cannot be stopped due it is the process of awakening to what already is ~ Arcturian Group, Marilyn Raffaele

The evolutionary process cannot be stopped because it is simply the process of awakening to what already is.

Arcturian Group Message  

Marilyn Raffaele

January  27, 2019

Welcome to the new age dear ones, for in spite of appearances you are indeed on the cusp of the new age long predicted by seers of the past and present. The evolutionary process cannot be stopped because it is simply the process of awakening to what already is.
Sooner or later every soul tires of the fruitless efforts involved in third dimensional living and without personal alignment to feed them, the illusions of material sense begin to fade away.  Evolution can be ignored and delayed but cannot disappear because it is the means by which every soul awakens out of illusion and into reality.
Try not to imbue your concerns with power over you, but rather remain centered in the realization that  your oneness with Divine consciousness constitutes  your oneness with harmony, peace, abundance, and wholeness–everything IT is.  Then after doing that, take the human footsteps you may be guided to take.
Many are suffering at this time of transition and those on the other side are well aware of it.   The world has not been abandoned, nor is it being punished for its “sins”.  Events taking place in these times are necessary to the completion cycles of clearing for earth’s ascension process that is now well on it’s way.  A point of no return has been reached.
Many are being forced out of their comfort zone which serves to open them to question their personal belief system and the status quo.  New and higher awareness about everything seen, heard, tasted, touched, and smelled are quickly unfolding in world consciousness through the Light of the higher dimensional energies now pouring onto earth.
Third dimensional ideas are beginning to shift into higher form as increasingly more people awaken. This is causing those who have chosen to remain locked in “power over” consciousness to resist and fight any change as best they know how.  There is a global rift beginning to take place between those opening to  higher consciousness and those refusing to or who are simply not spiritually prepared.
You are going to witness this deepening divide as chaos, but it is part of the ascension process.  Trust that all is proceeding according to plan.  Much that heretofore has never been questioned, especially in politics and religion, is  increasingly being examined and questioned by those seeing with “new” eyes.
The outer always reflects the inner.  Consciousness is the substance of all form because nothing else exists but Divine Consciousness.   However, the qualities embodied in the One Divine consciousness can only be experienced personally when there is alignment.  Every person’s consciousness expresses what it is in alignment with.
However, it is important not to judge or believe that everyone experiencing  problems is un-evolved, for the individual may be right on track with his pre-birth contract, having the experiences  he chose to have as necessary for his spiritual growth.
Differing levels of consciousness are the reason so many religions originally based in real truth and taught by an evolved master teacher are today polluted with erroneous concepts and beliefs that representing gross misinterpretations of the original teachings.  Students and followers unable to grasp the teachings at the level of the teacher,  interpret them incorrectly according to their much less evolved state of consciousness. This is why Truth should never be organized.
You who read these messages have made  your choice to ascend and are spiritually prepared to stay centered at all times even if you do not think you are.  The outer scene is changing very quickly and those who remain centered, meeting every appearance with an awareness of truth,  will find they are spiritually cushioned for whatever presents.
It is time to clear lingering false beliefs and remove any energetic cords still binding you to some person, place, or thing.  This will create space for higher frequency energies to integrate and become your energy.  Energy pathways present in the etheric body are now being activated in the physical body, enabling it to hold, carry, and become one with  higher frequencies.
Many highly evolved beings are assisting earth at this time.  Assistance is always available for the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual facets of the whole.  It is important to understand that because of free will, help must be asked for.  Guides cannot tell you what to do, they are only permitted to assist you with your decisions.
Never disrespect the physical body through the belief that it is base, sinful, irrelevant, or un-holy as  many religions and even some metaphysicians continue to teach.  Your body is the sacred temple of Divine Consciousness, the material sense of the spiritual body.   To think of it as anything less is a facet of the three dimensional belief in duality and separation.  Treat your body as the sacred temple it is by keeping it safe, loved, and clean inside and out.
We have often stated that every person must eventually  let go of seeking outside of themselves for what they need.  This is true regarding spiritual truth as well.  When a person attains the conscious realization of their completeness and wholeness, that which is needed regardless of how seemingly ordinary can manifest outwardly because the person’s consciousness is in alignment with the substance of it.
Needed answers, ideas, or goods flow through some person, job,  book, etc. but  NEVER FROM THEM.This is the universal mistake inherent in third dimensional thinking that has brought about so much suffering and pain for the world.  It is a person’s attained consciousness of their already present wholeness that can then manifest in forms that are  personal to the individual.
                                   THERE IS NO UNEXPRESSED CONSCIOUSNESS.
Truth progresses from being simply intellectual knowledge to being an attained state of consciousness through awareness, acceptance, and practice.  Truth must become one’s actual consciousness before it can manifest because consciousness is the substance of all form.  A consciousness of duality and separation will continue to create experiences of good and bad for as long as it remains intact.
Release  any and all beliefs promoting the idea that some ritual or belief is necessary for your spirituality. True spirituality is not governed or based in rules and regulations, it just IS.  Going to church every Sunday will not make you any more spiritual than you already are although  it can assist spiritual beginners to open to new ways of thinking.
You are ready to fully embrace the truth that you already are and always have been everything you  sought through lifetimes in techniques, rites, and rituals.  These helped you to awaken in the beginning but you are no longer beginners.  You now know that you already embody everything  you sought and yet many of you continue to doubt, still placing all your trust and confidence in the third dimensional belief system.
Continuing to think of yourself  as a human being subject to the whims and conditions of duality and separation after awakening to the reality of who and what you really are, is very foolish indeed and only serves to hold you in bondage to the creations of this mindset.
When you compare, judge, doubt  and access your life according to third dimensional standards, you are only able to see a tiny fraction of the whole picture leaving you to understand  your life in very limited ways stating that some things are right, and other things are wrong and that if you fail to accept and live by these rules you are unworthy of love.
Choose in this moment to once and for all let go of and move beyond the old programming and decide for  yourselves which world you will live in.  Truth either is or it isn’t and the choice always remains yours.
We are the Arcturian Group  

Marilyn Raffaele



Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 

No religious or political belief is defended here.

Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

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Quarta-feira, 22 / 01 / 14



Mensagem do Grupo Arcturiano

Por Marilyn Raffaele

Em 19 de janeiro de 2014

Nós do Grupo Arcturiano dizemos a todos vocês que vemos luz vertendo na Terra em uma abundância sempre crescente.
Vocês estão alterando as energias do mundo pela sua nova consciência do que o amor realmente significa.
Por éons, a humanidade prendeu-se a conceitos muito estreitos a respeito do amor, acreditando que ele fosse ou uma emoção romântica entre duas pessoas ou um laço familiar.
O amor continua sendo imensamente mal entendido porque os livros, filmes, mídia e a própria sociedade ainda promovem essas definições estreitas que então são aceitas por muitos que escolhem não pensar por si mesmos... aqueles que por tempo demais permitiram que os outros lhes dissessem o que fazer, pensar e no que acreditar.
O amor é a atividade de uma consciência alcançada de Unidade e nós estamos cientes de que dissemos isto muitas vezes, mas ele é a base da evolução e precisa ser expandido e incorporado através do pensamento e da prática a toda consciência para um indivíduo e o mundo evoluir.
O amor é tudo que existe porque a Consciência Divina é tudo que existe.
Dentro deste UM, toda Ideia Divina flui de forma divina e em variedade... mas sempre no e do UM.
O Amor, como compreendido e experienciado dentro da consciência limitada do sistema de crença tridimensional, tornou-se mal entendido e estreitamente definido em conceitos de dualidade e separação.
Muitos não estão cientes de que seu amor inato por natureza e o dos outros é um estado de consciência alcançado de outras vidas.
Muitos são seres evoluídos que escolheram estar aqui simplesmente para acrescentar Luz a esta época importante na Terra ou para concluir algumas lições tridimensionais.
Nós falamos daqueles que discreta ou renomadamente levam vidas que refletem um sentido de Unidade em toda ação da vida diária independentemente de qual seja a posição social e popular.
Isto torna toda ação uma ação amorosa e sagrada.
É por isso que vocês escolheram evoluir em um sistema de dualidade e separação, para que vocês pudessem evoluir pela experiência para esta consciência e vivê-la apesar das aparências exteriores.
O Amor NUNCA significa ser o capacho de alguém ou ser um facilitador.
Nós dissemos isto antes, mas precisa ser repetido porque "ser uma pessoa amorosa" tem sido imensamente mal entendido por muitas almas queridas que acreditam que o amor significa permitir que outro as usem ou as manipulem.
Essas situações frequentemente são kármicas e manifestadas (por escolha pré-natal) para o crescimento de ambos os indivíduos que agora estão preparados para ir além delas de uma vez por todas.
Em algum momento pelas vidas vividas nas energias densas de dualidade e separação, os "capachos" abriram mão de seu poder, muitos experienciaram ser mortos ou punidos por se manifestarem e sua memória celular se lembra... a um nível consciente, eles passaram a acreditar que isto é quem eles são.
Lições de vida manifestarão essas oportunidades oferecidas para esses indivíduos reivindicarem seu poder inato.
Algumas personalidades ainda ressoam com as energias de vidas passadas e com a memória celular de poder e domínio, o que é refletido em suas vidas e atitudes.
Os indivíduos precisam e estão aprendendo a se relacionar de formas superiores.
Saibam que seu campo de energia fala mais alto do que as palavras.
É assim que funciona o "bullying".
Certos indivíduos são atraídos e inconscientemente respondem à energia dos outros que irradia: "Eu sou indigno. Eu sou inferior. Eu sou burro, feio ou antipático" e o bullying atua nisso.
A resposta para este problema não está em mais regulamentação, e sim em ajudar amorosamente as "vítimas" a reivindicar seu poder por se amarem e se honrarem.
Empoderamento significa aprender a falar sua verdade... amorosa mas firmemente.
Palavras ditas com uma energia de raiva e julgamento não esclarecem uma situação, mas simplesmente dão continuidade a ela.
Entretanto, essas mesmas palavras quando ditas com um reconhecimento da real identidade do outro (mesmo se ele mesmo estiver muito longe de conhecê-la) e com a intenção de servir ao bem maior de todos os envolvidos, elas portarão uma energia diferente e superior.
Falar a verdade neste nível mais alto terá resultados diferentes.
Mesmo que o outro não aceite as palavras ditas na luz que lhes foram passadas ou fique com raiva, aquele que falou não sentirá a reação.
Isto é porque um campo de energia cheio de luz não tem nada nele a que a densa energia pesada possa se prender.
Se ou quando vocês precisarem dizer firmemente ao outro alguma coisa que ele/ela possa não querer ouvir, tentem fazê-lo quando estiverem centrados e não em um estado emocional reativo.
Até tirem um momento para se dizerem: "Claro" ajudará.
Se puderem, pratiquem tirar um tempo para meditar, ponderar e pedir por orientação antes de falar, e mais importante, sejam MUITO HONESTOS com vocês mesmos com relação a quaisquer conceitos a que vocês mesmos possam estar se apegando quanto à situação.
Normalmente é mais amoroso simplesmente permitir o outro viver com o que ele criou por si mesmo, pois a situação pode ser sua lição de vida e não seria amoroso interferir.
Fiquem tranquilos como um observador com sua mão pronta para pegar a dele quando ele estiver preparado, mas permita que ele pegue a sua primeiro.
O Amor é a energia que liga toda vida, seja ela humana, animal ou vegetal.
Toda vida está e é da vida Una e aqueles que erroneamente se acreditam fortes e poderosos porque podem e realmente matam outras coisas viventes, ainda estão muito involuídos e totalmente enredados na energia de dualidade e separação.
Os animais evoluem e voltam outra vez, tal como os humanos, e adicionam muito mais cor, alegria e cura ao mundo... eles não são objetos inanimados para serem manipulados por esses que ignoram a verdade.
Porque ainda são tantos em posições de poder que ainda não entendem o princípio da Unidade, muitas leis estão em vigor refletindo esses estados involuídos de consciência.
Obedeçam as leis, obedecendo de formas que refletem sua compreensão mais evoluída... sempre olhem profundamente e vejam o quadro maior, pois a leis reais provém de dentro e são sempre governadas pelo amor.
Muitos consideram os trabalhadores da luz somente como aqueles que canalizam, ensinam ou escrevem livros new age, etc..
Um trabalhador da luz é toda pessoa que vive a partir de uma consciência de amor.
São as pessoas que se importam com animais perdidos ou abusados, a pessoa que segura a porta para vocês com um sorriso, o vendedor que gasta tempo ajudando vocês a encontrar o que é certo para vocês e não apenas tenta "fazer uma venda".
Um trabalhador da luz traz a luz da Unidade para toda e qualquer atividade da vida independentemente de como ela pode ser categorizada como banal.
Conceitos que separam o "sagrado" do "profano" estão em e são de ensinamentos religiosos obsoletos.
O estranho que flui Luz num sorriso é um trabalhador da luz tanto quanto aquele de um circuito de leitura ensinando salvação e iluminação.
Ambos estão fazendo o trabalho.
Alguns escolheram antes de nascer serem mestres nesta vida, pois sabiam que era assim que eles poderiam servir melhor, outros escolheram serem mantenedores silentes e irradiarem Luz.
Ambos são igualmente importantes.
Nunca acreditem que vocês não têm nada com que contribuir, pois toda simples ação de seu dia se torna sagrada quando feita na conscientização da verdade.
Todo pensamento e ação provindos de um espírito de Unidade adicionam à iluminação do planeta inteiro.
É isto que está acontecendo agora e vocês o estão fazendo.
Cada um e todos, sendo uma expressão individual do Divino, têm uma peça única do gigantesco quebra cabeça que é a Terra e seus habitantes.
Esta mensagem é sobre aprender a amar e honrar vocês como os seres espirituais que vocês são, queridos.
Muitíssimos chegam a acreditar que suas vidas foram desperdiçadas porque fazem o que pode ser considerado comum... atividades comuns realizadas de formas comuns em empregos comuns enquanto vivendo vidas comuns.
Frequentemente indivíduos vivem no passado dizendo a si: "Se eu apenas tivesse feito isto ou aquilo".
Saibam, realmente saibam que tudo tem um plano pré-natal posto em prática por cada indivíduo a fim de aprender as lições que são necessárias... um plano que é a verdade de quem e do que vocês são.
Deste novo ponto de vista, a vida não parece mais comum... esse mesmo conceito humano dissolverá de sua consciência porque tudo agora adquire uma consciência nova e superior, que então se manifestará externamente em formas sempre novas e superiores.
Sem pensar, vocês são a energia que pode mudar todo o seu lar ou escritório enquanto não estão fazendo nada em particular, exceto sendo... fazendo o que cabe a vocês fazer enquanto centrados e despertos.
A Luz do seu campo de energia terá efeito em tudo ao seu redor... ela pode elevar aqueles que são receptivos a ela ou provocar raiva em alguns que possam se sentir ameaçados.
Isso não é uma preocupação para vocês, vocês simplesmente vivem, movem e mantêm seu ser na Verdade.
Todos são importantes e necessários para a evolução da humanidade.
É por isso que vocês estão aqui na Terra nesta época.
Este é seu trabalho e pode ser feito de onde vocês se encontrarem.
Sigam sua intenção e confiem nela, JAMAIS acreditando que quem vocês são ou o que vocês fazem não tem importância.
A menor das ações realizada no amor tem um efeito profundo na mudança da energia de seu mundo.
Seu trabalho é viver a partir do mais alto nível da verdade que vocês conhecem e simplesmente fazer o que lhes é dado para fazer todos os dias.
Divirtam-se... sonhem... sejam criativos... sejam gratos...
Quando vocês aprendem a viver cada dia desta forma, mais verdade é fornecida e se desenrolará em correntes cada vez mais profundas de conhecimento e compreensão.
Isto é evolução.
Isto é graduação, queridos.
Nós somos o Grupo Arcturiano
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Segunda-feira, 06 / 01 / 14

EM 2014... - O Grupo Arcturiano

EM 2014... - O Grupo Arcturiano

O Grupo Arcturiano

Por Marilyn Rafaelle

05 de janeiro de 2014

Queridos, nós do Grupo Arcturiano viremos neste novo ano de 2014 para lhes trazer mensagens de amor e luz conforme vocês progridem.
Saibam que na realidade não existe tempo, ele é uma construção que lhes possibilita aprender na energia tridimensional.
Essas coisas vocês virão a entender mais profundamente conforme entrarem nas frequências superiores da ascensão e recordação.
Saibam que tudo está prosseguindo de acordo com o plano, mesmo quando vocês observam discórdia na maior parte do mundo.
O que vocês veem é a superficialização e liberação de energias antigas - purificações que podem trazer uma resolução final e um fim às energias que ainda ressoam a antigas rivalidades e guerras.
A Luz traz à superfície e ao conhecimento consciente essas energias densas, pesadas que ainda estão aí para que elas possam ser resolvidas e dissolvidas, pois a Luz sempre dispersará a sombra.
Tentem não rotular a negatividade que vocês observam no mundo, mas usem seu conhecimento para perceber que o único poder, a única realidade e a única verdade é aquela incorporada na Consciência Divina e nada mais tem alguma lei que apoie.
E sim, comecem a visualizar o mundo como vocês sabem que ele é: um mundo que reflete a unidade de todos no amor incondicional.
Pratiquem este modo de vida com toda experiência da vida cotidiana por reconhecer a Divindade de todos que vocês encontram no curso de seu dia.
Olhem nos olhos deles e reconheçam a luz que brilha por trás deles.
Ofereçam conhecimento silente a todos, até para aqueles aparentemente vocês não têm nada em comum.
Nunca forcem outro a ver ou entender como vocês entendem, mesmo quando vocês conhecem a informação que poderia ajudá-los, pois eles podem ainda não estarem capacitados a aceitar ou entender no nível que vocês atingiram.
Ainda há muitos que necessitam de mais experiências humanas de dualidade para crescerem além delas.
Ofereçam assistência para aqueles que pedem, mas sempre se lembrem de que a verdadeira assistência pode ser dada a qualquer momento a qualquer um e ela consiste de saber silenciosa, secreta e sagradamente quem todos realmente são.
Para todos com que vocês se deparam seja em pessoa, nas notícias ou aqueles que simplesmente passam pelo seu pensamento, simplesmente digam: Eu sei quem você é, você é o Cristo... o filho do deus vivo. - independente de quaisquer aparências em contrário.
Isto pode mudar aqueles que podem ser receptivos, e irá ajudar a limpar alguns dos resíduos, porque a Luz dissolve as sombras que realmente são manifestações formadas a partir da crença nelas.
E mais importante: vocês mesmos estarão mudando seu estado de consciência por viver em e de cada verdade que vocês vêm a conhecer.
A maioria de vocês passaram vidas passadas em conventos, monastérios e comunidades espirituais, retirando-se do mundo e das questões dele para viver a vida espiritual.
De fato, este era o único local seguro em uma época de sua história para o inclinado misticamente, mas descoberto e em contínua descoberta é que seu estado de consciência vai com vocês para onde vocês vão.
Há aqueles que podem precisar de uma vida de retiro e silêncio, e para eles esta opção é adequada, mas o crescimento espiritual somente pode ocorrer pela real vivência dos princípios espirituais que foram aprendidos.
O modo de iniciar é estar "no mundo, mas não ser dele".
Não importa quais modalidades espirituais ou religiosas vocês percorreram para chegar onde vocês estão hoje.
Uma não é melhor do que a outra, pois todos os caminhos levam montanha acima.
Vocês podem ressoar com uma ao invés de outra, baseados nas experiências de vidas passadas.
Não se deixem cair na armadilha de acreditar que seu caminho específico é o único certo.
Um caminho verdadeiro é qualquer um que leva vocês para o interior ao invés de acreditar que vocês PRECISAM de alguém ou alguma coisa externa.
Todos os caminhos verdadeiros se reúnem neste ponto e a partir daí vocês não precisam de caminho, vocês se tornam o caminho.
Os verdadeiros ensinamentos fluem de indivíduos iluminados que, por sua vez, compartilham aquilo de que ficaram conscientes.
O problema é que após o mestre não estar mais por perto, os ensinamentos sagrados não são totalmente entendidos pelos seguidores menos evoluídos que os interpretam de acordo com seus conceitos tridimensionais e seus modos de pensar.
Normalmente é neste ponto que uma "Religião" nasce em que rituais e regras de organização entram em cena e a diluição da mensagem original altera o ensinamento em algo totalmente diferente.
Uma vez organizada, a verdade se dissemina entre muitos não no nível espiritual do mestre original e a Luz da mensagem frequentemente é perdida.
Para aqueles que apreciam e se sentem à vontade com a organização, nós apenas aconselhamos que olhem profundamente, olhem por trás dos ensinamentos e rituais e descubram o que eles realmente representam - encontrem sua própria verdade.
Virá um tempo em que a maioria não sentirá mais a necessidade de pertencer a alguma coisa organizada, pois eles terão percebido totalmente que "O Reino de Deus está no interior".
Vocês levam consigo sua igreja para qualquer catedral, mesquita, sinagoga ou monastério.
Locais de veneração mantêm as energias suas e de outros antes que vocês as tenham trazido.
É por isso que muitas igrejas e pontos de poder são sentidos como tão pacíficos e calmantes.
O silêncio de uma catedral permeado com a energia da oração de séculos pode ser sentido por todos que entram nela.
Regozijem-se e descansem nesses locais sagrados - alguns internos, outros externos - mas sempre se lembrem de que dar poder para qualquer coisa além do Divino é idolatria.
Nós sabemos que durante este novo ano, muito entrará no lugar para aqueles de vocês que levam a sério sua jornada espiritual.
Muitos portais novos se abriram e muitas frequências de energia de ressonância superior estão vertendo para Gaia e seu povo, resultando primeiro em caos e então em mudança.
Vocês estão sentindo estas novas energias em seus corpos físico, emocional e mental.
Permitam o processo, queridos, permitam o processo.
Nós somos o Grupo Arcturiano.
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Mensagem do Grupo Arcturiano

Por Marilyn Rafaelle

Em 08 de dezembro de 2013

Queridos, nós vemos muito mais esperança e luz elevando-se da Terra.

Vocês não detectam isto como nós, porque vocês estão no meio.

Os noticiários e a mídia na maior parte das vezes relatam somente eventos negativos, muitos dos quais, quando entendidos num nível mais profundo, realmente são limpezas.

A Terra, a querida Gaia, que é uma alma vivente... tem bolsões de energia antiga ressoando sobre ela.

Esses bolsões precisam ser limpos para permitir que as energias da Luz superior de ascensão entrem.

Tudo está prosseguindo de acordo com o plano, tanto dentro como fora, então, tentem não julgar as aparências externas pelos padrões tridimensionais.

A maioria dos veículos de notícias da mídia ainda ressoa com os antigos modos de passar informação na convicção de que "choque e pavor" são necessários para atrair espectadores ou leitores.

Conforme a humanidade evoluir, virá um tipo superior de informação reunida por aqueles que não trabalharão na antiga tradição, mas sim, trabalharão nos níveis mais profundos de compreensão e amor.

Vocês estão entrando no que é denominado temporada de alegria e amor, mas muitos de vocês estão descobrindo que não ressoam mais com os aspectos comerciais da temporada do mesmo modo como costumavam ressoar.

Vocês estão se vendo cada vez mais cientes da constante pressão para comprar, comprar, comprar e estão considerando ofensivo ao invés de festivo porque vocês evoluíram.

Agora vocês percebem que posse não é igual a felicidade ou amor - uma lição que muitos foram forçados a examinar através dos eventos relacionados ao clima.

Como vocês crescentemente começam a viver a partir da gratidão e amor, vocês se conscientizam de que "mais posses" não criam felicidade.

Há alguns que são muito ricos, mas levam a vida passando de uma aquisição para outra em sua busca pela felicidade, nunca a alcançando - esta é a lição deles nesta vida.

Muitos de vocês também estão notando que algumas das atividades tradicionais agora parecem vazias e chatas (filmes, programas de TV, divulgações, música e propagandas).

No início vocês podem tentar ignorar essas sensações ou creditá-las ao cansaço enquanto continuam a avançar dos modos familiares.

Queridos, honrem-se por ter a coragem de deixar ir qualquer coisa ou qualquer um que não ressoa mais com vocês.

Não julguem ou creiam que algo está errado se vocês virem que não conseguem entrar no seu "clima de Natal" costumeiro, pois agora vocês estão vivendo a partir de um novo estado de consciência, um estado que não mais ressoa totalmente com o consumismo como é lhes apresentado sob os embrulhos coloridos do "espírito de Natal".

Vocês estão graduando, e isso é o que vocês estavam pedindo.

Com a evolução, vocês começam a experimentar toda faceta da vida de maneiras novas.

Vocês começam a ver além das aparências tridimensionais e passam a observar mais profundamente o real significado por trás dos eventos da vida.

Isto é válido para o Natal também - vocês começam a celebrar o nascimento do Amor na Consciência e as mensagens da verdade fornecidas ao mundo através dele.

Vocês apreciam a temporada a partir de um estado de consciência novo e superior, mas ao mesmo tempo não "jogam o bebê junto com a água da banheira", pois a temporada do Natal é uma época de alta energia, de alegria, de celebração - energias poderosas para aceitar e experimentar.

A temporada de Natal apresenta oportunidades para treinarem viver a partir de seu poder enquanto ainda experimentam a alegria desta época sagrada.

É uma oportunidade para vocês deixarem ir as tradições que não ressoam mais com vocês enquanto, ao mesmo tempo, incorporam novas tradições que ressoam.

Isto pode provocar discórdias em famílias cujas tradições reportam a muitas gerações - sendo sempre comemoradas da mesma forma.

Novas ideias e atividades podem ser incorporadas lenta e delicadamente.

Não precisa ser a exclusão das tradições ainda apreciadas, mas a exclusão daquelas que parecem velhas e acabadas.

Trata-se de olhar por trás das tradições, ritos e rituais, e examinar o que essas atividades representam.

Trata-se de não permitir mais que vocês sejam levados pela família, igreja, mídia, etc. a uma crença cega de que essas coisas têm um poder inato nelas e delas, pois elas somente têm o poder que vocês escolhem dar a elas.

Observem profundamente.

Lembrem-se sempre: vocês estão no comando de si e de suas escolhas, não a família, amigos ou grandes lojas.

Estejam cientes de que o comércio normalmente é apresentado de formas ocultas, pressionando-os dar para este ou dar para aquele, tudo em nome de ser amoroso e generoso.

Entretanto, a maior parte disso simplesmente é a porta dos fundos para promover mais compras.

Deem, mas deem a partir do coração, queridos, sempre confiando em sua intuição quanto a quando é apropriado e quando não é.

Muitos presentes não precisam ser comprados e vocês pensarão em muitos se tentarem.

A plenitude intensa e profunda somente pode vir da consciência de que vocês são seres divinos tendo experiências humanas de separação para, em algum momento, descobrir a verdade disto.

As celebrações de Natal representam as interpretações tridimensionais do nascimento da Luz e da verdade.

Há muitos que não estão cientes disso, e em sua ignorância, continuam a ver e promover a temporada de modos ainda mais comerciais, entretanto, o que vocês fazem com isso é escolha sua.

Aproveitem as altas frequências da Luz e alegria apresentadas durante a temporada de festas, pois a energia da alegria ressoa mais proximamente com a energia divina - deixem a criança alegre em seu interior sair e ser livre.

Entendam e aproveitem as festividades dos modos que fazem seu coração cantar, mas comecem a ENTENDER e CONHECER as verdades mais profundas por trás de toda celebração, toda tradição, todo rito ou ritual.

Nós somos o Grupo Arcturiano
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Os Arturianos, 27 Nov 2011


O Grupo Arcturiano

Através de Marilyn Raffaele
em 27 de novembro de 2011
Saudações, queridos, novamente viemos lhes desejar Boas Festas em tudo o que vocês comemoram nesta época.

Nós vemos muitos presos a um falso sentido desta época sagrada pelo encorajamento daqueles que os fazem acreditar que o amor se equipara às coisas materiais - que quanto mais vocês dão ou recebem, mais amor vocês estão demonstrando ou lhes é demonstrado.

Por favor, estejam cientes de que esse é um conceito da antiga energia, um conceito que cresceu durante anos, desde que o Natal foi comemorado pela primeira vez do modo como vocês agora comemoram.

Por favor, tentem não equiparar o amor às coisas materiais.
Sim, os presentes podem representar o amor que vocês têm pelo outro, mas eles são somente isso: uma representação.
O amor pode ser expresso de muitos modos.
Perguntem a si mesmos enquanto fazem as compras: "Qual é a minha intenção nesta compra?"

Estes tempos atuais de aparente carência estão provocando um impulso maior para o consumismo.

Isto dá à mente humana uma sensação de segurança para conseguir comprar ou vender.
Por favor, estejam atentos a isto quando vocês saem para as compras das Festas.
Mantenham-se centrados na verdade e atentos se vocês se virem envolvidos no frenesi de consumir, comprar e ser uma parte da corrida frenética por mais e mais "coisas".
Durantes as próximas poucas semanas persistentemente vocês receberão a mensagem de que comprar equivale a amar, tentem não ficarem hipnotizados.

É uma época importante para todos na Terra, pois, como frequentemente temos dito, vocês estão entrando rapidamente numa nova energia dimensional.

As energias da Luz que agora estão entrando na Terra somente aumentarão durante os próximos meses.
Estejam atentos a isto, pois estão chegando ao nível consciente todas essas questões que necessitam ser vistas e liberadas para que vocês integrem a nova energia.

Por causa disso, vocês podem experienciar emoções intensas que os confundem ou vocês podem ter dores e aflições esquisitas.

Quando isto acontecer, interiorizem-se e perguntem: "O que esta experiência está me trazendo para eu examinar mais profundamente - o que ela está tentando me dizer?"
Estas são as perguntas para vocês se fazerem, pois estas experiências não estão simplesmente acontecendo de graça.
Por favor, não digam a si mesmos: "Estou tão deprimido, vou tomar um comprimido", pois aí a lição será perdida e continuará reaparecendo até ser vista pelo que ela é.

Frequentemente a mesma questão irá surgir de muitas formas até vocês começarem a entender a mensagem oculta.

A energia e as purificações estão agora alcançando uma massa crítica para aqueles que escolhem prosseguir mais profundamente na sua evolução espiritual.
Agora é hora de olhar profundamente para tudo que ainda os está sujeitando ao que é antigo e terminado.
Neste ponto, todo evento emocional em sua experiência está tentando ajudá-los a descobrir e liberar qualquer coisa que poderia atuar como uma barreira.

Conceitos e crenças são apresentados e continuam se apresentando provindos da consciência de períodos de tempo do passado.

A consciência tridimensional do mundo é uma "sopa" de todas essas crenças baseadas no medo e na ignorância.
Porque o homem não percebe seu poder espiritual inato, o pensamento predominante em cada período de tempo foi falsificado na população em geral por aqueles que estavam no poder.

Às pessoas nunca foi permitido que (ou mesmo percebiam que elas podiam) fizessem escolhas a partir de seu centro do coração.

Existiram exceções, é claro, com aqueles seres evoluídos presentes na Terra durante cada período de tempo, mas a maioria deles fatalmente era punida pela não-conformidade.
Esta é a "sopa" universal e impessoal que deve ser reconhecida e liberada, pois ela se apresenta ao pensamento humano em cada momento do dia.

Agora o mundo está num estado difícil, porém similar, por todos os tipos de programas de notícias da mídia, e o mundo em geral deseja que a humanidade continue com todos os modos que funcionavam no passado, sem perceber que a energia que apoiava esses modos agora está se dissolvendo.

Nem todos que promovem o que é antigo têm a intenção de que vocês permaneçam trancados no que está acabado, eles simplesmente ignoram o fato de que há uma grande mudança de consciência se irrompendo e então eles continuam pregando o que eles conhecem.

É hora de todos os que buscam a ascensão de aparecer e se destacar.

Isto é praticar o que vocês pregam, leem, estudam e sabem.
Cada partícula da verdade deve ser vivida para que se torne viva e mais, para que se torne seu estado de consciência, então mais será fornecido.
A verdade não pode simplesmente ser lida e apreciada, então deixar murchar, ela deve ser praticada e vivida até ela se tornar o seu estado de consciência, mas isto é escolha sua, queridos.
Nós percebemos que dizemos isto frequentemente, mas é por causa que agora é vital que vocês escolham avançar ou permanecer no que está acabado e evoluir num tempo posterior.

O próximo ano trará mudanças em muitas áreas dos seus modos de ser e fazer - não só pessoalmente.

Vocês verão uma onda daqueles que não mais desejam que suas vidas sejam "normais".
Isto se manifestará em todas as áreas do governo, medicina e instituições religiosas conforme a humanidade despertar e começar a confiar em sua intuição e conhecimento interior.

Vocês, o povo da Terra, são as mudanças que ocorrem.

Os galácticos observando a Terra, ou alguns conceitos fantásticos de Deus (ainda mantidos por muitos) não podem entrar na Terra e mudar as coisas para vocês.
O exterior sempre reflete a consciência.
A mente interpreta e forma o mundo material a partir da consciência.
Conforme a consciência pessoal e mundial se tornar mais iluminada, o exterior refletirá isto em formas superiores e melhores.
Vocês verão aqueles, que se beneficiam com o que funcionava no passado, tramando uma grande resistência à mudança.
Entretanto nós vemos que conforme mais e mais luz entrar no coração da humanidade, o exterior mudará porque qualquer coisa baseada na ilusão não tem lei para sustentá-la ou mantê-la.

Tranquilizem-se, queridos.

Apesar de parecer que nada está acontecendo, está, e logo vocês verão isso no seu mundo exterior.
Comecem a ver as palavras fortes e os pensamentos daqueles que pretendem servir, mas que na verdade esperam se beneficiar da sua ignorância.

Seu trabalho é dedicar-se ao conhecimento de quem e o que vocês são.

Meditem, ponderem e vivam cada dia a partir do seu sentido mais alto de verdade, e isto se desenvolverá mais e mais profundamente.
Isto então se manifestará no exterior como a nova, a mais alta, a mais verdadeira Luz da nova ordem mundial.

Em amor, nós somos o Grupo Arcturiano.

email: nai@violetflame.biz.ly


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A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e esta libertar-nos-á! -Só é real o AMOR Incondicional. -Quando o Amor superar o amor pelo poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. -Somos almas a ter uma experiência humana!

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